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Introducing WordPress 3.9 “Smith” |

This looks really sweet. Now I just need HostGator to get those servers back up!
In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite things:

Copy and paste from Word without coding issues
Better visual editor with image gallery previews
Resizing images on the fly!

Can't wait!!
Read more about this release on
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I'm down too, all of our sites. :( You on a dedicated server too?
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WordPress plugins can add a lot of functionality to your blog. But they can also slow down load times or even cause so many conflicts that they will bring your blog to a grinding halt! 

My advice is to find a WordPress theme with as much functionality as you can and therefore reduce the need for so many plugins.

In this episode of the Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast I share my Wish List for the perfect WordPress themes and Plugins. What's on your list?

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Basic Blog Tips

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Matt Mullenweg: The Future of WordPress
Matt Mullenweg shares his predictions for the future of WordPress development, including "canonical" plugins, the integration of WordPress and WordPress MU, the new profiles (powered ...
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I’m sure by now you have uploaded a video or two to YouTube. Perhaps you even created a playlist or learned how to add annotations that link back to your website. Of course you should always try to send people back to your blog from outposts like YouTube, but let’s face it, lot’s of people will never leave YouTube and head for your home base unless you've given them a darn good reason to do so.

Start by telling your story.
Here's How to Tell Your Story and Connect with Your Audience on YouTube

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Read about the latest updates coming to +Libsyn 
Libsyn4 is off to a pretty good start but there are still several more phases to be released before we are ready to completely replace Libsyn3.

Here's Whats Coming!

Stats Exports
You will soon be able to customize stats exports, and even setup recurring, automatic, exports that will get sent automatically at the given requested times by e-mail. As if you were not addicted to your stats enough as it is, get ready to take it to a whole new level....

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Have them in circles
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Let +BRAINY MARKETER  help you find those Hidden Gems in your YouTube account

H/t to +Lisa Irby 

Underutilized YouTube features that will help you manage your account, gain more subscribers and more.
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TY for sharing +Ileane Smith :)
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What one question do you want answered about YouTube or how to get more video views?

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Building Your Personal Brand on Google+ with Mia Voss via Denise Wakeman
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How good are you at keeping your blog visitors on the page? Have you checked Google Analytics and noticed that people are bouncing quickly without consuming your content? 

One fantastic way to increase the amount of time people spend when they visit your site is to embed multimedia like videos, podcasts and slide shows which will increase your engagement levels too.

In this post (and video of course), I show 3 ways to embed multimedia on your blog and how to control the size of the object so that it doesn't overlap text or your sidebars.

How To Embed YouTube Videos and Podcasts To Keep Readers on Your Blog

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Basic Blog Tips

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Looks like there is a guy who is taking advantage of the LinkedIn publishing platform and using it to scape other people's content. 
+Kristi Hines was fortunate that someone told her about it and LinkedIn took action to remove the post. 
Read more here:
It looks like new LinkedIn Publishing Platform is already attracting content thieves. If you find your content has been stolen by someone for their own blog without permission, credit, or attribution, you can contact LinkedIn about it at They responded to my request within 24 hours, which was pretty impressive.
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