June 30th, 2012, starting in Davenport -California. 2pm is the meet and greet time. We will hit the ground running no later than 3pm.

Have a decent amount of gas in your tank, and be sure to bring something warm to wear as we may be out past dark. If all goes well, we will be eating at everyones favorite Greek restaurant at night, and we can even make time for some street shooting in downtown Santa Cruz. 

We will be meeting at the parking lot across from the Davenport Bakery.


Sign in at plancast:

Come and see some of the sights that +Cameron Siguenza and I show regularly here. 

Feel free to reshare, and ping people who may be interested.

This will be the one year anniversary for Google+. 

Hashtag will be #davenport2012, and I'm sure there will be an anniversary hashtag as well. 
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