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Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance - Save, Invest, Build Wealth
Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance - Save, Invest, Build Wealth

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More and more seniors are working in retirement. Either by choice or necessity, the idea of retiring to a life of complete leisure is becoming a distant memory. As a solopreneur, working with my laptop – wherever – I appreciate the desire to learn how to make money online. With basic computer skills, the opportunity to earn from home is easier than you might think.
Even if you must work in retirement, to pay the bills, there’s a silver lining for seniors and retirees building their online businesses. The National Insitute of Health claims that you’ll benefit both physically and mentally from keeping mentally and physically active in your later years.
Anyone can earn a few bucks surfing the net filling out surveys and watching videos with Swagbucks. You earn SB dollars that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. (There’s even a sign-up bonus.) This is a great sideline, but to really make a dent in that retirement budget, there are additional ways to keep the cash flowing in retirement. 

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MBA Series – What Makes Asset Allocation So Important?
“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”
The beginning of the year is portfolio rebalancing time for investors. I write a lot about investing as it is an achievable path to long-term wealth. If you don’t know what asset allocation is or much about investing at all, then this article is for you.
Modern Portfolio Theory is the science that drives most of the writing about investing today. As I put the finishing touches on the university Investments class I’m teaching, I’m going to share some of the basics with you.

Post has attachment Since the robo-advisor market has exploded, it has become nearly impossible to rank the platforms in terms of best to worst – after all, almost all robo-advisors are designed to provide extensive value to a specific set of clients. That being said, once you narrow your search parameters, it becomes much easier to find the robo-advisor designed for your unique needs. If a low fee robo-advisor is your top priority, then start your search here.

This list serves to help those of you looking for high-value robo-advising platforms with low portfolio management fees. The following 5 robo-advisors combine excellent service, accessibility and variety with small—and even non-existent—fees.

Click: For a complete Free Robo-Advisor Comparison Chart (Free excel comparison chart) (no obligation)

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The Downsides of Real Estate
Let’s begin by addressing Barbara’s concerns. Her objections to real estate investing basically boil down to this:
Lots of time and hassles.
She listed 26 steps to buying and managing real estate.
There’s also the hassle of bad tenants, 3 am toilet repairs, and all the rest. The end of her post also talked about a better alternative for investing in real estate – REITs or real estate investment trusts.
Let me begin by saying that there is a time investment required in real estate investing. That’s for sure. There are also bad tenants and 3 am calls.
But there are also steps that can be taken to minimize these issues, and that’s why I’m sold on the real estate investing advantages. Given the upside, I think real estate investing is good way to make money. I think it’s especially great since it allowed me to take early retirement and not spend a penny of my savings.
How Real Estate Allowed Me to Retire at 52
Before we get into why I like real estate, let’s take a quick look at my background for perspective:
I bought my three places (14 total units) in 2010, shortly after the housing collapse.
I paid with cash. This allowed me to negotiate lower prices plus beat out other potential buyers who needed to get financing.
I hired a contractor and as units came up for renewal, we remodeled them, making them much nicer.
As a result of the investment in the units, we raised rents.
Shortly after I bought my second place, I turned day-to-day operations over to professional managers.
I net approximately 10% a year and my places have appreciated 45% to boot.
I now live 1,000 miles away from the properties.

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At age 16, I started my own business. I went door-to-door selling Avon products. I loved those little samples the company provided to me to give out to potential customers. Over the years, I’ve sold handmade hippie shirts, worked as a Career Counselor, sold real estate and now run my own financial media company. Aside from the financial rewards, the tax benefits are fantastic. If you have a side hustle, you need this small business tax preparation checklist.

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Zero to £45,000 – How to Make Money with Upwork, Uship, Fiverr, Freelancer, 99 Designs and More
I have been working in the freight industry as part of the family business for 21 years, that is a long time in one particular industry and as the saying goes you can do less time for murder. Within a year and a half, I managed to earn £45,000 (that’s equivalent to $55,000) through the online marketplace Uship. This is my story and inspiration for how to make money with Upwork, Fiverr, Uship, Freelancer, 99 Designs and other online marketplaces.

Post has attachment I worked my butt off to create this amazing and comprehensive chart. If you've ever considered investing in a digital advisor, you must check this out!


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Betterment Robo-Advisor Adds Human Financial Planners for Those Seeking a Personal Touch
If you like the idea of a tax efficient and automated investment manager, but want access to a human financial planner for more complex money questions, Betterment rolled out several new services. The two new Betterment programs are ideal for those with more complex financial situations seeking personalized human guidance. Betterment joins Personal Capital and Schwab Intelligent Investors as a robo-advisor with a financial planner.
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