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“As long as we have a single American in harm’s way, we will continue to do everything in our power to keep them safe and help them succeed.”
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المهم عاينو تبعدو بعيد عن اي شئ لا يخصكم...؟؟؟؟
I still support my Commander and Chief! Obama/Biden 2012!
Ted X


Ted X
Someone need to remind Obama, they are in Harms way because he has kept them in Harms way...more soldiers have died in Afghanistan in the last 22 months than the previous 11 years.

He made this speech to garner support from the military and their families because they dislike the guy immensely . For pretty obvious reasons and was magnified by their cold response to him at Fort BLiss.

Thank the Iraqi Government for kicking us out last December...they did us a favor.
Obama u r a lier we won't believe u again go to hell
+Barack Obama long as we have a government that is hell bent on global domination not a single American will be safe. Give peace a chance, we are 21st century neanderthals...
+Rachel Lindsey and +Katelyn Desjardins ev u r young to vote but u must share ur idea and have ur own idea don't believe any one u must vote for a man who can help people over the world and if u ask me the both don't deserve the president
He is suppose to go the hurricane area today, I think. Did he change his mind. And I didn't hear a word either from the GOP Convention about our troops. What's up with that?
Obama's justice department grants final immunity to Bush's CIA torturers

By closing two cases of detainees tortured to death, Obama has put the US beyond any accountability under the rule of law

by Glenn Greenwald:
"When Obama first announced his intent to run for president, he vowed that "the era of Scooter Libby justice … will be over" – meaning high-level officials will no longer be able to break the law with impunity. In mid 2008, Holder denounced Bush's illegal torture and surveillance programs as showing "disrespect for the rule of law", and he vowed:
"We owe the American people a reckoning.""
+Peter Combs I respectively disagree. I served for 12 years under both President Bush and President Obama. I have 4 combat deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq...what you don't realize is that since the President ended the occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan picked up once again like it did in the beginning. For years (2004-2009) Afghanistan was a "forgotten war"...and now since we are trying to withdraw from Afghanistan and give the responsiblity back to its people, US troops become more of target than ever before...and that targeting comes from the very same Afghans that we are training to defend their land...has nothing to do with Our President. You can't keep blaming one person for things that cannot be controlled...
+Maurice Cowley Jr Thanks for your service.  Do you think the president's policies are working?  If not, what would you change? Is it time to say to the Afghan's that you are on your own?  12 years is a long time to have troops on foreign soil....
I wanna know something why u don't leave the world in peace why u stay in Iraq or Afhanistan leave them alone in peace
+shreif hesham Peace?  Really?  You can have an opinion one way or another about the United States, but to say that Iraq under Saddam was peace is a stretch. 
+Maurice Cowley Jr   First we didn't end Operations in Iraq, we were kicked out by the new Iraqi Government in Dec 2011. Lets not be dishonest.

The Surge in Afghanistan has been a total failure by any measure loss of lives and or stability in the region.

Bush and the Russians knew what Obama is learning about Afghanistan  its a Nation that will never be brought under a Unified Government, nor will violence there end. From Alexander the Great, to Genghis Kahn to the Russian invasion in 1865 , to the Warring Turkomans..its a culture of violence and division steered by a demented interpretation of Islam. 

Karzai is a joke and will likely be killed eventually by his own people, if he can ever venture beyond Kabul at all. 

I know the region pretty well..I am glad you're back in one piece, very glad. But the politics of that region will never change, as they have been this way for 2,000 years.
You are welcome +Michael Gaskin ...I believe that his foreign policy is solid. Some of his domestic policy needs to be addressed. However, it's hard to make change if Congress is not willing to work with you. The same thing happened to President Clinton in his first term. This is why I believe he deserves a chance to finish what he started sort of speak. If President FDR was not reelected after his first term because of his "radical" ideas, American social programs that have been in place since the '30's wouldn't be in place today...
+sherif hesham "You"? Do you mean George W Bush and the republican congress who started all this?
Aha, I am one of the 500.
no why u wanna learn the afghane enough enough enough enough leave muslims alone u kill them then u appear as babies who wanna peace do u visit Iraq or Afghanestan leave us alone we wanna real peace not only words
Maurice is right. 4 years is not much time. I am willing to go another 4. Thasnk God that a person can run more than just one term. I have to agree with the FRD statement. Where woyuld we be now? I don't like it any better than the next person having our Troops still there. But everyone who enlisted knew they stood a good chance they would be going to the Middle East. I for one applaud the people who signed up willing to protect our Country and our World. Troops that are willing to give their lives for what they and we beleive in. God Bless Our Troops.
+shreif hesham there are over 11 million Muslims in the US...what are you talking about brother?! Muslims aren't being targeted by the US government
he just ..jews kill....his anemy
The U.S. spent more on defense in 2011 than did the countries with the next 13 highest defense budgets combined
+Maurice Cowley Jr  During Clinton's first term, the Republicans did work with him, he respected them. The economy was improving. 

As for FDR and comparing him to Obama is an insult to FDR on many levels not the least of which was FDR's enormous experience in Government prior to being elected.

 Despite all of that FDR's economic policy's were a disaster. It wasn't until WW2 that unemployment went down, leaving the nation in the same Debt Mess were are in today.
+Maurice Cowley Jr President Clinton had the leadership skills to work with the evil Newt Gingrich.  President Clinton would meet with the opposition leaders on a regular basis... When has President Obama asked (he's the president) the opposition leadership to the White House for discussions on huge topics?   Even President Bush would work with the likes of Senator Kennedy on getting NCLB passed.  So, while I appreciate your sentiment that its the Republicans blocking the president, I just pointed out the true leadership would have figured out a way to bring the parties together.

Also, where is the president's plan to reign in spending?  He established the Bowls / Simpson commission and just ignored it.  It took a leader in Ryan to actually put forward something.  You may disagree with it, but at least he is trying... What has the president actually proposed.  Other than his jobs bill which is just Stimulus II what has he actually proposed.

On foreign policy, he's had a few successes (OBL death) to be sure, but his handling of Iran is child-like and shows that he simply does not belong on the world stage.  He stiffed the Poles and Checks (sp?) on missile defense...

He's simply a novice and it shows in his record.  He blames everyone else but his policies and that's getting old.  Did you ever hear Reagan bash Carter?  Nope, he took responsibility and lead. 
Military spending is basically just another entitlement. An entitlement for the defense industry and all the interests who wish to keep the US engaged in a permawar
i know... war in west asia...just sell weapon and Rassis..Killing generation, ...
+Vicki Lynn If he is for all Americans why does hit pit financial classes against each other.  Even if we raised taxes on the ultra rich it would generate less than 100 billion over ten years.  The president is not serious about spending / tax reform he just wants to use anger speech to get your vote.  What actual proposes has he put forward?
Yeah telling the 1% that they need to pay their fair share, is "pitting the classes against each other" Gotta love the rich narrative that the right wing sells.
+Peter Combs I didn't compare FDR I was merely mentioning FDR. There is no comparison to FDR. I do agree with you about the region. It will not be conquered even Alexander couldn't do it...
Obama has had enough time. His main worry is pushing his Green plan, That is why he wants four more years. Obama is not worried about the issues that need to be taken care of . Obama only cares what he can get by with and people still believe what Obama says. I would think after almost four years people would know better.
maybe..if US doest hv,,,oil from Iraq, arab and aother country...maybe USA will be bigest corupt coutry,...
Says the guy that doesn't want troops to vote Lmao what a joke, and had a speech in Texas the other day and no one cared lol your pathetic barak, go back to where ever your from.
Tell the real truth Mr. Obama, It's not going to matter who's in the White House, because Democrat or Republican, will answer to the agenda of the New World Order.  The silent 3rd party.
+Kanishka Ray Laughs fair share.  You have bought it hook line and sinker.  Tell me... if you really care about truth, do a google search on federal income taxes paid by income level... And, once you get educated come back here and tell me they need to pay more.  Also, you will notice that like 40 percent of the American folks pay NO federal income taxes at all.  Why can't they pay their fair share?  Even if its 5 bucks a month?  But, wait... with Earned Income Tax Credit they actually GET PAID to live in this country by people like me who pay federal income taxes.

