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30something getting on with life...
30something getting on with life...

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Just upgraded my Nexus Player to Oreo. But there's no thumbnails in the Plex channels (on the Android TV home page). Any idea why?

Does Arch (and Antergos) have gscan2pdf? If not, what is the most functional scanning UI?

PC BUILDERS:. I've installed two Arctic PWM POST fans, linking them back to a four port chassis fan header. On boot, the fans move a cm, then stop. Tried them individually, exactly the same. Any ideas? I've got an Asrock motherboard.
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Can't seem to restore from a backup I saved yesterday, says 'restore failed'.

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Just finished watching a video on my Nexus Player, tried to go BACK to the front Plex Screen and it says "There are no Servers available". I check on my Nexus 6P and from the web on the server itself and exactly the same. Try the 'help section' that it recommends which says about logging out. This works for the web, but not for the phone and Nexus Player, which I have to totally wipe the install for (CLEAR DATA).
What the hell is this all about? Plex has become very buggy of late and it's not good. I like to chill out whilst watching my tv series, not getting stressed trying to work out the bugs!

+Plex I've installed the latest PlexPass update and suddenly I can view half of my library. What on earth happened? ANyone else had problems?

I've logged this in the forums:
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