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“There’s no excuse for Congress to stand by and do nothing while so many families are struggling.”
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哈哈哈哈哈,我最快 O(∩_∩)O哈哈~
Can we get in trouble for calling the fuhrer a dbag?
This is all for the votes and alot of you dummies are falling for it, wake up! 
i think he hasnt been doing that bad really, for the cards he was dealt
Blame it on Bush, blame it on Bush!!!
u r a great man and a too gud debater
Ha Le
hi usa
obama is dealing with alot of the crap that bush caused
Its so unfortunate that Republican congress chooses to use a tactic of do nothing to ensure that president Obama is a one term president. Are the American people that inconsequential to them. Let's face facts their are a lot of bills that are very bi- partisan that have been passed before but now it seems that's not important. I wanted president Obama to win to keep the country on a positive path but now I will be voting to see the Republican party loose everything Congress,senate, presidency. I bet they will just commit suicide. The Republicans fail to realize that Americans are smart people and by these tactics it only make them the enemy we all have difference but working to reach a middle ground is what democracy is about but I guess the hypocrisy of the system is clearly evident here. Let's hope for the sake of America.
Very well said Mr. President.  We can make America strong again if we work together!  We didn't send our representatives in Washington to continually campaign for their re-election; Americans elect and send their representatives to Washington to WORK for us!
He had control of the House and Senate for 2 years, and all he did was ram Health Care down our throats (illegally).
elect romney just see what happens
Corrupt Republicans are bought and paid for by corrupt special interests. These corrupt Republicans then pass laws that pay back the special interests and 99 percent of the American people get the shaft.

Republicans have said that their agenda is to make President Obama a one term president. To accomplish this goal they have tried to sabotage our economy thinking that voters will blame President Obama and a Republican president will be elected. The Republican downgrading of our credit rating and refusal to pass the President's jobs bill is part of this sabotage of our economy. Consider what would happen to the erosion of our democracy if the Supreme Court was packed further with extreme right wing partisan judges.

Republicans now have an extreme, dangerous, culture of corruption that will greatly harm our country. They are no longer the moderate, common sense party of President Eisenhower but rather a far right, fascist organization whose real constituents are the super wealthy, Grover Norquist and other corrupt special interests who bribe corrupt politicians. Their tactics of fear, hate, religious bigotry & false propaganda are clearly not the American way but they have used phony wedge issues to fool the most ignorant and bigoted Americans into supporting them. They have also proven to be extremely incompetent. We must all work together to stop this. It is clearly time to clean House (plus Senate, White House & Judiciary) by voting responsible Democrats to replace corrupt, incompetent Republicans.

Progressives and Independents won in 2008 because they turned out in high percentages. In the 2010 election Progressive and Independent turnout to vote was only around 40% so corrupt Republicans took over the House by default and the sabotage of our economy began. Some Progressive and Independent voters sat our the 2010 election because they didn't get everything they wanted but politics is the art of compromise and you never get everything you want. To win in 2012 we must have the turnout by Progressives and Independents at the rate we turned out in 2008 or better. President Obama will set forth an agenda that we all can get behind and soundly defeat corrupt Republicans in 2012.
yes, Congress is response for that families, except 景德镇~
everything Obama wants is bad for us the people.  Between your anti-liberty agenda and nothing,  I choose nothing!
and vote new bums in!!  that's all that will happen..
Sheeple, what a great word! Thanks Bob! And you are so right!
Tae Moore
For anyone that think barack is a bad president you are all idiots/ retards which ever 1 degrades you the most because of these reasons here. We're finally not in Iraq for no reason, he's a democrat and he supports the troops just as any republican would. He not starting wars for no reason . We haven't been attacked by any more terrorist or other country's. People are not dying for no reason/because of a decision that he has made. He is not fucking superman he is only 1 man and he really doesn't have as much say so or power as many of you non reading geniuses think( sarcasm at its finest) he is like pretty much the fall guy for everything that goes wrong.(like things all ways do) and he does the Job great. He is a great man. Now this is facts and opinions. No one else could do a better job if they could they should ran for president. Need I remind all the blamers of bush that you idiots voted him in for 2 terms smfh.
What's standing in the way, is ingormanious like you.  Marxism, will not work.  NO!  What part of no don't you understand?  What you call a solution, we know is the poison.   It's a fact.  comrade.  So sitdown and shaddup!
God bless our President. God bless him to be re-elected. Go Obama 2012.  And, if anyone is having the nightmare of voting for mitt romney or republicans, slap yourself and Wake UP and do the right thing for our country.  Pull the democrat lever in November .
Personally, I think "sheeple" are on both side of the aisle.  Obama has his ideas, some are probably good, some suck -- his budget was voted down 99-0 in the Democratically controlled Senate and also unanimously in the House (430-0 ??).

The Republicans in the House have their own ideas and passed numerous bills that they "think" will help the country (some are probably good, and some suck) -- the President and Dems in the Senate are "do nothing" but complain when it comes to those ideas.

Until we all learn to get along and find common ground, we are stuck.  As a county, we are approximately 50/50... neither party will ever make any ground until we learn to drop the rhetoric (and hatred) and get SOMETHING done.

Personally, I blame the President for this.  Some people hate Bush and just as many hate Clinton -- but they were both able to work with the other side to get things done.
I'm not going to point fingers, but the Idiot who said the "healthcare bill" was passed illegally, is a freaking MORON. Learn some fact people before you open your pie holes.
Furthermore, Polls have shown that 87% of those who oppose the healthcare bill, actually like most of it's benefits but simply didn't know those benefits existed. This is largely due to Fox News and Republican Lies in general.
Speaking of Morons ... Mitt Romney is a MORON .. I mean Mormon !
Leave Obama alone u guys are also the reason the countries fucked up and I'm sorry do u run a giant friggin country
just do the things the families need U do
Whatever, it's a day that all Chinese people are getting so proud of. Wish world peace, no more fighting, no more.
US people must work together to overcome the bad situations. Do something, but just talking and talking.... Take actions and work hard for your own future. from Taiwan.
I'm with you on this Mr. President. It's obvious that Republicans are absolutely racist and can't handle a minority as their leader. We need healthcare just like U.K. or Switzerland. If it wasn't for the Democrats, no one would have social security.
Alex Piñón
You'd have to be REALLY naive not to see that Obama is doing this "temporary, wonderful fix" 5 months before an election....just to get votes. Just like his "support" of gay marriage 5 months before an election and before collecting donations from the gay community. Quite pathetic if you ask me and, as a Latino myself, I find it very insulting. Wake up people, Barack and his administration are DESPERATE for any vote! 
Members of Congress are useless, American people wake up, YOU elected the members of congress.
"Stop worrying about the next election and start worrying about the next generation." - President Obama
How about just supporting your proposal but don't vote? 
+Alex Piñón 
So you're saying he should oppress gays and ignore the economy until after the election?
Mr. president, I think you have said too much, however you make little progress. 
Obama would make a great leader of an EU country where they've already forsaken there liberty and allowed their governments to control most aspects of their lives. 

Americas appetite for mimicking Europe by spending money we don't have is over.  Congress would likely do be able to do their job if the progressives (communists) would find some money that doesn't involve borrowing or taking more money away from the majority and giving them nothing in return.

