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"Alongside our entrepreneurial spirit and rugged individualism, America only prospers when we meet our obligations to one another and to future generations.”—President Obama on the importance of Wall Street reform
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Have a great weekend,too~~~
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hi obama~how do you think the relationship with China in future?
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前十我有3 啊哈哈
Bernard Madoff Don't forget him,Mr.President.
Lei Li
Yeah all that debt your pushing on to future generations by keeping with the Federal Reserve System really helps them. I'm sure they will be thankful for us making them broke...
One can no more have inherent obligation to future generations that one can commit human sacrifice to atone for the sins of future generations. You are the president speak sensibly!
Good fternoon,Mr. President; I'm nativa the Argentina, and want to express my big admiration to you and your great country.we are very argentines what don,t defend this goverment because love our nation.
Receive you my respect and greets to same your beautifull family. Ma. Jna.Pcios. Vra.
plz be nice to chenguangcheng, we will welcome him when we liberate ourselves.
+Chris Cecil given that the Federal Reserve has been around since the early 1900s and the fact that Congress, not the President created it, I'd be curious to hear your rationale either for blaming current debt levels on the Fed, or blaming the existence of the Fed on Obama...
Everyone blames everything on Obama... Congress needs more blame for their lack of doing anything...
President Obama, gay marriage?!!!!!? Sorry? Never dry rot and vice incompliant & decline. I think that you are high-born.
I feel like this and what the Republicans want are both "just not good enough". It seems like both are taking little half steps towards fixing this long term.

Why isn't anyone raising minimum wages to a liveable wage?
Why isn't anyone establishing a minimum and maximum work week for target sectors?
Why isn't anyone trying to reduce corporate lobbying?

It just seems to me that both parties are failing to actually do anything truly constructive. If I these were my employees, in my firm, managing my money, they would've been fired years ago.

Imagine if you went to work and only met 95% of your expected duties. You would be replaced. We are expected 100% of expectations or better.

Why do we settle for less in government?

Be American, settle for less.
Dear Mr. President,

I am here to request my Bailout. I will explain as briefly as possible my case and why I'm more deserving of Bailouts than Big Banks and many unfortunate people who are now underwater in their mortgages.

In 2004 I moved from the Midwest to Long Island to be with the woman I love. I left a solid job and moved here because my wife had been with her employer six years more than myself, and I am the more adventurous type. Needless to say, I suffered from price shock and value shock in regards to the real estate market on Long Island.

We got married in 2005, and being very responsible (Both with substantial savings and 800+ Credit ratings) in mid 2006 we entered the housing market in earnest, secured an awesome real estate agent, and began the housing hunt.

After visiting more than 30 homes, we decided that the costs did not meet the benefits, and the value was just not there for us. We withdrew, sadly, from the Housing Market. No matter how we sliced it, it was a $2500 to $3500 dollar per month deal. While it was feasible, it was not comfortable for our psyches and we bowed out.

In 2007 my wife was laid off from her job, and it took her just over a year to secure viable new employment (through contacts at her previous employer and back at the same company).

Had we purchased a home, we would have been sunk without her income. Now, as it stands, with the Disaster in 2009 and the markets in general, home values still looking for the bottom, and tens of thousands of Americans underwater in their mortgages, our decision to bow out is made even more relevant, and more justified.

So, while YOU and Republicans bail out the banks who made these toxic investments, provide aid to folks who are in foreclosure, and provide aid to those underwater in their mortgages, I want to REQUEST OUR BAILOUT as reward for our RESPONSIBLE STEWARDSHIP with our finances.

YOU, and Republicans seem resolved to aiding Banks and people who bought during the FIASCO created by DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS when BOTH PARTIES repealed Glass-Steagall and implemented the 1999 Financial Services Modernization Act.

Obama- i m bangladeshi. I want to ..u again pracident . In hear . Coz i like u . 
Obama- i m bangladeshi. I want to ..u again pracident . In hear . Coz i like u . 
And yet the right wing will claim that the President hates capitalism...
Chen Ma
Mr Barack,you have to restart the rising of economic in States,which is currently the biggest market in the world.
+Alex Whittington While I support the spirit of this reform, it is basically useless. Until Glass-Steagal is brought back, and the 1999 Financial Services Modernization Act is repealed; this is all political window dressing and rhetoric. It's meaningless rhetoric and not real reform.
Congress Must Reform befor it can Reform
Have any idea how much the poor get to spend per meal in food stamps, Scott? I'll buy you a clue. It's about $1.40 a meal per person. Let me know if you're willing to try to making healthy eating decisions using exactly that amount per meal. Oh and the GOP wants to cut that dollar amount per meal by around 25 cents.

Of course you're also conveniently ignoring that you're going to be "forced to pay for their health care" through higher insurance premiums which has nothing to do with the government. But hey, you don't mind if we use the fact that you get benefits that we pay taxes for to force you to make certain choices, right? You wouldn't kvetch that you're being deprived of your freedom, right?
You don't know jack about the entrepreneurial spirit. And America prospers when we meet our own obligations to ourselves so others (socialism/big government) doesn't have to do it.
Who paid for this loser to go to Occidental college?
+Alex Whittington I want to start by stating that the current state of affairs is a Bi-Partisan creation. I am not a member of any political party.

That disclaimer aside: In the mid to late '90's, Republicans pushed hard for less regulation on banks. Democrats pushed for easing requirements to people seeking mortgages. This produced the compromise of the 1999 FSMA, and ultimately created the disaster 10 years later in 2009.

Essentially this is rhetoric until something is done about Glass-Steagall and 1999 FSMA.

So, the answer is no.
+Scott Barrett Obama endorsed and expanded the Bailouts, and extended the Bush Era Tax Cuts for the Wealthy. No difference economically.
There is a difference between TARP and Bailouts that most Americans seem to be unaware of, or do not recognize.

