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Me, Always Sherlock!!!

So do we have a countdown to when we think the voice+hangouts integration will take place?

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I have decided that I want to be uncorrupted by money for politics. 
"What's that mean, Barrett?"
Well, with the ‪#‎supremecourts‬ decision yesterday to allow political donors to make a $5,200 maximum payment to each individual political hopeful, it occurs to me that there are those out there that would like to be able to support specific candidates more than the law will allow. 
So as of today, I am willing to announce that my ‪#‎PoliticalDonorSupport‬ is up for sale. 
Do you have a politician that you have already made your $5,200 maximum donation to, that you'd really like to give another $5,200? Contact me. I have not made a single donation this year, so every politician is available. Want to support a senator in Wyoming that you've already donated to? Contact me.
It's simple, you send me a check for $5,200 plus a $1,500 administration fee (which covers the new check from me to your politician) (total = $6,700), you have now supported your candidate twice, and you can brag to the world, that you beat the system by (semi-)privately donating to your prefered candidate.
"But Barrett, what if you have already used someone else's donation to donate to a candidate that I wanted to donate."
No problem. I have friends; and for an additional $300 ($7,000), your donation will still, definitely count. 
Seriously, contact me. We will make it work. 
‪#‎noMaximumDonationSupport‬ ‪#‎makemerich‬ ‪#‎RonPaul2012‬
Let me help you support your candidates.

Anyone out there heard anything on when the Sony NSZGS7 or the Vizio Co-Star might be receiving the update to jelly bean? I know we heard that it was coming "within months," more than a several months ago? Anyone know anything? 

Anyone seen or heard anything about the #wirelessStreamin  function, like found with #googleChromecast, coming to #googleTV? I figured we'd be hearing about this soon.

#bestbuy has the #zagg #invisibleShield for the new #nexus7. it has a red "NEW" sticker on it. I'll put the upc code on here in a minute 

Has anyone seen a #zagg release of the #invishield  for the 2nd gen Nexus 7?

So when are we thinking we are going to see the wireless charging dock? And what about screen protectors or cases? Anyone seen anything like that yet?

this may have already been asked, but is the new #nexus72 going to fit the old desk horizontal dock? or do we think they moved the connectors that the current nexus7 has? 
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