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Bart Schuck
Student Of Life, Student For A Lifetime.
Student Of Life, Student For A Lifetime.

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End of Health Saga
everyone. It appears the end of my life story is approaching rapidly. A few
weeks ago I had a CT scan that revealed all my lymph nodes and spleen were
dramatically enlarged (indicative of leukemia taking its final toll. A week
later I had a conversati...

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Here is why our functional mobiles became less sturdy, but more pretty:

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Growing Through Life's Lessons
Simple but challenging life’s lessons -- that seems to be the theme of most true-life stories. Recently, I just finished my fifth true-life story. In the order I read them, they were “ A Long Way Home ,” “The Man Who Knew Infinity,” “ The Boy Who Runs ,” “ ...

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Questions About Patriotism
“Are Jehovah’s Witnesses patriotic?” This is a question that I got asked recently. But recently, someone had a series of questions that I felt should be grouped together although they could have stood as separate articles. I have found in my years of discus...

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Poteyto, Potahto, Tomeyto, Tomahto
I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the saying, “Po tey to, Po tah to, To mey to, To mah to,” emphasizing that different pronunciations do not change the essence of the subject. Over the years I’ve notice those I meet during my public ministry pretty much feel the...

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Purgatory - Another Unscriptural Lie
How this article ends up in my General newsfeed is beyond me, but it did. The National Catholic Register (NCR) published an article in defense of the Catholic belief in purgatory . Their irresponsible (and completely illogical) use of scripture to attempt t...

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Honey is Bee Barf!
Decades ago, one of our children came up to me and flatly declared, “I will never eat honey again. It is nothing more than bee barf!” My jaw dropped. I was dumbfounded. I almost wanted to laugh at the absurdity and vulgarity, but I could see the child was 1...

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Russia, Public Opinion, And Jehovah's Witnesses
Perhaps you’ve heard about the Russian government’s decision to ban Jehovah’s Witnesses as an extremist group. What you may not know are all the details around the Kangaroo court sessions that were held that pitted the Ministry of Justice against the religi...

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Jeremiah: "It Makes No Sense"
Is it right to question things you do not understand? Should authorities feel challenged or reassured that they are not employing “yes men”? If authorities are humble, they will be grateful for those that are respectfully willing to be truthful and give an ...

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Sons of Moses -- Whatever Happened to Them?
The two books of Chronicles aren’t my favorite Bible books. Admittedly, I don’t pay as much attention to what I am reading -- probably partly because it repeats information found in other books, and partly because of the long genealogical lists that just do...
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