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I just needed a good sunset before I went to bed, and as you probably know: I have a few of them laying around.

If I could, I would go each day to the coast (down the street from me) and take a picture each and every night to share with you.

-Davenport Landing, California

Thank you all for making my day a brighter one.

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Exposure: 0.5 sec (1/2)
Aperture: f/4.5
Focal Length: 14 mm
ISO Speed: 50

Camera setup:
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That is a stunning shot that was well worth waiting for
Everything I learned about photography was learned right here on +Google+

If any of you have questions, feel free to ask anytime as I am an open book.
You know a few years from now when people wonder when was it that it was clear that +Barry Blanchard was becoming a master artist

When that happens I'll point them to this post - you've lifted off, gone beyond into the next level, truly masterful Barry
Wow Barry, this is incredible. Those colors and composition, damn.
Really impressive! This is such an inspiration for me to try shooting landscapes.
Love the tonal transitions in this.... ahhhh mother nature the master painter.....
You are correct +Joe Vallee

For me, any picture is only as good as it's subject matter. I go to these cliffs a lot, and sometimes it all comes down to timing.
+Barry Blanchard ...thanks, I was wondering because HDR is something that I am just starting out with, but there are some landscape scenes I dont like it with. I am trying to train my eye more on what is HDR and what isnt so I can achieve better results of what I want without HDR.
I have also learned more about different types of filters I can use to achieve the affects that I want.

Did you use a filter for this shot?
I used two actually. I posted a link to my picture taking this picture in my reply with your name in it.

Linear polarizer and a .6 graduated neutral density, or GND.

+Trey Ratcliff is a wonderful resource for all things HDR, and he has been kind enough to put a how-to video on his website.

(It was a picture that Trey posted in week one of beta launch here on google+ that became a life changer for me, and I will always thank him for taking time to get back to me)

See you in SF, Trey.
For me the rest just comes down to me carrying a camera with me every day.

Because I work a lot, I just find time to fit in taking shots, almost daily.
..also, another great resource for HDR is +Jay Patel

I got to spend lots of time with him the other night playing "is this HDR, or not?"

An HDR that does not like HDR is my type of HDR, unless of course you are Trey. Then it's an art form.
superb colour and composition, i love it!
I actually started playing around with it when Google+ started, because that is when I discovered Trey...before that I had heard of it, but I never really read much into it.

And my problem that I guess I never studied it enough. I made the mistake with my past HDR shots of just setting my camera to program mode and then setting up the auto-bracketing. I didnt realize that that doesnt work for all shots that different base exposures create different results as well.(I guess that is kind of obvious but whatever).

And some shots I want to look like paintings like this I took at Seal Beach on Friday.

But then there are other shots in that album I wish wouldve come out similar to this.

So anyway...sorry for rambling on. I love this shot and thanks for sharing. :)
Oops +Barry Blanchard ...I am not sure how to share the specific image. But if you look at it, its the one with thte lifeguard tower.
Light is never more beautiful than when it's dying
nice im a nature lover too...and i like the place...:)
N Salem
nice to be with...:D
Its fells like gate to heaven..!!
Now, that is a truly spectacular sunset!
That's how the nature works! To make us feel better. . . .
its nice.........
u do a lot of effort 4 us.........
excuse me , What ' s your lens ?
Wow, the clouds and waves make you feel like you're traveling through a tunnel quickly towards the center. The colors are intense.
bui ha
tôi wish i could come here.
Ethereal. And seemingly within the reach of fingertips the skies are...Thank you!
Linda L
Wow! That is gorgeous!
nice pic......... i love it............
amaizing sunset............ i'd like be there
that is perfection picture makes me feel like i'm there just by looking at it
Wwoaaaaawwww that is amazing pls post more if u can I love it
Phew! At long last a breath of fresh air, thanks Barry
I have ever seen an amazing picture like this
niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pic
Wow.....its really Amazing.....
Awesome! What a beautiful, fantastic view of the sunset to bring to bed!
Amazing shot,two thumbs up...Fellas....
Omg that just made my morning! Wish I eS drinking coffee under that beautiful sky! Or whatever else makes me smile. Jus sayin 
Amazing sunset, thanks for sharing us with a nice photo
thats sooooo nice !!!! =))
Damn! That's the sunset I was looking for before I went to bed last night!!
looks like the gates to the secret underworld...amazing photo
Wow, nothing can be compared with the awe inspiring, sunset/sunrise vista!
you say you see that every nite how beautiful
Galeng....from Philippines
Wow, I don't think this could get more shopped! Grats!
I too am an amateur camera fondler. Still this shot with all these positive comments fail to impress me. Regret to say this is just another premature click on setting Sun.
i love this pic.i also love sunset
I wish i lived on that same street !
AMAZING!!! love the vibrancy of the colors...
magnicifcent! thanks for sharing Barry
Keep taken pictures everyday and could have a book of how the ocean communication with the land every nights. Beautifully! !picture
Very Beautiful See What GOD can do he's amazing 
Beyond words. God is the ultimate artist!
I like the cool blue to the left and the brighter red/orange on the right.
Nice , tight....sleep...
Gino S
Thank you for sharing a litte bit of peaceful of the world
I use this as my wallpaper
Thank you , I live in az n haven't seen a sunset like that in a really long time. Do you think theres people there that are so wrapped up in their lives that they could have all that beauty right there n not even notice it?
very nice veiw, perhaves i be there it is my dream
Just a beauty really just a beauty
Simplemente espectacular............................
what is this of anyway looks like the ocean with gravestones sticking out
This is absolutely amazing. Ty for sharing
thank you for sharing, its absolutely beautiful!
Nice picture is it HDR? or just a longer exposure?
What an amazing sunset. Wish I was there.
Serge Z
Love it, except I dont believe it. I think you have layered the coulours, which is annoying to me. Damn.
Oh this is sooo friggin' fantastic.
That is beautiful. Reminds me of England.
Thank you, everyone.