From 2009 - 2011 the house of Representatives was made up of 256 Democrats and 178 Republicans. 256 > 178
The senate was comprised of 57 Democrats, 41 Republicans and 2 Independents. 57 > 41
Obamacare was passed against the will of the people by the democratically controlled congress. Had they (the democrats) not had control of both houses there would be no Obamacare.

Ronald Reagan under the Grahmm-Rudman Act required that the budget be balanced. Much to his credit Bill Clinton rode that to a surplus by not messing with it. 

Obamas record, and like it or not it will be his legacy regardless of the excuses, blame and finger pointing and will show him to be one of if not the worst president in American history. Anyone who thinks differently obviously thinks Jimmy Carter did a good job as well.
i think obama can only do so much...u have to make a decision
what do you think about CET6?
The answer is the Resource Based Economy, google it!
Soooooo, ..ignore Congress? (We the People)
That's gonna leave a mark!
Mr President, Sir, Hank Roth has apparently gone crazy. He's a former Whitehouse employee who has apparently not lost touch with his era. He is harrasing me Sir. Not to mention yourself. I thought I'd just mention it.
Didn't hear you republican assholes complaining when bush/cheney were doubling the national debt spending money we didn't have, lying to get us into two wars so that more Americans could die than were killed at 9/11 and sending us spiraling into a depression.

Stop blaming Obama for what is clearly a problem CREATED by republican/conservative thieves and liars.  If you can't make better electoral choices than bush/cheney, or now romney/(whoever is stupid enough to be associated with him), then turn in your voter card and never vote again.  Let adults do the voting (you are clearly incompetent), and for God's sake, let Obama FIX the shit you let bush/cheney get the country in to.
lol Nobel Peace Prize winner that sends 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, and drones the sh*t out of Pakistan on a weekly basis. Bet his base didn't see that coming!
i dont like him at alland its look like he s no good at all .i like pres.mitt better so ;
keep blaming previous administration, and if the next one blames Obama he'll get tossed on his ass, too. if you "inherit" something and it's broken, you FIX IT. 
All that time where you controlled both houses of Congress...seemed like a good time to fix things eh Mr. President?
Obama sucks he hasn't done anything good and blames all of it on bush Obama has to man up like scott walker and make the hard decisions I am a conservative and Obama should leave!!!!
You may didn't inherit the problems we have. You were elected to fix them or your voters think you were. I know better. I wasn't fooled the first time. I'm not fooled now. You need to pack up Mr. President, personally I say you're fired, and everyone else in Washington too.
Drive an agenda from day one and then demagogue when you don't get buy in. Hope this (worst since Carter) presidency is almost over. You are nothing but a Pelosi lap dog anyway. Vote Anyone Else in 2012.
+Jacob Skudlarczyk Do you know how the American government system works? The president can't do shit unless Congress passes a bill. The republicans are so determined to make Obama's presidency fail that they haven't passed any bills that could help this country. Don't blame Obama, blame the broken Congress. Next time, maybe elect congressmen who will actually do something to help fix America.
You have no clue do you Jacob, stop trolling and give some real truth behind your BS, It is Congress not just the president, and look up how  many polices he has signed into law that have helped you, your family, and small business. If big business wants to continue to horde money and not hire because thats on them not the president. Do you think the president can force business to hire people ? your an idiot. its all politics and big business doesn't like the polices of this admin because it gives more to us and more restrictions not to fuck us on them. hell they have had record profits , yet they cant hire Bullshit it is all propaganda. 
Try this again, a little slower...  You have to be either ignorant or super rich to buy into Republican attacks on middle class thinking people.
the worst version of CHANGE I have ever seen.  Amazing how gullible the US Citizens are.  The only real change will be Ron Paul...
I think you're doing a great job. Don't ever let the haters get you down. Another 4 years, let's go!
The lefties in the Senate won't work with the House. They want it their way or no way. Look how many laws from the house died on Harry Reid's desk! Obama's bills died from lack of support from BOTH parties! They were no starters. Obama's desire to kill American business is killing hopes for employment. Are you better off today than in the Bush years? Be honest.

Paul youre kinda of sick....blinded from truth... by your stealing more comments from you...ya hea...
In the UK our Prime-Minister David Cameron has a slogan 'we're all in this together' .Yeah right! like the politicians are having to make the sacrifices that we are. I bet not one of them will have to look their children in the eyes and say 'I am sorry but we cannot go on vacation this year, or I am sorry I cant buy that new pair of jeans or pumps or even I am sorry I cant take you and bothers and sisters to the cinema'.
To be honest I do not trust or believe one word a politician says any more they have let us all down too many times!...
thats actually true but the congress have to put more efforts. president we need some help..
Obama have you ever heard of family law???? We can't even fix our on American system, and you wanna do what "open Pandora box". Great Hollywood move champ. 
Congress a useless political institution; from an outsiders perspective it looks like the systemic risk that is inherent in that type of political model is going to eventually destroy more than just America's economy.
It's getting to where trolls, charlatans, uninformed, uneducated people outnumber the intelligent people and intelligent people can't post anymore because people who choose to sleep outnumber them. Vote Romney then and stop bitching. But save your lies and misinformation without evidence for your fellow sheep. Use your vote and destroy the lives of millions who have done nothing to deserve that. Cause the outsourcing of jobs, cutting of benefits that have no affect on the national deficit ( as anybody who has paid attention in class can tell you... like social security which is running far into the positive and is in no danger at all), and start of new wars. But get fucked because we don't want to hear it and we aren't on your politician's walls doing the trolling and lying and mis-informing you are all doing. You want to talk indoctrination? Look in a mirror.
Seriously. Some of you posters are still blaming Bush for the economic situation our country is still in?!! In reality, the office of president doesn't impact the actual economy as much as it does the public perception of the economy (which does shape the economy). 
Executive fiat is no way for our president should govern, Balance of power! Not supressing the co-equal parts of U.S. government.

