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Thats no moon..

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Sounds more like iPhone buyer's remorse, +Phillip Woon ! But, if you prefer the prettier and dumber phone, enjoy Siri!
+Phillip Woon Google+ is full of them though. (PS - I'm an iOS user, because I like the aesthetics/UX and the iTunes music library)
Ray Wells
I'd rather be a Fandroid and have choice - the option to buy a phone from many different manufacturers with constantly updated hardware and software and something that looks different and unique, widgets, customisations beyond the imagination - then be an iSheep that buys the same device every year (or two) just because it has the Apple logo on it.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I'd have Google Maps which is at least capable of pointing out iconic land marks.

Yeah, I will happily wear the Fandroid tag. :)
+Barry Teoh just in case you didn't know, itunes music library can be easily uploaded to google cloud; playlists and everything (except lossless, of course, as no cloud offers that support)
+Phillip Woon Why Not ridicule? The shine is off the Apple and Android has gotten so much shit from Apple Fanbois over the's time to return the favor.

Remorse? Hardly...I got rid of my 3GS a couple years ago and haven't regretted that at all...much happier on Android especially now that I have my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7!
That's some funny shit. I don't care who you are. That shit is funny!
Because we're interested in technology...especially technology from the chief competitor to the device we own. What the competition does spurs innovation on our platform...which means good things for us. Seems like this is a couple or five steps back for not sure what this will mean for Android, but it's fun to point and laugh.
+Phillip Woon. It's not like if iphone users never used to make fun of android...dont pretend it's only us....and yeah that's funny ti see hundreds of people sleeping in the street next to a store to be the first to get a new iphone...hundreds or thousands of people who recognized themselves wheb apple says "think different" lol
At least they arrived at the destination!
Lee Lytle
+Phillip Woon as a side note to the bullshit law suite, you do realize that outdated still behind iPhone you use has Samsung parts on the inside as well as the fact that Steve Jobs said he stole his ideas from let's not talk about copying. M'kay. And by the way my GNex runs circles around any of the same lame constricted iPhones that's been on the market since the original. And if your so mad about the Apple dissing go hang out on Facebook. This is Google+. Duh!
flagrant hashtag abuse.  not even funny.  who the fuck still uses Apple products?  i love star wars too much to give this image any kind of legitimacy.  You can love apple, but please don't ruin star wars in the process.
Fandroids = Fan of android
Isheep = i am a sheep
Just wait till Darth Vader hears THAT!
becz android owners r not that poor to sleep on streets
They say laughter is the best I count this as preventative medicine. What are you doing...trolling what is essentially an Android better than the people you complain about. Talk about an empty life to fill...
+Phillip Woon android copy the iphone?? Really?? Apple copy the Android. Before ios5, ishit didn't had notification bar, cloud system, share to 3rd party app, app from lock screen, no map, no wallet, no nfc and many more.. doesn't matter, you're apple fanboy right? You know nothing about what technology could do
Yeah right...just a quick reminder +Phillip Woon is number one in the us...and galaxy s3 has sold 20 millions copies in 3 months..reason why apple is scared of samsung. Im not sure no one cares about android
so guys what u think about nokia lumia 820 or 920
Now u compare tablets and phone? So do u think apple invented the tablet too ? you think they created the iPod ? Make some search on google please
With droid all the 3rd party warfare what u essentially get is a hunkofshit that been gang banged to bare functionality. 
Yeah by the way it's android users area here lol Google created it for us ahah just kidding....go to some Apple's gonna feel good there :) +Phillip Woon
+Phillip Woon what does Apple being an Amarican company have to do with anything? Come on dude, that's worse than your comparison of a phone and a tablet
hahahahahahahahah thats so cool
+Phillip Woon I frankly don't give a shit who copied who first. I just want the phone and tablet market to move forward. I want all companies to innovate because that means better devices for consumers. Apple is not trying to move the market forward...they are happy milking their fanbase for all they're worth with incremental upgrades, meanwhile they try to stop other companies from bringing out better competing products that put it's own products to shame.
+Phillip Woon it ain't but so lame, your still on here sticking your foot in your mouth
Google is american company, huge innovator . 
I came to Google+ to check out the Internet's reaction to Apple Maps. I was not disappointed.

