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Crossposting my list of apps that +SXSW attendees should use to either connect or discover things (parties/food/etc) around Austin.


* Lanyrd ( [All]

Social Sharing/Discovery
* Highlight ( [iOS / Android]
* foursquare ( [All platforms]
* foodspotting ( [iOS/Windows Phone/Android/Blackberry]
* Path ( [iOS/Android]
* Austin Food Carts ( [iOS] .. Finding food carts in Austin when you are hungry!
* And ... The usual Twitter/Google+/Facebook that everyone has .. but thats expected :P

* Eventbrite [iOS/Android]

Photos (Using Instagram.. not sure about whether I'll use Color again)
* Instagram ( [iOS]

Group Messaging (I'm using all of these so feel free to set up a group)
* Google+ Hangouts [iOS/Android]
* GroupMe ( [All platforms]
* LINE / WeChat / KakaoTalk / Facebook Messenger (Multiple Platform)

feel free to suggest more and I will add them

#sxswi #sxsw #apps #sxsw2012 #appoverload
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I have a few more on a post I wrote. Here is one that I find critical!

+Robert Scoble I had the opportunity to Meet the founders of +Lanyrd by accident last year at #SXSWi at they Iron Cactus. They are always very helpful.. Will you bet at SXSW...

+Barry Teoh no problem if I find any more will let you know. will also include your list on one of my posts. :) Will you be at #SXSWi?
+Robert Scoble I am not sure how FB really helps you engage with new people which is one of the reasons why I invest as a small business owner in conferences to meet new people. As for twitter you are right we assume everyone going to #SXSW uses them. Last year I met a few that where their for interactive and hardly ever touch it.

+Robert Scoble & +Barry Teoh Added you to my going to #SXSW 2012 circle where I will be sharing interesting stuff I find like the neat list +Barry Teoh made.
All added to the list.. I added both new and old apps (and of course I have them all installed)
Started up my SXSW 2012 circle too..
Awesome Barry... feel free to merge the one I created if you wish to share yours that would be awesome too! :)
+Path is also in the same area as Facebook but I still gave it a mention because you can share it to other interest based networks (and also Facebook)

+Robert Scoble - I'll check out the comments and do another revision shortly
Forecast is Android as well - and more social sharing, less utility
Well, if you're excited about apps that help you find new people, you should take a look at Kismet -- my company -- which launched last week at Women 2.0 PITCH. We'll help you find new people and see how you're connected to everyone you meet. The audience reaction at Women 2.0 was very positive. (Admittedly 90% female, but an important demo when it comes to making new connections!) Watch for several new features coming out just before SXSW that are designed to give you more control over when and where you are introduced to new people.

Our website is
Our Filmaster app ( should be definitely used by all the movie buffs attending SXSW Film. It will have full film festival schedule and will feature a personalized recommendations with only the movies that are part of SXSW Film, so that everyone will be able to find something worth watching at the festival.
Added a new list for SXSW film although I will not be sticking around there for that long
Kismet promised me they won't post to my Facebook timeline (before asking for Facebook permission they clearly stated they won't do that), instead Kismet DID POST on my Facebook timeline. Even twice. Very bad behavior.

It may have happened with Kismet to me, because I was in an older signup list (as you see with the old logo)
+Barry Teoh Awesome work you did there by compiling this list. In addition to Sonar, Glancee, Highlight, Kismet and Mingle you might want to add in this space:

- Shoutflow (
- Gauss (
- Meet Gatsby (
- Blendr (

Here's the world premiere of Gauss; The live demo at the LeWeb startup competition finals:

LeWeb 2011 Gauss, Startup Competition

Gauss will showcase at the Tech Cocktail party on the 10th of March at SXSW for our stateside premiere.

