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Baruch Katz

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Any nearby schools still relying on Apple II machines? Make sure to nudge your IT folks
On 30th anniversary of Apple II GS, devoted developer releases ProDOS 2.4.
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Baruch Katz

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lbh, no matter what they announced a large percentage of #trek fans would be unhappy
Series is set 10 years before the USS Enterprise</em>'s five-year mission.
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Baruch Katz

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Agile is such a good approach to healthy group dynamics that it even helps in family life.
A new generation of parents is taking solutions from the workplace and transferring them to the home. From accountability checklists to branding sessions, the result is a bold new blueprint for happy families.
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Baruch Katz

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We could always use a little more Zuul
But will the story be too much of a rehash of the first Ghostbusters movie?
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Baruch Katz

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Dealing with the most frusterating part of JavaScript.
This article explains the same-origin policy. It explains what same-origin means, what limitations it brings, and how to work around same-origin limits.
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Baruch Katz

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Change your password regularly? "The algorithm cracked 17 percent of the accounts in fewer than five attempts. In offline attacks performed on the recovered hashes using superfast computers, 41 percent of the changed passwords were cracked within three seconds."
Contrary to what you've been told, frequent changes can be counterproductive.
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Baruch Katz

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Twenty-five years ago, a small band of programmers from the University of Minnesota ruled the internet. And then they didn’t.
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Baruch Katz

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What makes a good leader, and why they are so important.
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Baruch Katz

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Rock, Paper and Scissors don’t have much in common, but that won’t stop them. Be Together. #NotTheSame
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