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June 30th, 2012, starting in Davenport -California. 2pm is the meet and greet time. We will hit the ground running no later than 3pm.

Have a decent amount of gas in your tank, and be sure to bring something warm to wear as we may be out past dark. If all goes well, we will be eating at everyones favorite Greek restaurant at night, and we can even make time for some street shooting in downtown Santa Cruz. 

We will be meeting at the parking lot across from the Davenport Bakery.


Sign in at plancast:

Come and see some of the sights that +Cameron Siguenza and I show regularly here. 

Feel free to reshare, and ping people who may be interested.

This will be the one year anniversary for Google+. 

Hashtag will be #davenport2012, and I'm sure there will be an anniversary hashtag as well. 
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I wish I could make it - I'll be on the Snaefellsness peninsula.  But I will come down as soon as I can :)
I am in! 

(P.S. Didn't you forget to mention one little detail about the walk? Heh.)
We'll be up in Glacier National Park that day! 
Darn, I'll be in Arizona still. Have fun everyone!
Canuks and rattlers. Awww yea!
Totally wish I could be there! I'm in Peru then - back in early July. :o) [take care of +Chris Chabot for me - I hear you boys might have some new toys by the time this photowalk happens? ;) ]
Swee Oh
I dont want to miss the balls this time hehe
Oh...I think I can make this one. Will be coming up from the Monterey area if anyone needs a ride.
Sounds like a lot of fun, but I too will be out of town that weekend at an art show in Morro Bay. Hope you guys have a ball.
Oh I will definitely have to make this one!!
All my favourite peeps in one wash. :)
Can't wait to see all you guys again!
Oh awesome! Count me in! Can't wait to see you all again!
I hope the spectacular sunset is on order :)
Linda and I will just be on the way back from Italy -- have fun!
+Barry Blanchard
Would love to come, however, Will be up North during the day maybe catch up afterwards in downtown SC....... Have a
G+plustastic time !!!!!
Oh... and +Patrick Smith - he just posted a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.. he must live around there somewhere! :) Let's invite him too!! Yay for Photowalks!!!!
Like E said, you better have ordered one massive, gorgeous, colorful puffy clouded sunset boys. I'm excited!
It's going to be awesomesauce. 
Where did my sprinkles... ???
Ah, bloody hell.
We always need a beautiful sunset. It makes an awesome backdrop for awesome people. 

Tell me you're coming up for this T-Payne. 
The sunset is the frosting on the cake of awesomesauce people.
+Barry Blanchard is your plan to eat after we are done shooting? If we want to do some wool-spinning that may make it late which is fine, people just want to make sure they bring a snack or two to keep them going. I would seriously love to do some firewool spinning in the crack (combining it with #briansballs  makes it a triple-innuendo) 
+Amy Heiden, of course I'm coming up for this. The only question is where I'm going afterward. I don't have to be back at work until the 5th.
Anybody doing the 5am walk with Sam Breach AND this one afterwards?
I'm steelwool-curious ... ;)
I am considering it +Andrea Ewald - doing both, that is :) Bit of a drive from Santa Cruz to +Sam Breach 's photo walk, and then back - but it sounds fun :) I am post steel-wool, but happy others love it :)
+Brian Bach Sørensen what ever the group wants to do is fine with me.

As all photowalks go: bring water and snacks as sometimes we get caught up in the moment. 

If everyone is up to it, we will head down to The Greek, eat.. and do some street shooting. 
Can you extend your trip +Tony Payne - there's all kinds of fun in Portland on the 6th and 7th and maybe 8th.
This will be a very mild hike. Flashlights will be with us, so if you forget yours we will show you the way. 

Layers for clothing as it can get cold as the sun goes down.

Everyone is welcome to come. 
+Andrea Ewald I'm considering going to both as well... but I'm pretty sure I'll be too sleepy to make it =(
I'm considering both, if I can get the gals up and out the door in time. 
I'm hearing the request for 'sprinkle' cookies this time around???
It's on everyone's calendar's that subscribed to the NorCal photowalk page. No one has an excuse for missing this!
ok, taking requests. I also promised someone chocolate mac nut cookies and coconut. Will figure out something and maybe a fruit cobblery thing
I've always got room if you need a place, +Tony Payne I'm a little north of Barry...and I won't have to kick the 'dog' out of the house either ;)
E, I sent you a PM about this Portland businass. I am ready for a weekend excursion :-)
+Joe Ercoli I hope you can make it!  Will be great to hear you instead of talking through sign language :
I should make/bring more food, I think. we need to figure out a potluck thing so we eat!
Thanks +Cameron Siguenza got it and it's all good to go!

