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Struggling with BlenderNation - the site is slowly collapsing under the load. I need to fully re-install it and create a new, lighter theme. I'm considering starting off with the default TwentyEleven theme and inviting community members to design a child theme specifically for BlenderNation. Win or fail?
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Hmm completely depends on what is making it so heavy... There's hardly an image in the design right? So.. is it the dynamics? In that case another theme wouldn't cut it...
It's the template logic. I've already moved all the graphics to a Content Delivery Network - they're no longer putting any load on the site. The original theme has grown organically with all kinds of bloat that I'm sure aren't doing the database access any good ;-)

Even the backend of the website is way too slow now to work comfortably. That's kind of strange as I'm hosting some other WordPress sites on the same server that don't seem to have any performance issues at all.

Also, I've been wanting to get a proper new look for the site for quite some time now. The current oldfashioned layout is really starting to bother me and that doesn't help my enthusiasm ;-)
That's all you need to know then... if you feel like going for a new look... sounds like this is the perfect time to do it!
Running 'Inspect element' of Chromium in Blender Nation return this ( audit about performance and networking ) : "Remove unused CSS rules (313) ; 157.07KB (93%) of CSS is not used by the current page. " ; for the frontpage ; "87.74KB (87%) of CSS is not used by the current page " for the inner article. Also they advice to turn on Gzip compression of the pages 'Compressing the following resources with gzip could reduce their transfer size by about two thirds (~89.68KB):'
This can be surely help as a starting point without having to do big change in the theme.
What is causing the site to collapse? If you're in need of something more streamlined and custom, you could always talk with my brother about building a custom Worpress theme, designed to specifically handle this kind of site. He's building the majority of the CG Cookie 3.0 site.
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