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Last call to get your favorite Obama bumper sticker for free—choose yours right now: http://OFA.BO/L16TZS
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Oh! Please! I got some place he can stick his Sheik O'Buzzard Maybe hand them out on the Jerry Springer
haha..thatz a nice election campaign..
d s
Can i have one im one of the biggest follower of barrack obama
give me the biggest bumper sticker you have and ill put it on the side of my chevy tahoe lol #Obama2012  
good luck~  and  good night  from china
good night and it is morning in new york
Why do people follow Barrack Obama only to talk trash in the comments? I don't follow people I hate so I can spew nonsense on the internet. Grow up, get a life and some balls. People will behave badly on the internet because no one is there to put you in your place. You just look foolish. 
no one wants your fricken bumper sticker accept for those who hate america
Mike Mac
+David LeJeune   do you have any idea how absurd your comment looks to anyone reading it? Surely you are smarter then that.... Aren't you?
I'd like one, and I live in the UK. There's a very good chance that some  tourists from the US would see it and they might think "maybe this guy has international respect" which isn't something you could say about Dubya so maybe shipping a few to the people of Europe might help!
Four more years four beers. Obama forward 2012 
what else do u have to say thats mean
well i really am not trying to be mean but sometimes it comes out
forget this i'm playing miniclip pool
well you can't vote for both just go with the conservative one who won't hand out welfare like candy
+David LeJeune Did you interview all the 7 billion people living on the Earth, or even the 300 million people in the US whether they want an Obama bumper sticker or not? Unless you have, you can't say that no one wants a bumper sticker or not.
Still waiting for the first one to come... what is it... 9 months now?
why is it so fun to get people you don't know mad at you
+David LeJeune  I'm sorry, I thought you may have has at least a little self-respect.  I stand corrected.
welfare for people, or welfare for big business.  That is the choice......
alright i apologize to anyone i offended....... I'm Sorry 
that awkward moment ........... so who likes pizza
Which way to go, why are the stickers pasted on the left and still aligned left, wanna know
do you need an answer? are you hungry to be right?
i like cookie dough more than cookies lol
Which way to go, why are the stickers on the left and still aligned left, wanna know
打到日美帝国主义!obama, diaoyu island belong to china!
no im 20 and that pic is my cousin
abama 看好你们家的日本狗!
nah i wouldn't want to ruin my car, and tarnish my reputation at the same time.
+Barack Obama So at the end of the year in 2008, unemployment was at 7.2 percent. The rate for August 2012 is 8.1 percent. So after a several hundred billion dollar stimulus its only went up. And now the feds want to pump 40 billion...because it worked wonders the first time. And your idea to put the money in roads and such is flawed. How does that help the private sector which generates taxes? You're just giving money back to workers on the governments pay roll. I will definitely not be getting an Obama sticker for my car.
+Slade Walker if you share a couple numbers and don't go further you can make anyone look many of the Americans currently unemployed are a result of +Mitt Romney and his billionaire entourage shipping jobs overseas for financial gain? How much more tax revenue would be generated without loopholes that allow said billionaires to stash away billions in offshore accounts and accrue oodles of tax free dollars in your homework before you makes you look less ignorant...
+Slade Walker You're using truthful data in a flawed argument. Yes the unemployment rate was lower but you don't mention that it was sky rocketing up towards 10%. ( By the end of his first year in office the unemployment rate was beginning to go down, which it has done progressively since then. This would imply that his plan has worked. Yes we're not back to previous levels but we're also not shored up by an economic bubble right now (tech bubble and then housing bubble).

