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Barbara Friedberg

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Can You Predict Future Stock Market Returns?
Guest article by Rob Bennett
Have you ever tried your hand at predicting stock returns?
See what Rob Bennett has learned with his research about predicting stock returns.
I have been studying how to predict stock returns effectively for nine years. The purpose of this article is to put forward a brief summary of what I have learned.
1) Short-Term Predictions Never Work.
I do not believe that it is possible to predict where stock returns are going to be in six months or in a year or in two years. I have run into some smart people who disagree. What I can say with certainty is that, even if those people are right, it takes a lot of work to predict stock returns in the short-term; more work than most middle-class investors are willing to put to the task.
2) Long-Term Predictions Always Work.
Consider if you can succeed at predicting stock returns. Learn whether understanding stock valuations will lead to accurate stock return predictions or not
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Barbara Friedberg, Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance

Barbara Friedberg Barbara is a personal finance blogger that focuses mostly on investing topics, but definitely mixes in other financial topics. I love her site because she breaks down tough topics and presents them in a way that’s easy to explain. She has also been doing an ongoing series of answering reader questions, which the financial voyeur in me always enjoys.
We put together a list of the best investing blogs of 2015, along with why they are amazing and what insights they bring to investors.
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Barbara Friedberg

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A few simple behavior changes can help you save more money. Here are eight habits that help me cut back on daily and monthly expenses.
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Excellent treatment of this retirement saving question.
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Barbara Friedberg

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            When you spend money on things that you don’t need, you are stealing from yourself.
            This may seem like obvious advice to some, but if we take a quick look at the consumer-driven society we live in, it is clear that this is exactly what all the stores want us to do: we have opportunities to open credit cards at every major clothing store (which doesn’t help you make the most of your credit cards!); we are pressured to buy the newest electronics whenever a slight upgrade is made; we even go to restaurants where employees are in competition with each other to push specific menu products.
            Upgrading to onion rings for .99 cents probably won’t break your budget, since it is possible to live well and spend little, but when you consistently make it a point to purchase things you don’t truly need, you end up taking more important things away from yourself.
            You steal your finances.
Simple decisions in life - practiced again and again can either add to or subtract from your wealth. Use behavioral finance tricks to boost your finances.
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Barbara Friedberg

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Investing Strategies For  40 Year Olds
Are you middle aged with nothing to show for your two decades of hard work?
Are you afraid you won’t have enough money to retire-ever?
“Reader question:
For someone who got a late start “investing”, what should that person look for in investments? A mix of high and low risk assets, or something more aggressive to make up for lost time?” by Little House in the Valley
Have you spent the last few decades living without much regard for retirement? If so, you are definitely not alone.
These questions by Little House echo many mid 30-40-and 50 year olds concerns. The media is filled with stories of 40 year olds who’ve been busy getting married, raising kids, paying the bills and living. Either there wasn’t enough money left for retirement saving or these folks just weren’t thinking about retirement.
inally, realize there is hope for those over 40. Here is actionable advice about how to invest for retirement at age 40. 
Whatever the reasons for not saving earlier for retirement, it’s not too late to start now, even if you are 40 years old. And if you’re 50, well; better late than never.
Don’t Worry About Retirement-Do Something About It!
Retirement investing advice-how to invest for retirement at age 40. Learn how much you need to save in order to build up your nest egg for retirement.
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Barbara Friedberg

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By Barbara Friedberg in Economics, Mind and Money, Saving, Tips, Wealth | 16 comments
You Can Live Wealthy in Any Economy
Whenever I get plagued with an attack of ‘I don’t have enough’ or ‘Life’s not treating me well’, I fall back on a few simple wealth building tools. We talk a lot about building wealth and how to live wealthy here, but it’s important to remember that life’s a marathon, not a sprint. Further, you can live wealthy regardless of the size of your bank account.
How to Live Wealthy in Any Economy
1. The News is for Entertainment and Sensationalism
Don’t even think about the news, or the dour talking heads on your TV. You are the master of your own destiny. Life and success transcend money. Whatever your current circumstances, you have ultimate control over your greatest resources; your time and your mind.
Don't even think about the news, or the dour talking heads on your TV. You can live wealthy in any economy. Tips to a wealthy life. Money doesn't = wealth.
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Barbara Friedberg

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Robert Reich Bashes the ‘New Sharing Economy’
By Barbara Friedberg in Economics, Make Money, Personal Finance | 
What is the New Sharing Economy-And Why Should You Care?
After reading Robert Reich’s article in the San Francisco Chronicle, “In New Economy, Workers Get Stuck with the Scraps” I felt compelled to dig deeper into “the new sharing economy”. 
After a quick google search, I found out that the “new economy” means a lot of different things. In fact, there isn’t just one definition of the new economy, but multiple ideas of what this concept means.
Reich hones in and considers the ‘new economy’ a version of the ‘share’ economy.
Specifically he digs into the problems with the new upstarts such as Uber, Instacart, Airbnb, TaskRabbit, UpCounsel, HealthTap, and Mechanical Turks.
This component of the new economy consists of the solo-preneurs who use their own resources to deliver services and products, without the security and umbrella of the corporate structure. 
The new sharing economy has garnered its share of detractors. Robert Reich claims it's a step backward for workers. Although, consumers and part timers benefit.
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please connect with on chat .
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join in google hangout now with money mastermind- I'm talking investing
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If learning to invest is on your to do list-here's the chance to start. Invest and Beat the Pros-Create and Manage a Successful Investment Portfolio is free now
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Barbara Friedberg

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Many of you don’t really know how to tackle many money issues. Nor do you understand how to build wealth for the long term, in order to reduce your money fears.
I want to help solve these money problems with you.
This week, I’m offering a free copy of Invest and Beat the Pros-Create and Manage a Successful Investment Portfolio.
This book will give you all of the fundamentals, in plain language to create and manage your work place retirement account, Roth IRA, of discount brokerage account. From learning how to weed through the more than 7,000 mutual funds, to the difference between and stock and a bond, you’ll learn just enough to put your money future on a sound path to success.
Please, help yourself and pick up a free copy of Invest and Beat the Pros this week.
It’s one thing you can do to chip away at the money stress in your life 
Basics of Dealing With Money Stress
You Can Live Without Money Stress Learn where to get simple strategies to manage money, invest, and build wealth for better well being and health.
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