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One of my favorite parts of teaching is summer break. After a year-long focus on my students (and all the connected work that comes along with them!), it’s nice to take some time to myself to relax. Use these best ways to make extra money in the summer to shore up your bank account or save up for something special.
If you don’t get paid during the summer, like some teachers (particularly adjunct college instructors) then take heed. Even with extremely careful financial planning, the summer drought can be painful without an extra source of income. For those teachers who are paid through the summer months, the summer can be an excellent time to get ahead on your financial goals by putting in some extra hours and bringing in new income. Regardless, I think all teachers should make an effort to bring in money during the summer, doing something that is not tutoring!
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Work at a Seasonal Business
Many restaurants are reluctant to hire summer-only help, but restaurants with primarily outdoor seating or lively summer parties always been seasonal help. Since you both have needs during this specific timeframe, teachers can make money in the summer by filling in as servers and hosts.
Many restaurants are reluctant to hire summer-only help, but restaurants with primarily outdoor seating or lively summer parties always been seasonal help. Since you both have needs during this specific timeframe, teachers can make money in the summer by filling in as servers and hosts.
Landscaping companies have a lot to do in the summer. If you’re handy with outdoor tools, or have an eye for garden design, a landscaping company might be more than happy to gain an extra pair of hands. Of course this can be a very dirty (and sweaty!) job in the hot summer months, but at least you’ll be getting your fair share of vitamin D!
 Easiest way ever to make cash! read how by clicking the title below!
Find out 10 Ways for Teachers to Make Extra Money in the Summer. You may find 1 or 2 to line your pockets & refresh your spirit for the upcoming school year.
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Barbara Friedberg

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There are many different types of income that retired folks draw on depending on what life during their working lives was like. Two of the most widely-known streams today include pensions and Social Security, two programs funded and structured in totally different ways. While pensions are typically workplace retirement plans where an employer makes contributions to a pool of funds on behalf of employees, Social Security is handled by the federal government and funded through payroll taxes collected from employees and companies.
Read on for more about how the two programs are structured and how each may benefit retirees who have paid into such programs. (For related reading, see: How Does a Pension Plan Work After Retirement?)
Pensions 101
Before the advent of IRAs and 401(k) plans there were pensions. Your parents and grandparents, who worked for the same company for many years, may have enjoyed generous pension benefits. Pensions are also called defined benefit plans because the payment amount you'll receive in retirement is decided or defined in advance.
A private pension is a retirement account created by an employer for the employees’ future benefit. Employers, governed by certain laws and regulations, contribute on the employee’s behalf and invest the money as they see fit. Upon retirement, the employee receives monthly payments. State government employees frequently have pension systems as well. For example, in Ohio, state workers pay into the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System in lieu of Social Security.
The private pension payout depends upon several factors such as how long you worked for the employer as well what your salary was. In some cases, you can choose a lump-sum payout or a monthly annuity check. In the past, employers were required to maintain excess pension assets within the plan and were not to use the funds for other expenses. This law was put in place so that when needed by retirees, the money would be available to be paid out to eligible retired individuals. It also ensured that excess pension monies were available to offset the times when investment returns were lower than expected. (For related reading, see: How Baby Boomers Will Change the Way Others Will Retire.)
Both pensions and Social Security provide an income stream to retirees, but they differ widely on how they're structured and funded. Here's the lowdown.
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For folks 62 years old and older, a reverse mortgage can add a little wiggle room to budgets during retirement. Many folks use them to help supplement their income, pay for healthcare expenses or pay off a mortgage.
But beware — reverse mortgages are often complicated and might not be the best option depending on your situation.
Read on for more about a reverse mortgage and if it can be used to further and better your retirement. (For more, see: 5 Signs a Reverse Mortgage Is a Good Idea.)
Reverse Mortgage 101
A reverse mortgage is actually a loan. If you’re over age 62 then you can borrow money using the equity in your home as collateral. In most cases, the loan is paid to you in monthly amounts. There’s no need to repay the reverse mortgage loan until you permanently move out, sell the home, or pass away.
With a typical mortgage, you borrow money from a lender and repay the principal and interest in monthly installments until you own the home outright. When you borrow money with a reverse mortgage, the lender makes the monthly payments to you. The payments are based upon a percentage of the value of your home. You have an option to receive the entire reverse mortgage loan amount in a lump sum, in monthly payments, or a line of credit to be used as needed.
