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It does not matter to me if the feathers are not perfect.

It does not matter to me that the prose is less than ideal.

What does matter to me is that this is a California Condor (181 in the wild, period). This just happens to be Condor number 1.

#wildlifewednesday by +Mike Spinak
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Great shot ! love the expanse of wings
They are an impressive bird to see in flight. I hope their comeback continues strong.
awesome, where'd you spot him Barry? I've yet to see one.
Down in the Big Sur, CA area.

They are down there, if you know where to look.
WOW! You are so lucky to have seen this magnificent bird! Thank you for sharing with us:)
I need to spend more time up that way, wish it wasn't such a long drive. Thanks for the link
Don't fret about it not being perfect, it's nature and nature isn't perfect. It's the little imperfections that make nature perfect!

some of my best nature shots are way less than perfect.

You're lucky to get this one as good as it is.
What can I say +Mike Vore... I am my own worse critic. Your words though, they've somehow struck a great cord with me, and I thank you for this.
Nice, Barry.

We need to make another trip down there and photograph them some more.
A real wow moment! I guess. Or does it just hang in Bonny Doon?
Dan, they hang out at a particular spot in Big Sur.
My bad Mike, I thought Barry had posted that. I miss Big Sur and the whole Ventana Wilderness.
Holy..... That is fantastic and you nailed the flight and detail and very difficult exposure! I am very impressed....
+Mike Spinak we really do.... sorry I've been so busy with stuff, but in time I will get caught up again.

I plan on getting a Big Sur photowalk together at some point, probably with +Justin Spelbrink.
I understand, B. I am happy about the things which are keeping you busy.

That would be awesome!
There's been talk amongst the L.A. g+ photogs of doing a Big Sur walk. Perhaps we can all meet up together.
I would like that.

+Barry Blanchard is in between there and here, so he might miss this. It might be worth bringing up again, in a few days.
I bet +Barry Blanchard is near me right now. If you get this and you're coming through L.A., I'd love to buy you and Chris a drink.
Quelle perfection! Great shot...
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