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Basem Emara
Innovator and Software Architect
Innovator and Software Architect

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If your wondering why your scripts aren't being loaded in 6.3, its because Sitefinity broke the latest release by adding RequireJS without any thought or consideration.

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Any thoughts on migrating news, events, and blogs to dynamic content types? There's a big split and the native contents aren't getting all the goods (array of guids, mobile app, cloud services, etc).

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The SF personalization module is pretty basic and only goes so far. How about re-purposing the multi-lingual framework for personalization?

Instead of languages, you add personas so the widgets sync and retain their own settings (imagine displaying different categories per persona). Any way to "clone" multi-lingual like you can for classifications? So a 2nd column like multi-lingual would appear but for personas and modify the content accordingly. Sounds crazy?
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