Why Used Office Furniture?

People sometimes have a negative perception of “used” products. Some imagine these products to be full of stains, wear-and-tear and damage (like the second photo in the photo stream). However, this perception will change when anyone views our range of 'as-good-as-new used office furniture'. Each piece of furniture has to meet strict guidelines and quality checks before they enter our stock.

The used office furniture market has grown massively since the global recession as not only is it is much cheaper than buying brand-new, but you get the high quality and great style you expect.

Also, most used office furniture have an intriguing story behind it, much like our veneer table that was sourced from Hampton Court Palace.

Buying used office furniture is a brilliant way to revamp your office and impress clients with a vibrant, welcoming and professional feel. Nobody will be able to tell that you have opted for second hand office furniture!

Why not have a look at what different types of used office furniture we have to offer? We stock all the best designers, including Human Scale, Herman Miller, Vitra, Kinnarps and more - for a fraction of the original price!

Barkham Office Furniture website - http://goo.gl/8NLsP
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