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Incredible Facts and Astounding Trivia
Incredible Facts and Astounding Trivia

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9 Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

On September 9, 2015, Queen Elizabeth II will surpass Queen Victoria to become the longest reigning monarch in British history. Here are some royal facts about Her Majesty.

#queenelizabeth   #logestreign   #63years   #monarchy   #royals  

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7 Weird Facts About Col. Sanders

Have you seen those weird KFC commercials with SNL star Darrell Hammond as Col. Harland Sanders? It’s not as weird as these true facts about the real Col. Sanders.


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How to Toilet Train Your Cat

Face it: Your cat is the ruler of your house. She knows it, and so do you. So why shouldn’t she sit on the throne? So, it is time to learn to toilet train your cat!

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10 Dragons from Greek Mythology

Here is a list of ten famous dragons from Greek mythology. How many of them do you recognize? Can you earn the title of "Mother of Dragons?"

#dragons   #motherofdragons   #mythology   #greekmythology  

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3 Myths About Pirates…Exposed

Avast ye, and read these myths about swashbuckling buccaneers. Argh!

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Join the Dark Side: We’ll Silence Your Bullies

A Star Wars fan club named itself after a coalition of bad guys aligned with Darth Vader. But they’re bringing some real goodness to the world.

#starwars   #stormtrooper   #51stlegion  

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7 Fun Facts About the MTV Video Music Awards

The VMAs are held tonight, so here are some fun facts.

#VMAs   #VMAs2015   #MTV  

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The Forbidden Areas of Disney World

Walt Disney World is roughly the size of San Francisco, so it’s not surprising that there are a few places within its borders that are strictly off-limits to guests.

#disney   #disneyworld  

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Daily Fun Facts: Shrimps

Today’s daily fun facts include a few little shrimp facts. Enjoy!

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3 Maladies Caused By Trips to Foreign Lands

For most travelers, food poisoning and pickpockets are the biggest things they worry about while exploring different countries. For others, it’s these peculiar syndromes.

#paris   #jerusalem   #florence   #traveltrivia   #trivia  
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