In a just society we need a safety net, but getting paid and paying nothing to the federal government is simply wrong.

Of course, this excludes SSN, Medicare...... Federal Income tax only.
+Mac Butts  In the Republican narrative, anything the government has to provide you with is an "entitlement". It's a false equivalence though. Our armed forces are not used for purposes of defense, they are used for police actions, invasions, and occupations. 
You sure about that? Military member or any American? Last I checked you don't support due process of American citizens that have been classified as a threat to their (own) country. There should always be a process with any...ANY human being.
+Vicki Lynn What about closing of Gitmo?  He signed an executive order too... What about the patriotic act?  How's that worked out?  What about the actual dollar amount of debt he added in the first two years?  When he had almost near super majorities in congress.  Like 3 trillion.

Stop blaming others... He must take responsibility and actually propose something.  What has he proposed in the past two years besides his jobs bill? (which again, is simply Stimulus II)... S2 is like 300 billion of new road construction... wow, didn't we try that with S1?  How did that work out?  8.3 unemployment....
Mere words and speeches from you won't bring back the dead to life.Already 2,000 Americans have lost their lives in Afghanistan.Please bring back the remaining one, stop these mad wars. spend the money on economic reconstruction of America, and for creation of jobs
+Vicki Lynn The making affordable housing ... wow, that was such a great success.  You really need to read other people's news besides liberal talking points.  First, he's already revamped it because it sucked and actually helped few people... and 2... even after its revamped it still sucks.  I know liberals like motivation, but I like results.

There you go again with praising motivation and intentions... wow, he created a debt commission!  So!  What policies has it actually produced.

Dang, if all I have to do to get your vote is create commissions and policies papers...exec orders (that don't affect change) I would be a great president.  But, if I wouldn't do that... I would want to actually get things done!
Every post by +Barack Obama becomes a WHAT'S HOT on Google+
This must be a very charismatic and well-loved President - even by those who pretend like they don't love him (aka RepubliCANTS).
you are a joke + michael gaskin...i suggest you qiut drinking the kool-aide...where do you think the taliban got weapons?...did ya never hear of iran contra...oliver north?? has been a rep tradition to give weapons and sell weapons that are then used against our own enlisted...they  like that war machine...that is why mitt and paul are "ready" for iran...just more $$ for them
I like how his answers to everything are so vague and cryptic. Every time someone asks him a question on policy or how he'll do something, He just answers as vaguely as he can without giving any real plan on how he'll do it. " We will continue to do everything in our power to keep them safe and help them succeed." I'd like to know how he plans on doing that. Maybe by creating more taxes to support a healthcare system that won't work? Maybe by upping the unemployment some more? By Creating more debt? Get your head out of your ass.
can you stop putting our troops in harm's way needlessly?
+Jeff Ehrhart Do you have anything to add other than insults... What actual policies in the past two years have President Obama produced?  We know that he wants to do Stimulus II (375 billion)... why would that work when the first one at 875 billion didn't?  We are at 8.3 unemployment.

So, if I disagree with the presidents policies I have to listen to morons like you saying that I am a troll?  If you notice, I am actually trying to talk about policies, whereas you are simply babbling........

Can you answer a policy question?  What policies has the president put forward to reform our tax system and/or entitlements?
The words of a coward who only thinks of himself and his reelection.  I was in Vietnam at the end of the war.  I commanded a Military Police Company.  We watched as the chickenshits gave the country and our sacrifices away.  Obama has done the same thing in Iraq.  He gave it and its people away so he could keep a promise to the chicken shits in his entourage.
+Vicki Lynn I could case less about Bush.  He's not our president.  You are doing exactly what the president is doing.... trying to get people off his record and point to other people.  Its frankly shows his complete lack of leadership skills.... and the bad thing is smart people like yourself have bought it.   Perhaps because of ideology, not sure... but its sad to hear people just foam at the mouth at this guy as his objective results have been dismal at best.

By the way, Reagan and Clinton never did complained about the guy before him when they inherited bad economies... Nope, they lead....

I've said this before... the democrats made a huge blunder in selecting Obama over Clinton.  She's a leader....
and those people that you like to complain are not pulling their wait because every thing they put in they get back...well maybe that is because they are stuck doing the jobs that no one wants, for shitty pay, you guys that freak out about the "fair share" statement, are pathetic, and totally out of touch with reality...yes there are people who abuse the welfare system, just like the rich abuse the tax codes and loop holes...grow up and get real...there are real people down there at the bottom of your ivory towers...
David T
Its amazes me how your wanna blame all of the countries problems on this man. He didn't fuck it up, it was that way loooong before he got there. Your a coward and the only reason you and your whinny friends do this is to jump on the band wagon of criticism. If you don't have a solution, keep our mouth shout because all you do then you add to the problem!    
+David Tye What solutions has the president proposed concerning tax / entitlement reforms?  What has the Republicans? 
Reading this thread, I am struck by how much happier many of the participants would be, if they went back to Facebook and Myspace.
Bill Clinton says Obama has a plan. Let me see... He raised debt 33%, he raised unemployment, and he NEVER includes his "plan" in any of his speeches, because its a self centered one. All he does is talk about what Romney hasn't done. Food for thought. +1 if you think this is true.
You have to have a reason! I have a lot of reason why I don't like obama, wanna hear them!
Road inequality will shovel.
+vince anderton  Obama has one plan and only one plan...pray on the ignorance and fears of the ill-educated underclasses while placating the Liberals with accolades and empty promises of a false economic reality while trying to divide the country into beneficial microcosms of support for his failures.
Why not just send in more zombie troops? You know...the corpse-men.
What is up with the white balance here?  Jeez, amateur++. Obama looks to be a shade of pink, which is true enough but you would think they would at least be able to calibrate a basic skin tone.  
what a difficult situation for the Prez to be in, still mopping up the last ones issues..
Then we need to stop putting Americans in harms way, it couldn't be simpler than that.   
But they wouldn't build their success and he couldn't claim credit for these successes. 
"United" states... Prove it. Don't see a lot of 'united' here. Great you have the 'freedom' to express "opinion" but seems like too many 'Trolls' or 'Scientoggraphy' Mind fccukers, NLP??. Also some comments sound as if from other Countries to find out how you 'knee-jerk' and what you think.
Who's got the Political "answer", easy to speak from a distance. America you know what you 'should do...' you should...? Ha! As if I'd even begin to to be so 'Authoritive' I don't even live there! None of my watch. But I wish you could find some common ground before the years out. Good luck with your elections, and what happens after. Be well
Wow. What a load of crap. We still have thousands of Americans in harms way and they have been for 10 years and they still are. Tell me how they are being kept out of harms way in a hostile environment with hostile people shooting at them. Tell me. I really want to know. And how are we keeping the Americans on American soil safe with unmanned border crossings?
Want to do something that's in your power? Get them the fuck out of harm's way!
tee dee
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! That's all really' this is how I feel. An if things get no better '' I'm gone to need a straight, jacket.
thanks for what? sorry , but this thing is hard to say , killing people outside be thanks , ohh , god , what a mystery. 
President Obama has always put the safety of the American people and the safety of our troops first. President Obama brought the troops home, and he ended the war in Iraq. The Republican candidate failed to even mention the troops in his RNC convention speech. Also, without good health one can do nothing. That is why President Obama tackled that issue, and he succeeded. President Obama and the Democratic Congress insured that health insurance companies can not use pre-existing conditions as an excuse to not treat suffering chronically ill patients. Because of President Obama's due diligence Americans no longer have to worry about being one sickness away from bankruptcy. President Obama is strengthening the economy by strengthening the middle class. The Republican ticket stands for more tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires and a Medicare voucher program. This voucher will not be able to compete with the increasing costs of health care. Once this voucher is used up by the recipient, they are on their own to combat all the rest of their medical expenses. The Romney/Ryan plan will change Medicare as we know it. It will reopen the donut hole. President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act saves countless seniors thousands of dollars on their prescriptions. The Affordable Health Care Act cuts at the core of health insurance companies wasteful spending. It does not take away any of the Medicare recipients benefits. The Republican candidate keeps repeating lies in hopes that he can brainwash the American people. I feel confident that the American people will see past these falsehoods, and re-elect President Obama. 
OK.....that's enough of this bullshit already
Enjoy your last days in office. :) Your time is up!!! Carry on...... 
even though we are criticing obama,the truth remains that he has stabilized economy,brought peace to the world just to name them we should keep him another chance
I guess leaking classified information about our military operations is keeping them safe? What a scumbag.
The war is not over in Iraq. People are still dying by the dozens every hour. Romney is set to fix the economy which has left 23 million without a job including me. Where are all those troops going to work once they get back????
Like spying on us?  Thanks but no thanks.
Anyone who would vote Obama for a 2nd term needs to get there head examined.   For those who think four yrs is not enough time for him to get it right...Just remember that back in 1941-1945 we fought a world war and won it...He has had plenty of time to get it right.   He has no experience in running a company let alone the USA...How many broken promises does he need to break before he bankrupts this Country and we are a socialist? 
Our troops have become pawns to global mega banks and the united nations, your unconstitutional wars are no longer accepted by the american people. Congress must declare war, the executive branch does not have this power. Barry you are a criminal and should be in prison....not to mention you do not satisify constitutional requirements to be president.
It means more to thank people in private rather than trying to showboat you thanks. Are the troops on Google +? Doubtful.
That's what I like about our Greatest President, Mr. Obama--he will protect every single human being living in our country, including the Haters and Intolerants.
"american" eh? what about those two in yemen you killed?
Bla, bla, bla! I don't believe a word you say! It's nothing but political bull-crap! Sorry, but the core of this great land are taking back the White House in November! Start packing!
+Maria Hurtado ObamaCare raids current Medicare spending... And, you know that.  So, why do liberals keep saying that the Ryan plan destroys Medicare!  Also, these vouchers are for people who choose to use them and it will not affect people under 55.

