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Bazz Freeman
WoW Druid, Vaper and DBA.
WoW Druid, Vaper and DBA.

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Well, the Necro nerf went in this week, and my Necromancer seems to be broken.

I guess i'll go back to my WD for the season. Thanks, Blizzard.

I tried the Bloodmancer... what a boring way to play! Wander around looking for Elite packs and nuking them down over 10 seconds. Yeah, that sure sounds like fun.

Well, at least I made it GR70 so my account is eligible for primals.

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Loving the Necromancer. Going to main one in S11. Just got my bloodwings too and dyed to match.

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This is what the Tory "management" of the NHS has done. I really hope that by some small chance some of these Tory MPS who voted down the measure to remove the pay cap have to go into a NHS hospital.

One day I will stop procrastinating, but not today.

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Anyone thinking of buying the OnePlus 5, here's my referral link

Welcome to Monday.
We will be cruising at average speed today until we reach Tuesday when acceleration will begin.
Accelerating through Wednesday and Thursday we expect to reach escape velocity by 5pm on Friday.
Please ensure your tray table and seats are in the upright position.
Thank you for flying Weekday Air.

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Shot some cranes feeding this morning.

A6000 18-105 f/4 G ISO 100, F4.5 1/3000


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On this day in 1967 this album was released. Never bettered.

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