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Good luck for one player, bad luck for another!
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whoa, a one and a million shot, right :)))
Even if BF was a bad game with bad graphics and everything, I would still play it because of all the hilarious stuff that happen there :P
Technically they way you were using the word, "Epic," is grammatically incorrect.
TOW is so useless, the failure was inevitable.
Anyone notice in the chat bar how he's an admin and how it says "No team killing please." Oh the irony. LOL
No, chris there is no FFA for BF3
I did that once and i made both enemy jets crash into each other lol
Who the hell wastes a perfectly good chopper to get a vehicle kill anyway its morons like that that ruin the game for their team
@ Shawn Allshouse: Exactly, because faggots do that on Damavand Peak and other air based maps.
@ Sergio Yeah both died. I got a disable on one of them and he ran into another jet
@ Chris: BF3 is more of a team based game. In order to win and capture all of the objectives, you MUST work as a team. Jets work with infantry, So do heli's. Tanks need air support so that they can push through and hold an objective. In other words, everyone has to communicate with each other. if anyone wants to play BF3 on PS3, just hit me up :)
@ Vinay: YOU STOLE MAH PIC!!! lol jk
YAY! We should play sometime....
K, i'll add you as soon as I delete some other people.
Greg G
Shit happens
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