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+Google Glass Is now mainstream, made it on the cover of +WIRED with +Jerry Seinfeld on the cover.
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Google Glass is less mainstream than the Watch Phone... it has a ways to go.
I'm not sure I would consider Wired "mainstream".
and what's with all these Google Glasses..can we just call them "goggles" or is that already a name for something else on the Web?
The fact that Seinfeld is wearing them almost makes it like he is mocking them
Hi Barry, what is it in Glass that makes you an enthusiast? (asking truly, no sarcasm)
For me GGlass is the same as with smartwatches, they just look horrible. I dont want to look like a futuristic cyborg or whatever. It's too geeky.
Not on my shopping list just yet
I'm neutral about it. Haven't had a chance to use it, so IN really don't
know how it feels one one's head. Was just wondering if Barry would like to
explain his personal taste.
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