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This is beginning to make me a bit nauseous.  Google, cool it with sticking Google+ everywhere please.  
Google is testing yet another Google+ integration in the search results. This one is named
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I'd be upset if it started off expanded and taking up a lot of screen space, but as it is seems like a good way to do it without interfering with the natural results too much.
Correction. Google is one unified product already.

“This is the path we’re headed down – a single unified, ‘beautiful’ product across everything. If you don’t get that, then you should probably work somewhere else.”
Larry Page
I like it, seems a nice way to see what people are discussing
Thank you - someone else had to point my nose at it.

Personally - I'm sick of it.
I like G+.
I see it has a solid future.
But I don't want to constantly be bombarded with SM Crud.
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