You have amused me, Internet. I will let you live another day.
Than you +Derek Thorson . Glad I'm not the only one that sees that. That's why a lot of us Droid users keep bashing Apple. There not moving any more forward than they have since the original iPhone
Do us a favor delete your account here and get back to have plenty of friends there who "think different" +Phillip Woon
Samsung did ginormous screens before apple did.. Google also made maps before apple..  I guess we know who is playing catch up now. :P
"I don't think it's a space station either. It looks like a less than mediocre nova."
+Phillip Woon all the stuff iOS6 can do I was doing on Froyo with my Eris. Sounds like Apple is still catching up to me
No apple trees on it. So it's the same Moon or space station.
In Phillip Woon world apple created everything...including his sad life!
apple still not have widget. and apps are squeezing onto screen :)
+Terry Davis If you have never seen Apple supporters attacking Android or Google then you have spent very little time in tech blog comment sections. There are plenty of Apple supporters who talk smack, and a lot of them are bigger assholes than the worst Android supporters.
+Barry Teoh I spent a couple of hours reading that Tumblr. It was funny as hell. For now though I must sleep. I have to spend all day tomorrow selling iPhones.
+joseph broderick cause apple opens the door and then slams it into a face whoever wants to follow through. Name any product. There must have e been very first one ever but then others started making it.
Washer, dishwasher, and fridge-they are all same but no one sues each other.
some hate things because it's not what they love, some hate it because the people who love it hate everything else because that's not what they love. And some hate it when people call something that is "ordinary" as an achievement, sorry "great achievement"... lol, chillax guys... it's just a phone, no doubt it's a good phone, but not a great achievement, it would be if I made it, but it isn't for apple with their resources, it's just another phone...
Sarah J
What a big lose ,haha 
Who hell is +phillip woon? Nah seriously was his posts deleted?
+Dyna Turner lmao...he (Phillip Woon) must be the dumbest Android,He needs a software update!
loooool its like they know anything 
You people need to get a life it's just phone
hahaha,,very funny joke
Hahaha made my morning this picture... :)
Oh! what a confusion?
Strike me down Vader and I will become more powerful than ios6 - wait everything is?
oh shit thats kick
All you apple fanboys are insane. My works m8 is the biggest apple douche going but even he is getting pissed off with apples greed and lack of innovation. When I mentioned the adapter for the new charger...... shit the rant began £25 for it, and apple have estimated that they will make 2 billion just in adapter sales. :-\. I'd say the isheep are getting raped right up the wrong'n
How long is it going to take to sort out???? Not long so what's up? Never build anything with negative people!
Not to use on flying engines, i guess.
If you get directions from Seattle Washington to Honolulu Hawaii on Google maps, it tells you to kayak across the pacific ocean for 2,756 miles. Try it out if you don't believe me.
"Oh. We just reached the Vulcan planet."
Darth Vader is not dead...he is currently Head of Patent Litigation at Apple Computer Corp..
..I find your rectangular shape and rounded corners disturbing.
Thanks +Barry Teoh wow, guess he got tired of getting his ass handed to him!
+Terry Davis iPhone users only wish they had anything better to say about their iPhones lol. Sorry, but if I was carrying around an inferior phone, I would look foolish trying to say anything about it. Besides, a lot of the recent Android devices kinda just speak for themselves :P
wish If Apple could do more wrong with their devices out there...
W Tai
how did you come about this is ridiculouse
aaawww just get a printed star chart, it's easier!
Aaah, love wars fan til i die... :)
thats mest 

does he have wireless 
+Ryan Swan looks more like someone at Google has a sense of humour, or it is just there for iPhone users as noone else would take any notice of it.
Why don't these iPhone owners just download the free Google maps app?
When will all the iPhone piss taking stop........very funny though. For those of you idiots queuing up outside apple stores in London, get a proper social life. You know, the one where you inter-act with real people and talk about proper topics rather than about the iPhone giving you the wrong directions to the kitchen.
Cool,so funny but the apple cult dont see what's wrong with it...
boo the star wars. epick fail!!!!!!
I didn't know that The Empire had control over Apple.. 
My camera,it's a real flasher these days!
Lol keep em coming people! These crapple jokes never get tiring!
Thanks Kim, I saw this in my stream and your comment so I didn't need to + mention you :-)
Epicness is strong in you skywalker... Apple suck grab popcorn
apple have great innovation on mapping ...that is why they name the place whatever they want because they owned them.
i guess the new iphone 5 is a big distaster
Hah! That's pretty good.
Never liked star wars that much too much bla bla not enough special effects love the matrix! But still remember when my uncle took us to see it when they first came out (the first movie)brings me nostalgia
Haha! Definitely one of the best ones I've seen so far. Probably the best.
yeah ,yet it still 130 billion , dont think apple would find this funny
Vlad G
Lol...That's Classic
apple dosent use sattlite for places out of the galixy. 
hahahaah never trust the internet OR APPLE MAPS
+Barry Teoh , I'm both. I own an iPod Touch and an iPad 2. But, my desktop is a PC, because I believe mice should have two buttons. J/k But, seriously, FAR more software available on PC, plus I can upgrade it's components as needed.
+Lee Lytle , Apple is an American company that has it's manufacturing based in China, but then again, who doesn't these days. Apple's headquarters is moving from Silicon Valley, CA to TX soon.
I'm going to start clicking fools who hate Apple. That was last month. Get over it.
YES, we get it, you don`t like apple!
Star Wars and Apple hatred? Best post ever.
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