Ultimately, the more money you receive from the reverse mortgage, the less equity or ownership you have in your home. If you pass on while equity remains in the home, the remaining value, after fees and expenses, passes to your heirs. Although TV commercials make it appear that you will never outlive your reverse mortgage, that isn’t accurate. (For related reading, see: Picking the Right Reverse Mortgage Lender and Reverse Mortgage Pros and Cons.)
Can You Outlive a Reverse Mortgage?
Reverse mortgages can add some wiggle room to your retirement budget. Here's the lowdown on how to use them — and how not to.
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A major deficiency of robo-advisors is their lack of a human touch. Many investors need someone to talk to. Those over 40 years old are hungrier for the human advisor as they may lack the technology savvy of their younger Generation Y counterparts. In most cases, if you’re an investor who wants to speak in person with a financial advisor, the majority of robo-advisors fall short.
Financial advisors have an advantage over robo-advisors with investors who seek a traditional advisor, but a problem remains. Even if those human touch seeking investors want to speak with someone about their money, many also want what robo-advisors offer - lower fees and some areas of investment automation. (For more, see: How Financial Advisors Can Adjust to Robo-advisors.)
Robo-Advisors Relationships with Advisors
There are several robo-advisors that also offer access to human financial advisors. Personal Capital and Rebalance IRA are two, although if your assets don’t meet the minimum amounts for these robo-advisors then you won’t have access to their advisors.
There are several other robo-advisors who white label their services and allow human financial advisory firms to umbrella the robo’s services under their own name. Jemstep is developing a strong relationship with the financial advisory community and white-labeling their platform. The Liftoff platform uses a white labeled robo-advisor for their services. Liftoff is the robo-advisory arm of Ritholz Wealth Management. (For more, see: Robo-Advisors and a Human Touch: Better Together?)
How Human Advisors Can Compete
To beat robo-advisors, or at least compete with them, there are several alternatives. First, the traditional advisor must understand the allure of the robo-advisor. The robo-advisor offers an easy access portal to view investments. Most utilize well researched methods of modern portfolio theory. In most cases, the robo-advisor buys low-fee index funds for the client account in percentages that fit with the investor's risk comfort level. The investment percentages are automatically rebalanced back in line with the investor's preferences on a regular basis. Due to the limited number of portfolio options and the automation, the advisory fees are low.
The robo-advisors understand the impact of the popular social media landscape and use these marketing platforms well. Additionally, they offer robust and easy to maneuver websites. Active profiles on social media platforms such as Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc., Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn Corp. make it easy for robo-advisors to share their services and message. Robo-advisory clients can stay in touch across the online locations that they regularly frequent. (For more, see Active Management Enters Robo-Advisor Platforms.)
Here are some ways traditional advisors can compete with robo-advisors.
Robo-advisors and traditional financial advisory firms both have a place in the market. Here's how traditional advisors can stand out and compete.
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Barbara Friedberg

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Clients today expect professionals dealing with sensitive information such as taxes, financial documents and other personal data to have a secure, web-based place from which to communicate and where clients can keep abreast of their account activities. The value of such a website is to facilitate better communication between the advisor and the client. The easier the portal is to access and use, the better the client/provider interaction.
So what are the benefits of a client website portal and how should advisors create and maintain one? Read on for some tips. (For further reading, see: 3 Digital Platforms FAs Should Keep on Their Radar.)
Client Acquisition and Retention
A well-designed, well-executed client portal gives advisors a means to separate themselves from the competition. An easy-to-access portal labels the advisor as current and forward-thinking and, as with many advisors who have taken the time to learn about and invest in new technology, may boost the perception of the advisor’s value.
Consider the alternative: Would clients be happy dealing with an advisor who uses a clunky, old-school website? Probably not. It’s common sense that a clean web portal will endear you and your organization to your clients. Happier clients generally lead to greater retention and referrals.
How Clients Benefit
A savvy client portal goes beyond a corporate website. You can buy an off-the-shelf model or have one designed custom. Before you build your portal, determine what you and your clients need.

Read more: Top Tips for Creating a Web Portal for Clients | Investopedia 
Follow us: Investopedia on Facebook
Fostering communication and workflow with clients via a secure, web-based portal should be of the utmost importance for advisors. Here's how to build one.