Full disclosure: I am advisor at Gauss.
I would love to +Barry Teoh. But Gauss is a very lean and boostrapped startup, cutting costs wherever possible (we didn't ask for funding, yet). So only the three co-founders will fly to Austin to rock SXSW. I'm an advisor since the early days.
+Christoph Möller (Re, Kismet) Hey, Christoph. That's definitely a bug related to one of our invite links--we're not intentionally posting to your wall with that one. We hate when apps do that without letting you know. Should be fixed in our update, coming within the next week.
Hey +Michelle Norgan .. The Kismet app on the appstore description says that my location is imported from foursquare, instagram, facebook (all of which I prefer because I don't want to open up another app just to check in). However I can't find the setting to set it up ( #uxfail ?) .. Will this be in a future update? I'd love to give it a real test as #sxsw will be a good event for testing apps like these out with other early adopters
+Barry Teoh We're going to have Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter seamless location sharing up and running smoothly in our update for SXSW (we're also not fans of having yet another app to open to check in). These will be a set it and forget it thing, connect once and we'll do the rest for you in future. Instagram will probably be the version after that.

We also got a few more cool features coming out for SXSW that will make meeting, learning about the people around you, etc. even more dynamic.
Oh hello. Looks like I'm late to the party. We believe our app uberlife [iOS/web/mobile web] belongs in here. In a nutshell it's for "Real world hanging out in groups". It will be very useful at SxSW for party discovery and meeting new groups of people. (rather than one on one discovery). We call our gatherings "hangouts" and here is a list of SxSW hangouts on uberlife already; lots of people already coming to Feel free everyone to join the hangouts so we can meet each other in person. Also for a little background, we had a TC article last month:
Sure +Barry Teoh will send one now. Also there are two back doors to our app that don't require invites. 1. iPhone app users don't need invites 2. If you come through a hangout link rather than the home page you don't need invites (Such as the SxSW search results page I shared above, when you click any of those hangout links you can get in without invites) - Thank you for including it in your list already. We cover Android/Windows/Blackberry through our specially designed mobile web app though, they are not native apps just an FYI.
+Bora XBora - Thanks .. checking out the app now its what I wished Plancast was. Do you guys use +foursquare venues? .. Would be absolutely perfect if it synced with eventbrite/facebook events (and checkins pushed to +foursquare)
Thanks for the kind words Barry. Yes we use 4sq for venues and 4sq check-in is highly prioritized on our roadmap. However we're trying to be careful about event integrations with FB Events etc as we don't want uberlife to turn into event listings. It's important to us that hangouts are personal and the organizer of hangouts is motivated to meet the people who are going to that hangout and make introductions etc. If you remember way back when, one of the downfalls of Myspace was promoters spamming everybody with events all the time - really impersonal right? We're still discussing those types of integrations though.

I see you're working on some cool projects yourself. Would be nice to meet in person and talk shop. This is my hangout in Austin Friday evening. Join up if you're not busy. Some other cool tech people are coming as well. Should be a nice gathering.
Oh yes, how can I forget Uberlife. Great work you do there +Bora XBora. I especially like the clean & beautiful design in the Uberlife web app. And I'm using your iPhone app, but that feels a bit slow. But it is early days so I assume you are going to fix that issue over time. And congrats to you Hangout at SXSW, it is gaining a lot of traction.
Thanks +Christoph Möller. From now until SxSW our team is completely focused on performance optimizations so the app is faster. Pushing a new update to the app store on Monday as well, which speeds things up quite a bit. Should be accepted in time for SxSW hopefully.
Hi Barry:

check out SHOUDIO: for sharing GPS audio. So tune into sounds of the SXSW parties: report audio on the map: interviews, reports of panels, etcetera.