As for putting money into roads and transportation. Who's going to rebuild those roads, it'll be private sector companies such as Walsh Construction.
i dont like obama and mitt romney ...but were voting for mitt because change is good...(I love Irony)
I can't vote. If I could I'd tell Obama where he can stick it.
+Al Scott "The job market was falling off a cliff four years ago." Now four years later unemployment has gotten worse. And I think the growth for last quarter was was something around 1.3 percent and lower than what experts thought. So hand me a " I'm with stupid" bumper sticker, you must have a whole stack. +Jason Dahl I'm not just blaming Obama for this mess, its republicans and democrats alike. But true to form, blame Bush for everything. + mark Turnbull I see your point about the roads, but I feel like it should be towards manufacturing. Something more permanent. Also, you seem brighter than the other two guys who commented.
are you kiddin me? Id sooner eat my shorts than vote for that communist son of a bitchin liar. He doesnt even have a BC for shit sakes. He iss nothin but a thug and a murderer
I went for the ¡Obama! one. I can scream democracy and bilingualism all at once. :D
Erick S
That Nobama sticker everyone wants is up Romneys ass! Go and fetch! 
+Slade Walker First, thank you I blame my "brightness" coming from getting a degree in History Eduction. It makes me critically think about everything and have an OCD need to cite any data I use ;)

You're right we do need to support more than just transportation. It's just without having a solid transportation infrastructure the rest of industry will be hindered. With out, road, rail, and shipping manufacturing can't get their products to market.

I believe one of the largest things hurting President Obama's plan is that it is truly a long term solution which regretfully is a hard sell. As a society we tend to look at the short term only and fail to see down the road. Sadly as our politicians look at everything in a 2/4/6 year cycle.
+Slade Walker When President Barack Obama took office we were about to go over a cliff, we were hemorrhaging 750,000 jobs a month. We had lost, in the last six months of the Bush presidency, 3.5 million jobs and now we’ve created 4.5 million jobs since Barack Obama took office in the private sector. We need a street smart president who will continue to focus on America as a whole...not a whiny, lying, trust fund brat who cares more about a select group of special interest billionaires who are complaining that they have to pay a slightly higher tax rate...
+Mark Turnbull At the end of the day they're all politicians. I feel like if unions or big companies wernt allowed to donate to campaigns things would get done a little bit faster and better. Also if there were term limits in place.

I think the best way to help the economy would be to cut regulations, make a simplier tax code that didn't allow so many loopholes and finally a fiscally responsible budget. Unfortunately it doesent matter who the president is if he doesent have the support of congress behind him.