PLEASE get your talking points and facts in order before speaking about Medicare.

Finally, we know that it will go broke, what has the president actually done (or heck, even proposed) to shore up this important program?  
the idea to take those wars  that the dame and damper (bush family) leave us with now  it will be easy to take care of the economy 4 more yeas of Obama  our economy will be strong again, believe  me!!!!!
God bless our Armed Forces, our President and the United States of America.
I could live without Google+ weighing in on political views...#notsosocialmedia
He's so thankful he "auto-signed" the SEAL's achievement medals. I'll be thankful WHEN he's gone. 
Rawn Rackers:
So long as America is in the way of harm and not being fooled by harm to crate harm I mean look at the state of your country demons talking instead of Christ.
Thats were you have to work Mr.
The Past Of America:
When the sun did shine the arms dealers said what a nice day for a war.
What do you think leave a commit:
I love to see what side the big guys take. They are almost as narcissistic as texas! 
Promises are only worthy of one election.  A second term is won by delivery of something (strong economy, protection from enemies, more discretionary buying power, etc).  

Look to history: Clinton won a second term with a strong economy, Bush won a second term with protection from foreign enemies, Reagan won a second term with the economy and protection from enemies.  Obama has Obamacare (mostly unpopular) and the death of OBL.  Good enough for a footnote to history, but not enough for a second term.
ye what about the British that's in war helping you. our troops don't matter do they only the Americans matter. what about the families that wont have there son/daughter, brother/sister, uncle/aunty , husband/wife, relative, loved one in there arms. our troops don deserve to be there in war
With the two Davids, I agree. Enough said.
So now Obama has to bring peace to the world? That's a pretty tall order.
I am no cheer leader for Obama, nor am I voting for him. But what Im really curious about is what exactly the Republucans voting for Mitt think that he's going to change for the better? Obama is failing on so many levels, but what the hell is Mitt going to improve? Just curious. Im not a fan of either of these elitist sides.
I m a democrat and i stand l will always with the commander in chief our president Barack Obama for next four years. Thank you
I do not need to repeat the excellent points that +Maria Hurtado made. I will add, from the first day of the presidency the republican leaders have been committed to obstruct any effort by this president to improve this nation. Sen. Mitch McConnell stated that it was his and all other republicans goals to make Barack Obama a one term President. To prevent President Obama from having any accomplishment to show the american people so he wouldn't be reelected. People Like +Michael Gaskin are part of this effort by demonizing him at at every turn. Romney lies that Obama has divided the nation when it is the republicans who have turned to tribalism and negativity in order to gather support from the ignorant bigots at the lowest levels of our society because that is the only demographic left the republicans can turn to to when the election. Even with the bigots the republicans have to resort to underhanded methods like establishing Poll taxes they disguise as voter ID laws and other restrictions on organizations that register voters (like in Florida) because the more people they register the more likely they will be democratic leaning. They have to justify this as preventing "voter fraud" when there are only 10 cases of voter fraud in the entire nation from the last 10 years. This is a systematic effort by people like +Michael Gaskin and others to suppress the vote because these poeple hate the fact that this nation is now a majority "minority" nation  which is creating more democratic votes than republican ones. Mike Turzai, Pennsylvania GOP House Majority Leader admited this fact at a meeting stating that the Voter ID laws were put in place to allow Mitt Romney to win the state. This is a frightening admission of a nation wide conspiracy to suppress the vote, which is a violation of the "Voting Rights Act" and demonstrates the continuing need for civil rights era laws which prevent bigoted laws made to suppress minority and the poor from voting. This nation is a nation of Equality of opportunity this equality is what makes this the greatest nation on earth. Yet this is an equality we must fight for, we must fight the lesser demons of this nation that hate people of color or people of lower economic status. This is the mentality of Ayn Rand which has taken over the Republican party. Ayn Rand was a hateful German former Nazi sympathizer, a person who hated all the things that make this nation great. She hated Altruism, she hated the ideal of community, labeled as "Socialism" to scare the cold war era voters. She hated Social security and any entitlement program. She called people who needed this assistance as leeches and said they deserved to all die off and leave rich people to rule the world. This is the mentality we fight against. America is about lifting this world and its people up and making the world the best it can be. this is why we intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places around the world. Set aside why you think we started the wars, but truly think about why. Think of what would have happened in Bosnia if the United States had not stepped in. If America was not on the global stage the world would be constantly at war with each other like it was before we changed our Isolationist polices of the 1900's. We might not get it right all the time but we do it for the cause of good and peace in the world. This is what Obama knows is true and this idea of Altruism and community that the President wants to get across. This inherent goodness is what the republicans hate about him because they know if he was allowed to fulfill his true ideals he would win in a landslide. this is why they divide the nation with tribalism tactics and demonize him. because this is a Progressive ideology and the Conservatives hate this. they do not think we should tax rich people so we can fund community programs that help the poor and the sick. People like Ayn Rand and +Michael Gaskin do not believe in helping our neighbors in a "socialistic" manner.  If you need help from others your a leech and deserve to die in the streets.
Four more years for the commander in chief
Obama's 2016 finally connected all the dots as to why the destruction now and coming to America.
Fuck holy shit,, fucking Obama........
Only one thing to say about his comment -  Then get our troops and civilians OUT of those stupid, no real, honest cooperation war zones MR. President, NOW!!!
Is it just me or do some people need to educate themselves?? Did these people forget about Bush? He ran our country into the dirt, plus he is the one that put us into debt to China. Did you all forget???? Or is it that you just watch FOX NEWS? Come on! REALLY........
The military already knows which party appreciates them (I'm talking politicians in the party, not supporters of the party.) Obama wants to take away their medical (yet wants to force every other employer to provide it) he's given some of the lowest cost of living increases in recent history (despite astronomically rising costs of living). The military,for the most part won't vote for this vile president.
S Shum
Ah, my dyslexia OP, I read " as long as we have a single American in ham's way"  xD
Jenny A
What are you keeping us safe from? The shootings in Colorado? Hell, I felt safer when I lived overseas than I do living in the states. Why don't you remove American troops from overseas and stop sticking America's nose in other people's business. NASA has done a great thing with their limit budget, so how about giving them the money you're spending on the military and let's see what else they can do?
Im glad the president is supporting the troops. He NEEDS to! These are people that literally give their lives to the cause, whatever it may be. As a veteran i know first hand how a deployment can screw up your life and the the lives of those close to you. We need to bring the troops home, but there are problems in this world that need to be solved and it is American blood that has the courage to solve those problems. The resrictions this adminstration has put on our military has severely limited our ability to address and correct the problems in this world. I believe this is a poor attempt to reach out and capture the vote of those who he has flat screwed over. Mr Obama needs to move out of the way and keep bis campaign promise that if he doesnt cut the debt in half it will be a one term proposition. You have doubled the debt Mr President. Good bye
Romney will ruin the economy vote wisely
Didn't Obama say during his first campaign,that he would have All of our troops home during his first year in office. What happened Obama ?
Why is SPAM from this "Shoe Shine Boy" on my page?
Funny coming from a man that hates what the American armed forces stand for!
Blah blah blah ill say anything if I think I can get a vote.
lol yeah 2007 "I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am President, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank."
I'm not that much of a fan of Obama, but that was nicely said.
heheh. Very contradicting coming from the man who signed away our rights(NDAA) and Joined NATO (U.N) .....sure pal.
non ha portato quello che tutti ci aspettavamo ma penso che la sua strda sia giusta e abbia ragione 
really sad to see even black servicemen placing a misplaced sense of racial loyalty above logic and objective evaluation of this clearly ant-military president
Their is no better qualified candidate
+Vicki Lynn while governor of MA, Romney cut the deficit more than half, left a $2 billion surplus, created a scholarship that sends the top 25% of graduating seniors to any MA state college tuition free four full 4 years, while governor MA ranked #1 in education and gave the residents a healthcare option the got to vote on whether they wanted or not.
+Kiprop Robert what do you base that allegation?