It boggles my mind how some of you people can be so easily manipulated.  In four years our national debt has gone up 6 trillion dollars.  Bush didnt hit that number in eight years!  Unemployment is nearly 10%.  Didnt the annointed one tell us it would never get above 8%???  If it is all the fault of President Bush, Barrack obviously cannot fix it right?  All barrack kardashian has done since he has been in office is campaign to stay in office.  He is a career politician.  These people do not understand what working in the private sector means.  I am so tired of the entitlement programs it makes me sick to my stomach.  I work my tail off repairing locomotives in the Houston heat.  The government does not pay me.  I am quite sure there will be plenty of people voting for this guy again because they do not want their food stamps and free cell phones to dry up.  I feel sorry that my brand new beautiful girl will have to grow up though this.  Thankfully she will not have to be brainwashed by public schools.  I will teach her what it means to be a true american and EARN an honest living.
All of you people that blame one party or another fail to realize that BOTH parties are a joke. The conservatives of today, are the liberals of 50 years ago, and the liberals are the equivalent of the Marxists of pre communist Russia. Supporting either party shows a complete ignorance to the reality of our situation.
You people that support these Marxist Liberals, ask yourself, how has socialism been working out elsewhere in our world. The so called conservatives, you believe all the lies and steadfastly defend these morons that only stand for the interests of big money and corporations.
Finally for those poor souls that believe the likes of Alex Jones and the other conspiracy theorists, wake up you paranoid schmucks.
That is all, go back to your blissful ignorance and continue to eat up the crap being shoveled to you.
Funny how people forget that it was Bush who was the catalyst for most of what we are going through now. The banks had already collapsed when he took office. He inherited a lot of issues. To further the problem, he is blocked by the infamous "Do Nothing Congress." Don't get me wrong here, he has made his mistakes, but do any of you really think Romney has your best interest at mind. Get real. Get those tea party people out of congress and things will get better 
Let's go for another 4 years Mr.President.
Great job.
Sir to many people in groverment are thinking of the mild class stop doing that it is the low incame that has been throw hard times over and over it is time that the people in power wake up and give some to the poor and help them with jobs and houseing that will make life for once a little easyer stop giveing to the mild class because you are only makeing your u s a harder to live in and that is sad stop feeding money to the rich and give to the poor for once. Thank you
Hey +Joseph Short Is four years not long enough to fix what the bad bad President Bush did?  HMMMM isn't it strange the Obama has increased our national debt more in 3.5 years than Bush did in 8 years?  Do you realize there has not been one net job created in the private sector since this guy took office?  I guess you probably recieve your check from daddy obama also.
So, for all of 2009 and 2010 when there was a Democratic President, Congress, and Senate, what happened then?  Was there some do nothing in there blocking things?  The MINORITY somehow blocked their agenda?  Give me a break.  They had plenty of opportunities to do things and they consumed that time fighting for something that they couldn't even get their own people behind. And now look where we are.
Obviously you do not understand economics Teddy
Oh no, Congress has plenty of excuses for not helping. We pay their wages, health care, retirement. They are not hungry. Let's fire and rehire them with 1099s 
Two years of complete democratic control of the white house, house and senate, yet still the fault of republicans?   Maybe you shouldn't have focused so much on a health care system that no one wanted.  You failed Mr. President!
Welcome to the United States where a Republican Congress is the Party of No and the Party of Filibusters and this is somehow Obama's fault.  And, when Obama issues an executive order to bypass Congress, he's "shitting on the Constitution".

The problem is not Obama.  The problem is the do-nothing Republicans in Congress.
I just wish i could do what they do at work.....Give myself pay raise's and so forth..And hey watch what and how you speak.He is our commader and chife...And please do nt mind my spelling..
Calvin, you are the moron.  If I remember right, he spent those first two years trying to deal with the intransigent Republicans, to work out some compromises.  Too bad that the R's vowed that it was more important to wreck his Presidency than to do what is right for the middle class and poor of this country.  I can't wait to see what you say after Obamacare is gone and your grandmother is dying in the street because she can't afford the ripoff prices charged by the medical insurance companies.  Well, okay, you personally will pay for any of your relatives, out to the third or fourth degree, who can't afford health care, but what about your best friend's g-ma?
Then why are you making it legal for the illegal immigrants to have our jobs?
Obama your the most pathetic excuse for a president, heck your not even a American , you freakin Kenyan
The President said it himself......if he cant fix the economy in 4 years, then he doesn't deserve a second term. The economy is in shambles, only propped up with trillions of dollars of stimulus funds, no fundemental stability or true economic drivers at all. Unemployment is tanking, the amount of US work force participation is at its lowest in 70 years, and the President has NO plan or idea on how to fix this......other than make 1 million more illegal immigrants now eligible for jobs in this country to deprive tax paying Americans of potencial jobs.
It's not my fault its George W's fault, great reelection slogan
Thus God will see to it that everything works out fine because you are always animated with good intents amid the best presidents of the U.S, and has a different point of view over families struggling !!!
Do people not realize the whole world economy is shutting down? Obama and Congress have a very limited tool set when it comes to the GLOBAL economy. If Europe is in financial trouble, they can not buy American goods. If we can not sell to Europe, then it follows we will have a hard time paying our debt back. 
There's no excuse for the trillions of dollars in debt that we have, either...
What the?Obama has a google account?
Trampling upon our laws (Constitution) is tantamount to treason; and I expect our legislative branch to press for that.  Not impeachment, not admonishment, but arrest and imprisonment!
Need to open up medicare to those of us that make minimum wage and can't afford health insurance, especially with Rent as high as it is. I pay $600 a month for rent and I'm STILL living in the slums.
+Teddy Grunden  Well in all fairness, what he is saying is what anyone with any amount of feelings wants to hear.  Not everyone has the time to notice or know everything else that is going on.  But who should be the one to make that distinction?  But for all those people that you are basically addressing, I do believe they should take the time to look into whatever you point out to them for consideration.  We will go no where as a country if concerned people like you don't reach people who may be unaware of what you are talking about.  Take care not to alienate those you are trying to reach.  However, you should make sure to point someone in the right direction after making such comments.  I like what you have to say, you put your heart into it, link to some content relevant to your concerns so people can find out for themselves.  You're a good guy.
Should not start a sentence with "but" two times in a row
Here is how you spell Greed. RObomney.
Excellent point of view C.S.  I tend to speak out of frustration when I see people follow so blindly.  I appreciate the perspective!
There's no excuse for you to illegally bypass them!
+Chris S. Because breaking the rule of law has become the norm for government in the United States
Hispanics vote and Walmart Americans wait for their government monies
An executive order is not illegal
obama is a liar and if you believe him your stupid like Dennis
I remember Bush did the same to go after "the smoking gun."
Chris S.  - Obama's administration has overseen the most aggressive deportations that I'm aware of.  Letting good kids stay here who have grown up here and know nothing else isn't what is killing our economy.  Now, if we want to get on an English First discussion, I expect that we'll fall on the same side of that debate.  English profeciency should be a requirement for living in the USA.  Theodore Roosevelt had a good plan in that arena.
wasnt obama born here in hawaii? how did he get to be president
Also funny that there hasn't been a budget passed im Congress since Obama has been President. Not his first 2 years when there was a Democrat controlled House and Senate, even now when his budget proposal was brought up in the Senate, not one person voted for it............Now tell me who are the obstructionists in Congress?
Thats why congress has only a 10% approval rating 
I don't think there is any reason the president's family should throw huge expensive parties and take extravagent vactions while so many familes are struggling.
Cody, you economic genius, why is the Europian economy crashing???? Because they have allowed the government to take control of everything.  The exact thing this administration is doing.  The government cannot have such control.  This healthcare bill is going to destroy us.  Greece is the blueprint!  The private sector is where the economy needs to grow.  If everyone depends on the government to support them the money must come from those who work.  The more you take from those who work, the less they have to spend on goods and services.  The less working american spend on goods and services, the less revenues companies generate and the less jobs there are.  Vicous circle isnt it. 
25% are struggling - 75% are lazy. Period.
I remember Bush spent a lot of time in Crawford
Q Dog
Obama did have control of congress for 2 years.  Majority Rules.  This is the definition of control, not being filibuster proof.  The last time there was a filibuster proof congress was under Carter and the Dems and look how that turned out...FAILURE.  When the party of "yes" has control, then the country says "NO!".  We do not want a liberal agenda. 
This is a ploy by an incumbent to try and save his canadicy
How about France? They LOVE their government run healthcare! 
All these chinese people love this because we owe them so much money thanks to good ole barrack
Corporations have had tax cuts....their response was more off shoring.
Europe is crashing because they adopted a Federal monetary system without adopting a Federal political system.  Half-assed measures in Finance rarely work well.
OMG OBAMA DO NOT TALK ABOUT ECONOMICS! Just focus on giving speeches for the rest of your life. You'll make a killing.
Still playing the blame game......
Obama is from Chicago by way of Hawaii by way of Kenya by way of being completely full of shit :)
U are one of the best president ever u have to win the realection

