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As we all know +Adrienne Smith is always giving to us, information, tricks, tips, techniques you name it and Adrienne has given it. This time Adrienne is asking US to do a favour for her and for +Annie Andre who gave us all a fantastic lesson in video creation last week. SO PLEASE FOLLOW the link and help Annie on her quest.... PRETTY PLEASE WITH CHERRIES ON :)
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Thank you for your support Barry and Adrienne. I really appreciate it.

By voting for me for " top 25 family travel blogs of 2012", you are helping me spread the word that anyone can pick up and explore the world and travel or live abroad.
Even if they have kids,
Even if they don't have a lot of money and
Even if they have struggles they can do it if they want to.

I really just want to help as many families and couples live their dream of long term travel or at least plan it and get the ball rolling

This is just the beginning.

So thank you again for your support. It means the world to me.
Annie Andre Chief-Adventure-ologist
You're more than welcome Annie, you're setting an example for lots of people, including myself :) I'll be trying to vote on a daily basis :) best of luck and have a great weekend :)
Thank you +Barry Wells for sharing this about +Annie Andre because as we both know, she's very deserving of this title. At least making it in the top 25. She's right, let's help her spread the word. Thank you so much for always being there to help others as well. I appreciate you Barry.
As I do you Adrienne :) If we all band together and keep plugging Annie then we'll get her climbing that list to the top ten then aim for top spot ;)

Try and have a nice relaxing weekend Adrienne, thinking of you :)