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Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Business Websites
Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Business Websites


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Here’s 5 Secret Features that you should look for in Ads Manager when you’re running your next #Facebook campaign:

1. Breakdown (a goldmine for trimming your targeting)
2. Free Stock Photos
3. Crop Image (with immediate acces to the rule of thirds)
4. Create a Slideshow of Images
5. Create an Audience of People That Have Viewed Your Videos

A really important article for the advanced #FacebookAds user!

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7 UX Principles for Building Higher-Converting Landing Pages

How to effectively use certain stimuli in order to convert exactly as you're supposed to.

#UX   #webdesign  

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Turning Strangers into Customers by using those 7 Secrets

1. Know thy customer journey
2. Grow your email list with irresistible incentives
3. Quickly find the gold nuggets in your stagnant marketing list
4. Create content that’ll leave people clamoring for more
5. Build your lead nurturing machine
6. Know and grow your business Key Performance Indicators
7. Focus on the journey, not the destination

#customer   #leads   #leadgeneration   #leadnurturing  

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Images in mobile search results??? Well, I'll tell you a secret that used to be a secret but it's not anymore: You will have to go #mobilefriendly  or your online presence will end up a memory!

Thanks +Search Engine Land!

#searchengineoptimization   #google   #seo   #mobileseo   #mobilesearch  

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5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Website Redesign

#seo   #seotips   #seotips2015  

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The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things

What an article! The whole concept, supported by data (by Thomas Gilovich), is based on the fact that routine slowly kills everything and things that we buy are here to stay, thus becoming typical routine viruses.

On the other hand, experiences are dot moments in our life timeline, far from being characterized as routine processes, that carry the true value of hapiness!

Definitely a MUST READ!

#hapiness   #lifehack  

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4 Ways Of Creating Images Without Using Stock Photography

Sometimes finding the perfect stock photograph for an image takes more time than you have. In those instances don’t waste time scouring the Internet. Instead, create images without using stock photography. Another words, with items you already have at your fingertips.

Here are 4 easy peasy techniques for creating images without using stock photography.

#visualcontent #visualmarketing #bloggingtips #socialmediatips

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How Google Crawls and Indexes Web Pages [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since people tend to overlook the prerequisites for a well indexed website, here is the process behind crawling and indexing, and the best practices that you should use in order to get your content indexed.

1. Use Webmaster Tools and check for crawl errors.
2. Check out the guidelines on how to make AJAX applications crawlable and indexable.
3. Add a robots.txt file and make sure it is working.
4. Add your sitemap.xml to your site.

#seo   #seotips   #googleindex

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