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Having a family adds a challenging dynamic to debt payoff strategies: instead of being able to dedicate every waking moment to side jobs, you may now be confronted with sleepless nights, expensive child care, and feelings of guilt at not spending enough time with your children. Not only that, but children start to eat more, outgrow all their clothes, and develop costly interests as they get older. For a solid financial future, it’s important to manage debt and save.
5 Tips to Manage Debt & Save with behavioral finance strategies. Put these strategies in place and you'll be on track for a wealthy life. Start now for a strong financial future.
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Barbara Friedberg

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FOOD for a Cheap New Years Eve at Home
Pot luck is the way to go. If your guests bring some grub, they are automatically invested in the event! Set a theme for even more fun. Try hors’doerves, sandwiches, dips, international, or any theme you can come up with. Finger foods are recommended. Also, pot luck cuts down on costs!
DRINKS for a Cheap New Years Eve at Home

Create some fun drinks; it’s New Years after all! You can make alcohol punch, Sangria, mixed drinks, beer, wine, or whatever combination you prefer. To keep the costs in check, keep it to a few choices! For those teetotalers, soda, mock-tails, or punch keep the fun rolling.
9 ACTIVITIES for a Cheap New Years Eve at Home
Get the guests or just the family off the couch for a great time. For extra fun, video tape the activities and play them back on the big screen for a good laugh! Try these cheap New Years Eve at Home games and activities.
1. Charades-Divide the group into 2 teams. Each team writes out a secret TV show, movie, or book on a slip of paper and places them in an open bowl. One at a time, a team member acts out the TV show, movie or book title they selected with the goal of getting their team members to guess with in a pre-determined period of time. The teams alternate until every one has a chance to act out a clue. The team with the most correct guesses wins!
2. Taboo-First, pick up a game of Taboo, the word guessing game with an exciting loud beeper included. Watch Ellen DeGeneres and Katy Perry play!
With drunk drivers on the loose, and the crazies out and about, here are 9 ideas for a cheap New Years Eve at home. Great for a family or a crowd.
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Barbara Friedberg

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Covering FinDEVr Silicon Valley is one of my favorite events. It gives me an opportunity to check out the latest Fintech players. Culled from the many presentations, these four stand outs are bringing new tools and apps to the robo-advisory, investment and wealth management field. The FinDEVr event is the sister event Finovate, another exciting fintech bash.

DriveWealth – Invest on Your Own Terms
DriveWealth was designed with the millennial investor in mind. On-the-go investors or investor hopefuls will enjoy the easy-to-access application that is available for both Apple and Android devices. Once downloaded, users can immediately begin improving their investment portfolio.
FinDEVr is one of my favorite events with stand-out fintech, robo-advisor and investment luminaries. Get a first look at a few of the top 2016 presenters!
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Barbara Friedberg

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I’m honored to be selected as one of the California ambassadors for this ambitious financial education program, Women’s Money Week 2017. And, I want to invite you to participate in Womens Money Week 2017 to enrich your financial life.
Sign up to receive FREE Daily Action Kits and Event Tickets (click on link and then scroll down)
Here’s Why You Should Check out Women’s Money Week 2017
Are you worried about money and don’t know where to turn?
You are not alone!
Most women feel the same way about money as you do.
74% of women feel misunderstood and confused by money messages.
1 in 3 women lives in or on the brink of poverty*.
63% of Americans say they can’t handle a $500 surprise bill.
Check out these women’s money statistics:
Less Than 20%
Fewer than two in 10 women feel “very prepared” to make wise financial decisions. Half indicate that they “need some help,” and one-third feels that they “need a lot of help.” – Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women 2010−2011
Women own 40% of all stocks. – A.T. Kearney
The average woman spends 15% of her working years outside of the workforce caring for children and elderly parents compared to the average man’s 1.6%. – Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement and National Center for Women’s Retirement Research
Nearly two-thirds of U.S. women ages 40 to 79 have already dealt with a major financial “life crisis,” such as job loss, divorce, the death of a spouse, or serious illness. – AARP, “Understanding Women’s Financial Needs and Behavior,” 2007 survey.
Women's Money Week 2017 is for you if you need help & guidance managing your finances! Bloggers - join in to promote and offer financial inspiration. Learn how!
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Barbara Friedberg

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Earn More by Rebalancing Your Asset Allocation
What if I said that you could earn an extra one quarter percent return on your portfolio every year by doing a simple task? A recent Wall Street Journal article reported that investors who regularly rebalance their investment portfolios increase their returns. It takes about an hour to rebalance your asset allocation and you will likely receive an added return every year. Although 0.25% isn’t huge, every bit of investment returns adds up.
Another solid reason to rebalance is to minimize risk. Even the most aggressive investor would prefer less investment volatility.
Here’s a simple example. Start out with $25,000 and don’t add another cent to your investment account.
Step-by-step rebalance your asset allocation guide. It's easy, could boost returns & reduce investment ups & downs. Get real life examples & save thousands.
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Barbara Friedberg

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The people in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration are extremely shareholder friendly, but investors need to keep their enthusiasm in check.
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Barbara Friedberg

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Robo-advisors generally offer lower fees, but who will answer your questions?
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Barbara Friedberg

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Seems as though there’s always a new investing angle cropping up in an attempt to beat the market. We have smart beta, implemented by the robo-advisor Personal Capital, and then the older investment strategies momentum, undervalued and technical analysis. New twists on the index fund front include, equal weight and other tweaks on the traditional market cap weighted fund. The Wisdom Tree Investing firm is dedicated to alternative index fund investing strategies.

Thus far, I’ve stuck with the market cap indexing and dipped into small cap and value indexes to capitalize on their historical outperformance. But, I’m curious to find out whether the multifactor ETFs will have a place in the “research tested” index fund investing sphere.
Hot off the press is what Sumit Roy calls “Smart Beta 2.0: Multifactor ETFs”. So, what exactly are multifactor ETFs and should you add some of these newer takes on index fund investments to your portfolio?
In an effort to beat the market-multifactor ETF investing promises increased alpha with lower volatility. Find out whether this trend lives up to the hype.
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