This is from PBS, hardly to be accused of as a Conservative source. I encourage all to read and listen.

TARP has largely been paid back, but that is a merely a drop in the bucket to that which will never be paid back. It’s gone, and this is not debatable, it’s fact.
disgrace.Should have been a goat herder like his daddy
Wall Street...always Wall Street.
+Scott Barrett Dude, you want to regulate what people eat? That's a little controlling don't you think? Big Brother much? Just saying.
+Scott Barrett Bush was not a good speaker. No argument here, in fact, I agree with you and found it painful to watch. I would read his speech transcripts instead.

That does not make him stupid, it makes him a poor speaker. And for many, it made him appear more common and appealing, and not aloof and slick. Some people, whether you like it or not, found it endearing and their vote counts just as much as yours.
Obligations to one another? Such as? That's a tricky way of justifying the use of violence to achieve social reform. It doesn't work, by the way. Whenever you use violence, you get the opposite of your proposed goals.
Sorry for the insults mr president.
Does anybody REALLY believe anything this guy says? His actions are ALWAYS different than his words. That is enough for me to ignore anything else he ever says. Have a nice day!
Damir T
Obama the puppet - the master is behind the curtain (the FED - the PRIVATE Company is in charge of the so called "United" States of America).
Josh B
wait obama had a budget?
Oh wait..that's because it wasn't Obama's budget. it was a Republican mockery of Obama's budget that they conjured up because they knew the Democrats wouldn't vote for it. WHereas the Republican budget is asking you to pay for a 4 trillion dollar tax cut to the rich.

And no..the scariest words in the English language are "We should let businesses do as they please because they'll always make the right decision."

But hey..if you believe government can never help then I'm sure the person who quoted that is perfectly willing to give up his police and fire protection. And won't be able to use any roads anymore. And you'll have to quit the internet too...

Sorry..don't be stupid enough to hate the government when you're oh so dependent on it and you're not willing to give up that dependence.
I don't think a single person can provide a single argument that is on the side of either party that is at all honest.

If you are going to acknowledge truth, then you are going to find that this was unilateral and that bipartisanship is what screwed us.

Both parties had the chance to stop this. Both parties have had the opportunity to fix it with absolute control in all three branches. Both parties have allowed it to continue. Both parties are failures.

If your a republican, your wrong. If your a democrat, then your also wrong.
Kyle W
Why is this on my G+? For crying out loud I can't escape this guy. I don't want to see this. 
+James Kessler The issues with our Government today are Bi-Partisan issues, created and expanded upon by both Parties and their Lobbies and Special Interests.
Shan He
OMG, such cheesy word choices.

Please, President Obama, keep your campaign promises, the ones you made to get elected--even the small ones.

There is far too much lobbying. Those lobbyists are no more entitled to have your ear than any one of us regular people--they have no constitutional guarantee to access you than we do. So, please, there are far too many copyright maximalists lobbying you, far too much lobbying by big media to influence you to give in to protectionism for them. You should know this because WE THE PEOPLE can see how laws like SOPA and PIPA have fallen flat, and why. We don't need more laws such as CISPA or ACTA. Let these businesses compete against new technologies and business models and stop letting them use their money to influence you to sign laws that are against the wishes of the people.
Yeah, add trillions to debt that they will have to pay back by living a much lower standard of living than you will ever have to live with your current 8+ million worth. And, increasing the debt on each household by over $12,000.
Take care when they say things that are right, but it"s a (Allusion!) because behind the scenes, it's business has usual!
i hate politics.why can't we just live with our own little comunitys and stay at that?
Blah blah bs Obama !!!!! Lies all lies!!!!!
Good Grief! What did he say he would do if he didn't succeed in improving the economy? Well....
Right. How many jobs did you create again? Gas at $5? No thanks. Next! So disappointed in all politicians. I have said it before. No Lawyer should be allowed to be a Politician. They are trained in the art of deception.
hey look! its the first gay president!
here is another liar , his mother was american.
I still don't understand why American policymakers won't just heed the Canadian financial minister's advice. Well, I suppose since we live in igloos and save money by using sled dogs to get to work, we couldn't possibly understand the trials and tribulations of the US economy ;)
ROMNEY WIN..................................................plz
the president is right we have to do something about the big boys on wall street they feel those they can do anything they want without repercussion to the american. economy are the american people. president needs to keep strong holes on the banks. the president need to keep this whole thing is he doesn't it will destroy this country as we know it is always life.

president barack obama needs to recognize a single americans want a piece of the american dream to have a home in 2 story. they keep raising taxes on single america. when you're not the only source of income for the government very rich people in this nation who do not pay any taxes are very little time 
This shows how many people disrespect they boss...funny thing is I feel as the only one who actually got fired without severance.
Let's start by being fiscally responsible, then. Decrease debt!
+Mac Adams I think the President is thick skinned enough to handle it. Don't be a panzi, keep your chin up and get in the fight. Come on man! You need some motivation! Check this You Tube Video "I Am A Champion" and then get back in the fight!
I am a champion - the greatest speech ever [ENG SUB]


Just having fun, keep it light. In the final analysis, you and I, are just little mice scrambling around for our crumbs and hope we do not come across any traps.
congress nista back to president and stan strongly on the reforms of this nation will go down in flames. stop thinking of themselves and what they need to do you normally start thinking about the american people in tarnation the american people need to help from the congress.
No jobs, no hope, and future. Lets elect this genius one more time so he can finish the job
We should have let the big banks fail. Smaller banks would have taken over in their place. But no, the government knew better.
we can all blame the president (because is the country's QB) but we are not focusing on the reasons behind the debt and inability of our govt to cut spending and offer a balanced budget. The majority of democrats AND republicans in the house and senate are bought and paid for by big business and the wealthy. Their roles/decisions are defined by what the Pfizers, Exxons, and GE's of the world want to happen in the US and elsewhere.

