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There are Battlefield veterans, and then there's this guy. Heiner is 72 years young and has a confirmed service record of 6,500 hours playing Battlefield. Game on!
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proof that video games are not for kids
even i have been playing that long, but havent gotten bf3 yet
+Leandro Martinez all im saying is anyone can spend countless hours on anything. I'm just curious if he can hold his own against us comparatively "young guns"
i hope i am this awesome when i am his age
un vrai nolife 271 jours 24h/24 ça fait bcp
He is obviously the Larry King of gaming. 
I am 49 and I play battlefield daily, (1 hour) ..I have an average of 200 points/minutes, and I have no idea if this is good or not. But what I can tell is that I have a lot of fun, especially with the helicopters !!! I hope I will still be a player at 70, 75, 80 ....
"But how good is he"   Who the hell cares!  He's having fun gaming. 
That's me in 50 years. Vid games are like cigarets. Extremely addicting and hard to quit when you've been hooked for 23 years haha.
270 days playing. Wonder what would happen if he tried WoW.
I would HATE to come up head on head with that guy.
My guess is he would die of boredom.
thats a impressive number oO
He's literally been playing since 1942! O_o
+Anthony So , yeah no... he hasn't. You're just jealous that this old guy will pwn you... LOL!!
+Tod Anderson I wasn't bashing him it was just a joke. And really, Unlike you i wouldn't need a USAS with Frags to kill him.
Video Games Never get old only peoplpe who play do.  He is awsome.  That is gonna be me when Im older.
OMG he is the one thats been kicking our but. :) keep playing and having fun
That's me on Call Of Duty 20 years from now. :p
All I can think of is "6,500 hours holding his head in THAT position....Heiner should "pull his chin in", (retract the chin), while gently nodding and feel the stretch in the muscles just under the skull bone. Those joints at the top of the neck are the rotators of your head, If you are younger... hey wanna look this way ? so that the nose looks directly over the shoulders....NOW retract the chin for younger gamers. If you get dizzy STOP it, and get your cervical artery checked.
I heard he just runs around and knifes kids under 13... What an Icon!
Looks like he doesn't need headphones anymore...
Nice. I've met many aged gamers playing BF2. Many of them were quite the characters, ordering commands, and boosting moral via voice communication. I have truly never laughed or had more fun playing a game, then my time on BF2.

BF3 if fun, and fine, but not the same.

Ah, the good 'ol days.
That's pretty sick! We should all aspire to even compare with his greatness
6500 hours is a TON of playtime. I don't know if I have 6500 hours playing video games in general.
Oh sick, what servers does he play on?
hopefully he is playing bf2 or 2142 because 3 was HORRIBLE
Wow, he had a lot of time to spare for his old age. 
What a way to have fun an keep your mind sharp at that age! Would be great to see more people like that keeping sharp instead of withering away.
Real war is for fools who lack communication, diplomacy and negotiation skills. Also, any pansy can pull a trigger from 2000 yards away (perhaps not hit the target everytime) but it takes a real man to actually kill when you can see the light in someones eyes fade away.
If a country has that big a problem with another - go there and beat them without projectile weapons and bombs, at least your opponent has a chance to defend themselves properly.
Or better yet, settle it in the virtual world... play dice for the win and dont die : )
I say good for you man.
he has  a strong mind.. in the age of 72 he can...???><,??????
have you heard of the 40 year old virgin wow I just found a 72 year old virgin! lol
Best NEW Videogame Ever: INTERNET HERO, you play using a DRAMA-LLAMA Controller!
My grandson just showed me how to use this mouse thing.

Where do I load the sheet of paper again?
Battlefield vs Call of Duty, which one is better?? And why?? 
Thats wussup..... Video games aren't just for kids lol.
+Robert Christian Lotho  I agree with you, because I just like COD better. However, Battlefield have some great innovate, for example better graphic, bigger field, and more. 
He should be visiting his grand kids, playing bingo, or chess at the park.  
Makes me feel a lot better about being a 42 year old with about 150 hours on BF3 :-}
Play on gamer, play on.
TOG  (The Older Gamers = A great community)
Still better than most mw3 players.
its better when you play it on a PS3.
6500 hours he could have spent living! dont get me wrong i love BF but dude come on!
I wonder if he gets pwned or shanked by a "young gun" or a camper, does he rage quit? (He needs a a mic.)
+Mark Lim Do you think we would still be playing WoW when we are 72?! Imagine the number of played hours by then!
Dude, I spent more time playing COD than Battlefield. 
"Yep, just like I remember it. I think I still have his watch somewhere."
BF is good ,But GF is best.
Good for him. I'm sure he is having fun. Even if he is that spawn killing sniper a hole type :)
I look up to this man. He has became my dream and idol
+Daniel Carter Why you say that?? I am NOT spamming. What kind of troll is annoy you?? People, please for loving god let me know if I am trolling, and I will stop it. 
Edu JS
Lol. .. love BF 3 ...close quarters
Hey, that's me!... in 36 years.
I work with a guy (go ahead - verify this - who does thus.
I'm sure he's watching a porn shoot in that pic. Followed by BF3.
Old doles don't play vid games and if he's watching porn he'd get a heart attack

vao every one is crazy about battle field 3
He may have 6500 hours service, but that doesn't make him any good :-P
If i live that long I'll be playing too.
It doesn't matter who play it it's a kickass game
I think ea or dice is bullshitting us with the battlefield 4 news