So I am off to another fund raiser with the beautiful people and another round of golf
I had the "Audacity to Hope", but now I realize how ill prepared you were for the job and two faced you really are.  America cannot suffer another 4 years.
Nobama no more. One and done. Don't let door hit you on the way out.
For everyone who is complaining about illegal immigrants coming over here and finding opportunities to work you should really think about this, they are not taking the jobs away from you, they are taking whatever jobs you don't want. When you are willing to wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning to go to work in fields from dawn until dusk with only enough food for a small lunch typically consisting of nothing but rice, beans and a little bit of meat, and getting paid 3 maybe 5 dollars an hours for 10 to 15 years, and all you can hope for is a better future for your family, away from drugs, cartel wars, kidnappings, poverty, only until then should you complain about this situation. They are not depriving you of anything, you deprive yourselves from finding any opportunity to work because you are too lazy, you are above that type of labor, or you feel that you deserve to be paid more for being a White American.
Also, you should not blame the worker who comes to take whatever minimum wage job that you don't want, you should blame the employer who outsources potential jobs to other countries like India, China, Japan, and Central and South America.
The economy will not recover so long as this criminal occupies the white house.
Love it! Stupid conservatives with their bull shit! 
they got to much time on their hands you tell them barack
um, says the guy who has spent more money than all the presidents in our history combined, he the 1 "breaking" the Middle Class.
Way to go Mr President. Let republicans cry about helping the less powerful. I am so so happy with announcement you made yesterday, no matter your decision people will criticize it even if you tell them lets pass tax cut for the rich . Please do what you think is best and leave the election to take care of it self. You have my me , my family and and everyone that that I know our vote.
Half the country is of the impression that part of the fruits of my labor should be taken away from my children's future and handed over to those who feel the government should provide for them. This country was founded on the idea of personal responsibility and it is the job of the government to protect the liberties I have to enable me to do that. 

As a Christian, it is "MY" responsibility to help my neighbor, it is not the governments job. If my neighbor is contrary to what we believe and stand for here, they may well starve, such it is for those who won't provide for themselves.

Barack Obama was correct in stating that our Constitution which he loosely adheres to is fundamentally flawed. The flaw is that those who contribute nothing, are able to vote on how the money is spent. This as has been painfully obvious is a flaw that quasi-socialists use as a tactic. The people on the government dole are much more likely to vote to continue the slavery. 

Americans don't need the help of the government. They need the government to do the job we created it to do. Promote the general welfare (of no group or class) and provide for the common defense. Otherwise the government has no business in my business or my pocket. Especially when they think taking my money and giving it to another class of people will in any way shape or form help those people. It never has nor will it ever.
Obama is of the greatest and most crooked politicians ever elected. He tells you exactly what he is going to do but his dumbass supporters can't think for themselves and read between the lines. Greatest achievement Obama has done is wake up America about how close socialism is to this country.
Sadly foreign workers are taking our jobs, primarily because other countries (such as China, Japan, and India, and some in Europe) place a much higher value on education (for some anyway)..   The USA is falling behind on almost all levels, and big companies are already exporting tech jobs to countries with more educated workers.  Tech has nothing to do with getting up at 4AM and everthing to do with learning science, math, and business..  And it doesn't matter what the color of your skin is (and it's even cheaper overseas for the most part)..

Higher education should be free in this country to citizens of the USA.. We should encourage everyone to get as much of an education as possible.. We could probably fund this with mere fraction of our military budget...  The drawback to government is that an education population tends to actually pay attention to the world (which is bad for the status quo :P
And there is no excuse for protectionism of certain industries such as big media, the movie industry, and the recording industry.  Make them innovate.  Do not rob us of our first and 4th amendment rights because you think these industries are weakened because of external forces.  They aren't weak and their problems are that they don't innovate. 

Your promises to seriously curtail lobbying of the Whitehouse (and presumably of the Senate and Congress) hasn't been fulfilled.  Let the people make the choices.  That can't happen when lobbyist from rich industries have an undue influence over the elected officials.  Lobbyists are no more entitled to access to you than the average citizen.

Keep all your promises Mr. President, every one no matter how small.  We elected you on those promises.

Finally, when you don't understand something you shouldn't be signing bills into laws.  You, Mr. President need to understand fully what you are signing.  And NO MORE signing statements.  If those under you break the law or would be inclined to do so then you can't excuse them with signing statements.  They need to be held as accountable as any other person.
So cruel to do this just for votes. True abuse of power.
Ben, that's the truth......Washington does nothing for the real Americans (the ones that work & those that either can't work or can't find work)! The deal yesterday for undocumented immigrants is for votes under the guise that it's not their fault for being here. I would rather have a moratorium on any form of immigration into our country until we get financially back on our feet as a nation. Immigration allows for a larger work force at a entry level pay scale, for anyone! 
Any of you folks who get your supposed facts from Fox News, are completely frigging retarded. Anyone who listens to ANYTHING ANY Republican says without fact checking it, is an IDIOT.
Those of you who try to spout facts here in these forums and chats, really need to find reliable sources for your facts. Otherwise you just sound stupid and prove just how ignorant and uneducated you really are.
Obama 4 More Years !!
Maybe you should talk with the Senate Obamasite in Chief, Harry Reid --- seems like the Senate is the problem (other than you and Dumbo Biden)
Instead of voting for a candidate we should take a test.
1) how much money do you make?
2) would you like to make more money or be compensated with services to make up any income inequality?

if the answer to the first question is '> 500,000' and the second question is 'no' aka greedy. You should be voting republican.

if '< 500,000' and 'yes' aka poor / majority of our population by far. Vote democrat.

if '> 500,000' and 'no' aka the philanthropist. Vote democrat.
if '< 500,000' and 'no' aka unintelligent / primitive / bohemian. vote republican.

in conclusion if you are an average american of average intelligence or you are a wealthy philanthropist vote democrat else if you are greedy or unintelligent vote republican.

I know some republicans don't like having decisions to make:
abortion, who to marry, who should get health care and which of the 5 idiots in the republican primary to vote for. So I made this simple guide for you.

