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Q: If a site already uses enhanced markup and uses this tool what markup will takes precedent?
Well, if you already have markup, you don't need this tool. This is ment for webmasters who don't know much about setting up specific markup within their system/cms.
+Peter Driessen I understand that, but mistakes / communication can be made from client to contractor or contract to contractor. I want to know all the ends and outs of the new tool.
To a large extent, I think SEO is about giving a clear & consistent signal to search engines. As soon as you give inconsistent signals, - or worse: conflicting signals - then you can't rely on them doing what you'd really want them to do. Sometimes that's obvious (specify a URL in a Sitemap file that redirects elsewhere), other times it's subtle (specify one element of a page as the name of an event, and use the Data Highlighter to tag a different element as the name). Essentially, it's up to you to provide clear & consistent signals if there's something specific that you want search engines to do. 
I tried this tool but its giving me only Event Rich snippets. I want to add Product review rich snippets, is it possible of using this tool?
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