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60 attorneys. 6 offices. 1 Industry. Insurance/Reinsurance.
60 attorneys. 6 offices. 1 Industry. Insurance/Reinsurance.
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Hinshaw & Culberston LLP and Barger & Wolen LLP Announce Merger

Combined Firms Create Powerhouse Insurance Practice with 120 Attorneys Dedicated to Serving the Insurance Industry

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Another year has passed, and what better way to celebrate than by taking a look at the various interesting disability cases that have been issued during that time. This year they are collected in the Medley.

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Hold the cellphone! Who pays if it’s work?

Michael Newman writes about a recent California appellate opinion providing employers insight into how they should reimburse employees for work calls make on private cell phone lines.  Newman notes, however, that while on the surface the decision provides a definitive rule, in reality it provides little guidance as to how employers should comply with it.

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A recent California appellate court decision decided an issue concerning the interpretation of the one‑year statute of limitations relating to allegations of wrongdoing in the performance of attorney services. Dave McMahon takes a look at the case, Lee v. Hanley, in the linked blog post.


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In Ayala v. Antelope Valley Newspapers, the California Supreme Court held that the proper test for determining whether newspaper carriers could proceed as a class on the issue of their employment status was the employer’s right to control their conduct, not how that right was exercised.

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CLIENT ALERT: The California Department of Insurance has issued a notification to insurers with 2013 written premiums of $100 million or more in California to complete and submit the CDI’s Governing Board Diversity Survey. Completed surveys, including an affidavit on the data, are to be submitted to the CDI by August 12, 2014.


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The Supreme Court’s decision last week in NLRB v. Canning left many employers scratching their heads – and with good reason.

Sure, the unanimous ruling served as a rebuke to the Obama Administration, and hundreds of National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) rulings expanding employee rights and protections have been wiped off the books.  But what exactly is the current state of the law?  And how should you, as an employer, proceed in terms of creating and implementing employment-related policies?

This post will endeavor to provide some practical insights.

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The United States Supreme Court has struck down President Obama's controversial 2012 nominations to the NLRB, holding that the President violated the Constitution by using his recess appointments power when the Senate was still in session.

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Several states have intensified investigations and criminal prosecutions of employers skirting the workers’ comp system. Michael Newman, who was quoted in a June 24th issue of Risk & Insurance, says employees suffer at the hands of fraudster employers.


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Sam Sorich reviews the bills that met the deadline for passage in California, and which Barger & Wolen will be tracking. Bills this session include those impacting earthquake insurance, health insurance, property/homeowners, and the Affordable Care Act, amongst others.
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