Romney, in private and public matters, has more than 97% success in all economic matters.
Jack H
No matter how many rounds of golf you have to play, no matter how many fundraisers you have to attend. Right, Mr. President?
You are a disgrace and a liar. 
We all Wish this was TRUE!!! But its nice to pretend!!!
+Michael Allen If I disagree with the policies of President Obama I am demonizing him? Really? Just because people do no agree with me does not mean said person is demonizing me.  It simply means they have a different point of view.

Also, you said that I want to suppress votes, please explain how I would like to do that?  This is not rational on your part.  You need to get a greater understanding of my views before making an assessment of them.  

I will ask you directly, what has President Obama actually proposed to make MediCare solvent for generations to come?  What actual proposals has he introduced that would reign in our deficit spending? 
Not sure how you got into my stream mr. President, but i have just added you to my block list.
Scott Barrett my friend you are Sooo! Right!!
Not even the Government is looking out for Us! as its Citizens/taxpayers/in our AMERICA.....
This jackface is about to become the african American stereotype - jobless.
Doesn't the promise of jobs get old after promising jobs since 2008? Now 23 million Americans are either unemployed, underemployed, or gave up looking for work. So here is Obama promising vets government jobs (as firefighters and police) that he can't deliver because he hasn't had a budget pass the democrat controlled Senate the last three years. I suspect that Obama wanted to get this faux message of hope out to the troops early enough to influence their absentee voting. Once the deadline passes I suspect so does Obama's "concern" for our military. 
+Robert Wood is one of the ignorant bigots I was speaking of. Racist like him are the lesser demons we have to fight against. This nation that is now majority brown and ignorant racism like his is now the minority. People like him no longer speak for the majority of this nation. This is where the hate comes from. They can't stand the fact that an intelligent black man is leader of the free world. 
Doesn't the promise of jobs, better employment, medical services get old since 1776?

Let's get real here, why don't we stop blaming the current President. All of the Presidents go through the same things and people are always looking for a escape goat.
If you will remember, we were LOSING over half a million jobs per month when President Obama took office.  We now have 29 consecutive months of job growth, despite constant Republican obstruction.  The Republicans stated outright that their first priority was to make sure President Obama was not re-elected.  And they have been working hard to keep the economy in the tank, just to give their candidate something to run against.
I am so proud of this US President.  He has kept on trying even with NO help from the right......just OBSTRUCTIONISM!!  Their call to honor!!
Bliss... moving toward wargasm
gay mother fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Kimberly Morgan 29 consecutive? Check your math again. The unemployment numbers went up the last two months. There is NO positive job growth. Unemployment is higher since he took office. And more than 75% of the jobs created were $10.00/ hr or less jobs.
+Michael Gaskin Medicare is in crisis because of rising healthcare cost and not enough revenue from taxes to pay for them. The ending of the bush tax cuts was one part of the solution but republicans fought it. Also "Obamacare" will help. But those are only part of the solution, any effort by Obama to fix it is blocked by the republicans.

Also I stated how people like you are suppressing the vote read it again cause I will not repeat myself.

You demonize him by lying about the facts like how the Simpson budget which could have helped was bloked by house republicans. Also by falsely stateing how Obama is dividing the nation when in fact all the hatred and vitriol comes from conservatives not the president. Like the comment by someone on the post calling him a shoe shine boy.
+Kimberly Morgan Didn't the president have near super-majorities in congress for his first two years?  How does that square with your statement?

Also, this is factually the worst recovery since the great depression.  Please explain to me what actual policies he has enacted to help the situation.  And, what were the outcomes of those policies.
+Michael Allen What actual policies has President Obama put into place to ensure that Medicare and Social Security will be around for future generations?  What actual policies has President Obama put into place to ensure out spending is restrained and our tax system simplified.

I'll be happy with him providing leadership with proposals.  But, he's not put forward anything listed above.  

The president is simply a failure... not because of his race, but because of his policies.
Killing people with Drones kinda makes us God, don't you think? No trial to protect the innocent. Thanks obama....
Barack Obama, no matter what all thoes republicans, and democrats say stuff about you, you sir, are the president, and I respect you, and for what you do to keep everyone safe in this world.
+Michael Allen I strongly suggest you learn about ObamaCare and how its funded.  Its funded by taking money away from Medicare...NOW.  

I would also like to suggest to you that you read about the tax cuts for the wealthy.  Let's assume they are repealed, tell me... how much money would that generate over ten years?  And, once you learn about that will see its not a serious proposal by the president but pandering to people like yourself.

The house republicans put forward a budget the closely mirrored the presidents own commission...  Did the president take the report and offer any proposal based on it?  No. Why?  Because he is not a leader like Clinton or Reagan. 

The president is simply not a leader like Clinton and Reagan.... Both of those men had strong opposition (Tip o'Neil - Newt Gingrich) but as the leader of the nation he brought them together.

The democrats should have elected Senator Clinton, now there is a leader!
+John Hatter I agree!  The president moans about water-boarding but without a jury drops bombs in sovereign counties on suspected terrorists... often, killing women and children around them.  He simply lacks a moral compass... its odd!
+Michael Allen all the hate comes from conservatives? You can't really expect anyone but a liberal to agree with you do you?

I'm a conservative and even I know it is coming from both sides.
Teach afghanies how to use computer, so they can make money at home instead, good for the whole world! lolz
Really Obama? Is this why you sent the 30 special forces soldiers families a form letter of regret? You're an embarrassment.
+Scott Terry because you dont know how to configure your google plus?
+Todd Unwin Ok, i cant say that only conservative say hateful things some liberals are guilty of this too. Yet, we only see Racist acts like calling Obama a shoe shine boy (as +Robert Wood stated above) and throwing food at a black camera women during the republican convention while saying "this is how we feed the animals" or shouting the "N" word at congressmen while they entered the capital during the debt ceiling debate and calling Barney Frank the "F" word at the same event, we only see this from Conservative Republicans. 