I think the best way to look at the future is to look at the past so its cool you have a history education degree. And my data came from BLS, i'll cite next time.;)
there are term limit, we just have to invoice them, vote everyone out
2016 The Movie... Right Wing Propoganda
too bad there are no "-1" buttons instad of +1. :-/
+Slade Walker I have to agree with +Mark Turnbull that many voters are frustrated that things aren't happening now...and while it would be nice to elect #albusdumbledore and have him whip a wand around...I think history, and our economic downfall, have proven that short term gain = long term epic fail
I think the lower class does not understand that the middle class supports them, while the upper class laughs their ass' off because they pay little or no taxes.
+Jason Dahl yes, I completely agree with that statement. Unfortunately looking at history, politicians have always done this. But no matter what our political system is doing there's no other country I'd rather live in. God bless the USA.
Barack is giving out free Romney Stickers?
Im not following him. But he popped up in my stream. Googles his bitch. Must b trying to get re-elected.
Can I use the bumper sticker as toilet paper? If so, send me 50 of them!
Esa Vav
Death to America.
i'll take the one that says "Worst President EVER!".  Or, if they are understandably out of those, how about "One and Done"
The economy collapsed in 2008 because of the Housing Market. The government (Barney Frank and Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi etc..) forced banking institutions to make home loans to those who could not afford them...lots of them. It was only a matter of time before they defaulted. The Republicans raised hell for years, but the democrat controlled House at the time just ignored the problem. PLEASE DON'T TRY TO RE-WRITE HISTORY!
+Greg Kohut I'm sorry to burst your bubble since you felt the need to go on rant about how "republican" governors are so called responsible for the economic growth of our country but I'm a Virginia resident and Virginia has encountered economic growth LONG before Ol' McDonnell took office. Our economy was actually better off with Democratic governors such current senator Mark Warner and future senator Tim Kaine. I think people need to more research before they make outlandish statements. 
+Greg Kohut You might be interested to know that Romney thought Staples was a bad investment. He denied the relatively tiny investment three times before he accepted the offer. He was on the Staples board, but he didn't have any management control and he wasn't directly involved with the company at all. It was just not an important investment.  As soon as Staples finally went public, he dumped the investment. At the time that Bain dropped Staples, there were a total of 24 Staples stores, all in the New England area.  All of the Staples growth occurred way after Bain and Romney were out of the picture.
You gotta ask, why are most of the wealthy people against obama and the poor for Obama. If Obama is truly good for the country, then it must mean the wealthy is dumb and the poor is smart? Save the whole "the wealthy exploit the poor" argument, that doesn't work. BTW, I never followed Obama, yet this showed up on my feed anyway.
I like how I get Romney ads on FB and Obama ads here.
Barack Obama / Joe Biden Nov 6, 2012
Simple English / Arithmetics / Knowledge
+Greg Kohut I'd be bragging about job growth too if I was a governor of one of those states...especially being that the same states are on the top 10 list of states that spent 10 years hemorrhaging jobs to China...under Republican governors and mostly a Republican president
Puke. 16 trillion in debt!
Thanks, but no thanks Obama. Hey Google, quit slipping this liberal crap into the Hot on Google feed.
I need to go find a "Veterans for Obama" bumper sticker.
Yes, Obama must go...on for four more years!
OBAMA IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nik SM
Where's the bumper sticker that includes a list of his fulfilled campaign promises?
That bumper sticker would be called a "one liner."
woah i needa drop everything im doing and get an obama sticker for my non existant car
My favorite Obama sticker is the one whose residue is all that remains and makes a nice filthy spot on the car, its a very metaphorical sticker.
I wonder if they're made in China....
I could use several to slap over the mouths of conservative idiots who lack the ability to think for themselves and can only spout Fox News talking points. 
These are TERRIBLE bumper stickers! If you want a good one, get a Mitt Romney/ Paul Ryan bumper sticker!! NO OBAMA!! O.M.G=Obama Must Go!! ROMNEY-RYAN 2012!!
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+Ken Green you do you realize that fox news and CNN get a lot of their stuff from the Ap? Is one more conservative? Yes. But CNN is more liberal. So to say something about one, you have to say it about the other. And they both report the same facts. Fox news when they have a major issue has people from both sides. And one of the anchors is democrat. I personally like fox news. More because of their news anchors. I also like the today show.
Nothing is free. Must be fun spending money you don't have.
Go to hell Mr president. So long and farewell next year! Woo hoo! Can't wait till you're you're out of office and back in Kenya where you're truly from!
No thank you. I don't like how you're turning the USA into the USSA.
I would expect to see these on a men;s room wall.
Romney was born in a cornfield where they found the gold tablets which is now the "Book of Mormon"
No +Dzung Tran you need to ask yourself how the top 1% expect to win a democratic election. Who do you think they're tricking into voting for them? I doubt it's the college professors.
Slade Walker -I know how news works. Been a reporter for more than 20 years. Fox's news reports are not the source of the talking points I speak of, it's their "commentaries"that are the basis of most "facts" that the average conservatives spout, "facts" that are carefully parsed and edited. I can point you to many examples if you wish. 
hahaha I'd like to see someone acttualy buy one of these
At least Romney would save money on the Secret Service, with his bullet-deflecting underwear and all.
Also CNN is far from liberal. In fact, they're barely a news station. If you're looking for an apt comparison, try MSNBC. And who is the Democratic host on Fox?
Obama rules :-) end ov so put up and shut up the man's a legend
I will hold my nose and vote for Obama because Romney is even worse, but I can't really support a man who orders hits on American citizens nowhere near a battlefield, prosecutes whistleblowers under the Espionage Act, and hands management of the economy over to Wall Street tools like Tim Geithner.
Fuck Obama...there's u a damn bumper sticker...
+Slade Walker CNN is not liberal. If anything, it's centrist. MSNBC is definitely liberal. To deny that Fox News is overwhelmingly right-wing, considering Roger Ailes even admitted that it was. They always have one Democrat so they can shoot down whatever he/she is saying, except when that Democrat makes a valid point and they quickly go to commercial break (happened during the DNC coverage). People treat Bill O'Reilly like it's a news program when really, it's no different than The Colbert Report except in the fact that it is devoid of humor.
The anchors are just the heads that talk. They're simply trying to get through the overall Fox News agenda, which is all right-wing rhetoric.
why would I want a bumper sticker that is outdated in 2 months? 
Obama's a loser...f***d this country're right, hopefully the sticker will be outdated in a few months...though there are always a***s out there who vote for the worse candidate...after all, if you're poor, why not pick the candidate who can buy your vote by giving you free stuff...not really "free"...everyone else is paying for it.  The banks and big fat cat industries got their bailout (with my tax money, I might add)...where's MY bailout?!?!
What you're looking at is the bumper of a car that was traded in under the auspices of "Cash for Clunkers" program. A testimony to failure.
such compelling arguments on here lol... doy!
The U.S. is in decline, and the other countries (radical losers) know it...opportunistic f***s...hopefully the right person will get into office who can turn things around before it's too late...if it's not too late already.
I refuse to put ANY bumper stickers on my car.  It's trashy looking no matter what the topic is.
To vote for Republican Party
you have to be rich or.. stupid!
Unfortunately I am nor rich.
But luckily I am not stupid:-) 
Welfare for people or welfare for business
Who pays for either one of them?