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Barbara Friedberg

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The small business owner might be compared to a one-man band. You’ve seen the image: a guy holding a contraption playing a harmonica, an accordion and stepping on the pedal for a self-playing piano. The music is second to the balancing act of the music master. With many instruments to play, the small business owner may not focus on his or her own retirement. That’s why these 5 retirement tips for small business owners are crucial.
A TD Bank survey found that small business owners are confident in running their business, but not so much in planning for their retirement. In fact, 26% of those small business owners surveyed worry that they won’t have enough money saved up for retirement.  Of the 660 business owners questioned, 47% admit they have no retirement plan in place. Like anything else in life, if you don’t make planning for retirement a goal, you may end up short.
Retirement Tip #1 – Figure Out Who Will Take Over
A major component of your future retirement goal: What will happen with your business when you’re ready to retire? Many small business owners cease operations upon retirement. Others transfer ownership to family members. The lucky few have a saleable operation. Before setting up your retirement goal, get your succession plan in order. Determine whether your business will offer income in retirement or not.
26% of small business owners surveyed worry that they won’t have enough money saved up for retirement. Of 660 business owners, 47% admit they have no re...
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3+ Ways Freelancers Can Earn Passive Income
Are you a freelancer or solopreneur consultant?
Do you worry that, when you’re not working, you don’t get paid?
Find out how a freelancer can create a passive income stream for the future.
A recent survey by the Freelancers Union found that 53 million Americans are now freelancers. In fact, one in three workers are freelancing.
The difference between many freelancers/solopreneurs and salaried workers is that if you receive a salary and you want to take a break, grab a soda, take a quick walk to clear your head, you’re still getting paid. If you’re a consultant or freelancer, and you’re not working, then you aren’t getting paid. 
Consider the pay-per-job worker. A freelancer is not that different from a dentist or a clinical psychologist. If you’re not serving your patients or clients, then you’re not getting paid. And with some professionals, such as the psychologist, once that patient gets better, she probably won’t come back and you need other patients to replace the one that improved. That makes going on a vacation a big deal. There’s no two weeks paid vacation for the independent contractor!
I’ve been doing a lot of freelance writing recently. Part of me is thrilled to have a variety outlets for my finance writing. But another part of me-the aging part-is thinking about the idea of a passive income stream. After all, I’m staring down the barrel of retirement and although I love to work, at some point, I’ll slow down and eventually stop.
This is a must read if you're a freeelancer looking for a passive income stream in retirement!
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It seems as though all of the established wealth managers are getting in on the robo-advisor trend. Many of the big investment firms, such as Vanguard, Charles Schwab Corp., Blackrock Inc. and TradeKing, offer robo-advisor platforms. Others, such as Fidelity Investments, are looking to launch one soon. If you want to stick with one of the established wealth management firms, here’s a sampling of the current crop with robo-advisory offerings.
Recently launched Vanguard Personal Advisors boasts a low 0.30% management fee and includes access to a financial advisor. Vanguard’s recently lowered $50,000 minimum may still be somewhat pricey for the newbie. Unlike many of its competitors, Vanguard Personal Advisors engages trained advisors to help you through a goal setting and portfolio creation process. The rebalancing of the Vanguard platform is automated, yet the advisor is more involved than many of the other robo-advisors. As would be expected, this robo uses Vanguard funds. Since Vanguard is known to be a low-cost fee leader, this isn’t a problem. (For more, see: A Look at Vanguard's Robo-Advisor.)
Like many of the other robos, Vanguard alleges that their research shows that this type of arrangement may garner the investor up to 3% greater returns over a specific time period.
Schwab’s Intelligent Portfolios' fee and minimum is tough to beat. The Schwab robo has a low $5,000 minimum and does not charge advisory fees, account service fees or commissions. Of course, all funds have underlying expense ratios or fund management fees.
These established wealth management firms offer robo-advisor platforms or have one in the works.
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Rebalance IRA is a specialty robo-advisor dedicated to managing retirement assets. For most workers, retirement monies are their greatest financial asset. Smart IRA and retirement asset management is a crucial determinant of whether you’ll meet your retirement goals or not.
The robo-advisory field is crowded with many varieties of automated and automated-plus-human-touch advisors. Is Rebalance IRA worth spending the time to use or should you go with a more generic robo-advisor that handles a broader basket of financial issues?
Read on to find out. (For related reading, see: Liftoff: Is This New Robo-Advisor Right for You?)