Also, +Michael Gaskin ending the Bush tax cuts will raise $80 Billion  in 2013 alone. I suggest you get your facts from other places than tea-party funded sites and fox news. As i said these are only part of the solution for Medicare. The rising cost of healthcare in general is a major factor and that needs to be addressed. Taxes, healthcare reform and other revenue streams must be included. We can save a lot by doing "Waste Fraud and Abuse" programs in Medicare and all other branches of government. Yet Republicans block any effort so the president has no accomplishments to show the people. The republicans only concern is to make Obama a one term president. they do not care about anything else as Sen. Mitch McConnell stated days after the Presidents Inauguration. They will even stoop to illegal efforts to suppress votes in order to win. Federal Judges have blocked many of those efforts stating that they specifically violate the Voting Rights Act by targeting minority and poor people. +Michael Gaskin you are part of this effort by perpetuating the lies spread by conservative propagandist. Facts will prevail over evil lies. Get used to the fact that the demographics of this nation have changed. We are a nation of Minorities and we will use "Socialistic" programs to help the poor. Programs like Medicaid and Medicare and Social Security. 
Also +Michael Gaskin This super majority you spoke of for the first 2 years was only partly effective because in the senate now requires 60 votes to break a filibusterer instead of a simple majority. Therefor Republicans could block any effort to get a democratic bill passed. which is what they did. Again, because the republican agenda was to deny any victory by the Democratic party as to prevent the president from being able to point to good legislation during his reelection campaign. This was to deny him a record to run on, so they could say what your saying, "what has the president done to improve the economy?" this was the plan from day 1. You are part of the plan to deny the president a second term. Obstruct any effort by the president to fix the giant mess he was left by Bush, then cry when he runs for reelection that he didn't do anything. +Michael Gaskin calling me Irrational isn't going to work Troll. you and your republican propaganda can be easily defeated with facts and a little thing called recent memory. People who are paying attention knows what the conservatives did to prevent anything from improving the economy. They would rather let the economy stagnate than let this president win reelection. The debt ceiling debate proved this. There was no logical reason to obstruct the effort to raise the debt ceiling. Raising the Debt Ceiling is something every congress has done. it is non political. Until the republicans made it political. The Tea party people in congress are Neo-confederates who want the government to be as small as possible to let the states decide the laws. Under Neo-confederates jim crow era laws would be reinstated and women would not have the right to decide what happens to their own bodies. We would go right back to some pre-civil war era nation. 
+Barack Obama Get the troops out now you muppet. Osama is dead (allegedly). Mission Accomplished.
Thank you for caring & doing for our boys in uniform. I hope the American people realize what you, your family & administration has done to improve the lives of the military. However some in the military hasn't got the message that each military person deserves case by case support. There are too many suicides...or someone is snowing you.???Check it out. Pls.
I will be honored to vote for you a second time, Mr. President!
Had to be biden you know he does have foot to mouth issues. As any good business knows you have to step on someone to move up. That is what america has done so if we are not #1 then in what place would put us. Because #2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7 and on have already been taken! Support your troops means support you cuntry!!!!
+William Lahue Your naive comments show how little you know about being President of the United States, or government in general. Go back under the rock you crawled from. Idiot.
Sorry, Obama has failed by any measure...four more years? not a chance..not a chance. The national Debt will be 22 Trillion by then...
It's so cute when people who choose their own "facts" and regurgitate talking points are given a keyboard. 

The Right would have you believe that he is the most "far, far leftist" president we've ever seen. Not even close. FDR probably fits that bill, and he's typically hailed as an American Hero.  The Karl Roves and Roger Ailes' of the world have just pushed the narrative so far to the right that a man who would be considered "center-right" anywhere else on the planet and "center-left" in traditional American now labeled a Socialist. 

Let me be clear...there are certain issues that that I disagree with the President on how they should have been handled.  However, the fact remains...take away the "scary Muslim name" and the party affiliation of "Democrat"...and you'll find that, quite possibly, the best Republican president since Reagan is the one currently residing in the White House. Of course, that's Republican by traditional standards, not the American Taliban version that has hijacked the GOP in recent years.
Obama doesn;t give a crap about SOldiers, he only cares about SOldiers who vote the right way....and they know it.
Romney nasty 1% wants you to be he's cotton picker you go be he's free labor...home of the brave and the free...yea right ......
I am not american but I want Obama to win the elections, I want him to support gay civil rights, I trust in him so much
+Michael Allen You have become unhinged.  <laughs>  I've not even spoken about the voting rights act... Nor have I said anything about his political viewpoints as to his core philosophy. (socialist, communist, etc.)  

I have instead asked you to tell me what actual proposals he has put forward concerning our debt / MediCare / SS and instead of pointing to me to the presidents proposals you become unhinged.  You my friend are too emotional / irrational to have even a remotely calm discussion... 

Budget reconciliation can not be filibustered.  I've provided you a link so you can learn something.  Look under the section called CURRENT PRACTICES.

Finally, not interested in your rants, but if you could please provide an actual URL to the presidents plan on saving MediCare (like Ryan has done), I would love to learn about it.  You may hate the Ryan plan, at least he has lead...unlike our current president who simply blames others.

Oh how I wish Senator Clinton was president!!!  We would not be discussing an absentee president who does not lead, instead we would be discussing actual policy proposals by her! 
this guy is good for america pitty they cannot see this and just listen to idle gossip from bitter old men.
We need Freedom! We need Democracy! We need Justice! But now the CCP breaks all the dreams of the Chinese.
To much talk and not enough action
Bob Schieffer: “Can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were four years ago?”

Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland: "No"
Hello liquor license what's inside and
I am a Chinese, I support President Obama, at the same time I am very envious of the people of the United States have such a good president for you, and we Chinese people are still in the fight for freedom, democracy, their homes and children, but we will winI hope the American people will support us!
Mr obama can u answer my question that why r u forcing muslims to become terrorists. becz when u are able to kill innocent people of iraq,  afganistan, pakistan, and telling world that i am the peace keeper......then were is this peace keeping in other parts of world......i mean Palestine, Kashmir, etc.....why u r using double standard...... here.....hope u understand ......what i meam......
Ken S
+秦俊 The type of people that vote for Mitt Romney only ever think of themselves. Let's hope that clown never gets in!

Mr Obama, i think you deserve another 4 year. Me and my wife will vote for you again. We still belive! yes we can! Go on!
Good, war,is easy fight for anythings,more easiest's gets someone pacificment,we're all choice and all is beautifull when te people to go on forma talk
We need a third candidate for president neither Obama nor Romney are good for it their both pure politicians and only care about their own agendas rather than working for the people. The U.S. is not about the 99% or 1% it's about the whole people protecting the 1% from the 99% and 99% from the 1%. That's the way the constitution was setup neither the majority nor minority rule but work together.
I am very hard to learn English ,only for immigration to the United States.can you give me a green card?
what the cofindence!
why not free the world?
Yeah. He's on his way out!!!!!!
Good morning from Brazil, Mr. Obama!
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Mr Obama you should really use the bully pulpit and make this country build  high speed rail,do not be intimidated by those in this do nothing Congress.Pound them and then pound them some more .America needs  a good rail system thats on par with the rest of the world,and you have my vote again.

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Dont care, Im still voting for Obama! BuuuuT, If I do vote for the lesser of the 2 evils, isnt that still voting for evil?
This is one republican who will be voting for President Obama again this year.  If ever the republican party can put up a candidate who is worthy, then I'll vote the party line.
+micheal gaskin I don't know what emotion you are referring to but its funny how when people are losing an argument on the internet they resort to calling the other person emotional or simply resort to name calling.

Unless you were in the room when the republicans came up with the idea to suppress votes, I did not say you, I said people like you. 

Concerning the presidents policies for the debt, Medicare and ect. anything the president proposed, the republicans obstructed. I will not do your research for you the information is there on the internet in many places, white, Wikipedia and any other place that records history. Look it up yourself. But his plan for medicare was to lower healthcare cost with the affordable care act. The rising cost of healthcare is the biggest thing hurting medicare right now. 

