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I totally dig Cinemagraphs. I follow Jamie Beck's Tumblr blog: Totally worth checking out and adding to inspirational posts.
Cinemagraph™. Cinemagraphs™ by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. Press · About · Contact · Fashion Editorial · New York Fashion Week · NYC · Dogfish Head · Food · Oscar de la Renta. Coco Rocha. Christian Lou...
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Why am I no longer able to edit posts and correct my typos? Sorry, guys: Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg
+Barb Cochran you should still be able to edit your post. Make sure you are logged in and then look in the top right hand corner of the post. A little drop down circle should be there, but if not, just hover over the area. Click the the down arrow and it should give you the worked for me earlier in the day on one of my post.
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