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Are you ready for a hangout with the President? Pencil it in for the afternoon of January 30th on +The White House. President Obama will answer the most popular questions you submit and vote for through the White House YouTube page: http://OFA.BO/tGmQwS
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Can you tell me when there is a hangout with the First Lady? That's what I'm looking forward to. :)
hellz yes! who wouldnt want to "hangout" with the president?!
I want to join the hangout!!!

Just got a letter from the president so I am on cloud 9 today LOL
Liga pra mim também Presidente. Serei o primeiro brasileira a lhe perguntar algo.
haha i wonder if he even responds to hate mail....
To bad none of you are intellectually curious to view the video
People want to overthrow President.....(afternoon of January 30th) .......
+Michael Marin is that really the best you can do? I wasn't aware grammer was necessary for participation. Troll much?
We are Americans and we have pride that goes back many decades! Let's keep this American Pride alive for the future and for the growth of the America and its economy. We are striving now and we will be for the next few years until our economy's growth has been achieved in its goal of recovery to its fullness. Dedication and Determination is what makes American Spirit so great that we can and will achieve it once again! Remember the hard working Americans and they will remember you!
+Darwin Brown What you just said, was:
'We are Americans and we have pride, but we're not sure why, because every principle this country was built on has been crushed by corrupt systems, also dragging the rest of the world straight to hell while we're at it. We are striving now and we will be for the next few years until we have depleted all resources by producing useless crap that we don't use or throw away after a few weeks, just because we can, and people tell us it's good for us. Dedication and Determination in doing a crappy job and sweating the last drop of water out of our body is the only opportunity left for many of us if we want to survive. Remember the hard working Americans, because the people who profit from all their hard work won't. Because they don't care."
Nej Ras
Solidarity with the Saharawi people against the Moroccan occupation
Hy, Om from Mexico and Im a huge fan of yours. please respond me.
All this status announcement said was if you were ready to ask questions on the 30th. Geez. No need to troll : ( My question is totally better. Cupcakes; or pie? Mr president. hahahaha. j/k.
Freedom? American dream? I don't think so... I think the only freedom in USA is the power some less people with money and opportunity to make lobby at the Congress...
Nice Kenny lets be nice:-)
What about weapons to Saudi Arabia? Didn't he pitch that to Congress himself?
S.E. G.
i have HOPE that you'll announce your resignation.
S.E. G.
shaun... the end goal is for all others to drop out and have one remaining. lol
S.E. G.
i pray that this is obama's last term; the fate of the nation depends on it.
Clapping hands....glad to see you speak Mr. President +Barack Obama to fellow American people, guest, distinguished members and the house floor. Thank you.
S.E. G.
one term-er... please lord.
Only thing I am ready for is a resignation.
Our president is speaking.....please observe that.
+Stuart Gamblin While I agree the power of the President is great, your last comment makes you sound like chicken little. All fear, no sense.
These sound like great ideas!
Loving this SOTU!!!! Thank you President Obama! Take them on! We are behind you!
First part of White House SOTU speech played fine (unlike the enhanced one that never loaded at all) ~ maybe it is all that Twitter activity that is interfering with transmission. Sigh. Will read the transcript in the morning.
Good speech, got to say! I pray to get a few little solar panel installs in the future. Like that Ethical part! Must see my web site and hear what I am saying just a little. call me sometime I hope your looking into what FEMA is doing to help folks that lost it all in those Basdrop fires also. Some I don't think can afford to rebuild???
Its my Pleasure.......Anyway.
Absolutely brilliant - thank you for doing this!!!
Awesomely awesome. I will be there. Our Tech Savvy President. Thank You Sir.
Saw state of Union speech. Very informative to the government revenue side of the equation. Meanwhile although our family has updated boiler equipment to very efficient Peerless burners, #2fuel oil is $198.00 for 50 gallons. We've all had a rather mild winter, except for the tragic tornado strikes (Jefferson County Alabama) in January 2012. I have read that there is plenty of electrically efficient power sources being held off of the market for the sake of profitable BIG OIL. It's obvious they are on the BIG Government team. What part in the BIG OIL team does the consumer play?
read the transcript of the Obama, very powerful and full of rhetoric, but I thought on some aspects Obama has exceeded even Republicans.
Has it occurred to anyone that the president is more of a figure head than a real leader? It is the wealthy elite who own most of the country who are really influencing all the decisions. This has been going on for decades. These people own the media as well, and the media influences the way people think whether they are aware of it or not. It really doesn't matter who is the president. They killed Kennedy because he was not going to play the game. It is possible that Barack is/was sincere, but that he is powerless to do much because of those behind the scenes who call the shots. The consequence for not "doing what he is told" may be too high. Think about it. Has anyone actually seen a picture of the airplane that allegedly crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11. Have you watched the videos of the towers falling. The explosions are exactly like a controlled demolition. There is so much more. Bush has been indicted for war crimes in other countries. We do not see the real news on our news channels, not even NPR. We are tax slaves. This is real. Do some research, you will see. It is time to wake up and take a stand. OWS is just a small start, but it is in the right direction. Washington is owned by the 1%.
Narrow it down a bit more than "afternoon" for us outside US? Time zone would be awesome, too.
+Dan Sonnier Yeah, Dotcom is not the nicest person on this planet. And he made a lot of money. But he did it in a legal way, and isn't making money legally what everyone is trying to do?
He's a German, living in New-Zealand, with a company in Hongkong. What the f*ck gives the FBI or any American organisation the right to arrest people there??
By the way, THIS is why megaupload has been taken down and why Dotcom remains in jail:
Mr Barack Hossen Obama, If I Invite You , You Can Not Come. But If Yiou Invite Me I Will Attend There ............
if you lose the next election will you come over and become prime minister in the UK because we are fed up with David Cameron
he screws up every country like George bush did and the town i live in bideford have decided to invite him here so im worried
Well, maybe Obozo can fix your mess. He certainly made ours worse.
well if obama don't come which he probably won't because we are only a little town in the UK then the council said they would invite the republican candidate
I'm proud of my commander in chief.....great speech. Let's just believe in each other specially those in congress.