"Talk to me when your balls drop less"
age is no boundry to zombieism, at least he isn't wasting his youth..:)
Nice! Good or not at the game, what matters is having fun playing it at any age. ^^
Last, I am looking forward to play Black Ops 2 and Battlefield 4. 
Way to go pops. Kick those young whippersnappers off your virtual lawn
6k hours playing a video game ,i hope this guy didn't choose to waste his time on a stupid video game rather than spend it with his family and grand kids .
I would not want to grow up to be like him....
Wow I thought I was a BF3 addict with about 500 hours of playtime & about colonel 82* (don't remember my rank) he must be a real addict I at least hope with that much playing time be a Colonel 100! Lol he must have a Sh*tbucket hahaha! 
Easy to identify him in game leaves turn signal on tank
My boyfriend is a gamer , his grandfather is the one that turned him on to gaming , they played Chrono Trigger together , his pops still plays . All i can say is bravo to this gentleman !
+Christopher Wilson I'm pretty sure he did. He was around 20 when us started sending shitloads of troops into Vietnam (around 1960-61)...
yells at kid across the table "boom head shot! In your face" kid starts to cry and runs out of the room
I met a 72 year old woman the other day who had an ipad, e-reader AND apple TV! She broke all the stereotypes for me that's for sure :)
Give a new meaning to the word veteran!
+Matthew Dickinson no COD MW2/3 or BO1/2 can compare to the expanse of BF3! it's an overall much harder game to master, rank up, dominate! & the overall community is very serious!I WAS a COD super hardcore fan until I picked up BF3 last year & I traded all of my COD games for BF3 extras! 
The guy is 75 years old ,on of the most productive ways he can spend his time is playing video games which can probably prevent many common disorders like Alzheimer. Not everyone has the option to spend time with family. 

What I`m saying is, most probably, he isn`t a gamer who grew old, he is an old guy who decided to become a gamer.
i like the opening statement: 75 years YOUNG, NOT old :) that's what we call forever young.
If he was younger you'd all be claiming he had no life.  
It's all about the state and strength of his brain also passion for the game,and had wished to meet most newer versions.
This made me smile, good on you sir!
Nice, But he should play Arma2..Battlefield is for kids !
What are the chances... at his age he has probably served his country 'for real' in the past .
+Chris McPride you are right. I feel that would be me as well. Pc gaming since I was 6... now I'm around 30
its cool ghame
i played two times
That's so epic, that will be me one day! 
Hi, Heiner. You're really a fantastic gamer. 6500 hours of gaming, wow! Unimaginable for a man of this age. If by chance you also like good music, maybe you're willing to contact me at my email address. Keep yourself fit. Cheers
Overheard in Toys Я US: "Ma'am, how can I help you?" - "I am here to pick up some toys for my kids" - "I can help you with that. How old are your kids?" - "Three, five and ninety-five."
wow i wish THIS guy was my grandpa! he must be amazing at quick-scoping!
i really6 admire this key-pad
Proof!  That an old dog can learn new tricks after all!  Go get 'em Heiner!
Until he took an arrow to the knee haha
72? Christ, he was probably there for Vietnam.  And he still wants to play fake war?  Damn.
baby,what a pity he does not know that call of duty and crysis are world wide famous and david bellizzi think before you speak
+Jack Swagger Aren't you doing the same thing as David? You know, expressing an opinion? And how would you know if that man knows about CoD or Crysis or not? One plays out of enjoyment. It's not your business or anyone's if he doesn't play CoD out of preference or ignorance.
That's serious right there.....
I'm 60 and play wow, eveonline. Dust 514 and I hold down a job as a lecturer and all that after a triple heart by pass :)
6000 of those hours were trying to figure out how to turn that damn contraption on!

I kid! Hope this dude is sick and props to him for rocking video games still!
Well, if the 10,000 hour rule is correct, he is probably one of the most proficient players out there
Carpal Tunnel hasn't slowed him down?
When at first you dont succeed... try try try try try try...... try try... try... yawn... damn that's a lot... try try... etc
Ive never seen anyone get worse the longer they play. You know the whole practice makes prefect thing.
Is he the one...the one with no life? -south park
Awesome!!!! Funny how younger players are concerned how well he plays the game. Just a reminder people it's just a video game!!! 
aw, that's sweet, old chap.. have fun C:
u better keep ur eyes in rest
Well, older gamers have a lot more time to log the hours... he'd probably kick a fair amount of arse.
Wow... I know people younger than him that have more gray hair. Keep on playin'!
Awesome I have played about 1 hour on it cause I am not that good 
Great man also to do it but is he any good or dose he just wander around 
he must be in a real life battlefield before when he was young.
He had nothing to do so he played . When your kids do not visit you you can feel sorry for your self or play some video games to pass the little time left.
I play with the same guys every night. Most of us are veterans. Anyway 'Chief'  is a Navy Vet, and he is 74. He kicks butt!
Here is his stats:
SCORE: 9,421,320
KILLS: 10,160
W/L RATIO: 1.07
That's just awesome. His Battlefield time even eclipses my Skyrim time.
they r true veterans..united states has proud on them....go men..take my salute..god bless america..god bless battlefield
Saying 72 years young instead of 72 years old makes the post even more interesting! :)
nyc guy i lik it very hansome
This guy Is beyond legendary!
promote some more war like game that's all you can do!! its better u go to old home grandpa!
I prefer something like this after retirement :)
Guess he has a shit bukket Lol.
He must really enjoy it, and I can understand that, but why would you play that much?
ehh? Computers is to complicated...

Must be doing something right to get this guy in there.
Damn, that guy could probably kick ass against any gamer lol
Whats his game name, i want him on my freind list! ;)
i should stop playing video games live my life and play when i am old. hey, i bet videogames are going to be a lot better in 50 years.
If I live that long wi will be doing the same. Auld guy playing BF 21 lol!
"Granpa?, is that you?" The kid comes in and say, mom in the background yells at the son for playing violent video games lul!!
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