Your welcome.
Shawn Q
You want to move this country forward, put People in charge of the people again. There's no reason you can't legally make any claim on the original constitution overrule any amendment made to it, what are you afraid of? Greesters blackmailing you? Who cares? When millions of people turn to desperate measures - Everyone's life is in jeopardy anyway, you ever think about that?
You are all crazy! I bet not one of your lives has gotten any worse since he's been President!! Go OBAMA in 2012!!! And don't forget this country was built by immigrants, you can't close the door now! And it is Congress's fault nothing is getting done, they have the majority!!! What have they accomplished since they have been in office???
Wait +shannondoah henley did you say since a monkey got the job. Really? I mean I'm not a huge fan of Obama nor of being PC but really? 
I think you overestimate the power of a president. He is NOT a king and he NEEDS the approval of the congress to do anything apart from start a war or pardon a criminal. our whole system needs to be on board if things are going to change and that is never going to happen with this infantile polarization on BOTH fronts. We don't need two oppisites stomping there feet and plugging their ears going "LALALA I CANT HEAR YOU!" we need a thousand slightly different ideas getting shouted in a room and discussed with fervor and passion so that when something gets decided as many avenues as is possible have been explored not just one ultra liberal and one ultra conservative.
we need to come up with a solution for politicians who are more concerned about their own benefits then the constituents they swore to serve. In a nation of our vast size and resources there is enough for all but greed wins out more often than not. President Oboma you at heritage the worst mess imaginable but cannot fix it alone there needs to be unity in washington. I will vote for you again!
Greatest President ever!  Go and finish the greatest second-half comeback in history!
I'm not sure if you got the memo, but you are supposed to protect the constitution, not abuse it. You see, the founding fathers were very careful, so that some power hungry wannabe, like yourself, couldn't ruin it for everyone else. I understand you feel like you're losing the black voter, and in need to enslave the next "minority", but do you think selling out the rest of America is the best way to do that? I know for a fact, that if being a politician was put out to bid, and some company bids it low using illegal alien labor, I know you idiots would figure out a way to close the border by tomorrow. 

I just want to thanks for proving my point about regressive liberal idiots. 
We need a strong, chaismatic leader in the White House to unite the country and Obama has proven over the last 3 1/2 years that he cannot fill that role!
Tony A
If you vote for someone just because of a D or R by their name, YOU are whats wrong with this country. Think for yourself, don't let others decide for you and tell you that you're evil if you vote one way or hate pour people if you vote another way. Wake up!
Obama just vying for cheap votes as November draws nearer... Sheeple.
"Something must be done"

Obama had two full years with a strong mandate from the people and a Congress dominated by his party and he did nothing.  All we got was a weak watered-down stimulus bill and a taxpayer bailout of the health insurers and big pharma disguised as health reform.  This nonsense about all playing nice holding hands and singing Kumbaya is ridiculous nonsense.
Tony A
And again I must ask.....why if this BULLSHIT in my stream?
Rather than drone attacking concentrate on improving financial crisis
April you are exactly correct, Obama inherited this problem! Talk about pawning the blame on to someone else!!!
There is no excuse for Obama to do everything at taxpayer expense and thereby increase the national debt with temporary fixes. Create free market plans that generate true taxable revenue
+Mike Patty I don't think so
Although. Freedom of speach. But that will probably be gone soon too so say it while you can. HEY +Barack Obama YOUR AN FN DPUCHE BAG. there I said it. Id say it too his face too.
this plan to make more jobs. where is the money coming from he said put more teachers and firefighters out there but those are goverment funded jobs, so how dose he expect to pay for these "new roads" that we so "desperatly' need! and I stand behind who ever said to wait for reinforcments. because anything that they need to propose to get this country going again can shot down or so baddly trashed by Mr. long ears that we can see enough economic growth to let our country move forward. and did you here that there was a totaol bashing on Republicans when he said "they acctualy said that" and he was really trying to boast democrats at the end by saying tell your congressmen why they were elected in the first place, and practicly pulling us in to "whatever I say is of course the only way". But let me tell you your way is leading us to our own demise! 
People sometimes forget so I'll remind them here.  Under Clinton we had a trillion dollar surplus and the US was loved and respected around the world.  When bush got into power by force by stopping the vote count we spiraled into the huge trillion dollar debt we're in now and the world hates us.  Rich people have never been richer and the poor have never been poorer.  We need anything but more of the same from republicans if we want to move forward and not backward.  Why is this not obvious to everyone? It's mind boggling..
If you voted for +Barack Obama in 2008 to prove your not a racist, you'll have to vote for someone else In 2012 to prove your not an Idiot
If enough voters said that unicorns exist, he would be an advocate for them also.
We have a lot of Chinese friends posting here.  What do you folks think of the President, and America more broadly?
+Douglas Nelson
I suppose you missed the memo about the President being a Constitutional scholar, anyway. But, just as two theologians may both love and respect the Bible and yet passionately disagree with each other over its interpretation, two who love and respect the U.S. Constitution may also disagree over what it means in practice. 
Legalize freedom, end the illegal wars and mind your own business...educate, Ron Paul 2012
Are you serious about Christmas and Easter parties? They have been White House traditions long before Obama was even born! LOL
Unfortunatly many many human beings are a foul, unrightious, easily fooled and easily corrupted lot.  God forbid we as a people actually try to help one another-especially those that really need it, but NOOOOOO we cant even do that.  Most people who hate on social programs like welfare, and healthcare would help a dying dog in the street but not there fellow man.  All you devils out there know who you are....                                                   
+Douglas Nelson
I suppose you missed the memo about the President being a Constitutional scholar, anyway. But, just as two theologians may both love and respect the Bible and yet passionately disagree with each other over its interpretation, two who love and respect the U.S. Constitution may also disagree over what it means in practice. 
How do I block your real life?
+Clint Secretname because not everyone is a sheep. Liberalism is a mental disorder. PS. Ill give Clinton some credit. But this "community leader" is a joke. Id take Clinton again over this idiot.
+Dan O'Brien When Americans attend college college for socialization and drug abuse rather than for education, who is to blame for that? Not the dedicated and focused illegal immigrant who is looking for a better place for himself and his family.
He only learned Kenya's constitutional law apparently. He acts like a king not a president.
How many people do you really know who have been kicked out of their houses? I don't know any? I do see every restaurant in my town have at least an hour wait every weekend, everyone has computers, cellphones hhmmm makes me wonder?
Hey ASSHOLE.... You just said the other day that the private sector was doing fine. So WTF????
You are still an idiot that is so far out of touch with the American people! I'll be much happier when you take your empty promises and vacate that home of honor!
I may not agree with all your policies but you are far preferrable to the alternative
He's so full of crap. He thinks Americans are stupid. Vote this idiot out! All he does is blame everyone else for the problems. 4 years of broken promises.

Oh and why does he blame congress for the economy when he just bypassed congress on illegal immigration?

