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Originally, the owner had all of the network equipment and wiring on the edge of his desk, where it was visible to clients. There were small network switches all over the office, creating multiple points of possible failure.

Barret Computers Inc. installed dedicated network ports for each computer in the office, and provided additional ports for future network expansion. We centralized all of the network equipment into one small rack, and eliminated all of the small network switches that were tucked behind each of the computers.

Finally, we installed a wireless access point centrally in the office, to provide flawless Internet access throughout the suite.
Four Office Suite - Vista
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Barret Computers Inc. was contacted to install a wireless network bridge between two office suites that are separated by a parking lot.

By installing a bridge between buildings, we were able to extend the existing Internet access from building A to building B, and maintain connection to essential network services located in building A.

This eliminated the additional recurring expense of a second Internet service in building B, and the need for more expensive VPN equipment to link building B to building A.
Two Building Wireless Bridge - Oceanside
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