Focus on spending not politics in this election, you can find bad political items on both sides, but you can NOT keep
spending more money then you take in.
Scott! Turn off your computer and then you won''t have to tell people to shut up!  Don't like what you read?  Get over it. The Internet is not just for you honey, its for everyone.
If Obama is such a good leader, why then is he still trying to pander for & convince people for votes. Shouldn’t he be leading & letting his record prove itself.
Send me 2, one to wipe my ass and one to cover it up with!!! Glad to see your term is close to being over :-)
Yes, Nicholas.
Those right people ran our country into the deep hole for 8 years.
Look into the facts and do the math.
How long does it take to dismantle a skyscraper into the dust?
And how long does it take to build one? ...
I despise Obama. I also despise Romney. Johnson 2012!
Wow, this country is just horrible shape.  And if you think it can't get any worse, go ahead, put Dough Boy in office.  It'll get worse.
The only thing Obama messed up on is taking papa and baby Bush's stupid decisions and try to clean up the casualties those Bush's created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unless you make $250,000 a yr. And can afford to pay $5,000 a day to a hospital for 3 mo. care. Have parents that have deep pockets that will pay for your education. Etc.etc. Then you better vote for Obama! Wake up people!
I would not pay to get o e of those stickers, couldn't afford too with the way Obama ran the economy in the ground!
please send me a bumper sticker of the President
lol.. they put Biden's name on the bumper sticker.. what a joke!
+Scott Hicks I am not a "sheep"...I do not agree with everything Obama has said/done in his time in office, and if a 3rd party candidate would sway my decision in the next month I'd go that direction...hell, if Romney would quit thinking like a billionaire that is deadset on taking us back in time to the "W" era all over again, and start caring about this country as a whole, I might consider him...but as of now, my position is "anybody but Romney", and the only candidate that has enough support to defeat Romney is Obama...
+Shaun D'Urso Your right. Things were so good way back in 2008. What world do you people live in.
I'd rather you eat shit Obama.
Yeah, I'll put one up.  Other than bitch about what Obama hasn't done, I've seen no concrete, step by step plan from the other side.  Put Obama in, call the Waaaaaaaambulance for Romney/Ryan, and let's meet here again in 2016.
How about a sticker that states, "Obama didn't get the job done int he first four years!  Why should we give him another four to screw it up even more?"
What a way to ruin a car. I think the car value just went down by supporting Obama !!!!!
So, you actually have to pay money to have those words vandalized on your car?
Gonna tweet these are for sale while waiting for the next dead Americans bodies too be offloaded?
if you want to become president again why don't you do somthing to help america
If anyone really wants an Obama bumper sticker, hit him with your car's bumper and make sure he sticks!  Hope I didn't give anyone an idea :)
Not about to let Obama do as much damage to may paint as he did to my country.
At least I can scrape off the bumper sticker when it's not doing its job.
Actually try and help America don't sit around and let our embassy people get shot while you are sitting around trying to get votes.
Why would I want a failer sticker? and there free because no one wants to buy one.
Can't get your supporters to BUY a bumper sticker? Oh, that's right. Your supporters want EVERYTHING given to them for free.
who wouldn't vote for free s4it that I'm paying for?
+Rick Midgette apparently you forgot that +George W. Bush inherited this country and in less than 1 term managed to take a booming economy with record low unemployment and run it into the ground... +Barack Obama has already undone alot of W's mess in less than one term...the last thing we need is someone that wants to derail a train by jamming it in reverse...
Comrade Obama is a terrorist.
This poor guy's car was vandalized by the Obama campaign and now he has to get a whole new tailgate!
Kk Mr..president I'm voting for you go Obama 
Berry, I would rather see some any else but you in the whitehouse.
Does anyone have any objective reasons, facts, about why they hate Obama? Or is all of this hate just subjective without basis.
I am for Obama, but that doesn't mean I hate Romney.
Mark V
Vote Gary Johnson 2012!
I think that the people that hate obama need to actually go to the the facts, not the radio commentators that think they know everything, the "2016: the movie" is just the next "Fahrenheit 911", I'm voting +Barack Obama because of these truths, he has created jobs, has prevented a very bad repeat that Mc Cain would have continued. Bush should have never been president as he didn't win the Popular vote, only the electoral vote. Too many mistakes pre '08 makes it hard for Obama to seem like a good thing, but he is. We have < 3% unemployment where i live, and its not because of a president, its because of our great state of #Nebraskaproud  !  

