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Multiware Toolkit: on rare occasions, the MWToolkit cannot connect to the open instance of Sage 50. If (1) re-installing the MWToolkit and "Run as Admin" do not correct the problem then completely uninstall Sage 50, reboot, re-install Sage 50 & reboot. The MWToolkit RELIES on the Sage 50 SDK. If the Sage 50 SDK get corrupted then the connection between our MWToolkit & Sage 50 will fail.

The Data Mirror for Peachtree has also been enhanced as follows: when you start mirroring using the "Start Mirror" button, we now poll the Sage 50 tables to see what has changed since the DataMirror was last stopped then we process any changes.

The same process occurs if you start the DataMirror using windows task scheduler with the "S" parameter.

Historically a change in Sage 50 while mirroring was needed to get the Sage 50 tables polled.

The Data Mirror for Peachtree now has a new startup parameter "A"
If you start the DataMirror in windows task scheduler or through AlwaysUp, using the "A" parameter will just process any new audit trail entries since the DataMirror was last stopped.

ONLY USE THE "A" parameter if you have properly initialized the DataMirror manually: company selection & selecting the data to mirror.

Sage 50 2017.2
There are 2 new fields. Line Item & Vendor tables now have a timestamp fields named "LastSavedAt." PawCom2 & the DataMirror will populate those fields in their respective databases.

Data Mirror: I resolved a mysterious error that reported "A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified)" The error occurred primarily on deletes because DataAdapter connections were not initialized properly. Oddly enough I found this DataAdapter connection configuration in the Data Mirror code 26 times. All have been repaired in the current release: & later.

Duplicate sales invoice#s are allowed for different customer ID's. Use JrnlHdr index 15 to quickly determine if a customer has previously used a specific invoice#. Same index works for purchase invoices & vendors as well as for both sales & purchase orders. (2012 or higher)

When you insert sales invoices, unit price will not display in the Sage 50 sales invoice form details IF the Stocking Unit Price is not populated. I also populated Stocking Quantity.

If your quantity on hand (QOH) is taking excessive long to return a value, it may be because the number of rows in the inventory cost table are very large. You can get around this by using 2 tables to tabulate QOH. In table 1 keep a list of items with the last polling date & the QOH at the time of polling. In the 2nd table keep the GUID's of the rows with the same polling date. Use the GUID table to skip rows that have already been tabulated for a polling date. (This is because MANY entries can occur on the same polling date BUT TIME is not recorded. Also the the Inventory Cost rows are not sequenced in a useful way so you must track GUID's as well as QOH.) Only keep GUID's for the last polling date for an item.

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A client came to me with excessively long search times to get to the MaxTrx for a journal period. I figured out how to iterate decrementally from the start of next period. Here is the code.

Contact me if you need any of the following:
Sage 50 programmatic automation using PawCom2 and the MWToolkitForPT.
- VB.Net and MS Access solutions
- Eliminate Sage 50 double entry!
... Transfer data from web accounting applications to Sage 50
... Transfer data from other desktop accounting applications to Sage 50
... Transfer data from SQL Server databases to Sage 50
... Transfer data from order systems to Sage 50
- Synchronize Sage 50 data in multiple applications or companies!
... Contacts, inventory items, customers, vendors
- Combine Sage 50 data from multiple companies
... Contacts, inventory items, customers, vendors
- Export ALL Sage 50 data to SQL Server for transfer to another accounting package
- Change Sage 50  item descriptions & types in orders, invoices or inventory
- Import & export Sage 50 data
... Sales orders, sales invoices and/or cash receipts
... Purchase orders, purchase invoices and/or cash distributions
... Customer or vendor data
- Custom Sage 50 reports
- Custom Sage 50 exports that marshal data for other applications
- Custom Sage 50 exports to MS Excel
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