Everyone must ask, who is our president in this for? The American people (no) or himself?
Obama, I would give you the proper president obama but I would have to respect you. Since you don't respect the citizens of this country, just your party. This must be a of your last ditch effort to stay in power. What's next selling the constitution on ebay. Hell alvin and chipmunks could do a better job than you!
When you govern something as large as a country, and with as many problems as the US, no matter what decision you make, some subset of the population will condemn you for it. 
I am not an Obama fan; the Act has such a narrow scope. This is just a short-term exemption so the children of illegal parents do not get deported to Mexico that is essentially a foreign and possibly dangerous place for them to be alone and unsupervised. These kids were not deported in the past so this act validates unwritten policies that are already in effect. it is nothing more than a campaign ploy that does nothing. It is simply a humane gesture.
If you had to decide a leader based on their intelligence and how they viewed helping the majority of citizens, how could you ever consider voting for anyone BUT Barack Obama?  Unless you're religiously brainwashed or in the top 2% of wage earners, it's logically unthinkable to vote against the Democrats. 
+John Taylor yes because Obama can control the budget and everything else. You can't fix 8 yrs worth of mis management in 3.5 yrs. Be happy we are not in a great depression because if you had McCain in there, thats exactly what would have happened. Vote for Romney if you want, but it will get you back to the way it was under Bush. I guess you must have done well during those times but most americans did not.
I am very concerned with the powers he has assumed, the powers he has retained from the previous powerful executives, and the promise that those powers will be forwarded to another president in the future.  I do not think he is a bad man, or even an unintelligent, but the hubris that exists in the white house will blind even the best of men to the fact that rather than leading a great country, they will become ever increasing pawns of those that will demean our citizenry and change our mentality from innovation and revolution to servility and uniformity.

He has not been so great as to earn an assured second term, and he has not been so terrible as to assume his GOP opponent would be better.  He, like his opposition, is a banner carrier for wedge issues, which he will very likely never act on or, if he does, will do so in a token manner.  In a country that prides itself on its performance in war, when we have wars of ideology the victor will not be the one deemed righteous by the majority of society.  It will be the person that promises with hope to his base that he will give them what they want, and assures his detractors such radical promises are fantasy.  

Verbal support or opposition, when combined with ambivalent action, will keep hope alive among the devoted and will also calm the fretful.
There is no excuse for Odumbo. He is an usurper. I would like for anyone to tell me how he has ever been eligible other than the fact that a bunch of idiots voted him in. Step away from the Kook-Aid bowl!!!
+Barack Obama Thank you Mr. President. Today we can tell my daughter's friends that they can now come fishing with us. We live in South Texas and love the Gulf Coast.
You're a joke Mr. President, just like most before you. We the people are fine. Our country is bankrupt and still bullying the world. Please get your house in order, before invading mine.
Q Dog
Fred Horein:
 The vast majority of presidents had to deal with a congress that did not have a super majority and many of them actually managed to get things done.  And if it is not fit to become law it should be destroyed.  Obama couldn't even convince his own party to go with him, let alone the GOP.  Clinton managed to get things done when he compromised with Gingrich, yet Clinton gets all the credit from the Dems for the surplus and welfare reform that resulted from GOP forced moderation.  
@Joe Galvan I didn't know he invaded your house. but it also shows how out of touch you are to think that the people are just fine. Tell that to the single mother who is working 2 jobs to feed her family.
the world may end someday but thats like saying my house will fall down one day so i wont clean it. or the grass will  doe one day so i wont mow it. get the pic?
The sheep are so partisan. Wake up.
Because it is corrupt congress bought by the special interest. This is the same congress who performed inside trading and saw and heard the citizens that elected them went to prison for the same crime. Asked Ms. Martha Stewart.
As an immigration lawyer, I can see there is a clash. Many so called Americans believe immigrants are taking their jobs yet all the facts show the other way.  Some haters just keep pumping this propaganda against immigrants.  The truth is that the day America shuts down the immigration, this is the day America will not longer be>>>
Vote all of congress out. we need a real "house" clean.
Yep, Congress needs to be fired.  completely un-concerned with their respective constituents.
Right, and in the meantime if it's something he really wants, he passes it with executive order when the congress isn't even working. 
Obama - the last light of the west -
+Andrea Goodwin you are seriously living under a rock. First off did not Obama tell America they need to sacrifice in these bad economic times? So after spending the more than ALL PRESIDENTS combined its OK for "tradition" to maintain its extravagant ways? Also the housing market crashed. Foreclosures all over the place. Value of my house is now half of what I paid. Lost a great job due to this anti capitalist economic agenda. I see empty business plazas everywhere looking for occupants. Restaurant business here is lowest I have seen in my life. Oh and I live in the tourism capital of the world, ORLANDO. Yes there are times, special holidays, when its busy but overall it is very bad. Consider the rock you live under as a lucky place.
you have to admit, he's a good public speaker.
Obama gave me an award three days ago
Mitt Romney is a souless shell. Structural economic issues of the worlds magnitude take years to get over (think the great depression). Barack you are doing a great job and look forward to casting you my vote!
+Rafael Lopez You didn't lose your job due to anti capitalistic agenda. you lost your job because people started saving money.You are blaming 100% of the economy on Obama yet he is the one who prevented a depression. Would you rather have had your house price be even lower and even more people out of work without ever passing a stimulus?
Q Dog
I guess you will have to keep beating the deceased horse, because we are not buying it.  Obama campaigned in 2008 that he could change things and he didn't when he had the benefit of the majority of both houses.  Reagan managed to get things done and he never had a majority of either house at the same time and he inherited a worse economy than 2009.
Yeah, thanks for throwing due process and checks and balances out the window.  Not that I necessarily disagree with the idea, but when one man makes decisions without regard to the rest of the country...thats what we call a dictatorship.  
I hear the complaints about Congress, and they are valid when looked at without context. But I think people are forgetting the other side of it: we've balanced the budget what, four times in the past eighty years? Sooner or later that was going to catch up to us: and now it has. Our path is unsustainable.

Now might not seem like the ideal time to dig our heels in insist on fiscal responsibility-- stimulus probably will help us recover more quickly in the short term.

But the fact is, we shouldn't be looking just at the short-term: there is never a good time to balance the budget-- there is always an excuse to spend money we don't have. Why not dig our heels in now? If we don't do it now, then when? Again, there will never be a "good time", so might as well get the pain over with now than kick the can down the road yet again-- there is a limit to how long we can do that.