We need to concentrate on term limits in those two levels of Govt so that it is much harder for corporate agendas to be pushed through year after year.....then you'll see some changes that will be for the better and last.

One man's opinion
+Jacky Law 你可真早。总统先生,谢谢你们帮助陈光诚!
Truth is we are keeping this economy afloat artificially. Truly we are way in over our heads and cannot begin to stabalize our economy. The only thing that could work is if we just let it FALL. Like the great depression and start anew. After the GD we had over 70 years of tremendous growth that was unmatched by any country in the world. We can do that again we just need to accept that we failed and start all over again. Let it CRASH, and then REFORM wall street, healthcare, SS, CHANGE everything for the BETTER! You can do it Mr. President. OBAMA 2012!
Let banks who mess up fail. NO MORE BAILOUTS!!!! The taxpayer should never be "on the hook" for a poor business model that was irresponsible and couldn't survive in the market without government subsidies or bailout money. The US government was never meant to be everything to everyone. Let the free market system work!!!! Bad businesses die and good businesses live.
+David Corbett Please post in correct grammar and punctuation. Your post is challenging to read. I tuned out half way.
Your lips are moving but all I hear is, blah, blah, blah.... Ron Paul 2012!
Don't have my vote we never need gay marriage or to be broke and your promoting both which is bullshit yea congress doesn't do much but we don't look up to congress to lead this country we look up to you and you failed miserably!!

Republicans rule Barack Obama ...... stupid democrats
+Barisuka Godwin Thats the problem... People like the guy... He is a politician and his every move should be scrutinized. He is not a contestant on American Idol.
+Paul Dawson I couldn't have said it better myself. People who advocate for the President / Government to interfere and try to "fix" what's wrong is essentially wanting someone to do the hard work for them...they are LAZY!

What needs to truly be reformed is our federal government. There really is no need to reform Wall Street. No need to reform health care. No need to reform the banking industry. If something fails, let it fail.

And since our government CREATED social security and medicaid/medicare, THOSE should be reformed...better yet, eliminate them by slowly phasing them out.

And for those that want to debate politics with me, I relish it. :) Bring it on!
Translation, you idiots you must now vote more socialist to make our king O'buma happy. Thus destroy the Constitution so he can burn it and rule the world.
We need absolute equal rights, better education, a smart president, lower gas prices, more oil refineries, and honest leaders.
Bullshit from a bullshit artist. Both sides are bought and paid for. Go Ron Paul!
I like the guy alright. He gets my vote, as there is absolutely no alternative. Republicans do nothing constructive in office, and prove it daily in the House.
We do need all of that and Obama is NOT the man. He represents everything we do not need in this country. The world does not need another Socialist country.
^You realize Ron Paul is a Republican, right? And that unless there's a congress full of Ron Pauls, nothing will change.
Just gonna have to mute this thread because of all The Stupid on it...
I believed this ass once, he is not going to fool me again.
all of if not most of the problems that are happening under Obama's presidency can be traced directly from republican interference making it impossible to get things even halfway fixed. oh and those of you wishing romney to get elected, you are just asking for 100 times worse to happen, people expecting our country's problems to get solved in the 4 year span of a president have no conception whatsoever what reality is or how these issues work at all.
The control of the country is in the hands of banks and corporations. It will never work for the people again. We are so silly to think things will change. Are the ones in control going to kick themselves out? Never, and as long as there is a two party system that just revolves in and out then it doesn't matter what side of the line you are on. 
Mr. President, treating the symptoms will never be enough, and hurling blame without putting forward a solution is equally destined to accomplish nothing.

I put forward the idea of an Energy-Based Economy. If, rather than a Dollar, we use (for example) a mW/h, then efficient energy production will take center-stage, as will a push toward a more efficient production of goods. As Energy production increases and becomes cheaper while the production of goods becomes cheaper (literally equivalent to more efficient in this case), the cost of living will drop and rates of pay will increase, asymptotically approaching a free life with endless source of income. #buckyfullercurrentcy #currentcy

Want to literally make money "from nothing" (a small investment)? Construct solar panels in the back yard. Reverse-engineer an old treadmill to build a wind-generator.

This would, as a matter of course, eliminate dependency on the federal reserve, eliminate all debt, end the fiat currency, destroy fractional reserve banking, and eventually grant us all the freedom to choose the lives we want and attain them, all without requiring communism or fascism of any kind and reducing our dependency on inefficient fossil fuels and oil. It's a simple change: back the dollar with energy and slowly phase it out as energy becomes the new currency. Thanks for reading.
BS all of Obamas troubles are caused by Obama. Quit blaming everybody else, that is a cowards way out (Obama the coward)
É isso aí: SOLIDARIEDADE é a palavra de ordem nos dias de hoje!
Mr. President its time for you and your socialist regime to step down. America had enough problems before you were elected and you've chosen to let down the American people by doing absolutely nothing for them unless it suited your biased agenda. You are waste of a man and of a president, which is a name you don't deserve.
Dude who wrote SPEECH for you ! Gud one ..
i love it when republicans say i want less regulations less goverment ..yeah what they really want is the freedom to cheat you.. steal your money and make suckers from the american free market yeah free suckers
Gosh, I can't wait for November - to vote you out!
Thank you +Terry Sansom! "Meet your obligations - 5.6 trillion in new debt, +8% unemployment, creating more and more dependency on government programs. Government is NOT the solution, it is the problem. Get out of the way! You make me proud not to be American." To add...

I didn't want to superseed that comment but I wanted to add one of the biggest problems of all is the Federal Reserve. As far as entrepreneurial spirit goes, I hope we will start seeing more social currency in the near future such as BitCoin but on a global scale. Maybe Facebook or +Google could come up with something. To add, it would be great if we could go back to what is referred to as the gold standard but that's not thinking realistically.

