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Barry Blanchard
Jewelry Designer / Photographer / Mayhem Reducer
Jewelry Designer / Photographer / Mayhem Reducer

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Old Davenport Pier structure getting a new life.

+DJI Inspire 2 | X5S Camera | Olympus 25mm lens | Formatt-Hitech ND.
0.6 sec at ƒ / 5.0 ISO 100

The Swing © +Barry Blanchard

#djicreator #dji #djiinspire2

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Highway 1, North of Scott Creek in Central California.

DJI Inspire 2 / X5S / Olympus 25mm / .6 GND

The Edge © +Barry Blanchard

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Whelp.. its time I re-enter the world of Google+. Its true, I have been that busy.

I say we start off with some flowers, but not mine this time. In fact, I am a judge in the +ViewBug "single flower" photo contest.

Check out the rules, (check out the prizes), then show me your best. Yes, I will be judging you.

How to enter:

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G+ just asked me "what's new with me?"

My answer is best presented in video format.

#dji #djii2 

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Life is always full of surprises, so it's best I carry a camera to record those moments.

Surprises © +Barry Blanchard

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Nine-Eight-Sixteen © +Barry Blanchard

Bonny Doon Beach (Santa Cruz, CA), with the new Canon 5D Mark IV under DJI's M600 aerial sUAS platform.

Soon all will be green again and the sunsets will be nothing short of stellar.

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Clarity © +Barry Blanchard 

Soaring high above the incoming fog, just north of Santa Cruz California. Dji's M600 aerial platform holding the Canon 5DsR.

Camera settings:
Canon 5DsR
Canon EF16-35mm f/2.8 II USM
B&W .6 GND
Original image size 8688 x 5792
Cropped image size 8536 × 4801 (250mb on my disk)
1/40th sec at f/3.2
Focal length 16mm
ISO 100

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+Traci Furtado-Blanchard , +Mikele Iannello  and myself got a bit of a light show at Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah.

I will say its nice to be making and posting pictures again. Its been far too long.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Monument Lights © +Barry Blanchard 

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There's lots to be said about our beautiful lands. I figure I'll just let this picture tell a bit of the story. Shot this one right though a natural arch, just yesterday with +Traci Furtado-Blanchard  and +Mikele Iannello  at Monument Valley, Arizona.

The View © +Barry Blanchard 

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Monument Valley, Arizona is such a vast area. Next time we come, Traci and I will spend more time than we could on this trip.

Desert Dance © +Barry Blanchard 
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