Maybe it is also interesiting to mention our "voice based #SXSW interview series" which any attendee (Film, Interactive, Music) can undergo: self initiated via

Maybe nice to do? Only takes 5 mins: self initiated via
barry thanks for the list it is giving me a good 'what to install' list ;)
Added pinweel to the list.. Another photosharing app but something to note that its by one of the flickr founders so should be something worth trying too
Yes, the Pinwheel concept / idea looks old (tried before) but Caterina Fake and her peers are behind it.
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Hey Barry -check out INTRO (iOS) - It's kind of like Highlight or Glancee for business (LinkedIn rather than Facebook). Matches you to people nearby that you're specifically looking for for business (not just showing the people next to you) and shows the social and business connections you have in common. Unique in that you can specify who you're looking for, its great for startups trying to expand their team and for freelancers or just networking in general. eg. "I need a graphic designer who has contacts in common with me". Makes sure you don't miss someone you should meet (and if you still do, INTRO will keep a record of the Intro so you can Reach Out and connect later).
Hey Christoph - thanks for the comment - yep its a little like an advanced Mingle - but it's unique from them (and the others) in that it shows all your business and social connections in common (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare) and also matches you to who you're specifically 'looking for' eg. you can specify say a 'graphic designer within 2 degrees of separation'. It only shows relevant matches, not just those nearby which also makes it different. Can be used for general networking or great for startups looking for freelancers and vice versa. Its also not just for conferences but out and about (like Highlight). New version (1.5) just came out! - check it -
Hey +Barry Teoh can we add Intro to the above list?
Quote +Barry Teoh: "I think these guys [Intro] are on to something.. Using your existing network data. Set and forget kind of things." That is the same approach Gauss is aiming at.

Anyone who is at SXSW can meet Gauss at Tech Cocktail Celebration. Interestingly Sonar is also in this Tech Cocktail startup competition, as well as Echoer (from France) and (from Japan), who were both in the same LeWeb'11 startup competition as Gauss -
Added Hitchery (very similar to Path/Gowalla scrapbooking), and Chase the Unicorn.
it's in private beta now (though I got an invite after requesting pretty quickly). you access it via a mobile site for the time being, full web-app coming soon (says the web-app)
+Raul Colon cool did you manage to get accomodation? I heard that most places sold out 1 month ago.
+Barry Teoh  I have a good friend +Nando Journeyman who allowed me to stay at his home. But accomodations where sold out months ago I would guess near October and November. Last year I had made my reservations in September 2011 and the night before the cancelled and moved me to a crappy hotel. How about you?
+Barry Teoh Thanks for your interest. Main difference to the version of SXSW 2012 is that it now has a chat feature and the sign-up process is easier.

And there will be a new completely different and much better version out, later this year. So much that I can say publicly :)
+Raul Colon got it last year around September. Should have got it earlier though as there was limited downtown places. Maybe I'll start booking now for next year and then sell it off if I can't go haha
+Barry Teoh  not a bad option. I will probably do the same but staying at my friends house beats staying at a hotel any day. :) 
+Raul Colon Thank you so much for adding Gauss to your SXSW guide. We are still a small bootstrapping startup with no crazy marketing budget, so your help is highly appreciated. I will look into my emails and comment here with more SXSW tips that I collected from last year, that you may add to your already great article. 
+Raul Colon You have already added the SXSW event list of Lanyrd, that is also one of the best lists I would recommend ( Here is more: (expand)

Sched Guide for SXSW 2013

The "Guide To All Unofficial SXSW Events"

The "ULTIMATE Guide to SXSW Interactive 2013 Parties"

Austin StartupDigest

Besides that here is a list of "Almost 101 tips for South by Southwest" by +Ewan Spence

And "The Unofficial SXSW blog"
+Christoph Möller if I can help in any way let me know. I am a small business owner so I know how it is. Hope to meet you at SXSW!

+Barry Teoh  let's make sure we meet this time. 
I'm gonna give the new highlight a spin
I've updated my list because alot of those apps from '12 have either been abandoned, acquired, or shuttered.
Thanks for your update. Unfortunately Gauss is among those :/
I think theres no real changes besides the apps that don't appear to have any more updates or have shutdown or been acquired. The killer sxsw app is still Mophie.
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