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Triumphant music and a truly Battlefield moment. Great way to start the week!
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This game .... my internet comes in tomorow :). Stop teasing, I haven't played in a week. -_-
some of the stunts these people make are way better than action movies!
Imagine a jeep flying towards a helicopter.....what would you do???
Although my favorite ones are the car bombs, when u put c4 on a car and drive it into a a tank and let it roll on then blow it up. (for those of u that didn't know)
I have done something similar, but this is better
Ik, but I accidentally launched a jeep towards a incoming helicopter and it knocked the crap out of it, thus killing 2 people
That sucks for the guys who blew up. 
I was like OMGGGGGGGG!!!!1!!!! Dafuq just happen?
And the guy that I killed sent a message saying that he didn't have enough time to react to a flying jeep coming towards him.....and also put "well played, sir. Well played."
a simple question, battlefield 3 runs on Windows x64 bit? in other words, can be installed in C: \ Program Files x64? thanks!
@ I suppose....I have BF3 for PC and PS3 but i haven't installed it onto my PC cuz i have Vista lol.....I'm getting a good gaming PC....
It still goes to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\EA SUCKS
@ Terry: I make flying jeep bombs
Please please please port BFBC2 MP maps to BF3!!! We miss those maps!!!
@ Shane: It's never going to happen because they are two completely different series of games; Bad Company Series and then there's the Battlefield series 
+Abdul Gaber I know, BFBC2 had some serious fun maps though, seemed to really resonate with the "team player" community... BF3 is great but the current maps just don't have the same feel and one lone player can ruin the game for everyone.... Just my take on the gameplay so far..
I think like this, but never seem to get things to connect. <3 BF3
I mean I try to do crazy stuff like that and my C4 will miss the target I drop it on.
Haha, we have triumphant!
I've actually done that but on a different was epic getting a five man kill on a scout helo
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