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Eat and drink chocolate morning and night. Title Rep 9-5
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Wife, Mom, Friend, Chocolate Blogger & Enthusiast

Short version:  I'm a chocolate geek.

Long version:  I’m a chocolate enthusiast / blogger who left behind common chocolate to seek out the slow melt, diverse flavors, and creative personalities of the fine chocolate world.  

The first time I encountered the complex, delicate aromas, and varied textures of fine chocolate sparked a fascination, almost immediately the journey to find and fully understand and share the wonder of fine cacao began. 

My hunger for learning more about every aspect of the chocolate industry takes me around the world to meet with cacao farmers, chocolate makers, shop owners, and visit chocolate events. 

I’m a member of the Chocolate Aficionados Guild, participant in the Cacao Grader program, contributor to various lifestyle, cooking, and chocolate publications, and a judge for chocolate and confection competitions.  

I love to travel with my family, and enjoy some form of chocolate every day. 

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Barbie Van Horn

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This chocolate paring event  put on by the Portland Chocolate Mob was as mysterious as going to a speakeasy and the highlight of March.
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Great post! Sounds like the Portland Chocolate Mob was a great event, wish I could have attended! Great photos and video too! 
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Barbie Van Horn

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Pairing Pearl #Chocolate with Framboise Lambic tonight. A great way to end the day. 
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Today I am so lucky to be attending a workshop given by +René Fabre on G+ and why #RealEstate agents, just like other businesses, need to be using it to connect with their clients. If you are in the #Seattle area and want to join us at 12:30 let me know. $10 for the workshop, but the information is priceless.

I'm making sure my brain is ready by charging it with sipping chocolate this morning!
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Barbie Van Horn

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Chocolate Hangout with Dandelion Chocolate
Barbie Van Horn and 2 others participated
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Today is a double #Hangout day. At 3 o'clock we hang out with Dandelion chocolate, at 6 PM we hang out with the Chocolate Box. Join us.
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no worries!  The Hangout with Dandelion is recorded and the Hangout with Chocolate Box didn't happen
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While I am working on a blog post this morning, I am sipping drinking #cacao from +Pacari Deep #chocolate flavors filled with floral notes remind me of walking through a lush garden. 
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Barbie Van Horn

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G+ made this funny little animation of the Tease Chocolate crew at the Portland Chocolate Fest.  I must have been trying to take their photo!
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Barbie Van Horn

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Nice!  I'll give it a try.
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Let us know what you think!
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If you missed the #Dandelion #Chocolate #hangout here it is.
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Barbie Van Horn

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Chocolate Hangout with indi chocolate direct from Pike Place Market
Barbie Van Horn and 3 others participated
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Oh I found it!! Laura knew you too! Amazing place and got a lot of goodies!! Thanks! :)
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