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We now live in a world where digital media has become our main source of information. Nearly six in ten consumers access the internet on their mobile device and search for the information on the go. The most recent statistics by Ofcoms demonstrated that 50.3% of ecommerce traffic is coming from mobile and 40.3% accounts for desktop.

The internet has become an essential tool for businesses to reach their desired target market and achieve success. For many businesses, having a significant online presence is synonymous with having a significant market presence, and this has led to some amazing developments. Right now, eyes are turned towards ‘responsive web design’.
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Dress Up Your Content by Focusing on Design and Optimization

A few years ago, just having content on your website would have been enough to satisfy your prospects and customers. Unfortunately, content is only one piece of a successful content strategy today. One thing I preach to my clients is that everything a customer or prospect does—from finding your website online to discovering and consuming your content—is driven by the effort you devote toward designing the best possible user experience. If design, experience, and optimization isn’t part of your content strategy, then you might need to reconsider what you’re doing.

You won’t find it surprising to learn that I’m an advocate of original, quality content. Delivering the right content at the right time is one surefire way to entice someone to take action. But content marketing can be so much more than copywriting, managing writers, and content strategy. It can, and arguably should, comprise the building blocks of your entire presence on the Internet. Everything from your site’s architecture to its visual design can be augmented by content. Each piece of content on your website is a user experience; your entire website should provide an immersive experience as well.
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Google's My Maps Upgrade Presents Opportunities for Local Search

Google has announced upgraded My Maps features, which, by the end of the year, will replace classic Google Maps, it says.
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Enterprise Local Marketing Automation Tools – New Market Intelligence Report

Digital Marketing Depot recently released a new Market Intelligence Report, "Enterprise Local Marketing Automation Tools 2014: A Marketer’s Guide."

With local targeted ad spending forecast to grow to nearly $70 billion by 2018 (BIA/Kelsey), marketers are paying close attention to their local campaigns. For national brands with brick-and-mortar stores, managing local marketing effectively can be a huge challenge.

This report covers what goes into an effective local marketing campaign, with a focus on larger brands that are managing local relationships and outlets and includes recommended steps for choosing an LMA software tool and profiles of 18 enterprise LMA tool vendors. It is based on original research conducted from March to May 2014. Greg Sterling, founder Screenwerks and contributing editor to Marketing Land and Search Engine land, served as advisory editor.
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PPC Ad Writing – The Dos and Don’ts

PPC ad writing isn’t hard and it isn’t a science.  There are a few simple rules to follow and you should be on your way to catching your new client’s eye!

The PPC ad’s headline is the first thing people will see in the search results. To catch eyes and get clicks, it’s imperative to write a headline that includes your keyword while being unique and compelling. Consider these dos and don’ts when writing headlines for PPC.

Consider these dos and don’ts when writing headlines for PPC.
• DON’T use a generic headline
• DON’T waste characters
• DON’T misspell anything
• DO communicate your value prop
• DO anticipate the searcher’s intent
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Google: We're Working On A Solution To Refresh Penguin Faster

We know webmasters, especially those impacted by Penguin 2.1 are getting really anxious. It has been 11 months and 6 days since the last Google Penguin refresh. That is a long time for a site.
But Google understand that but has told us it is complex to refresh Penguin and it is taking them time.
Google confirmed a few newish items around Penguin and what the engineers at Google are working on with the algorithm this week.
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Google Knowledge Graph For B-List Celebrities
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Dropbox’s Carousel Design Deconstructed (Part 2)

Many of today’s hottest technology companies, both large and small, are increasingly using the concept of the minimum viable product (MVP) as way to iteratively learn about their customers and develop their product ideas. This two-part series, looks into the product design process of Dropbox’s Carousel.

Part 1 covered the core user, their needs and Dropbox’s business needs, and broke down existing photo and video apps. This second part is about Carousel’s primary requirements, the end product, its performance and key learnings since the launch.
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Adding to the Body Class in WordPress

n this short tutorial, we look at the WordPress body class and how we can manipulate it using core API calls.

Specifically, we cover adding body classes, removing body classes, conditionally adding body classes and some use cases.

The Body Class: What Can It Be Used For?

The body class in WordPress is a class or series of classes that are applied to the HTML body element. This is useful for applying unique styles to different areas of a WordPress site as body classes can be added conditionally. 

WordPress contains a number of default body classes which are covered in this article. 

Adding to the Body Class

There are a few methods available to us for adding new body classes within WordPress. This tutorial is going to cover adding the body class within a theme (usually defined in header.php) using the body_class function and adding classes using a filter.
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Choosing a SEO Company

This is most difficult part to choose a correct SEO Company. But we are giving you few guidelines which can help you for the same. 

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• Start searching through your friends and business partners. 
• Post your queries in SEO Forums to get feedback from the community. 
• Check other sites rank which they already have optimized. 
• Don't go for SEO companies doing automated submission etc. 
• Don't go for SEO companies doing Balk Hat tricks. 
• Don't look for cheap SEO because of some pennies you can loss more. But take care, high price also does not guarantee high quality.
• Take guarantee if possible for a particular rank and any particular search engine. 
• User SEO Company name in Google to find more information about them. 
• Don't go just because of their fancy site and good article available on their site.
• Don't go testimonials available on their sites. 

I can not list out all the factors here because there may be different situations and different views. So you should be smart enough to think what's bad and what's good.

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