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How about some deeper LinkedIn schooling?

I like this eBook. I like that I'm featured in it in a few places. I like that LinkedIn's savvy enough to update it.

I'd like you to download a copy and check it out.

+Viveka von Rosen +Lee Odden  #linkedinmarketing  
Break free of the sales cycle and go full funnel marketing with this new (free) eBook from +LinkedIn. It includes end to end B2B marketing advice on using LinkedIn to reach prospects throughout the entire buying process plus info on the new LinkedIn Lead Accelerator. 

This eBook is a great example of a co-created content effort with industry influencers that includes insight from:

+Jason Miller, Senior Manager Content Marketing at LinkedIn
+Brian Clark, CEO of Copyblogger Media
+Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs
+Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert & Author
+Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing
+Craig Rosenberg, Co-Founder at TOPO
+Neal Schaffer, Founder at Maximize Social Business
+Joe Chernov, VP of Content at HubSpot
+Barry Feldman, Founder of Feldman Creative
+Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy at NewsCred
+Todd Wheatland, Head of Strategy at King Content
+Lisa Weinstein, President, Global Digital Data and Analytics at Starcom MediaVest Group
+Jim Rudden, Chief Marketing Officer at Spredfast

and several more.  

Advice is rich and covers everything from an illustrated guide to optimizing your LinkedIn profile to connecting with influencers to nurturing leads. 

Disclosure: LinkedIn is a client of TopRank Online Marketing.
Disclosure: While this is an unpaid post, LinkedIn is a client of my agency, TopRank Online Marketing. It wasn't that long ago that most business marketers thought of LinkedIn purely as a pla...
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Amplify Content, Turn Up Demand - Free eBook

You’ve spoken. Loudly. Cleary. But your voice echoes off the wall. It’s not what you were hoping to hear.

You’re sure you had something of value to say. In fact, your recent masterpiece is the most helpful content you’ve ever put out. But it’s found no audience—or no audience has found it.

You, like so many other content marketers, especially those joining the content party in the 2000-and-teens years, are learning how hard it is to find an audience, to be heard, to get a response.

You need a #content # promotion plan.

Get the free eBook by Feldman Creative and +CoSchedule ...

#contentmarketing #blogging #socialmediamarketing  
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The Great Content Marketing Buzz Kill

Content marketing has peaked.

Look at the Google Trends timeline below, which shows relative search activity. September 2011 marked the beginning of a steep incline in interest. The buzz kicked into high gear in 2013, inched up in 2014, and hit a new ceiling this month. You can guess what’s to come.

Content marketing interest will decline.

Read the post here:

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8 Keys to Creating More Meaningful Content

Inspired by my keyboard, I present 8 keys. I was also inspired by +Jason Falls and +Ted Rubin, so interviewed them to discuss keys 1 and two:

- The Holy Smokes Key!
- The Convers@tion Key

#contentmarketing #RoR
I staring at my keyboard and there they were: eight keys to content marketing. The eight symbols on your number keys. suggest effective approaches to creating more meaningful content. Here they are.
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Barry Feldman

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8 Keys to Creating More Meaningful Content

I was staring at my keyboard when I got the idea for this post. And there they were, right in front of my eyes and at my fingertips: eight keys to content marketing.

Take a look at your keyboard. Look at the number keys, specifically the eight symbols on the number keys. In my mind (and now yours), each symbol suggests an effective approach to creating more meaningful content.

Read >

This post features interviews with +Jason Falls  and +Ted Rubin 

Big thanks guys.
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Barry Feldman

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Don't pour copy from your long posts into Google+

I suppose it's merely my opinion, but this is NOT a smart tactic. The wall of copy in a narrow column looks like hell. Hard to imagine anyone reads it. 

Put the most important ideas there and send readers to your site. Isn't that what you want?
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+Barry Feldman Yes, curation!
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Barry Feldman

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Got the blogging devours my time blues?

Blogger, author and inspiration coach +Nina Amir rounded up professional #bloggers to look at ways to maintain productivity on your #blog
I interviewed six experts about how to blog faster and more effectively. Learn from their tips...and find out if you are spending too much time  on your posts (compared to the time they spend). Who are the experts? +Joel Friedlander, +Frances Caballo, +Kathleen Gage, +Rachel Thompson, +Denise Wakeman, and +Barry Feldman#blogging  
Do you think your blogging efforts take too long? Compare yourself to these six experts--and learn how to be more effective by using their tips and tools.
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Thanks for sharing this, +Barry Feldman, and for participating in the post. Your info rocked.
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Free webinar Feb. 19, 12 pm PST.
Social proof is the most powerful weapon on the web. Recommendations from friends, opinions and reviews blow away all other forms of marketing. Go into battle without them and you'll soon be dead meat. Attend the Trust Bombs webinar and you'll leave armed with an arsenal of strategies for igniting the power of persuasion.
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Barry Feldman

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You may find a cool cat at Feldman Creative.
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Barry Feldman

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My daughters perform "The Scientist" by Coldplay. It rocks. 
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Barry Feldman

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How can marketers create content that is memorable and cuts through the clutter?
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