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Our favorite from this list of holiday gift ideas are those gifts of convenience! Who couldn't use a key finder? What is your favorite?

See our gifting ideas on the blog:

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Did you know that we have a monthly newsletter and calendar of events? You don't even have to be here at the community to see the news each month... we publish it online! See this month's news here:

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Make realistic goals for yourself for achieving better hydration. Work on increasing hydration day by day. Have a few water bottles readily available that you can keep with you throughout each day. Also, try out different fruit types in your water to jazz up the flavor. Strawberries, lemon, melon, and grapes can make water more fun to drink!

More Hydration Tips:

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Did you know? As people get into better shape, their brains grow. See our newest blog post to learn how to improve your brain health!

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Possible Effects of a Stroke

We’ve shared what a stroke is, but what are some of its effects? According to the National Stroke Association, depending on which side of the brain the stroke occurs, the damage caused is different.

Left Side of the Brain: When a stroke occurs on the left side of the brain, movement on the right side of the body is affected, as are abilities to do math and science, and speak and understand written language.

Right Side of the Brain: When a stroke occurs on the right side of the brain, movement on the left side of the body is affected, as are the abilities to do creative tasks such as painting, appreciating art or music, recognizing emotion or having spatial awareness.

Specific areas of the Brain: When a stroke damages a specific area of the brain, that part may not function as well as it did before. Walking, speaking, seeing and feeling may be affected. Other effects may include changes in sleep, seizures, impaired movement, fatigue, pain, memory loss, depression, difficulty thinking and bladder control trouble.

More on our blog post:

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Routine medical check-ups are recommended for people of all ages. What a doctor checks for in a regular physical will differ based on a variety of factors including age and gender. As we age different screenings are recommended as our risk for developing certain health issues increases. Routine checkups and receiving proper screenings are both vital exercises for assessing medical issues, future problems and learning how to remain healthy.

The month of June is National Men’s Health Month dedicated to highlighting male-specific health needs. For men over 50 years old, five health areas that take the spotlight include the heart, prostate, skin, mind and bones. Read on to learn more about these five areas of men’s health, risks associated with them and ways to slow or prevent the development of these issues.


Companionship and Community in Senior Living
Mounting evidence shows that companionship and community are a key component to overall health. No longer are they seen as sitting a few rungs up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; they are foundational to your well-being. This is true across all ages, including seniors. Feeling extreme loneliness, for example, has been shown to increase an older person’s chances of premature death by 14 percent. 
A myriad of factors are weighed when deciding to move into a senior living community. The opportunity for companionship and community should be one of them. When researching different senior living options, investigate the opportunities for social connections and interactions at each community.

Fall Proof Your Home
Go through this checklist to help prevent you or your loved one from falling in their home, one of the leading causes of skilled nursing admissions.
Look at the floor in each room. Always keep a clear path through each room of your house, removing any objects, furniture, cords or rugs that may be in the way.
Take a careful look at the steps both inside and outside your home. Clear any objects off the stairs and make sure the carpet is securely attached to every step. Check that handrails are on both sides and run the length of the steps, and show no signs of loosening. Make sure that the steps are well lit, with a switch or light sensor at both the top and bottom.
Examine your kitchen and bathrooms: are things you use often on high shelves? Rearrange these items to be lower to the ground, ideally waist level. If you need to use a step stool, find one with a bar.  Add a few safety items to your bathroom, if you don’t already have them: non-slip rubber mat in the tub or shower and grab bars in and beside the tub and next to the toilet. 
Is the path from your bed to the bathroom well lit? Add a light to your nightstand and night-lights along the way.

***Checklist modified from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Check for Safety: A Home Fall Prevention Checklist for Older Adults

Make your new residence warm and inviting by bringing along the comforts of home! 

Click below for ideas!

1) Organization: Settle into your space by making full use of shelves, cabinets, and closets for your personal items.
2) Socialize: Connect with other residents with like interests. Ask the staff to introduce you to other residents with similar hobbies!
3) Memories: Bring photographs, personal furniture, and more familiar items.
4) Decorate: Don’t hold back on adding your own personal touch!
5) Positivity: Speak of your new residence as home! You’re sure to enjoy the safety, security, and kindness you will find.

Comment with your favorite comforts of home!

It’s officially spring; summer is just around the corner! 

April is the perfect time of year to get outside and seek new adventure. Your community is a great resource for finding new hobbies and exploring the outdoors; discover activities you haven’t yet experienced by looking into the local workshops or excursions. Better health can be achieved by making small life changes.  Breathing the fresh air of new activities, new friends, and the outdoors, is a great way to revitalize the body and mind!

What spring or summer activity are you most looking forward to?  Reach out to your local community to find out or comment below with your ideas!
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