If the US only spent what was available in gold, silver, and copper. We would probably be in poverty. The FED's have ruined it for us over 100 years of virtually creating debt (MONEY) out of thin air! Because of this, we might never see money backed by a chemical element again so virtual is the only way we can continue to thrive. But we can accomplish it by creating value in a virtual social space (notice I didn't say internet). How we (normal people, not content the mainstream content creators) can share in and validate this free space remains to be seen. But I believe that one day, our interactions, posts, and everyday occurrences (not entertainment or innovation) will be worth something one day.

In my own opinion, inflation didn't exist before the FED, certainly not in the capacity we're experiencing now.
Great initiative to ensure wall street crooks are brought to bear. We don't want another economic meltdown brought on by Republican deregulation. We need order. Obama forward 2012.
I love how people call themselfs "PROUD AMERICANS" And yet they have the GUTS to make fun of our U.S.A. President... Sad if you ask me
Presidents are great at talking the talk
What is he lying about now? Happens whenever he speaks.
My only Obligation, Mr. Obama, is to respect the rights of my fellow citizens for their Life, Liberty, and their pursuit of Happiness.
Telling me I have more than that is infringing upon my own right of Liberty, and that I will not have.
Please, get out of the white house. Your a shame and an embarrassment to us all.
This guy is a badass of a president. He sets such a great example of leadership and ethic. Wow.
donald trump he is underhanded ,sneaky ,does bad business deals ,and screw people out of money and if they do not do well he fires ........ahaha!!!!much like the american govt maybe thats why he would do good ....and has a smoking hot wife
So Chinese guy that said "f....k you" does speak English. So why the Chinese characters. Shall I go to a Chinese site and speak English?
ye know My last Addiction is the aliens took it!!!
Well said, Mr President. Now please honor your obligation to all of us, and resign immediately. You owe it to future generations.
+Joe Wallace , first if you are going to hate on someone, it is you're not your. Second, you do not have a right to the pursuit of happiness. That is in the preamble, not the articles or amendments. Also, exactly what about President Obama makes him such a terrible leader? I think he's done a fine job, could it have been better? Sure, but you cannot do everything and you can do even less when facing hyper-partisanship and all the problem Former President Bush left behind. So, if you'd oblige, the top three things you hate about the president. Thanks.
What about Government Reform..Term limits for all congressmen and senators. No more life time pensions for government workers. No more free health insurance for Government workers. The Government should be for the people and NOT against the People
Can we see some Glass-Steagall up in this piece please?
Not because of race, religion, political party, etc... But just speaking as a human being, I'm not a fan... much less a supporter.
Chad S
lets just put all politicians on a low income budget for a year and lets see if there are changes. F them all. they are nothing more than parasites feeding off the people they claim to serve when in reality they are the boil that needs to be lanced.
Why would anyone call a Marine a liar?He's entitled to his opinion. He defense this country so we are free and can have these arguments. Thanks you to all are armed services. Our prayers are with you as well as your families
He's lying to the American people saying the National unemployment rate is 8.4% Bull Chit! it's around 16-18% !!!
Excuse me while I take millions in donations from wallstreet.
+KLOK KAOS agreed
+Steven Moor as a human being, it is your instinct to make decisions based on race, religion, political party, etc
Right on, Barack. You go, man. Got my vote this November.
not sweet dady but sweet daddy deal!!!!!!
+Todd Heckert amen!!!

first: how do u REFORM something U DON'T OWN. Wall street isnt part of the government.

second there is no way to enforce this: The Fed reserve has no over site (the Fed reserve is the one who ajust the amount of currency in the banks). you need to fix the fed reserve before u try to use it.
Who gives a fuck what language they speak!! >_< Fucking idiots. Do you really have to make Americans look bad? It's not bad enough you disagrace the human race. The world is a much bigger place, and the Internet has no borders. I should not have to do this, we're in the 21st century. God I hope that Solar Flare hits, I'm starting to lose faith in humanity, or even common reasoning. 
I respect everyone's opinions. That's how I'm going to leave this one... Peace:)
This quote is perfect example of DoubleThink. He combines individualism with collectivism and no one notices. It even sounds wonderful and true. It is neither.
The folks calling Obama a socialist need to buy a dictionary and a history book, realize that McCarthy did potentially irreparable damage to the dialogue in this country, and that Obama is more conservative in action than Ronald Reagan.
Kenya is for Kenyans therefore kama mwenye nchi why don't make use of your vote achieve the Kenya of your dreams?A nation free of corruption,nepotism,tribalisim,terrorisim and what have you.
Thank you Mr. President, lets make Wall Street respomsible for their actions that made the mess we are in now.
Our truncated scale stops right of center. McCarthyism killed the opposition for conservatives.
If Obama really cares about "future generations", why has he exploded the national debt on his watch?
+Paul Johnson While I do not disagree that McCarthyism was responsible for a lot of the damage to our scale, there have been MANY other factors. Murdock has done AT LEAST as much damage as McCarthy ever did.
No plus one from me. That is all.
En politisk partie är ett paket, det vill, men inte alla, men man måste ta hela paketet
Pres. Obama it's not just Wall Street who is straining small businesses I believe the government is also. I have a business that has been growing well, I've hired four people in the last year and a half and just two years ago I was unemployed. my problem is I can't hire more that I need because I can't fit them into the building that we have. My dilemma is the bad economy hurt my credit stopping me from getting a loan. I'm now doing very well being able to pay my bills while keeping four families plus my own feed. I'm doing my part to help the economy I'm just not getting any assistance. The government is quick to help people who don't work but not quick to help people who are hard-working.
If Obama really wanted Wall Street reforms.....he wouldn't have appointed Geithner. The President says one thing, yet does another.
yeah , sure and lets all go to wonderland and have some cookies and milk
Thank you very much Mr president and return it to you and your lovely family.
+Craig Chamberlin I agree with you there, many of his constituents ARE idiots. I mean, take you for example.....
I don't know why the White House bothers to leave these comments sections open. Two thirds of the posts are from know-nothing Republicans who throw up blatant bullshit that couldn't get past the most cursory fact-checking and another sixth are chinese dissidents posting nonsense.

