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Standing At The Edge
Black and white is not usually playground. 

I live in a very colorful world, yet there's certain emotions that only come forth in a black and white image. 

Trying new things, as that's how I learn.

Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover (Studio)
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Thanks +shane holsclaw. I messed with this capture all morning, and then I realized that I needed to cue up a song otherwise it was going to turn into a black image. 
After watching the PhotoKarma video you suggested, I've been playing with B&W too. +Alan Shapiro taught me a thing or two. ;)
amazing man.... :) which view is this???? frm top o bottom????
u know its quite diff to tell 4m which angle u ve taken this pic...:) but its really very good:)
o is it nice..:) wer was this pic taken????
ooooo sunset... nice.. ill wait 4 tat... i love the diff shades nd colors of sunset...:) but sunset always makes me sad....
This gives me vertigo...(((thud))) Owww. 

oh look...tiny elephant seals circling my head. nice!
I was talking about the palooza I showed you yesterday. 
What's your idea?
I have done some that vaguely approximate what you have presented here.  I am in awe.
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