The rest of you, go vote for Mitt, if he makes it, you'll will see just what you will get with having a very successful capitalist for president will get you! He was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth and will always have that "well i earned my wealth" attitude.

Good luck!
Not available in Canada, disappointment
+Barack Obama. I can develop an Android app for you. You seem to have only iPhone app. I can not check your iphone App since i do not own iPhone.
I'll save the space for my student of the month sticker instead. #nobama
no... i will never vote for the guy who put america in a 15 trillion debt 
I got mine to put on my grandpa's car. He's gonna be sooo pissed!

I didn't want to be in the will anyway.
Obama 2012 is good for America and the world!
+Barack Obama As part of White House Technology development program, i can help with  Global Mobile app challenges and competitions to nurture world peace, happiness and prosperity. Check my companys website at My email: Also check the non profit website for global world peace challenge at httpwwwglobalpeaceorg.  I will surely vote for you
+Barack Obama  As part of White House Technology development program, i can help with  Global Mobile app challenges and competitions to nurture world peace, happiness and prosperity. Check my companys website at My email: Also check the non profit website for global world peace challenge at httpwwwglobalpeaceorg.  I will surely vote for you and i can vote with that app for you. How about voting for you from Mobile app ?
Never mind ur STOOPID I have freedom of speech
this picture made me get a Romney sticker. lol
I'm going with "Obama Biden", because I like the song.  ("Mahna mahna, Oba-ma, Biden.")
Do you have the one that says "nO more" or I miss Regan
Fuck u Barak Obama U son of A Bitch u r One the main source of spreading blesphemy against muslims u and x president the graet son of a bitch Bush will burn in hell u faggots and sick mind president of sucked usa
Last call cause he will soon be out of office!
Love you, Mr. President!

(What's the 44 for, in that top sticker?)
not this guy i',m not into socialism and i won't dishonor the American flag or military. being a Christian i'm sad he's still up there.
+Paul Platz i think you need to find out just how much of that was inherited from the bailout, obama still hasn't out spent Bush #2 second term. Loser, get the facts!

