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Barak Korren
זהויות? עדיף שתיקח כמה להחלפה...
זהויות? עדיף שתיקח כמה להחלפה...


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For the computing profession to grow and mature, we must learn the story of Grace Hopper #WomanInTech

Working with computers, be it system administration, or software development, as a profession, is a young one. As such, it has many ailments of youth: there is a tendency to lose track of a proper work/life balance, there is rampant professional burnout,…

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Released: BtSync App 0.1.0 a Linux portable #AppImage for #BitTorrentSync #PoratableApps #Linux #p2p

BtSync App is a Linux portable AppImage containing BitTorrent Sync bundled with a Linux desktop GUI. BitTorrent Sync is a free peer-to-peer cross-platform file synchronization application from BitTorrent Inc. Linux AppImages enable delivering Linux…

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Fun way to peel an egg #KitchenTricks #Eggs #Cooking

I’m not sure if it really works, but I’m gonna try it…

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Its a sad day, so a sad song.

So a sad song.

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This is for my photographer friends: Dolly Zoom Tutorial for Timelapse Hyperlapse #photography #video #art

This photography technique produces awesome results, maybe some of my photographer friends would like to try it?  What really impresses me about this, is that this is an art form that could only come into widespread use today, when video screens are…

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D: A native-compiled programming language that has every conceivable feature #programming #code #compilers

The release of Google’s ‘Go’ language seems to have shaken the world of computer languages in general and native-compiled languages in particular. That world was exclusively dominated by C and C++, but now we’re seeing more and more new languages appear…

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הגיע הזמן לעדכן תמונה

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Cory Doctorow lecture about freedom, surveillance and technology. #freedom #surveillance #CoryDoctorow #audio

I just listened to a Cory Doctorow lecture he gave at the Central European University in Budapest. The lecture recounts the same themes and ideas he talked about in numerous other lectures and wrote about in his book “Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free“.…

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sometimes fire is not enough
Animated Photo

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We are but falling leaves

A pretty song to start the weekend with.
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