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Barbara Carrellas
Founder of Urban Tantra. Author of Ecstasy is Necessary. Sexologist, Sex Educator, Sex/Life Coach, Professional Ecstatic.
Founder of Urban Tantra. Author of Ecstasy is Necessary. Sexologist, Sex Educator, Sex/Life Coach, Professional Ecstatic.

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A Summer Worth Remembering: The professional retreat we all need right now...

Let me're a giver.

You're the practitioner who gives every single client 100%...

You're the therapist who schedules one more session so you can help one more person...

You're the involved parent, or the nurturing caregiver that keeps your family going strong...

You're the compassionate healer who holds space for everyone's growth...

You're the driven entrepreneur who's innovations shift perspectives...

You're the engaged activist who fights for the whole community...

...and you're exhausted, depleted, and perhaps even completely overwhelmed.

I know you, because I am you. I've held every one of these roles at some point in my life, and I know the pitfalls and challenges that arise when you give all of yourself to your work.

During my more than 25 years in the field, I've seen powerhouse practitioners, compassionate councilors, and excited educators burn themselves out trying to make it all work.

That's why I created the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program—to share valuable tools that make this work more worth doing, for everyone!

Here are 5 Reasons Why the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program is the Professional Retreat We All Need Right Now:

1.) Mind/Body/Spirit Healing
I've created a nourishing immersive experience that will gently carry your whole person through a 6-day transformative journey. Breathwork sessions to invigorate your soul, massage to ease your body, expertly facilitated intellectual discussions to tease your mind, and plenty of time for integration, journaling, and making new friends. Also worth mentioning, we have a great deal of fun, frolic, and play during this training.
This is an experiential process, I vary learning styles and subjects daily. We'll have dance breaks, moments of meditation, deep discussions, sacred experiences, peaceful moments, and more than a few good belly laughs.

2.) Professional-to-Professional Love...there's nothing quite like it.
An amazing thing happens when you get a room full of practitioners together. There is a mutual respect, a deep witnessing, and expert skill sharing that never ceases to amaze me.
I created this program out of the need for this type of connection. There isn't another pace quite like it out there. When you step into the program, you're met with a community of practitioners, teachers and healers. You're encouraged to bring your uniqueness to the circle, and we're all better off because you did.
It may sound like a short amount of time, but we pack a lot of connectedness into these 6-days. You’ll walk away with lifelong relationships.

3.) Sweden at Midsummer
The Urban Tantra Professional Training Program is taking place at my absolute favorite Swedish retreat center, Skeppsudden, during the Midsummer Holiday!
We'll be utilizing the fertile energy of the longest days of the year to bring even more life, creativity, and depth to this generation of the program.
In addition to the usual 6 days of advanced, experiential Urban Tantra technique and training, there will be at least one brand new ritual experience to capitalize on the supple joy and exuberance of the Midsummer Festival.
You’ll enjoy looooong warm days and bright sunny evenings in the quintessentially Swedish woods and on the water. It is the perfect place, at the perfect time to dig into your desire for more, to deepen your connection to your purpose and vision, to learn how to create delicious experiences for yourself and/or your clients.

Did I mention that Skeppsudden has one of Sweden's most luscious saunas?

4.) Business Skills, Boundaries, and Best Practices
You're committed to your practice, your vision, your business, and I'm committed to teaching you the practical skills that will keep you loving your work.
You may come in feeling overwhelmed, but you'll leave with:
◦ clarity around your target market, marketing language, and your mission, so you'll attract more of the people that you want to be working with and less of the ones you don’t;
◦ marketing knowhow to further your reach, increase your prospects, and create a whole new set of potential income streams;
◦ a new skill-set and practice around setting healthy boundaries that will keep you grounded in yourself, weed out energy vampires, and help you maintain a healthy work/life balance;
◦ easily integrated embodied practices that leave you feeling nourished, connected and energized so that you can show up more powerfully in your work and in your life.

5.) Inspiration
The individuals that show up for this work are incredibly unique folks from all over the world. We will sit in circle for 6 magical days, sharing experiences and wisdom with hearts open. During this time, new Ideas take shape and perspectives begin to shift.
You'll get to explore your edges. I'll encourage you to try something new, to take that risk, to ask that question, to peruse that taboo. My hope and deepest desire is that this exploration ignites your passion and creativity.
There is no "right way" to use this work. Yes of course there are standards and ethics, but I encourage you to season what you learn at the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program with your own flavor. Evolve it, explore it's power, and use it to create more ecstasy!

I am a giver, I'm enthusiastically engaged with my community, and I care about every single person who finds their way to my work.

So if you're ready to join me for 6-days of sacred soul journeying, community connection, and nourishing inspiration, email

The Urban Tantra Professional Training Program
20-25 Jun 2017
Norrköping, Sweden

Find out more here.

Yours in ecstasy,

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I would love to welcome more people of color into the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program community. There are so many places on the planet where our collective work can bring positive change. Yet, as a predominantly white community, our reach is limited. I want to change this. I am offering a 33% discount to two people of color who’d like to take the next Urban Tantra Professional Training Program in Sydney, Australia from 9-14 May 2017. Just contact us through the “Register” link.

