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+Matt Cutts surprises me a bit with this response.  But hey, this is really useful.  Thanks for asking +John Mueller and funny you went this route to ask him the question, being that you probably have other routes. :) 
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I'm pretty sure this has been covered in that past.
I know it was covered a few times in the forums over the years.
I just wrote them over the weekend. :)
Surprised that you're surprised. Google has always preferred consistency; if you're a one post per week poster and jump to fifty, they notice.

Otoh, they also notice if you're fifty and drop to five.

Not news Barry.
Why surprised? G is conservative. Fast rate of change = flag. Death of Michael Jackson = DoS attack to start with.

"Small moves Ellie, small moves ..." (Contact)
What? You mean that John Mueller doesn't work for a newspaper? Those tricky bastards and their scripted Q&A
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