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Now THIS is a real BF3 gaming setup.
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After playing, he heads straight off to his race car bed.
too bad the displays arn't where the choppa windows should be. Pree damn cool tho!
Brian M
Nice transport bro! 
He should watch that cigar because the whole thing might get 'shot' down because of it!
I will not make fun of a true gamer.  Live on, play hard, 1 UP!
That won't repel any small arms
How do u get laid with that in your living room"this is were I live that's were I play...were she go?"
Devin K
haha I love it
i mew
I remember that game...  Played 1942 a lot.  My favorite ambush: crash a torpedo bomber into a tank while bailing at the last minute.  Shoot down the third guy who sees you.  Two more come out of the bunker to see all the commotion, line them up and let 'er rip.

Second most favorite ambush was the view from above after crawling onto a tank and firing a rocket into the back.
That is funny!  But I would go further and add hydraulics to make it move with the video :)
thats amazing exept for the fact that its on an Xbox
y would u say shit like that you know your going to get criticized for it
I think think their both really swell lol
PS3 is good for the uncharted series thats it
i tink not i actually have both but yea kinda true and for infamous
or daniel jeffery he could put his copter over a chair an sit on the chair an it would be normal but that would be to much work
I would like one of these contraptions 
Nice, I wish I had one of those!
I'm 12 and that doesn't make since to me 
a grown man...         sad
Wonder how non existent his sex life is. 
you low life your a grown man!!! ¬ø¬
Follow me please and I will follow you back but times are hard
C'mon at least he used the clear duct tape lol
EB Trey
i got next on stix!
thats the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zull N
This is so LOL..!
due to cut backs this is actually the new prototype RAF pilot combat simulator, they'll be releasing the tank and battleship versions later this year
Ps2 was better than the ps3. The xbox controllers hug my thumbs allowing me to play longer, instead of those 1960's tv knobs ps3 and the cheap xbox controllers offer
I would do it with 3D glasses (if lame battlefield featured it) and mounted on a mechanic bull... that would be some real 4D shit :D 
HILARIOUS!!!! Drink to you for taking time to "build" a pilot seat
omg i hate boys cause im a girl i hate video games seriously
HAHA that is sooo epic. Talk about a hardcore gamer...
EB Trey
ur never too old for video games.
OK I'm gonna take the high road and say "that is freaking awesome"
That's what I call Cartoonized Black Hawk Down. LOL.Very funny :-)
Can't see the pizza stains on the wife beater..
this guy needs to get out of his moms basement and get a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just to feel the essence of gaming! lol
watch!! i'm behind you.. haha LOL! XD
A man will always be a kid at heart .clubhouse
But i do not have battlefield 3 i think using cod black ops 2 can be a platform
Thts a real gamer right there!!!!!!!kmsl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm suprised so many ppl posted bout this. Hah 
My wife would say no... but my son would love it
weird people.....
no offense
;p LOL LMFAO That sure is funny
+Gary Richards yea that's hilarious, I wonder if he could make a jet...I'm down with that one...hahaha
all i can say is cool lolo haha!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that's my style if gaming, "live the game"
Mi Mono
I still have a bigger TV...:)
Mi Mono
If the cardboard HELO were actuated...THAT would be something....Otherwise it's a dude in a box.
mun leo
it s real . ... only u...kkk
This game sucks call if duty is so much better 
+1 if you think call of duty is better than battlefield
he is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if i had battlefield 3 i would do that just so you get that feeling you can't get from being cool.
sometimes, you just have to nerk or weirdo out
i do it all of the time
Low Cost but green,creative & legit in a way.
Нормально дядькам голову срывает!!!??? А всё потому что,когда мы были детьми,ещё  не было  компьютерных игр!!! В войнушку играли-игрушечными солдатиками, в школьных тетрадях,да на улице с пацанами!!! ))))) Пытаемся наверстать упущенное!!! ))))
so beast
i bet that person is totally cool
did you see what he just posted?
What system? I have it for ps3, not very good though
i think that's a Xbox controller 
does the chair move with the game that would be great!!
I have done that befor exept with a racing game and a cardboard was colorful....
The full expiriance!!!!!
Get to the CHOPPA!!!!!!!
wat a noob too much fucking work
no life
"Too much fucking work"?  Lazy ass.  Couldn't have taken more than half an hour.  Can't spare 30 minutes?
a kid i could c doin that but a grown man no
I (being a gamer) would actually GET this. But still, a grown man? Doing this? I guess it makes for a funny post...
Damn shame...grown ass man playing a game...really!?
What you don't see is the humvee, m1a2 Abrams, T-90 & Bpm-2 parked behind him and the F/A 18 Super Hornet parked on the cardboard runway in the other room. 
Once made a fort out of refrigerator box ......but I was 6
His kid accidentally breaks it and immediately gets beat for it
Hilarious !!!!!!!!!!!!
If I let myself get inspired by him when I play Skyrim... I will be in deep deep trouble with the gf.
Sweet! I've been considering making similar setup using Eyefinity. I have few other "projects" I need to finish first.
what =====================================================================<(_)>
Now that is badass haha. It even shoots rubber band missiles!
This is cool but what about a tank version that will be badass
Min Cha
ahh... i'm gonna try that with a cardboard box tank.
This guy may have issues but lets be honest here how many of you are contemplating on building your very own cardboard chopper right now?
Wow, and I thought I was a battlefield junkie...
now that's a way to make it feel real
Now that I think about it, maybe I can throw together a cardboard a-10 warthog.
Where did he get that Iranian attack copter?
All he needs its a 3D T.V and some surround sound lol
When I play war games I often wear Camo,face paint,and hide behind the couch...or behind a big house plant
Hahaha except you forgot a resolution of 5760x1200 and sixty-four players.... New hardware required... 
I find it funny how battlefield keeps on stealing stuff from Reddit. Sometimes attributed, sometimes not. 
I declare this to be a certified win...the world needs people like him
 brilliant .......................
Console player = not a real gamer.
What the .... Haha
This is what black Hawk down movie came from. 
He has a smoke in his hand! Lol he could burn up that heli and end up costing 100 of cents in cardboard! Lmfao

I am still 0 kills 45 deaths with the whole flying thing. No idea how those other pilots shoot me down before I even spot them. :(
interesting game but u need to luk after ur self otherwise u'll be..........?....less
fail haha you have to litterly be in the zone ahha
Wow, He'll love that thingemabob
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