Rebalance IRA: The Lowdown
Many investors hold a large pool of retirement assets from traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and workplace 401(k) rollovers. Rebalance IRA zeroes in on the best way to manage all these assets so that you meet your retirement goals. The firm begins with an initial consultation with a human financial planner who listens to you and assesses your risk tolerance, retirement and life goals.
Rebalance IRA then determines how it can help you meet these goals and pinpoints where your current strategy is failing. The firm's overriding concern is helping you get the greatest return for your retirement assets while remaining mindful of your particular risk picture and personal goals. The upstart aims to create a sound investment portfolio comprised of low-fee exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in percentages of stock and bond-type assets. A portfolio is constructed based on research and is widely diversified to reduce risk and maximize returns.
Here are the pros and cons of investing time and money into Rebalance IRA, a robo-advisor upstart that zeroes in on retirement assets.
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As the robo-advisor market continues to evolve and expand into niche offerings, online financial advice and portfolio management is becoming more accessible to a wider variety of investors.
Ellevest is a new financial services portal aimed at women investors. Backed by $10 million in startup capital and run by former Wall Street executive Sallie Krawcheck, the firm expects to fully launch later in 2016. Early sign-up is available on its site, but since the firm isn't yet publicly available, there's lots of mystery surrounding its products and services.
Ellevest contends that it is "redefining investing for women ... Get exceptional tools to reach your biggest goals," according to the site, which so far offers investing and money articles. Here's what we know so far about this stealth startup, which is based in New York. (For related reading, see: Top Robo-Advisor Trends in 2016.)
What Women Investors Need
Research substantiates that women have lacked money confidence for years. A 2013 Fidelity study of couples found that women were more afraid of risk than men. Further proof of the disconnect between women and men investors comes from a survey from BlackRock Investments that found women allocated greater percentages of their investment dollars to cash than men. This one action can hinder long-term wealth substantially. In fact, only 4% of the women surveyed in the Fidelity study were willing to invest a large amount for the chance to garner higher returns. This contrasted with 15% of the men who were more conservative investors.
In spite of women’s need for greater financial education and support, they remain marginalized when it comes to investing. Compound women’s fear of investing with their dominance in the marketplace—women control approximately two-thirds of the U.S. spending, according to a recent Pershing survey—and women are largely lacking in targeted investment information access.
These factors (and more) drove Krawcheck to launch Ellevest. (For related reading, see: Why Women Choose Women for Financial Advice.)
Why a Women-Focused Firm?
Variety is the cornerstone of American consumer marketing. Up until recently, money management and investing services were typically aimed at men.

Read more: Ellevest: What to Know about This Women-Focused Robo-Advisor | 
Ellevest is a yet-to-be-launched online financial services portal aimed at women. Here's what we know so far about this stealth startup.
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Financial Engines Inc., co-founded in 1996 by Nobel-prize winner William F. Sharpe, is in expansion mode. It provides employers and retirement plan participants with a wide range of retirement-related services. The firm helps users with complete retirement planning including personal options for saving, investing and growing retirement income. It manages $113.4 billion in investments for its clients.
To better meet the needs of today’s workers, Financial Engines is broadening its services to include insurance and healthcare advice. These new offerings will be disseminated to the users of its 401(k) plan subscribers in its managed account offering. Financial Engines saw a need from pre-retirees who are clamoring for additional retirement assistance and information. The advisory services complement an already robust financial and retirement planning platform. (For more, see: Which Robo-Advisors are Growing the Fastest?)
How Financial Engines Works
Financial Engines is broadening its services to include insurance and healthcare advice.
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Shared publicly  - quick Google search yields 88,500,000 responses to the question, “How much do you need to save for retirement?” You’d already be retired before actually reading all of the related articles. So how is the average reader able to figure out whether you’ll need $1,000,000 or $100,000 saved up for retirement?
The National Retirement Risk Index (NRRI) found that half of those working today are “at risk” of not continuing their current standard of living in retirement. This retirement guide will examine the retirement research and help you map out a strategy to discover how much you’ll need to retire and how to attain that goal.
Read: Who Should You Trust With Your Retirement?>>>
Step one is to answer several questions that will give color to your quest. After understanding your projected future retirement path you’ll learn how to reach your retirement goal.
An example: Jillian is 36 and earns $85,000. She currently has $45,000 in savings for retirement and looks forward to retiring at age 66. Jillian is hop..
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