+Jan Sexton the 44 is for the 44th pres
Do they have it in toilet paper? That would be perfect to wipe my rear end with :)
^ What Kenji Yarimizu said!  Jus' playin...  I have no idea what he said.
+kenji yarimizu , That is a very good point, i didn't know anything about that, japan is a very good ally and we should help you considering there is a document already signed.
+Patrick Baska , you're funny! Get a life, get real and get the facts, otherwise go talk to someone else, i don't deal with willful ignorance!
How about one that says "Obama: Because the Other Guy Doesn't Have a Clue, Either"
I said that I hate Obama in a recent post and I would like to take that back. I don't HATE  him I dislike his point of view as president saying that I hate him makes me sound ignorant and no one will want to listen to my point of veiw.
Obama stickers make my life easier. If I see you have one on your car, I know we have nothing in common.
I'd rather stick shit on my bumper
keep it, you may need it for firewood kindling after you lose your job.
Why would I want to desecrate my car?
BTW...the Federal Reserve did quite a bit of damage without any oversight...even before the congressional bailout of wall street they were throwing our money at big business and foreign wonder why gas is nearing $4 a gallon, its because our dollar is worth a fraction of what it was 10 years ago...while every day working stiffs like me with 16 years are making 65% of what we were 5 years ago...which actually means in todays economy I'm worth roughly 25% of what I was 10 years ago...
gas is doubled in the last 3 years to correct you on that.
lets go romney and ryan obama has made jobs and people are loosing jobs at the same time
It's incredible to see what a simple sticker can provoke people's mind...I never thought about that before...thank you...I'll get some different ones to stick them on my car...fantastic...was I stupid all those years....
Barak Hussein O(b/s)ama - Bi(de)n Laden. Right in our faces!!!
is there 1 that says B.O. stinks?
Judging by the back of that truck I can imagine the owner. You won't see those stickers on a hot Mercedes.
+sarah heffly isn't president spelt like that too ? I think soon you won't find Obama so amusing... +Dane Schuckman spoke the most common sense... People are being taught greed and selfishness ... compassion and empathy are for losers so it seems ....
You people will reap what you sow and you won't like what you get... The patriot act ha ha how many of you have read it ? It should have been called road to tyranny/loss of freedom ..
Obama is just a better BULLSHIT SALESMAN he is just carrying on where he left off, no change at all...
Why is it that peoples around world put there nose in our election and try to dictate who we should elect like Obama when they dnt have a clue what we going true with him and is economy I guess the love to see a weak president with foreign policy and apologize for the USA all the time we became a joke to the world with him he got no balls to stand up for this country so Obama out we can do so much better then him
your right Chris nothing has change just got worse
I will take which ever one comes as toilet paper - no bumper sticker please.

Then the next time I take an Obama, I can wipe my ass.
why the hell is everyone dissing obama, if u dont like him then why the hell would you follow him?
Show your economics ignorance with a bumper sticker!
answer the question, why are you following obama if u hate him so much
those who don't have obama bumper sticker are republicans.
We dnt follow him we make our voice loud so maybe some of you will see the light and the lies and how he run this country to the ground more downgrade last week we are becoming weak to the eyes of the world
and when mitt romney ruins the usa, i be thinking about your "light"
In my line of work Obama is killing me and is new taxes will hurt me so yes I want him out
I'd rather our country have a budget...
I think of myself has a Reagan conservative. I work hard for what I got and I will not give it away to a lazy ass at home on welfare sorry
i am not saying i dont like obama but im saying hes doing the totaly wrong thing for this country
Josh B
This might be dyslexia kicking in. but that second one I could've sworn looked like #nobama.
All the hater should go follow Mitt the muppet show..
Oh really I can have a free Obama Sucks bumper sticker? Sign me up!
The End of The World... is Obama being re-elected.
R Reese
how do delete this ?
wow jesse your just as confused as the rest of the em- heard yo mamma votes obama
Obama is a jackass! Keep you stickers.
I want one that says "Barack motherf@cker Obama!!" And it most glow in the dark.. otherwise I'm not buying no bumpers lol :P
obama the best ur the real 
Well Mr.J Collette who lives in P NH, at 32 years of age I would have thought yo mama jokes went out prior to 1979 when you were born. You see my friend you and the pupet should stay on Bennington rd.
Go away chump!
We all ready no u going win again vote for obama
I'm voting for the president that represents all of the people not some of the people.
Byron d
Now bring the troops home as promised. And don't start a new arms race with the Russians.
Mr. President congratulation from Pakistani Model /Actress.
小马哥 计划生育好
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