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Thank you for the support on my Maxim cover. I've gotten lots of tweets from fans that have purchased the issue with me on it. So for those that follow me on twitter and if you bought my Maxim magazine send me a tweet and include the hashtag #kellymaxim so that I can see it. I will post your pics on my new website when it launched. :)
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^^^ wat a loser lmao
D Rock
You're welcome Kelly!!! Congrats!!! :)
Hey Kelly, If a 9-foot monster called Nemesis T-Type invaded Survivor Series.. He shall end Beth Phoenix reign as Diva's champion and handed it back to you. And Nemesis shall destroy everything that gets in his way!!!! Including the so called "Voice of WWE" Michael Cole. A quick message to Cole: Cole, better watch out, Nemesis T-Type is watching you and he will break your career


Vergil Sparda
Kelly u earned it ur so beautiful
Hi Beautiful Kelly Kelly I'm Christopher Bennettof DownTown Napa, Northern CA we talk alot on Face Book I was one of your Extreme Expose Fans through the years to Monday Night Raw and your Divas Championship that you had earned from Power To The People on Monday Night Raw my College Room Mate's father is the Former Retired CT Governor Lowell P.Weicker Jr. he used to be on the WWE Board of Directors his son Sonny Weicker brought tickets to the fleet center in Boston while I was living in College, I came to Napa to start a wrestling social group watching Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown , Congrats on the Maxim Cover that is so cool , so hot you have the most amazing smile ever you are really talented in the ring , modeling. I enjoy watching you on Monday Night Raw the most of the time I feel conncected to my favorite superstars, divas especially your beautiful self my Birthday Wishes is wishing i can come to a WrestleMania Access Weekend and Live Event in person to show you how much i love, care about you , support you every Monday Nights pls know im always here for you. Christopher Bennett
i love you kelley kelley and my real name is jhon. will you mary me kelley kelley?
Hey Kelly,I love you so much! I beame a fan of yours kind of late,when you became a certain tag team,I'm not saying the other persons' name because I knw you aren't exactly on the best terms with this person but I hope you all can make up someday. Anyway can I say as a fan how proud I am of you. I love the fact that you work your butt off to be the best wrestler you can be. Nothing annoys me more then some hot girl that prances around half naked,has a couple of catfightsonce or twice a year and call themselves a Diva. Anyway,I hope I hear from you soon,ad congrats on The Maxim Cover! :)
Hi Beautiful Kelly Kelly,
I'm watching you on Monday Night Raw you look so beautiful good work tonight on Raw I look forward to next Monday Night fans from home do watch wrestling from home and comment about it online and Twitter even though I'm not only a Fan I wish I can come and watch you wrestle in person and actually meet you in person ,hang out with you and being loved as a person and fan I really wish we can be a long distance couple or only as a friend, fan with respect and love, support please know I'm here for moral support for you. 
I just said it because I just got done with the Christmas tree
you are just a babe,hope to see you with the womens championship again
Hi Beautiful Kelly Kelly,
how are you doing today? How was your day today? How is Miami treating you? How is wrestling and modeling doing? What's New with you? I didn't enjoy. what Beth Phoxix and Natylia did to you last Monday Night I wish you well tonight in your match and I love you for you as a friend with benefits I hope it goes well tonight you look really hot and really talented you are the best all around.
Christopher Bennett
loved it, have the copy right here.......
woo woo you know shes hot not bein to foward but she you look hot and beat beth phionex please she is a pain in the ass
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my mine sexy women I now u will be at wrestling mania31 back stage I will see mine women and go too dinner and I will be with the champ johncena and nikkibella go out ok maxiam see in two months u now maxiam have fun and laugh !maxiam
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