Ryan's plan cuts medicare by $700 billion, while Obama's Budget uses the same number, he doesn't strip it from medicare he plans on reforming other programs and saving that money with "waste fraud and abuse" savings and other measures. Again look it up yourself. Ryan would turn Medicare into a Voucher program that would only cover a limited amount of treatments and then when that voucher is used up it is left up to the patient to come up with the rest sticking them with the bill. this is not what seniors and the disabled need in the George Bush created recession. 

I'm happy to have this debate with you because i have facts on my side. you can keep calling me irrational or emotional all you want I know how to deal with childish name calling.
quem viu a montagem de call me maybe que fizeram com o barac obama ilario!!!
Absolutely, right,, keep in world number one USA. Uncle john lee.
اعلم انك قدحكم امريكا ولكنك لم تنفذ اي من الطلبات التي قالتها قبل....واهما..السلام بين الدولتين الفلسطيني .الاسرائيلي..
i like your performs and every things..........
هل سوف يرشح نفسة للمرة القادمة
At least He Speaks About them Romney Hasn't even said a word about deploying troops back to the United States Scandless son of a gun send him to war and see what rock he hides under Let's go Obama 4 More Years!!
Stop complaining before everyone turns Communist! and then you'll want a Democratic government or even a lame Republican government who supports the wealthy middle class high class!
Of course Mr. President, if you still believe and say that "as long as we have a single American in harm's way, we will continue to do everything in our power to keep them safe and help them succeed" so do something in the name of The God of Jew and Christian toward national development injustice in Indonesia also in order appear similar ideal justice which needed all the people of Indonesia. 

The God of Jew and Christian as long as I know His Words in the Holy Bible want you do something according to fair right now so that all the people of Indonesia can understand and respect that United States of America have good political will in development cooperation with Indonesia.  Especially in the fields of high education in engineering like ITB ( Bandung Institute of Technology ) and salary of employee based on job description and grading system (JEGS) in PT Dirgantara Indonesia ( Indonesian Aerospace Industry ).

I have rights in the Magister and Doctoral degree education established in ITB (Study Program of Aerospace Engineering) and real rights of salary as big as Rp.850,000,000 (eight hundreed fifty million rupiah) which must be payed by Management of PT Dirgantara Indonesia based on my work time as long as 20 years since 1985 up to 2005 in Directorate of Technology.

Indonesia and United States of America and each countries in this world need the aerospace technology up to whenever, and I confirm again I has been keep new formula for change the structure of material and develop the spectrum of electromagentics wave for design advance fighter aircraft, new advance missiles, UAV and commercial aircraft. So, you know I very need real work fund for do my Important Project in order humanity and justice can appeared to clear in Indonesia, in the controlling of The God of Jew and Christian Words, which I believe always.  
I would think they'd be a lot safer if they were in the USA rather than abroad, but with the recent shootings maybe not.
老马 啥时候帮马总光复?
Mr. President, Fluid Mechanics is the study of fluid flow around objects. Specifically aerodynamics concerning the flow of aoir over bodies as wings or through objects such as wind tunnels. Astrodynamics is the study of orbital mechanics including prediction of orbital elements when given a select few variables. Statics and Dynamics (engineering mechanics) is the study of movement, forces, and moments in mechanical systems. Mathematics in particular, calculus, differential equations and linear algebra. Propulsion is the energy to move a vehicle through the air (or in outer space) is provided by internal combustion engines, jet engines and turbomachinery, or rockets. A more recent addition to this module is electric propulsion and ion propulsion.

I must explain this aerospace engineering factors to you as President of United States of America right now in order you and American scientists aware back to clear that this factors can be controlled accurately by my new philosophy and multifunction key formula for change and to develop each formula in the engineering.  I explain again, Aircraft Structures is design of the physical configuration of the craft to withstand the forces encountered during flight. Aerospace engineering aims to keep structures lightweight.

Control Engineering is the study of mathematical modeling of the dynamic behavior systems and designing them, usually using feedback signals, so that their dynamic behavior is desirable (stable, without large excursions, with minimum error). This applies to the dynamic behavior of aircraft, spacecraft, propulsion systems, and sybsystems that exist on aerospace vehicle. Materials Science is related to structures, aerospace engineering also studies the materials of which the aerospace structures are to be built. New materials with very specific properties are invented, or existing ones are modified to improve their performance.

Solid Mechanics is closely related to material science is solid mechanics which deals with stress and strain analysis of the components of the vehicle. Nowadays there are several Finite Elements programs such as MSC Patran / Nastran which aid engineers in the analytical process. 
gilson candido Brasil Rio de Janeiro estou contigo presidente obama. um forte abraço.
Mr. President, the future of aerospace technology development must be we create today with to think as far as possible about understanding of material ( the concept of atomic structure ) and the how make any new processing system of the spectrum of electromagnetics wave for applied in this aerospace engineering factors. I explain again, Electrotechnology is the study of electronics within engineering. Aeroelasticity is the interaction of aerodynamics forces and structural flexibility, potentially causing flutter, divergence, etc. Avionics is the design and programming of computer systems on board and aircraft or spacecraft and the simulation of systems.

Software is the specification, design, development, test, and implementation of computer software for aerospace applications, including flight software, ground control software, test and evaluation software, etc. Risk and Reliability is the study of risk and reliability assessment techniques and the mathematics involved in the quantitative methods. Noise Control is the study of mechanics of sound transfer. And the Flight Test is designing and executing flight test programs in order to gather and analyze performance and handling qualities data in order to determine if an aircraft meets its design and performance goals and certification requirements.

The basis of most of these elements lies in theoretical physics, such as fluid dynamics for aerodynamics or the equations of motions for flight dynamics. There is also a large empirical component. Historically, this empirical component was derived from testing of scale models and prototypes, either in wind tunnels or in the free atmosphere. Additionally, aerospace engineering addresses the integration of all components that constitute an aerospace vehicle (subsystems including power, aerospace bearings, communications, thermal control, life support, etc) and its life cycle (design, temperature, pressure, radiation, velocity, lifetime).

Mr. President, you know strictly speaking, the use of the word "science" in "rocket science" is a misnomer since science is about understanding the origins, nature, and behavior of the universe. Engineering is about using scientific and engineering principles to solve problems and develop new technology. Engineering is often a synonym for science but that is technically incorrect usage.
Gan Lu
Solemn statement: Citie only a sofa in the world. I am the sole legitimate representative of the sofa. Since ancient times, I have been exercised sovereignty over the sofa. Sofa on both sides of the hand guard is an integral part of the sofa, and any attempt to create two sofa or a sofa, a hand guard, will be met with the opposition of the people of the world, including the Chinese people! People of all ethnic groups against the sofa split, maintenance sofa unified, stable maintenance sofa is unwavering. Any attempt to destroy sofa stability, manufacturing sofa division is unpopular and doomed to failure.(This paragraph translated by Google, Chinese)
Dokdo which country the land?
Mr. President, as Engineer and Magister in the Aerospace Engineering of course I know about performance of UAV Predator, UAV Global Hawk and UAV Searcher MK11 which using Fly by Wire Control System Technology. I think still many cases in the concept of Fly by Wire which can be changed with my new formula. A Fly by Wire ( FBW ) system replaces manual flight control of an aircraft with an electronics interface.

The movements of flight controls are converted to electronic signals transmitted by wires ( hence the fly-by-wire term ), and flight control computers determine how to move the actuators at each control surface to provide the expected response. Command from the computers are also input without the pilot's knowledge to stabilize the aircraft and the perform other tasks. Electronics for aircraft flight control systems are part of the field known as avionics. Fly by Optics, also known as Fly by Light is the further development using fiber optic cables.

Several technology research and development efforts exist to integrate the functions of flight control systems such as ailerons, elevators, elevons, flaps, and flaperons into wings to perform the aerodynamic purpose with the advantages of less : mass, cost, drag, inertia ( for faster, stronger control response ), and radar cross section for stealth. These may be used in many unmanned aerial vehicles ( UAVs ) and 6th generation fighter aircraft. Two promising approaches are flexible wings and fluidics.