Republicans: try using Google's search function once in a while.
+Jerod Weeks: No, that's not what's going on, and you would have to be pretty dishonest to yourself to even think that. If you don't like the idea that Americans help each other out, then quit being American and leave already.
Amazing how he has so many words and still didn't really say anything. And what he does is worse. He totally speaks with forked tongue

OK people. We've had our black president now. Can we please stop calling each other racist and instead pick a president who is going to stop spending our children's inheritance?
Why are all the Chinese posting on here. Are they making some backroom deals?
The haves have been telling the have-nots that there's not enough to go around for 6000 years. They've been lying the whole time.
+John Wilkinson: They don't have any sense of manners and think this is a good place for an off-topic conversation. Just report the spam and report-and-block the posters.
+E L Frederick Clearly you couldn't be bothered to look at the chart, now could you. Making matters worse, you seem to be one of those people who believes that getting a stick of gum for $10 is the same as getting a new Corvette for $10. After all, it's $10 gone either way, right? Stay out of politics, you aren't competent to have these discussions.

+Ben Greer calling it that doesn't make it at all true. Unless we pull out of this economic slump, you could cut the Federal budget to nothing, and our children will be eating dirt. (BTW, history paints a crystal clear picture that cutting the federal budget, AT ALL, right now, will destroy this nation faster than any other possibility. Austerity has been shown CONCLUSIVELY to not work.)
Most important of all, may all the people on this Planet drop all weapons. If one wishes to fight then do it with their own fists. Humanity has far greater potencial to explore new worlds and new boundaries. Provide education so that ignorant people don't start wars needlessy and use that knowledge to unite us all in providing far greater advances that the ones in the Past. Provide health for Humanity to shape it's future into the generations to come. Provide food for those who cannot feed themselves and then learn from their experiences so that will not happen again... For Peace and Unity to all Mankind...
What have they actually done to protect wall street from itself?
Greates president ever; greatest second-half comeback in history.
+Paul Johnson No - the Ron Paul who thinks too highly of the Constitution for the corporations to allow him to stand.
Obama - the worst thing to happen to American since Jimmy Carter.
good morning, sir. glad to be in one with you. hope you, your family and america have a good day.
You should not say that about Obama. Why, because some of actually support him and are democrats.
stop interfering in other matter then no one claim on america
The only thing this guy's got for America is four more years of liberal banter about what he's doing for America, when I'd love to hear him tell the truth about what he's doing to our jobs, economy, homes, infrastructure, national debt (like 15 trillion wasn't enough, now it's higher). We desperately need a new president with some guts, and a congress that will work with him.
I find it interesting that there are a proportionate amount of dolts on this forum who have little or no understanding of the actual working engine behind the American/Global economy ... before you throw stones in a glass house with self-embarrassing remarks about subject matter you don't understand, do yourself a favor and just listen and learn.
Picking a new president will mean adjusting to new and unknown parameters of life in America. Picking a republican as president will give business carte blanche to abuse your rights and security. The whole world is going through a crisis and austerity type measures here in America will not play. Why can't we just discount all of the financial mess by simply resetting the economy to zero and start again. Fresh credit and there will be fresh demands for goods and services. I stopped believing in figures like billion and trillion because it is an inconcieveable number as it pertains to humans and value to and for humans. Just refuse to cowtow to business, banks and financials demands for fees and penalties attached to loans and other transactions. the money lent is very real but the raping of the consumer with penalties and fees and interest is driving the economy. It's business and banks and financials jobs to create ways to get money out of you the consumer with credit. It's literally slavery. At the beginning of the crisis I believed the government should have given the homeowners the money in full to pay for their homes. They would have paid the banks and financials and the government would have penalised every entity for being greedy by creating bone crushing fees, penalties and interest. For creating CDS and adjustable rate mortgages and allowing for flooding the market with new homes. By foreclosing on folks who couldn't pay you stopped tax revenue to cities and states and left neighborhoods blighted. The banks and financials gutted America not Obama. This situation we're in cannot be rectified in 4 years or 14 years. The banks are still looking for ways to make money from you by deception and lies in the small print. All via the courtesy of the republican party. The republican party will see you starve, out on the street, sick and uneducated and not care. Immigration is a stupid issue. They do work no White person wants to do. Besides if we stopped immigration issues this instant it wouldn't stop anything for 20 years. They are here, the White population is diminishing and with them gone the whole meaning if America will change. They are here. Find a way to get tax revenue out them to help get money into the governments coffers. Right now it's about survival. The stock market is going to have a bigger correction or crash within the year. What will happen when the dollar is not the standard of the world anymore? Romney will find a way to make money for business but with fewer jobs availiable. He won't be able to fix a 17 percent unemployment that we currently have. He will approve the use of technology to get work done. He will offer our services as third world labor. We might have jobs but we will be living out of our cars. College? A degree will become an instrument of discrimination and once again very few will have even decent jobs. Only 27 percent of folks who go to college finish. 27 percent out of 100 ain't good folks. We can't go back to Bush era pro business economics. It means disaster for ordinary folks who have nothing now. We are human beings and deserve and have as a right, housing, food, healthcare, education, the internet (we paid for it, it should be free) and water. No one should be lacking these basic life sustaining rights. You folks who think capitalism in this form is working, you are smoking crack. For everyone business thinks it helps thousands are going without. America needs to wake up.
One thing I would like to say is, Communism is a scare tactic used by the Republicans for decades. Every time someone cries Communism, it takes away any point they might have in a discussion.