Europe gets it, that's why they're taking the austerity route-- they'll suffer a little more now, sure, but reap the rewards in the mid/long term. The Tea Party will get American on that path too if we follow their lead and give them the chance.
+Andrea Goodwin again wake the F up! Last two years of Bush and first two years of Obama...the DEMOCRATS controlled congress.
How long it will take you people to understand this? They all give promises, or we can say with no doubt, they tell people things they want to hear. But after elected one steps into the White House its the same!!! Choose president which doesn't promise a mountain of gold, but the one that is saying what problems we got and how we should solve them!! not "i will do this.... then that..."
Instead of Hope and Change . We were given Lies and Pain. I need not go any further . 
+shannondoah henley lol wtf. You do know anything the President (that's past and future) does is paid for by tax payers money? Like the gas in his car, his salary, leaving the country...etc so by your explaining just being President is a waste of tax payers money because they would do things us normal people do but it's wrong for them because we chose to have a system of government that required them and since its a job we have to pay them and since they are human they still have this thing called a life that some still want to enjoy so if they want to celebrate Easter, Christmas, or any other holiday they are freely within their rights to. Oh, and do tell me how building railways is considered a waste of money I didn't know people and companies stop using those to travel/ move goods throughout the country. For your other point the President doesn't lay off anyone their employers do... Since our tax payers money is use to fund companies like Google to create things like Google+ I feel like I'm entitled to saying you, yourself just waste valuable tax payer money in your adolescent retort about the President.
Way to pass the buck! Obama just can't get anything done, whether it's with Democrats or Republicans. The guy is a weak leader and not as politically savvy as he's given credit for. Go back to being a lawyer!
su so
Read the new book The Amatuer behide the sceen true story of zobamas White House a must read before you cast your vote.
Worst prez ever - me thinks you need to read some more history books.  But he's certainly not in the top 10 either.  Sorry B, I voted for you and all, but when you say stuff like this while the gov't is forcing states like Ohio to remove thousands of recipients off their welfare system to meet federal guidelines it really makes me want to vote independent.
God bless you president got the law you past yesterday to help young immigrants. You have given every young talented immigrant a chance to succeed.
Fat Buu
It's amazing to me how ridiculous people are. The people who are saying it's not Obama's fault it's congress' fault. Yes, the president can't act alone, but these same people say it's bush's fault, and the democratic congress bush had didn't have anything to do with it. Make up your minds people. 
T- ilex
Work hard and you get ahead. The sky is the limit 
Lazy, slacker... the Government will take care of me. (very limited)
Screw the president he fuckt us up Moore Dan bush did
Obama did not lie when he said Hope and Change. Its just that voters did not do their research . Obama spent a ton of money and used today's technology to convince people. Just like Apple convinces the sheep.And there are the ones who voted for his color.

Problem is if you did your research you would see what hope and change meant. Obama is a SOCIALIST. He is the perfect and white...for the liberals to finally get some of their socialist agenda through. Healthcare was HUGE key at opening doors towards CHANGEing our government. What people don't get is when is government control enough? Every 4 years of this crap where will we be in the future?

Obama is HOPEing you people don't wake the F up. Well to bad...the country has awoken to Obama's "change." Entitlement is not the future.
Good, More people to take jobs away from OUR citizens and Veterans.
Dr Ron Paul FTW...!

Obama is a war criminal...
I worry more about the welfare system of banks, CEOs and the top 1%.
What would it be like if you had asked the Senate Majority Leader to pass a budget instead of running the government on Continuing Resolutions?
The President is half-right, but he seems to lack LBJ's tenacity in "arm-twisting." 
God help us is Mitt gets elected!
U are a great president If u wasn't would u have been elected 4 years ago. And u will prolly lead us for 4 more years or that's what I think is goin to happen. Well alli can say is tht u have your ups And downs but we all do so it's ok to brke promises or do this and tht whenever but u Re a great president
First Obama changed his view on gay marriage now its illegal aliens can stay against the law in America. WISE UP AMERICA the President is doing these things for one reason and one reason only to raise money to get re-elective. Since he came out for gay marriage money started pouring out of Hollywood and I’m sure it will double now with this illegal alien issue. No matter where you stand on these issues don’t let President Obama get away with fooling you, he could care less about the rights of gays or illegal aliens he cares only about getting a second term. Show the President and all our leaders that we won’t be fooled again, VOTE 3rd PARTY this year and send a message we won’t be fooled again.
Partisan politics are not about tte greater good and almost always slow down progress
I wish I didn't vote for Obama he's stupid.
President OBAMA is my hero.  At @Obama140Art all I do is tweet vertically aligned SuperTweets in praise of THE BEST PREZ EVER!!
To those who feel President Obama is a one term president, aren't you the same ones who said he would not be elected the first time around. I am laughing all the way to the voting booth
None of this is bush's fault Obama spends and spends and added another 4 trillion to our national debt since taking office...and now he is scrambling for votes
We as a republic need to take back our elections. We need to involve ourselves in what the government and "ELECTED" are doing for and to this country. We were given that right, privilege and duty as Americans. The electoral college in my opinion is nothing more than people with special interest making our decision. Congress has no right to stall in any way, or for any reason, the passing of any bills that would help strengthen our country and economy. We, the voters, then have the right to not car our votes until Congress starts doing right by us. We need to start a new revolution and take back our government. It is our fault as a people that we have let ourselves be lulled into a state of complacency and blind trust by our leaders. Stop playing the blame game and let us be held accountable as "We the people"should be, for the fact that we have placed the entire reigns of the decision making process into the sole hands of the elected officials. We have the obligation to be a part of that checks and balance process. Obama and Congress have done nothing because we have done nothing. We should have been knocking on government's door. We need to get rid of all the corrupt "career politicians" and take back our government. Let us wake up America. It's our country.
In 4 years the only thing that's been important to you is a socialist healthcare system and trying to filter our internet. This will be your legacy.

If jobs are so important to you then why did you hire out all of our infrastructure work to China. Where those not good enough jobs for American citizens?

Now that reelection is coming up all of a sudden our well being is important. I say a day late and a dollar short. You got me vote before but you don't have it now.
^ you have the most valid true comment ever,

but i sure wouldnt like to Romney as my president 

and the 2008 elections why would anybody vote for Mcain he was a crazy right wing republican!
Obama sheep are like Apple sheep. So much invested in their brand that even if it is lacking they still choose it over common sense.
There is no excuse for the way you are trying to dismantle our constitution. The problem can be found in your mirror.
I think it's funny reading all of the party bashing on political items.   This is what's wrong and why we have a bunch of d-bags in Washington.  Everyone wants to blame each other based upon party lines and only see the headlines.  I know this is wasting my fingers here, but It's not the Republicans or the Democrats.  It's both the Republicans and Democrats.  All they parties have been doing, on both sides, is taking money from special interest groups and doing anything they can to maintain their power and money while they spin off these points on we, the voting public, to keep our attention away to what is really going on.  We could eliminate the deficit in 5 years just by cutting the salaries and  benefits of Washington to match the average income of an American household and eliminate ALL lobbyist.
Mmm you can't save everybody from suffering, this is the arrogance of the west. We are reaping what we have sown. Exploiting cheap Chinese labour and then calling it our own GDP. We have destroyed our wealth with huge and unnecessary consumption. It's a shame families are finding things painful but this is how the world has always been - we have destroyed ourselves like the Roman Empire - as someone said 'it's all just a little bit of history repeating'
wow God bless america and how old is obama i mean for real he looks like he is 46.
Washington is far removed from the issues of the common worker or the unemployeed worker nowdays. Here Obama blames congress, Congress blames each other, Republicans blame Dems, and Dems blame Republicans. The blame game means no one has to do anything. Nice job!
Good luck.  You will need it.  I fear the special lobby groups have already decided on what will happen next.
+Malcolm Sell Exactly! 
The interesting thing to me is that EVERY political party has at least ONE good idea at it's core, but each has a giant raft of bad ideas along for the ride.  It's the "ideology" that fails us.  Once we reduce everything down to pre-packaged opinions, we lose touch with reality.
what a serial killer this man is! He has killed THOUSANDS and iraq and afghanistan and claims to be good? What a joke
For those people saying it's not all his fault, Bush is also to blame, you need to wake up because you're already brainwashed. There's no one to blame but our selves for not realizing that it does not matter who is president as long as corporations are able to speak with their money nothing is going to change. And as long as we keep supporting these corporations they will have the money to keep buying off these sell outs we keep voting for. Both republicans and democrats have similar policies when it comes to foreign or economic issues. The only area I see a difference is in civil policies. Support honest politicians and support honest business if you want things to change. Stop letting them divide us with this false left vs right rhetoric.
Obama is such crap. Trying make it like it is congress that is the one not making things happen. Sorry but if he would actually put forth something that would work they may consider it. Stop gaps are not the answer.
Until programs start getting reduced/cut/eliminated, I can't hear a single word they say.
I really hope we can vote him out this November
BUSH IS NOT TO BLAME TOOONNNYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :((((((( !!!!!!! 
All I know is in 2008 I employed 18 people. Today 1.
I sure HOPE things CHANGE this fall
That's one of the things I never understood about the way Congress does business with all of their backdoor deals and such.  If you want health care reform don't try to write one massive bill to get it all through and throw a bunch of garbage in it.  Pass simple mandates. (i.e. Bill 1 -- Eliminate clauses about preexisting conditions.  Bill 2-- limit the amount to be collected from malpractice. etc.) Instead they threw a 600+ page bill into congress and said, ok pass it in one week.
What BS. Talk the talk some more so you get reelected. Then do to us again and forget about the things you promised to do. Yes there is no excuse for Congress to do nothing. They are paid far to much for the messes they have created. Congress needs to be house cleaned and some real live everyday American citizens put back in their place so that congress is once again managed by the people for the people the way our forefathers intended I think they would roll over in their grave if they could see what our politicians do today. This great country is beginning to fail it people in I credit those failures to the men who think they control the people of this country. It is time for reform.
Oh and one more thing... how the fuck did Obama make it into my stream???? I am looking at you Google :(
Please just stay out of our way Mr. President.
He's a revolutary idol, and you know it!
You're just racially jealous of him. :P
obama you suck and google you suck for making this the #1 post!