Right now I have any concept of Fly by Wire Control System for aircraft like Boeing 737-800 which can be operated by whoever not depend it pilot have thousands of flight hours or only ten flight hours. Because pilot task only give input by side-stick. This electronics input throughed to computer which have control of algorithm with several flight protections like angle of attack ( alpha max, alpha stall ), vmax protection, etc. This computer will compute how much control surface degree must be actuated and optimated based on flight speed, altitude, fuel consumption, flight condition, etc.

So that this aircraft dynamics will same, not depend to who pilot which to control this aircraft, so that other aircraft pilot can be quick to flight this aircraft without must to do flight training this aircraft in flight simulator, because all factors has been finished or operated by Fly by Wire computer. With completed by this protections therefore operating if this aircraft become more secure because before this aircraft come in to condition alpha stall or Vmax, pilot has been knowed automatically by alert or side shacking.

If I have preliminary Work Fund as US$.500,000 up to US$.1,000,000 therefore I will to do many inovations from Design Process, Fuselage Layout, Drag Analysis, Airfoil Selection, Wing Design, Hight-Lift Systems, Stability and Control, Propulsion Analysis, Structure and Weight Analysis, Performance Estimation, eEnvironmental Impact, Cost Analysis, and Optimization and Trade Studies for support application this new concept of Fly by Wire Control System on this aircraft.
Ken S
+Ranjit Bose If Mitt Romney gets in it will be the same as America's past.
¡Buenos días, señor Presidente!
Que Dios lo bendiga y lo guarde en Todos los caminos Que Deba recorrer en Toda Su Existencia.
+Peter Combs you need to be reminded that he didn't send them there and that he's pulling them out as fast as he can despite the Republicans objections. By the way what's mittens stance on Afghanistan? And one more thing we left Iraq!
For the Cons still crying about Gitmo, Republicans blocked that too on national security grounds. Here in my state they wanted to revamp an old prison to house the detainees until the Cons blocked it. It would have meant jobs in rural Illinois. THANKS REPUBLICANS
+Michael Allen This is my last post because you are simply uninformed.  The final and last Ryan plan allowed seniors to continue on their current program or use a voucher. It would be the seniors choice. Additionally, anyone over 55 would not be effected by his plan.

You know this but you continue to post the democratic talking points from Ryan's first plan.  Real leaders will review proposals get feedback and make adjustments.  That's exactly what Ryan did. 

The democrats should have replaced Obama with Clinton, she would romp Romney and be an actual leader with proposals on our most pressing issues. 
G Money
dear michael------------you must be out of your mind if you continue to believe these republican lies and ryan is the biggest liar of the bunch.  do you need for him to draw you a picture??  his entire acceptance speech was lies which, when confronted, he defended with more lies.  then, the very next day he lies about something really silly like a marathon.  and you wish to entrust him with the united states economy.  you and the rest of the republican faithful must share some deep-seated illness which causes you to be functionally out of touch with reality.  it's your money too and you wish to just throw it away.  for what? 
Help folks succeed, like it has already with the following assistance?

● Unemployment above 8% for 42 months
● 5.4 million have quit looking for work
● GDP Growth stagnates at 1.5%
● Deficit averages at 1.3Trillion
● Debt projected at 16.4 trillion 
● 1-in-7 are on Food Stamps
● 1-in-5 claim a Disability
● Poverty is about to hit 1960's levels
● 8/10 physicians in one recent survey say they're quitting
● Raiding medicare to the tune of $718 billion
● Bailouts that wasted billions on picking favorites that failed?

● Jobless rate goes nowhere, unemployment above 8% for 41st straight month - Wilmington Labor Relations |
● 5.4 million US workers call it quits -
● US economic growth slowed to 1.5 pct. annual rate in 2nd quarter as consumer spending weakened - The Washington Post
● Obama Advisers Project $1.2 Trillion Deficit for 2012 - Businessweek
● Massive, growing debt looms over U.S. politics - National Politics -
● Government runs ads to get more people on food stamps - Jun. 25, 2012
● Nearly 1 in 5 People Have a Disability in the U.S., Census Bureau Reports - PR Newswire - The Sacramento Bee
● US poverty on track to rise to highest since 1960s - AP -
● Doctor Patient Medical Association -
● Fact Check: Dems Lie about Ryan's Medicare Plan - The Fiscal Times -
● Treasury: U.S. to lose $25 billion on auto bailout -

I dunno folks, but this type of help I can do without!

Just sayin ...
those are the real countries who appreciate their citizens
Why would you trust any politician who flip flops on every position when it is politically convenient, who hides from his past personal experiences, tax returns, and business methods? Former Governor Romney has been caught in and supported a multitude of lies and half truths during this campaign. Wouldn't it be better to send him to Switzerland to count his gold?
I don't know how helped-out I feel by General Electric CEO Immelt, who sits on President Obama's Jobs Council, and whose company received $1.2 billion in Stimulus funds only to ship jobs offshore, spending $61 million factory in Vietnam to produce wind turbine components. 

Just sayin ...
I have a question for the Barack Obama people. Why on earth are you all so bad at getting your message out? Also, why do you just roll over when there are things you should be aggressive about? 

What happened with Romney's taxes? You just let that one go?

Paul Ryan's RNC lies? You just let those go too? What about the things you actual HAVE accomplished? No one has a clue. If you lose the election you can blame it on yourself for being soft on liars and failing to get out your message.

At the moment I would classify this campaign as a failure and this coming from someone who wants you to win. 
I dunno if I need the type of help from an incumbent President who ships $29 billion high-paying jobs offshore and then falsely accuses his opponent of the same - National Review Online -
President Obama needs help from us .He is a very good leader and belongs in charge.He works hard and earns his keep.He believes in family and GOD
how about your job,recently
This is the reason CNN has dropped Buchanan. It's like Newt G.
said the other night in the debate, "You’re not supposed to
bring up uncomfortable Facts." (verified on Buchanan’s
Finally.............It is said publicly and never explained
Pat Buchanan had the guts to say it. It is about time.
By Patrick J. Buchanan
Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in
America.. Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way
conversation.. White America needs to be heard from, not just
lectured to.... This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its
convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are
First, America has been the best country on earth for black
folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from
Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were
introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest
levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known..
Jeremiah Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he
is an American.
Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than
white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the '60s
on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing,
Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned
Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the
African-American community into the mainstream. Governments,
businesses and colleges have engaged in discrimination against
white folks -- with affirmative action, contract set-asides and
quotas -- to advance black applicants over white applicants.
Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all
over America have donated their time and money to support soup
kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing
homes for blacks.
We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude??
Barack talks about new 'ladders of opportunity' for blacks. Let
him go to Altoona? And Johnstown, and ask the white kids in
Catholic schools how many were visited lately by Ivy League
recruiters handing out scholarships for 'deserving' white
kids...? Is white America really responsible for the fact that
the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are
seven times those of white America? Is it really white America's
fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has
hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in
some cities has reached 50 percent?
Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a
failure of the black community itself?
As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial
crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack
Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3
percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45
percent of the time?
Is Barack aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more
common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139
times as common in the first three years of this decade as the
We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana
Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena. And all turned out to be
hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that
are real, we hear nothing.
Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40
years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago. This needs to be passed
around because, this is a message everyone needs to hear!!!
Because I'm for a better America
I am
Not racist,
Not violent,
Just not silent anymore.
Thank you for speaking the truth!  It's about time for people to hear this message. Thank you!
+G Money I was not talking about Ryan's speech, I was talking about how +Michael Allen was incorrectly using an older Ryan plan to make partisan attacks.