It's ridiculous to think we are turning Communist when the same companies have been running this Country for years... Fear-mongering with words like Communist means you don't have facts... We spend 52% of our budget, that we don't have, on War, not welfare and giving away free food to everyone on drugs. It's a ridiculous claim, and if you say it, you are ignorant.
+Jerod Weeks: it really sounds like you're at odds with American values if you want to consider using our government to work for the people to be coercion. I'll help you pack the air crate, just let me know when and where you're moving from.
Really, I would rather see two dogs screwing than this guy.
Bail out of Wall Street(with no restrictions) was a Bush/GOP construction. Since Wall Street proved they cannot regulate them selves Obama pushed for the reregulation(deregulated of the GOP) of Wall Street but the GOP watered it down so there doners, not the American people, wouldn't be harmed financially.
Can you say Solindra, Failed stimulus, $16 trillion of national debt, crony capitalism, energy policy destroying the country, $4-5 gas, democrats Barney frank and Chris Dodd who were the direct cause of the wall street melt down, real estate in the toilet, military being decimated, taxes off the chart, socialized health care that cares for no one runaway inflation, and a card carryng Marxist for president. Yep, that's what I want to keep. Wake up America. Dave, Socialism, Marxism doesn't work, look at the world and history. It was Capitalism that made this country great, even that bastion of Communism, China has gone to the capitalist economic philosophy. Conservatives are the only hope left to undo the destruction our Kenyan president has caused.
For the past 3 1/2 years we have been fighting our way back from a historic economic crises. One caused by breathtaking irresponsibility on the part of Alan Greenspan and our economic regulators in the government who treated our financial system like their own little plaything. Not only did that behavior nearly destroy the financial system, it cost our economy millions of jobs, hurt middle class families, and left taxpayers holding the bill. Since then we've lost more taxpayer dollars to their destabalized banks, and we've put in place even more Wall Street refrom that is tougher, dumber, and lacking any common sense that serve one primary purpose: to make the downturn longer and make another crises far more likely. For the past two years, a few republicans in congress, and an army of American patriots have been waging an all-out battle to delay, defund, and dismantle this new growth in government. Recently we've seen why we can't let the government regulators and the federal reserve continue on their course. We found out that a big mistake, at one of our biggest banks, resulted in a 2 billion dollar loss. If we can't shrink the government's role in the economy, we will find ourselves with the taxpayers once again on the hook for the government regulated and funded bank's mistakes. That's why it is so important that members of Congress, and the people in of our great nation stand on the side of smaller government, not against it because we can't afford to stay in this erra of overarching regulation and massive, ill-conceived oversight that encourages and spurs excessive risk taking on Wall Street that nearly destoryed our economy. We can't afford to stay in this brand of government-controls-everything economics. Not after the American people have worked so hard to come back from this big government created crises. We have to start moving forward. We've got to start the job of stopping this massive and growing government and getting them out of the economy.

As long as the government continues to try to help, our economy will never function at its full potential. Government decisions in the economy are ALWAYS bad decisions, so the more they spend and regulate, the worse the economy will become. We don't have a free market, and we haven't for 100 years, and it needs to change. We must stop and roll back the problems the government has caused and create a new system outside of government mismanagement. This experimental economy that tries to mitigate the destructive forces of the federal reserve and government planned economies must be ended.
Please God let people wake in time! I know we can't stop the apocalypse but could it happen with someone genuine and not someone with a huge freakin cheap on their shoulder!
"entrepreneurial spirit and rugged individualism" But not with Big Government. Very Oxymoronic of our current administration.
Assassination - World Policy for cleaning up Political Mistakes.
Why don't these geniuses give us lawyer reform? Lawyers make 33% of every judgement. These scumbags are making hundreds of dollars an hour, and then they take your money and buy politicians to make more laws, and write them so that only they can understand them. Instead of health insurance reform, we need free lawyer care. Never again should a rich SOB get away with rape or murder, just because his money can buy a team of lawyers. Why are Americans be afraid of rich celebrities? Because they have the best lawyers! Even the playing field! If this president is a man of the people, not the rich lawyers, then he would immediately start writing laws that take the power away from the lawyers, and give it back to the people!
To Big to Fail, To Big to go to jail and To Big to Reform?
How do you know when Obama is lying? When you see his lips moving.
Hey, Obi Wan Kenobi. Why don't you legalize marijuana and let a few hundred thousand out of prison for smoking it? That'll get you some votes!
i stronly dislike Obama!!!
Chris, that would imply that his silence is truthful. He's lying all the time, also with his body language!
Yea,i really think they need a -1 button instead of a +1
He was amazing at first but he needs to attract the public not the economy. what is more important wall streets economic crisis or the welfare of the american people. i can nuder stand you are trying to create more jobs but you need to also in crease heath care and public and privet school funding so you can get more qualified people that can do the jobs on offer.
Id rather have bush back. And he sucked. Thank u for screwing the country, losing jobs, and over all being a shit representation of america
Mr. Obama, you can have a big cup of go fuck yourself. We dont want you as president, you are making this country worse.
Vel Ma
Oh boy, reading these rants is hilarious, but also scary. I understand better why so many Americans were so ready and willing to send other people's children to another continent to be killed by the thousands--again. That unnecessary and completely fake war in Iraq is costing more than anybody wants to admit.

I try not to lecture people, as a rule. Therefore, my message is, "for God's sake, people, get an education, and demand that your government stops financing needless wars and dictators around the world, trying to do other peoples' defence for them and occupying oil-rich countries; also stop feeding the fat cats and start taking care of the weaker ones, starting from the poor people who can't afford to pay their rent despite working three jobs 60-70 hours a week, and whom you insist upon calling "lazy". That is the measure of your civilisation, not how big your McMansion is."