I added in the specs and a link to my setup when I took this picture.

You can expand my comments on the picture to see the info.
oh my my.......thats absolutely breathtakeing........thanks for shareing it with all.

your 14mm is it a prime lens? what is the fstop? That is a really great exposure looks HDR and you did it without braketing. that makes it even better
+Bryan Wright f/4.5 and yes, a prime.

I added in the EXIF for you in my comments with the picture. I also included a photo of my camera taking this picture.

Thank you, everyone.

I've had a rough couple days and you guys are all giving me the warm fuzzies.
thats so mother fucking amazing!!!!!!!!
Wow! Thanks for sharing that spectacular view. It amazing.
wow!!! its incredible..
nice 1:):)
Amazing. God had some good ideas when he made sunsets!
Swee Oh
Wow +Barry Blanchard did you notice that you have 1300 +1s on this photo?!!!! Thats soooo cool! Hope you're feeling better today! "_
I wish I will be there, it's a lovely place. Romantic
Beautiful amazing site. The perfect scenery reminds us that there is an awesome God who loves, covers and protects us.
+Swee Oh I did, and it's exactly what the doctor ordered today.

(thank you all, mean it)

I'm sitting here in so much google love right now.
Like you I need a beautiful sunset before hittin the bed
Wow! An absolutely breath taking pic, love the editing done!
That's quite amazing
Made me visibly relax - shoulders are now out of my ears - thanks!
It is absolutely, positively beautiful and amazing.
wow that looks so nice!
wow where is that it looks like over here in hawaii,maui
its really loving,,, gorgeous n amazing
That is so beauitful!!! Just that moment! Great job!
And all I have are grey buildings. :(
I have no problem sharing me world with you +Aniqah Mair

Okay. So how the heck am I going to thank each and everyone of you?

How about one giant group hug..... Thank you, all of you.

I've had a couple bad days and each one of your comments lifted my spirit and made things better. My hat is off to all of you.
li ku
so nice
สุดยอด ชอบมากเลยค่ะ
I really like the sunset image 'Excellent'
Wow... What a wonderful shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..... So beautiful. Thank you so much to share this photo.
My goodness! What an expectacular photo..! Breathtaking really...
Thank you, everyone.

Now how am I going to out-do this?
what a beautiful picture!
Thank you, everyone.

It appears google+ will allow a maximum of 500 comments. It took this picture to show me that.
for me
its like i am in heaven
Great shot, i just saw a remark of you and got curious :)
Although i don't have good shots like this one, you might take a look at my photowebsite
wow.......i have ever seen an amazing picture like this in my whole life?
its like a second coming of jesus christ?
thanks Barry for sending that beautiful pic its therapeutic i used to live in chico with my then girlfriend we'd drive out to selinas,santa monica,and santa barbara to to watch sunrises and sunsets that were beautiful like your pic this pic reminds me of her and what i love about the coast it's what i miss about the coast most it's beauty thanks again Barry..Gods earth is the ultimate art...
I don't know you, Barry.  We have the same last name, but which Susan Blanchard are you trying to connect with?
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