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“Hedgeable is restructuring, and we have decided to discontinue our regulated investment management business effective August 9, 2018… On that date, all access to the existing Hedgeable investment management portal will cease to be operational.” ~Hedgeable website

Launched in 2010, Hedgeable is one of the earliest robo-advisors. Unlike Betterment and Wealthfront early adopters, Hedgeable took a “hedge-fund” like approach to investing. In contrast with the passive, index fund ETF investing strategy, Hedgeable used alternative investments like precious metals, currencies and bitcoin as well as shorting strategies in their investing recipe. These hedge-fund tactics also included investing in typical fixed income and growth stocks.

On July 9, 2018, Hedgeable decided to close its doors to new investors and ask existing investors to transfer their funds out of the company. Folio Investments, the firm’s custodian, is making the transition smooth for existing Hedgeable clientele. Existing customers receive free self-directed access to a Folio Investments, Inc. account for the remainder of 2018, with no transfer or management fees.
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Socially Conscious Investing Robo-Advisors and Apps
“80% of the 200 studies reviewed showed that stock price performance is positively correlated with good sustainability practices” ~Study by the University of Oxford

Socially responsible robo-advisor investing is more than a fad, it’s a full-blown movement. The premise of socially responsible investing or impact investing robo-advisors is that consumers hunger to invest their money in line with their personal values. A recent Investment News article claims that financial advisors without socially responsible investing choices will sacrifice clients.

Robo-advisors recognize the cry for SRI investing (sustainable, responsible, impact) options and are filling that need.

There are at least 40 socially conscious ETFs with $3.1 billion AUM, according to Sumit Roy in a recent article.’s top 10 socially responsible ETFs (also known as ESG – environmental, social, governance funds) come in several varieties from iShares MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target ETF (CRBN) and iShares MSCI Global Impact ETF (MPCT) to the broader focused iShares MSCI EM ESG Optimized ETF (ESGE).

If you’re seeking the simplest way to tap into the impact investing trend, you might buy a socially responsible ETF.

But, if you want in depth investment management, low fees, and the opportunity to invest with your own values, then an impact investing robo-advisor might be for you. A few digital investment advisors focus solely on socially responsible investing, while others include impact investing within their menu of available funds.
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Active Management Robo-Advisors, the Next Digital Investment Wave
One of the most appealing features of the robo-advisor is the fact that you can get the benefits of professional Active Management Robo-Advisors, the Next Digital Investment Wave
One of the most appealing features of the robo-advisor is the fact that you can get the benefits of professional financial management with lower fees than a traditional financial professional. Is the active management robo-advisor next?

Did you believe that robo-advisors only offered only limited or passive investing?

Not necessarily. Some active management robo-advisors do have those autonomous investing options, certainly, but many robo-advisors also have active management approaches along with human guidance.

Click to find out; How Robo-advisors Work

What this active robo-advisor looks like depends on the platform you choose, and you should take a look at a few different options before choosing your digital advisor. Some active management strategies might help time the market as well as provide emotional support.
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US News and World Report and InvestorPlace Investing Highlights + Curated Investing Reads
I write for US News and World Report and InvestorPlace (and more) about various investing topics. These articles are cutting edge with actionable investment ideas for today. Although I can’t republish the entire articles on this website (that’s a big taboo) I can give you a taste of the article and you can click through to read more.
Investing Wisdom for Today's Market + Links
Investing Wisdom for Today's Market + Links
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M1 Finance, WiseBanyan, Wealthfront, TD Ameritrade and SigFig Command the Robo-Advisor News Headlines
Keeping up with the latest robo-advisor news is a full-time job. From M1 Finance offering borrowing for it’s users to WiseBanyan massively expanding their investment options, the news never stops.

Even if you’re not seeking a robo-advisor to manage your investments, learning about this rapidly expanding fintech arena is fascinating for finance and tech enthusiasts. The main themes of innovation are faster, cheaper and better services.

The new robo-advisor fintech financial management platforms give you the opportunity to get investment management for less than you could’ve imagined, just a few years ago. I remember the 1980’s when 7% mutual fund commissions were common. And, it wasn’t unusual to pony up a $40 commission to buy a stock. Now you can trade stocks for a few bucks.
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“What is your take on passive investing?

If passive investing, what percentage of your portfolio would you allocate for “speculative investments”, like single tech stocks and such?” ~ Jake at I Heart Budgets asks this two part investing question.

Passive Investing and Speculative Investments
You don’t usually see these two topics discussed together. Passive investing is the cornerstone of John Bogle’s index fund investing platform. Backed by empirical research and millions of practitioners, one topic that’s rarely discussed with passive investing is speculation.

Well, here goes….

Passive Investing-My Take
Jake asks about my take on passive investing.

Where to begin?

I’ve dug deep into the empirical research stock return studies and embraced the passive investing approach. It is almost impossible to beat the market indexes year over year. In fact, the research is abundantly clear. Fund managers who beat the markets for several years in a row do not end up in the overachieving category indefinitely. They eventually drift to market performance or below.
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How to Make Money With a Blog – Learn Why the “Blogging is Dead” Camp is Wrong
By, Ramona Jar

Every few months someone comes and tells the world “Blogging is dead.” and yet many of us still make money with a blog.

Blogging has been dead for at least 10 years now, since the early adopters started making money and then claiming it’s a done deal – you can’t create a profitable blog.

And yet, every year, new bloggers appear on the ‘map’ and earn a good income.

Is blogging really dead?

Well, blogging as we knew it a decade ago is clearly gone. I remember that, back in 2006, when I started my first blog (or even 2002, when I created my first website), you had to write some good useful content and that was it.
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TIAA Robo-Advisor Expert Review
By, staff columnist Kevin Mercadante

The addition of a robo-advisor platform with a strong emphasis on retirement savings is a natural evolution for a major financial concern like TIAA. The company’s name is practically synonymous with retirement plans, and they offer all types.

TIAA Personal Portfolio Robo Advisor can be used for taxable investing, as well as retirement. But their goal-based investment planning makes this robo-advisor particularly user-friendly. They offer three different portfolio options, including a socially responsible investment choice. Since TIAA has been engaged in this type of investing all the way back to 1990, you can bet the socially responsible investment option will be one of the best among robo-advisors.

And making the package even better, opening an account with TIAA Personal Portfolio gives you access to the many other financial services offered by the TIAA family.
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In the wake of the amazing technological improvements impacting investing opportunities, you might find yourself torn between two investment platforms. If you find yourself wondering “what’s the difference between a robo-advisor and a target date fund,” you’ve come to the right place.

In the robo-advisor vs target date fund discussion, there are a few things you should know first.

Robo-Advisor vs Target Date Fund: What Are Their Features?
Education is the key to making any investment decision. By understanding what each investment option offers, you can make the best possible decision for your unique financial situation.
Robo-Advisors: Customizable, Flexible Investment Options
Robo-advisors are computer or algorithm-based investment platforms that are designed to replace a traditional financial advisor. There are so many robo-advisors out there that you’re bound to find one that fits your needs, whether you’re already a retiree or are looking for low-fee investing options.

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The Best Portfolio Management Software Makes Your Life Easier
Investors need to keep track of their mutual and exchange traded funds, individual stocks and bonds for many reasons. You want to examine your investment returns, fees, asset allocation, as well as plan for retirement and more. Of course you can do it by hand or on an excel sheet, but with the excellent investment portfolio management software available, why bother? From free, to a one-time payment or on-going fees, there has never been a better selection of investment management software on the market. Both price and features matter and we’ll explore both.

We’ll start out with the free offerings, next the investment and portfolio management tools that charge an ongoing fee.
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