My Ingress Law Enforcement Encounter

I was passing through Montana on a road trip and noticed that the small town of Big Timber, Montana had 35+ portals and nearly 20 missions. This was something that would warrant worth stopping for.

I started criss-crossing town doing missions when near an elementary school, I had flashing red and blue lights appear in my mirror. I had apparently not come to a complete stop at an intersection and a local police officer had noticed.

He asked for all my documents and asked me what I was doing in town. I told him that I had been camping up the road and was just, uh, checking out the town. With a suspicious look he took my my papers back to the car as I sit there estimating how much the ticket was going to set me back.

When he returned, he asked me again what I was doing in town because he wasn’t buying “just checking it out.” I told him that I was playing a game that used points of interest that you had to actually visit. I opened up my scanner with the nearest portal displayed. He looked at portal owner, which was AAMichael and said, “That’s Archangel Michael,” stuck out his hand and said “glad to meet you.”

We geeked out over Ingress for about 15 minutes and then I left with my warning.
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