To the person who wrote "you suck" on my page, all i have to say is this,

i would really like to see things from your point of view but I can't seem to get my head that far up my a**!

Hey google why dont you delete the idiot named "jax jr" who is spamming my picture and not worry with politics!?
The ones praising Obama speech must be part of a union or government system.
4 years of lies and bullshit were enough. Go tell that nonsense to someone that hasn't seen your track record, mr. obama. Your biggest problem throughout your reign as President, is that you have zero idea what you're doing. Throw money at it, is not a viable solution to every problem.
There’s no excuse for Obama to keep complaining and do nothing while so many families are struggling.
Lets try something to cut down that 16 trillion dollar deficit we have?  shit... lets try to knock down the 4+ trillion dollars you added to it in your first term.  Lets try that instead of expanding the federal govt and borrowing more money from countries like China.  How about care just a little about how big the 16 trillion in debt really is for future generations....oh wait.. you'll just feed us BS until you get elected and then "you'll have a little more flexibility".  
Gan Lu
老奥、加油啊。搞掉罗姆尼 = = 
Bob Schieffer: “Can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were four years ago?”

Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland: "No"
I am an Egyptian small Business investor Owner, since July, 1979. And am export machinery and parts to my Country and Arabian gulf.
I did travel out side the state more than ten year .
But can't obtain Residency.
You promised to support small Business Owner.
Wish you good for new election.
God Bless You
Mohamed Soliman Ali
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No one and I mean no one who truly wants to be a president has the full facts of what is truly wrong in the country since when you apply for a job you think you can be superman/woman but when you take that office then you will find out when you are in that Oval office and then the true facts not what you though it was when you are running for that job you will find out things that you never dreamed it was wrong in the country until all the true 10000% of the issues are right in front of your face.however says that Pres.Obama added 6 Trillion in 4yrs while his predecessor added 5 Trillion in 8yrs.But what you failed to mention that we are spending on every single soldier 775.000 a yrs per one single soldier not counting the 500.000 in life insurance & all the money being spend on the injured and those with sever injuries such as brain injuries loss of limps PT-SD, and so on you must take care for these Brave men and women and those who gave their lives,may they all(RIP) to make you lives in order for you &I &others to be safe.yTo all who are talking about GWB, that he only spend 5 Trillions in 8 yrs but did you forget that we had a huge surplus from Former Pres.Clinton$230B in Surplus, which GWB spend and then added on tio of that the 5 trillion you said he spend?what you are truly saying that The Democratic Congress did it. Nice try. But for 12 of the 20 years the Congress was not Democratic. Also, presidents can veto, and when it was Democratic, Congress passed smaller budgets on average than the Republican Presidents asked for. Presidents propose the budget, and they have the most influence.Can you dispute these facts,Under Reagan and Bush: $3.4 Trillion increase in the debt.Under Reagan and Bush: $3.4 Trillion increase in the debt.Total: $9.5 Trillion. (without counting interest)Grand Total Reagan-Bushes Debt: $12 trillion (as of Sept. 30, 2010).If the Republicans had not run up this $12 Trillion debt, we could easily have pulled out of the Great Recession.The average debt interest rate in those years was about 6.5%, which would increase it over 50% without compounding, but with compound interest the total debt – including interest – increased by $2.2 trillion.
 Just like a mortgage, the debt earns interest, and so the Reagan-Bush-I debt grew.. The average debt interest rate in those years was about 6.5%, which would increase it over 50% without compounding, but with compound interest the total debt – including interest – increased by $2.2 trillion.who ever mentioned that Pres.Obama lied in the debate truthfully  you are out of your mind, lets see now what Romney said and this is 100%truth not a gaff,At a closed-door fundraiser with wealthy donors, Mitt Romney claimed that 47% of Americans view themselves as “victims” who depend on the government. Nearly half of all American people, he said, don’t pay taxes and are unwilling to take “personal responsibility” for their lives. “My job is not to worry about those people,” he concluded. Mitt Romney is running for president, but he’s already disdainfully written off half of the country,Take a look at some of the people who would fall into Romney’s 47%,All U.S. soldiers in combat,Firefighters:,U.S. Air Force staff sergeants:,Steelworkers:High school teachers,Police officers:Seniors,
The only losers I see is who ever is standing in the way our great president who is trying to accomplish the people agenda remember we Re-Elected our President for a second term, and all will answer back in 2014  which is just around the corner !
+gert frobe Is this the only thing you know how to write / Respond to a post. I feel sorry for you, after all when people who  have no knowledge how to respond to a post/ comment they describe themselves by using words that only reflect on what they are all about. I truly feel sorry for you since all what you wrote is actually describing  yourself not describing the other person. Grow up and try to respond to people with actual facts, and don't call people names which truly is refection upon you.
Nothing this useless lifeform I call obozo has to say is of any interest to me. He can stick his and his owners ideas where the moon don't shine. I will NOT comply!! to any crap from a lowly "employee/politician"
‎+gert frobe, I will not dignify you with a response. If this is the only vocabulary, ‎your parents taught you, I truly feel sorry for you. Read it good repeat “if this is the ‎only vocabulary your parents taught you” do you know what is missing from this ‎sentence to show you that you are an illiterate non-human being. So go figure what ‎is missing here for the complete description of you. Have fun trying. ‎
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