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The Motion Of The Ocean.

Yes I am standing crotch deep in turbulent (and very cold) salt water for this shot. I am ready to yank up my +Really Right Stuff tripod at a moments notice, and I am not alone as shots like this can get a bit dangerous. It just takes a small amount of water to knock someone off balance... so please be careful when attempting shots of this nature. 

Here's my data for this shot:

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Exposure: 0.25 sec (1/4)
Aperture: f/16
Focal Length: 25 mm
ISO Speed: 50
Exposure Bias: 0.33 EV
Flash Used: No
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I hope "The Boys" were alright after this great shot. This is an impressive shot and I am glad you stayed to get it and to share your info.
+Jason Teale the boys let me know when it's time to pull my tripod up... as the next moment will result in salt water meets camera. :)
Very exceptional .............So easy on the eyes ...great color tones and of course an almost soothing sense of motion .....a real beauty
maravilhoso, lindo demais.... parabéns. 
Eu moro no Brasil na cidade de Caraguatatuba é litoral aqui, mas a foto que postou nos dá uma ideia do Poder e da grandeza de Deus... 
You can wet yourself on this picture, it's that good. thumbs up
Very intense, I like it!
awesome snap..really appreciate the effort. well done.
its great hope you send in more of these
Cool shot .look like a power of the ocean.
Man Lai
pretty, but look like painting.
Now thats my kind of shooting down in the thick of things ! Fabulous photo !
No its wow, you took the photo for yourself, its brilliant
Felt cold just looking at it. LOL Very Nice.
Thanks for canon and thanks for God givig u a very good eeye
YES!!! Things like these motivate me. 
Such a great shot, I can actually feel the mist touching my face, tasteing the salt water. Very impressive, thanks for the trip......imagine, ..
beyond of imagination... beautiful... amazing... marvelous... awesome!!!!!
This shot simply takes my breath away. Thank you for taking the time, the chance, and for sharing.
What an excellent photograph.I wish I could take one like that.Nature is wonderful and soothing.
Very cool pic
I wish I could take pic this good 
Very nice, I can hear the ocean. That ROARING is not BORING .......s u p e r. 
brilliant photography! keep it up! 
To capture motion, to make it still -- superb! 
It looks loke a painting... Amazing
Love it very beautiful
great job done ,how u angle ur camera while taking this type of shot
this is so amazing 
the landmass could almost be islands in the clouds ,
so pure and white 
another thought provoking masterpiece mr. Blanchard
Stunning photo - thanks for sharing!
amazing.rish shot. i tell somthing barry, please take care
I am just glad you survived it. Great shot.
Gorgeous photo.but it's not all real
Hey Barry- shall I just keep saying how breath taking your work is? Well, so be it-your work is wonderful and appreciate your shares. i still envy you!
Very powerful and dramatic image. Great perspective. Another outstanding image by you! :-) 
The ocean is a little angry today it just wants to do it job. But with overwhelming tides coming and going who has time to rest.
very glad ur careful an incredible photo natures force is unpredictable here in rio frequent drowns and loss of life playing with natures force
We are the Tide-our journey through the seasons of our life are so much like that of the ever traveling tides. I love this.
Everytime I see this picture I am amazed. Great work. 
I have visited this pic a few times as am working on a landscape scene in one of my short stories and some how this just seems to fit-thanks for the inspiraion.
I am going to always compliment your talent and passion for it.
Thanks for the +'s Maryam & Gabi and for you Barry- well, what can I say when a picture says a thousand words.
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