Plus, it would be nice if you stopped being racist, okay? It's the 21st century, not 19th.
+Brett Schulte The only thing inappropriate here is that dumb fucks like you not only voted for this prick once, but will probably do it again. This is why I support sterilization. Some people (like you) should not be allowed to reproduce. There are enough stupid people in this country as it is.... they're called liberals.
and thats y america never has and never will prosper
Why not save this ignorant right wing shit for the Fox blog spots?
obama is a commie? what a stupid statement. look up the definition of communism sweetheart.
Obama needs to go back to Africa and get out of the White House with his Socialist ideas.
Liberal and proud! All of humanity is my concern, not just those who consider themselves the chosen few.
that is a crock!!!!! He talks alot of sh_t and there is no proof of any action. His socialist views on those who have worked hard to get where they are, who stuck it out in school, got up earlie, worked that extra hour and walked that extra mile and he thinks he is going to hand it to those lazy, handout dependents, who think that america owes them.
Great quote... But you forgot to mention the part about coercion and thievery when the government forces people to do so under penalty of law.
I am sure that Mr Obama is doing the Best that he can under the extremely challenging circumstances. When you talk about Scumbags, are you refering to All Lawyers, Where Please? United States of America? Australia? China? India? The reason I ask is that it seems to me that you are Generalising? Although there may be some Lawyers that have not made the Right Choices, there are definatley many Lawyers who have, and are at this point of time. I mean no Disrespect. I myself probably need to Research, Study and Write some notes before I Form an Set Opinion. In terms of understanding The Laws etc, have you considered studying Law yourself, if it concerns you so much? As for Rich Celebrities? Can you be more Specific? I have read up on a many Celebrities, over the Last few nights, and Life is Hard for Everyone! Including Celebrities Too. If anything, it seems to me, that many People who have had an Unfortunate Up Bringing, are more Inspired to be Successful. People have Worked Hard to get where they are in Life, Deserve The Best and Face Obstacles Like Everyone Does. Also A Lawyer is a Person, Part of Our People, Are You? Please try and Think Positive! God can Guide You. Life is about Choice! You Get, What You Give.
how bout a balanced budget? Does that have any implications on our future?
Commie, who's the dumb dumb. Earth to Jerry, we live in democratic country. People just mad cause he's black. So sad and backwards. President Obama you got my support, it's not like there's any sort of brains competing against you this year. I mean common Romney. Nah. The president is for the people. "All" the people. LoL
america politicians of all colors bought and paid for - money now runs the country not the citizens
he is reading a script watch his eyes moving from left to right
its a bit like our country when the queen gets a pre made script to read
Which one of you f'n morons put this shit from this socialist ass up. This man should be tried for treason. Then sentenced as the Rosenbergs. 
To Dave. Your ability to suck up his shit is truly amazing. 
Lip service.... just words that sound hollow and without soul .... kind of like lady GaGa ..(-;
Wall Street needs reform. Stealing our money is not cool.
+Jerod Weeks: Apparently, it does. If the free market could do it, we wouldn't have stuff like the Department of Transportation, the Federal Reserve or the FDA.
+Alex Whittington Obama is more of a Capitalist than a Socialist OR a Communist. The fact is that there really AREN'T any true "Socialists" or "Communists", and honestly, I'm just fine with that. Now let us discuss the REAL issue here. The reason Obama is CALLED a "Socialist" (sometime Communist) is because he is NOT a "Laissez-faire-ist", which is what the people against him for economic reasons truly are. The reason this doesn't get discussed, is because "Liberals" don't call them "Laissez-faire-ists", they use different words like "Morons" and "Idiots". It IS hard to fault them for that, as those words ARE more accurate.
+ben Pomfret: Name one president who could deliver a speech without reading it. Can you deliver a speech without reading it? You're faulting the guy for being human.
Most of the discussion above illustrates the fundamental flaw of democracy: you have to grant hill billy morons the vote.
+Paul Johnson they fault him for anything they think that they can get away with faulting him with. They decided he was a failure before he made it to the office. Nothing he does, nothing that happens, will convince them that he is anything but a failure, because they arrived at that conclusion without reason. Reason isn't going to change their conclusion.
Seance when has obligation been a form of subjugation? and if that is the case than Obama is obliged to kiss my ass.
even a -100000000000000 as Tsunabakato suggests is NOT enough .....
+Jerod Weeks: You have a dangerously narrow interpretation of the constitution. Fortunately, nobody else seems to agree with what you're saying. Why is it you hate America, anyway?
dan li
I agree. Maybe we can start by cutting the deficit a tad.
If only I could trust President Obama's sincerity. But he turned out to be like any other politician... only calmer.
+Drew Heyen You sound like you're from the same elitist liberal camp as Obama, Pelosi, etc. I bet your favorite author (assuming you read books) is Karl Marx. I agree that a total hands-off approach is not a good one. However, Obama is way too hands-on. We didn't need to bail out companies; that's certainly not a capitalist thing to do. We didn't need economic "stimulus" spending; that was just a big, bad joke. We certainly don't need ObamaCare; please tell me how that doesn't stink of socialism. Obama wants to increase the power of the federal government and decrease the power of the states, companies, and individuals. He's far from a capitalist leader.
HAY! OBAMA why is our economy still fucked up...
"Obligations to one another"? Translated that means socialism, redirection of individual wealth, and nanny government.
It will take decades for the economy to recover not a few years. Get real people.
Wall Street doesn't need you, nor the banking institution. Neither needs as much meddling from Congress, either (they're mostly lawyers, aren't they : ) It was your party and the previous Democratic administration that planted the seeds for the economic woe we suffer now. I'm not known for any love of banks for a number of reasons. But one thing banks are notoriously known for is avoiding mistakes, and, if they do make them, to make sure they never make them again. I respect this. Unlike you, President Obama, that's how sensitive they are to their reputation, a sense of reputation and respectability you could well learn from.