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My most popular workshop is coming back to New York City on 18 February. Join me for Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century at the New York Open Center. Find out more here: 

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Are you ready for deeper relationships, sacred experiences, and powerful transformation? Join me 28-30 April 2017 in Sydney, Australia for more presence, more possibility, and more connection. Find out more here:

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Are you ready to say YES to a more powerful, conscious, and fulfilling personal/professional connection? For over 5 years, I've watched people from all over the world transform their personal & professional lives during my Professional Training Program. I'll be in Sydney, Australia 9-14 May 2017 and Norrköping, Sweden 20-25 June 2017 to share this intensive work:

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2017 is happening... like it or not. For the first time I can remember I have received more New Year’s messages expressing helplessness and hopelessness than hopefulness and anticipation. Wow.

Welcome to the land of Endarkenment. A couple of years ago I began exploring the nature of endarkenment. Embracing endarkenment means accepting that necessary transformation will happen through radical disruption if we haven’t been able to find it through the more peaceful process of Enlightenment. Remember, enlightenment and endarkenment are not goals—they are processes... paths. Transformation is the outcome of both. Sometimes it takes the collective head-bashing of a period of endarkenment to get us to the transformation our higher selves want and deserve.

The practice of Tantra has taught me that love is always a disturbing presence. Love and Endarkenment are perfectly compatible—they have a wonderful relationship. Now, in these times, it’s up to us to find that same relationship within ourselves. How much self-love and world-love can we bring to our periods of endarkenment?

How are you going to embrace, embody and express Love this year?

That’s a question I’ll be asking and answering—in my writing, my online events and my in-person workshops. The answer to this question will only come with the participation of all of us in the international Urban Tantra community. Please join us.

Below is my schedule for the next few months. I'll be teaching on 3 continents, bringing collaboration, inclusion, accessibility, and gratitude to each of these events. Join me for magic, healing, connection, playfulness, and transformation.

10 - 12 February 2017
Interfusion Festival
Alexandria, VA
I'll be offering two workshops (Breath and Energygasms and Tantric Power Exchange) at the Interfusion Festival—a 3 Day Celebration of the Human Spirit. Interfusion is largest Art Fusion Festival on the East Coast.
Find out more here.

18 February 2017
Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century
New York Open Center, NYC
My most popular workshop is back! Join me for a full day of Urban Tantra practices, tips, and techniques during this one-day intensive. Perfect for Tantra newcomers, and a nourishing refresher for those with an established practice—this workshop has something for everyone!
Join me to develop deep, heart-centered connections (with a partner or within ourselves), and explore the bliss that comes when our spiritual and sexual paths are one.
Note: This workshop is for both couples, singles, and alternative relationship structures. It does not include nudity or explicit sexual touch. All genders and sexual preferences welcome.
Find out more here.

28 - 30 April 2017
Urban Tantra Experience: Breath, Sensation and Power
Sydney, Australia
The Urban Tantra Experience is an intensive weekend for spiritual seekers and erotic explorers who know that there is “something more” to sex and spirit than they have experienced and who long for the space, time, and permission to find it. The Urban Tantra Experience will take you on a journey into your own unique sexual and spiritual fulfillment.
During this ecstatic weekend event you'll learn:

the orgasmic and metaphysical possibilities of your breath;
the secrets for giving and receiving many different types of conscious touch—from the sensual to the erotic;
how conscious breath and energy work can transform all types of touch into a deeply intimate ecstatic encounter;
how adding intense sensation and power dynamics can produce altered states of consciousness and reveal new layers of passion and possibilities in all your erotic encounters.
This workshop is for couples, singles, and other relationship configurations. All genders and sexual preferences are welcome. For partner practices, singles will be partnered, with consent. To be assured of working with the partner of your choice, come with a friend.
Find out more and register here.

9 - 14 May 2017
Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program
Sydney, Australia
Urban Tantra® is a radically updated conscious sexuality/sacred sex practice for modern sexual and spiritual explorers. This intensive workshop is designed especially for—but is not limited to—people who work with sex and sexuality. The Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program will give you the skills to take your practice to the next level—both personally and professionally. Whether you are a tantrika, a pro domme, a daka/dakini, a sex therapist, a sex educator, a companion, or anyone else who uses or wants to use a more conscious approach to sexuality in your practice, this program is for you. Urban Tantra modernizes, revels in, teases, and plays with traditional Tantra, all while honoring Tantra’s rich spiritual tradition of connection. As a professional, you want to teach what is closest to your heart, while also maintaining a successful business. You’ll learn how easily accessible language and simple techniques can help you share your powerful message in today’s, fast-paced, goal-oriented, pleasure-starved world. Barbara will help you create the ultimate path of pleasure for your clients/students, allowing them to access their most divine selves. You’ll be able to offer your clients/students immediate results and the promise of more bliss to come. With Urban Tantra, the world is your client.
Find out more here.

20 - 25 June 2017
Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program - Special Midsummer's Event
Norrköping, Sweden
Join me, and my brilliant international team, for an Urban Tantra Professional Training Program like no other! I'll be hosting my transformational training program at the Skeppsudden Retreat Center in Norrköping, Sweden on Summer Solstice. We'll be utilizing in the fertile energy of midsummer to bring more life, creativity, and depth to this generation of the program.
In addition to the usual 6 days of advanced, experiential Urban Tantra technique and training, we’ll have a brand new ritual experience to capitalize on the supple joy and exuberance of Midsummer. The bounty of the Swedish landscape will be yours to play in for evening excursions and delectable downtime during this residential experience. This is my absolutely favorite venue in Sweden.
It is the perfect place, at the perfect time to dig into your desire for more, to deepen your connection to your purpose and vision, to learn how to create delicious experiences for yourself and/or your clients.
Are you intrigued?
This is my only European training program in 2017. So don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to journey with me in the land of the midnight sun on the longest day of the year!
Find out more about the program here.

I hope to see you in 2017.

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