Please work together set the example for all of us
+Shaun Griffin Please do not compare this person to God. He thinks he's a God, but he's just a joke.
+Shaun Griffin - I was offended by your remark, that is why I made mine. I certainly did not mean to offend you. Ha! I just read your "about me" story. Kind of a hypocrite, aren't you?
Great speech last night. We needed a little reminder that America kicks butt! We just need to get down to work and we will all get there! see you at the hang out!
NDAA and SOPA must go. Among other things that limit our freedom, and take away our safety and our homes, our jobs, our safe food, air, and water.

The United States Government does NOT represent the will of the people. At least not 99% of the people.

The United States Government represents the 1%; the ones like Big Pharma, like corporations rich enough to purchase the election of our officials.

We vote for them; that's just a joke—they no longer represent us, the people.

They've rigged the political machine so no matter WHO we elect, our will isn't represented.

Mr. President, what happened the LAST time we the people had a government that did not represent our will?

Represent our will, NOW, or the same thing will, I repeat, will happen again.

You should cease lying to us. You should speak out for us.

We the people are asking. Nicely. Peacefully.

Cease attacking us because we object to the way you are governing us.

I beseech you.

There will be a Patrick Henry, and others of his kind, arise. There will be armed insurrection.

You've given us no recourse.

Americans fought for their freedom once; they will do so, again, should you prove recalcitrant against giving us our power back peacefully.
You mean of the people, by the people and FOR THE PEOPLE? That one? Good idea? When can we start having the for the people part instead of the for my personal religion part? I would LOVE that!
mr obama, you are servan of God, Jesus bless you
Ron Paul and friends: End welfare. Legalize prostitution. Outlaw contraception. Close women's health centers. Hey, what could go wrong?
Dear Mr. President,
My name is Shawna I am 27 newly married since July 4th 2011 and a mother of two. My son was born 1/10/10 and his name is Jonathon. I have received my GED went to Collage for Admin. Asst. and since I finished my classes I have not been able to find a job in my field. I have been working whatever jobs just to bring money in for my son. I live in a small town in Kingman AZ, There are really no jobs in our small town and I have to stay in this town till me and my family has money saved for the move. But I do have a 3rd interview for a law office. That would be a blessing. Then I have been fighting for 2 years for sole custody of my son because the guy I was with when where planning to have a child we did and after 2 m. he totally changed and started being D.V. on me and he hurt me. So I left and now I have been fighting for 2 years for sole custody, I think I will win when my case I pray on feb.3rd 2012. I am planning to go back to collage for Paralegal Degree.
So My Question Is When Will I Get My Life Back And Who Actually Cares To Help Me And My Family
+Dedric Alexander Ideally and merely by not getting in your way while you work towards realizing them. Go for it and good luck.
I'm ready too. This is going to be awesome.
stupid out of country people saying obamas great
Persident Obama is one of the greatest persident ever
真好玩~~在这骂黑巴马真爽~~~要是到新华网问候 涛宝二人转 不知会发生什么鸟? 两个二百五就封盘啦~~快抢广告位 出租5毛一个
这没小鞭删帖~~大陆网站还玩个鸟 ~~ 过几天大陆网站都要倒闭了~~
I personally think the Chinese government should re-lift the great firewall to ban all the mainland chinese from G+. Please do have respect on Obama's campaign.
too hi
when we can use internet free as them - -
凤姐做好饭,在等你呢 (^__^)
It Cikon know that America is working to maintain the freedom of the citizen and the right to express his opinion and respect for humanity .. So why ignore the Palestinians' right to life respected?? Why not work to protect America from the tyrannical regime of Syrian???
that is very important , am live in iraq we can see any president small big normal , they are Cocky. we can only saw many car and nothing else.
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