And by the way, I find it fascinating that this post found its way in my stream when I don't follow you : )
OK so first off if people would go out n get a job and I see atleast 30-40 in the two papers I read they may not pay a lot but a job is a job. If everyone who is out of a job took any job they could find not only would it help them but the economy as well. They could get off welfare n start paying bills and companies could start expanding which would provide more jobs
I wasn't aware that forcing future generations into massive debt was us meeting our obligations!
We can't count on the government we have to all pull together and help each other and the local establishments we can do this we are America
+Tiffeny Townsend: You'd be surprised how many job listings are scams looking for personal info to kype. And underemployment means you don't have the time to find a proper job.
What a liar. Screws the country then blames it on someone else.
+Joseph Payne: Blame the Bushes and Reagan for getting the ball rolling on our biggest spending right now. The F22 Raptor was Bush Senior's pet toy project and now accounts for 11% of the national debt by itself. Add to that the bank bailout both gulf wars and the war in afghanistan, and Reagan fighting the cold war after the Soviet Union couldn't be saved from collapse even if we wanted to, and those three presidents alone account for 94% of the national debt as it stands today.

But yeah, go ahead, keep blaming Obama.
The Frank-Dodd bill is a sham, and will ultimately do little to contain the perversion on wall street.

Both parties are complicit to the fleecing of this country over the last 30 years, this isn't about politics anymore, it's about putting mechanisms BACK in place that were removed and would have kept this asshattery from occurring in the first place.
Go back to Kenya Barry ....
+Szam Boti Five words to declare the the world that you're a total fucking idiot. A new record.
Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing its idiot.
Let's play find the sockpuppet account click on some 6-word, racist criticism of Obama and you'll find an account with four public posts and no profile. It's easy, try it.

This thread isn't real people criticizing Obama so much as a few people working in boiler-rooms with eight accounts each.
+Vernon Tennant Exactly what they want you to think, but look at the recession of 1920-1921. Or how about the .com bubble crash? Do you really have that short of a memory? Recoveries (when the free market is allowed to take its course) last 1-3 years.

Obama stats:
Inauguration day 2009 -
Unemployment: 7.8%
Federal Debt: $10.6T
Debt per person: $34,737
Misery index: 7.8
Gas prices: $1.85
Health insurance costs: $3,354
US/Global competitiveness: 1st

As of April 2012 -
Unemployment: 8.7%
Federal Debt: $14.7T
Debt per person: $47,047
Misery index: 12.9
Gas prices: $3.85
Health insurance costs: $4,129
US/Global competitiveness: 5th

Sadly there are enough sheeple that this election won't be 90/10 Romney/Obama

Makes me sad for America...
The goverment wants you to be there for them when they need your vote, but just think of this,'If the world dos end on 12/21/12, like what they say is going to happen, you are on your own and they will not be there for you. I am sorry for saying it that way, but I lost trust in what came out of their mouths because more then half of what they say is a lie, because its what we beleave when they promiss they are here for us.
Never ever heard so much bs from one man...
Gee +Devin Christensen those states you threw out aren't twisted at all. First off you are pulling a fast one using the inauguration day stats. Like as soon as he took office, it was in his court. Anything he did budget wise wouldn't have even started until October 2009,so why didn't you use that as you start point? Oh because by then the debt and the unemployment rate looked worse than it does now. Ahh. But hey go ahead and keep spinning, you are only making yourself dizzy.
Also, if you think the 20's recession and the .com bubble were anything close to the great depression, or the Bush recession you're off your rocker.
what roo idenny is trying to say."bull shit"
+Devin Christensen Those are totally different situations, but the fact that we're facing these problems again proves that it wasn't a success and a temporary fix is not what we need again.

Obama is not to blame, this is a global problem, society as a whole is flawed and needs revamping.
+chris conway Ha, nice try buddy. The reason I go with inauguration day is because it reflects the policies of 2/3's of the government for the past two years, which was controlled by... DEMOCRATS. it's amazing how that works isn't it!

Bush has a split house and senate for his first few years (.com burst) economy recovers quickly. Democrats win a majority in both the house and senate in '06 and things start to go to hell. Not that bush was faultless, he was the other 1/3 for the last two years and gave in to the democrat spend-a-thon. Then Obama gets in 3/3 of the government are democrat controlled for two years, and where did that get us? into the depths of the recession. Then in 2010 the republicans get a majority in the house, back down to 2/3 democrat controlled and the bleeding slows...

As for the 20's and .com bubble. You are correct, they didn't get as deep as the depression or this recession. Have you ever wondered why? Government Intervention is the lcd.
+Vernon Tennant "society as a whole is flawed and needs revamping."

Exactly, the grand experiment of socialism failed. Lets pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and get back to what works, true capitalism.
Man same ole song and dance over and over. Republican obstruction had no part in that. They just kept breaking cloture records every session, but we should ignore that and blame the stagnation on the Democrats. Nice try indeed.
很久没来了。。heihei...see U...
Must be a jack London fan 
I do not think this word means what you think it means. Although it has been mildly entertaining in reading these posts, like watching someone trying to start a fire by rubbing two wet matchsticks together.
+Devin Christensen
Socialism? Are you living in the same USA I am? We haven't even come close to experimenting with socialism. If anything, we lean more libertarian than socialism. And letting the market rule itself seems to be what has failed.
擦 老子手机能登google+
yes,the wall street should be reformed!
South China Sea belongs to China
If Obama really wants to win this "second" go round, he should dump Biden and add Hillary to his ticket.
8 Rulez
+顾逸晨 很久没来了吧,,,给你留个500~~~~~~~~~~上~~~~~~~~~~
Just another wonderful tribute to the collective intelligence and civility of our great nation.  :p
tim s
We will find the road.
America, America, America. There's a reason why it's called The American Dream.
His words, compared with his actions, indicate extreme hypocrisy, or downright lies.
+Richard Smith which words and actions are those? Be specific if want to be taken credibility and seriously
just send me a letter,I will be more happy even I did not see u in real,,,,,,only your message I'm already content
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