If we want to discuss the merits of the Ryan Plan, let's at least us the last one proposed.
Thanks for ending the War in Iraq, and now for a smart end in Afghanistan !   Every time someone on TV, Radio or Blogs says that they are black and the President is black, we all lose, the President loses and everybody loses, who cares about shades of skin ? who cares ? we need practical solutions , not useless skin arguments ! IT'S ABOUT LIFTING EVERYBODY, LIFTING "WE THE PEOPLE", O.K. ? and the remark is also incorrect , since the President is European-African-American to be precise, his mother is European-American, so let's focus on solutions and lift everybody, comments like this sink everybody, get it ?
since the president B. Obama didnt start the war he did finish it! When the the former president Bushass left this big mess unemployment the war inflation the reigning President B. Obama is bringing home the soldier little by lil fixing everything the republican left behind theres no denying that! No other president has been question about where he was born i wonder why they are making a big deal with this one President!! 
Mr. President, may be you know about Theory, Factors and Methods of Habibie in the aircraft technology development. Prof. Dr.-Ing. BJ. Habibie to think about damage to aircraft construction that is not detected. Tiredness ( fatique ) on the body is still difficult to detect with the limited tools. There is not a laser scanner with a sensor-supported computer data processing unit, to address this sensitive issue.

Fatique critical points are usually on the connection between the wing and fuselage or the wings and engine cradle. This element is having a nervous loud constantly, either when his take off and landing. When taking off, the joints receiving the air pressure ( uplift ) is large. When it touched down, this section also bear the violent crushing of the fuselage. Metal fatique occurs, and that was the beginning of the crack.

Point vines, sometimes ranging in size from 0.005 millimeter continue to propagate. Becoming increasingly elongated and branched. If not detected, the stakes are expensive, because the wing can suddenly broken when the plane took off. Aviation course very concerned, especially when the same machines began to change from propeller planes to jets. The greater the potential fatique.

So Prof. BJ. Habibie, who later discover how it works crack propagation point. The calculations are quite detailed, until the count of atoms. By the aviation world, the theory of Habibie was called the crack progression. From here dubbed Prof. Habibie as "Mr. Crack". Of course, this theory makes the aircraft safer. Not only can avoid the risk of plane crashes, but also makes maintenance easier and cheaper.

But, I must be confirm that the thinking of material crack not yet to change the configuration of atomic structure up to limit which needed for create a new design system of advanced aircraft construction with maximum flexibility for could relieve the operating empty weight up to more than 25 % from the previous weight.

I believe that only my new philosophy and my key formula which will to solve this material thinking problem accurately up to can find an ideal reconfiguration of atomic structure.   
Self defense is a universally recognized right by every legal system but strictly under an already established set of rules. The US is 'inventing' new,disputed and dangerous legal justifications, if at all, to cover up its over ambitious designs regarding controlling (or conquering) the world. That will backfire but only the learned Obama is unaware of its lethal consequences because 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely' and who does not know that the US is the sole super power of the world today.
at least be better than china leader
Barack Obama do you think 23 years in prison is good for Christopher dudu's Coke who was the president of Jamaica ? Barack Obama you are the president of the U.S.A ,I am God on am in the UK with my be love mom the Queen , when you become the first black president on my Earth, you did not even know how to address my people, the first thing you did was to use lethal injection on my human on i here that human say that he was not going to do any thing like that again , I God know that you know that you was Nat to kill him but you tell your self that you are the president of the U.S.A. on you did what aver you wanted to do so you do what you feel like doing , you did not think if you did think i would tell you no i say you are to love all human , i will Nat go to Afghanistan as yet , i will let you think about my human that you did kill on he was the one that say would make changes in my Earth , on i ask you about Christopher dudu's coke if you think 23 years in prison is OK for him you let me know , I am God on i know you was there with him doing that killing in Jamaica i did sea you , the words from your lips i know it on what it can do as the president of the U.S.A, all you think about is that you are the president of the U.S.A , Bill Clinton was a president he did Nat think like that , are may be you thing i was not coming i was always here , you must step done , let the american people have there say about my human that you kill on he say he was not going to do that again , those are the word that is still live in the heart of my human, you know that if someone did some thing that is Nat right but admit to it it should be look at , but all that you look at is that you are the President of the U.S.A BILL Clinton was a President he did not think like you , on we did love bill Clinton on we still love him ...
Obama is a disgrace to the United States Of America. Anyone who believes is this pile of shit and his 16 trillion dollar debt is uneducated!!! Wake up and smell the fucking roses people! 
Right - except bring them home.
I like the president barack obama policy
why the American president act in his  wife"s position? michell alone en oprah should come minuse the u.s president
when ur they coming? am waiting 4 michell 4 de first time to get help from her though i donnot know what kind of help but am ready to receive her en chat with them. nakayima annet on  +27834948542/+27797271044 i leave in springs  just after johanesburg, 1st en 2nd st mall is  where i can be found
“Give me a break. This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.” - Bill Clinton on Barack Obama - 2008
Thats a lie because you stopped the war and you were against the war after 9/11 anyways
Question: you say that you will do everything to keep Americans out of harm's way. Then why are you standing by when hundreds of innocent children are being murdered by abortion? Don't get me wrong, I admire you for doing what you think is right, but that's something that comes to mind when you say that.....
Good Luck getting my vote... I am not voting for a fake shiny hard PLASTIC liar president!
Yeah, well then you better not vote for Romney who can't keep his stories straight! He'll say whatever it takes including lies to make himself look better. His new nick name should be FLIP FLOP! Hope you're not part of the 47% or you're  screwed if he gets into office which I pray to GOD he doesn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I could vote, I would vote for you, Obama!
Unless of course if they work in an embassy in Libya...
Eu e a grande maioria do povo brasileiro apoia Presidente Obama.
O Brasil está com você!...
Obama thanks our troops by getting some killed and denying the rest the military healthcare promised them for serving this great country. Get lost, Obama. 

Diaoyu islands belong to China ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
iam so happy for president obama, you are so blessed and may the  anointing of our father be with you until the end of time. i always dream to be a american citizen one day because i only go for progress and iam very sure my dreams will come true. i still congradulate you obama you are the man of the world.
+simwanza liam  I'm sure God will bless a man who as Illinois senator shot down bills that would save the life of a baby that survived an abortion attempt and was born alive. Thanks to Obama, living babies born alive after abortion attempts are thrown in the trash, where their shallow gulps for air over time slow and the distant voice across the room of their mother fades. And hopefully with that, whatever pain their little bodies are feeling due to the type of abortion attempted - saline that burns the skin away or the blade that invades the womb and attempts to dismember her body piece by agonizing piece.

If there is an anointing on Obama's head, it is by Lucifer himself - the father of lies and the bringer of sin and death to all humanity. Obama is his messenger.  
+Jason Pogany You're still talking about only .1% of pregnancies, so while I may disagree with you, to kill a child for sake of convenience marks the beginning of the downfall of civil society.
u know he won he beat Romney woooohooo he is our new president yippy
Would LUUUUUVVVVV 2 meet OBAMA!!!!!!!
Obama deserves the win
im not here to argue im just sayin 
i think he's doing great and im glad that he won
i cant beleave u won...................................................... i wanted romeny u stink
then why are you on obama's site, he won for a reason
wow.......... they delte all the bad comments...
cmon he's doing fine it takes a lot of guts and hard work to get up there and win so just think about that...
Under this clown, the US economy has not improved, he's added more to the Debt in 4 years than Bush did in 8 and our Foreign Policy is in shambles...
The man with no plan...
What a crock...a total crock.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
America has advanced a lot in it's way to be a Global leader during the last 4 years. Physical occupation is not at all the way of Globalisation. 

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I'm come from Thailand ต้องการติดต่อ Gen.Michael Barnero
+Daniel Vollmer The vets need to rise up against this Regime.  The Usurper doesn't mean a word he says, which is lie after lie.  Looks like these people on here are ignorant - what a shame.  Obama can't be trusted or the Regime.  America is in a friggin mess. 
Someone please impeach Obama. He's liberal where he should be conservative, and conservative when........nevermind.
मे कम पढा लिखा व्यक्ति हु मेरा दिमाग का परिचय मेरी स्कूल कि मार्क लिस्ट देगी या मे स्वयं 
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