Man I love the energy that sounds like they're going to this walk!!  *You guys Rock!!* If it weren't for my daughter having a brand new baby on the 28th (scheduled Csec) I'd make the drive up there. I need to be closer to home for my new grandson though. (doing the LA walk) Can't wait to see all the great shots from your walk....
It pains me to miss this, especially with some of my favorite peeps and Pyun Cookies involved...but I've had a wedding booked that day for months.  If anyone wants to be extra shooters for me and photowalk a wedding in Livermore let me know haha.  Have fun, will be thinking about y'all! 
Swee Oh
I don't mind next time if you need extra shooters +Eric James Leffler Hv always wanted to try wedding shoots :)
This is going to be so fantastic! Can't believe how many of my favorite people will be there!

+Brian Bach Sørensen not that I know of but I'll ask around:)
I do have 2 Google camera straps I can give away, but I'm out of stickers. :(
Just checked, I should be able to bring some as well
I have a huge stack of stickers from +Brian Rose and +Vincent Mo that I can bring.  Though I feel like everyone who is coming probably already has a ton already?
Or you can all head East to NYC where I'll be hosting a walk around Chinatown...c'mon in over...the Dim Sum's fine.
+elizabeth hahn um... if you haven't given them all away yet, I'd love a camera strap too.... ;)

+Arthur Chang - Naw, I could totally use more stickers! =) (Also, I was just thinking about you the other day; glad we'll be at the same photowalk again soon! ;) )
So bummed, I'll be out of town during this one! Have fun and take lots of photos!
Looks Good +John Getchel I would love to come to this one as well but I work till 4pm that day but maybe I can come up after and catch the Sunset and the stay and get some early morning shots before I have to head back Sunday.. Ill Let you know..
Hmmm, I was waiting to see where everyone was going. Looks like I found out where. I think a trip down is in the cards for me.
I'm going to be in the Bay Area that week and I'm going to try to make it! It will be my 1st Photowalk. Is the Plancast signup required?
My plans are still slightly up in the air on the 30th (could be out of town) but since a) I'd like to join you and b) the odds are I'll be there... I went ahead and signed up. Should be fun!
+Mike Commins not even a camera is required on photowalks I'm a part of.

Come as you are, plancast or not. :)
I should be there.  It'll be fun reconnecting with a few folks I met in May,
I can confirm - I will be there! :)
It would be awesome to finally meet all the wonderful people I follow on G+. Then you mentioned steel wool. I have to make it down there!
Saturday: Sunny, with a high near 74. 

Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 54. 

I'm liking the sound of that
I was hoping to find a place to camp sat night so I don't have to drive all the way home. With such a late notice, all of the camp grounds are full on the coast. Can anyone offer a suggestion of where to pitch a tent more inland or perhaps someone has room in their site for an extra tent (I'd split it with ya (: )?
I wish I could add admins to teh event. +Brian Rose Do you guys plan on adding a way to have multiple people be in charge of an event. 
Also +Brian Rose I noticed when you add a location it doesn't even give you a clickable location? Or is there not even a way to add a map or exact location to it? 
+Brian Rose  Yeah I tried adding "460-490 Cabrillo Hwy" but it takes it to a different spot unfortunately. Thats why I though it might be nice to have the option to place pin. "Davenport Bakery" might actually be the best though. 
Oooo And I'll be bringing a very special guest!!!  Guaranteed to knock the pants off of at least one person.  (no it's not +Amy Heiden 's Mom.)
And of course Amazon emails me today to tell me that my D4 will arrive on 7/2. I was hoping to have it in time for this photowalk.
Btw Barry, it sounds like we could potentially have a lot of free time here before the light gets really interesting. It could be fun if people brought props (toys etc) so we can have some fun with it. I mean, dinosaurs and shit..... :)
If you've never shot steel wool before - all you really need is a tripod and your camera.  Most of the time 30 seconds is enough for the wool to burn out, but if you have a remote switch bring it just in case.  And a wide angle lens.  If you are worried about something hitting your lens, either put on a cheap filter, or stand back a little further.  I've never seen it happen, but there's always a first time.  
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