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“He’s been actively out there advocating and pushing for veterans’ rights. That’s supporting the troops.” Eli and Seth, twin brothers and veterans, on why they support the President.
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Mr. President,
the rest of our Country also supports you.  And we thank you immensely for having prevented the greatest economic collapse in Human History.  Now, let's go and continue re-building this economy.
Wait, I thought these things were supposed to be unprovoked slams at the other guy! That's what they're doing over on Mitt's feed.

It's like Obama is classy and wants to focus on the positive. Sounds like yet another reason for him to get my vote.

4 more years! Whooo!
The Right Man For The Right Job At The Right Time. To move this Country forward and for generations to come. Thank you, Sir. 
+James Gender He seems to be more in line with how Canadians think. I know people in this country like to make fun of Canada, but I can't remember the last time anyone overran a Canadian embassy or flew planes into the CN tower. Just saying, maybe they're on to something...

+Vicki Lynn Thank you, I agree (clearly). Romney is a pushy jerk. Obama's confident, not arrogant.
Thank you for your service.  May God bless you both.  
Funny, most of the military doesn't feel that way about Obama. Not even just most the military most the spouses of those that serve don't feel that way. Got to wonder why that is that so many others that serve by such vast amount don't like him while they do? 
Peace is not easier than Benefit.
May "walk home" bring the best situation for all of us in the world.
+Vicki Lynn Just ignore them, they thrive in feedback.

I know, because that's why I do it over on Romney's :)
We need people to realize that someone needs to pay for these wars.... Someone other than veterans. There is no such thing as lower taxes and high spending. They all want benefits, and want to pay less taxes.... That can't be sustained. Romney just doesn't know math. 
Hey it's a dirty job but somebody has to do it. 
And name calling doesn't move the debate. I will just sit by and follow. Love laughing at the liberal thought process.
+Vicki Lynn Oh, I remember :)

+Cain Sauer I grew up a military brat, I know that the military is made up of people just like everyone else. Sorry, if I don't take your word. No one is going to change their mind at this stage of the game. It's not like people who plan on voting for Obama are suddenly going to go "I never thought of it that way, thank you Cain!" and then go vote Romney.

You served American, that is damn honorable. I just hope you're here because you like to debate and not because you think you're going to change any opinions.
Don Judd
I'm a veteran who supports Obama... some consensus.
+Cain Sauer Then I have no beef with you. My sister in law is in the navy. Her much smarter sister (my wife) is in the police academy. I default to believing servicemen (and women) put country first and politics second.

If I thought Obama was any different, I would not support him, but I do. Because he does.
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+Trent Demarest I just clicked on your profile. Do you belong to a club that wears that beard exclusively? Like a cult or something. Wow. Just... wow. Fascinating yet terrifying.

+Cain Sauer Good night. May the best man win.
+Vicki Lynn A lot. I have access to not only multiple sites but info from multiple businesses. After my time in the military myself I also worked for DOD/DLA and made other contacts in that time. Not to mention all the businesses families own and sites I own and have access to. From what I can gather it is over 95% of the military doesn't like Obama.

While there is a gag on troops making political comments there isn't on their families. Military can and do speak through their families. There isn't a dam thing this or any other president can do about it. You can only control the man in uniform. What are they going to do tell them they can't talk to their wives or parents how they feel about the military or the president and so on. They can only prevent them from discussing classified material. The president being a clueless fuck isn't classified that is public knowledge.
+Trent Demarest You've entertained me. You get a +1

On subject. let's make Obama the next Clinton (2 term democrat. Booyah!)
hello quisiera algun dia conocer ESTADOS UNIDOS y ser una mas de sus cantantes eres un buen presidente soy de ECUADOR
My health insurance premiums went up last month, out of no where. Obamas policies couldn't help me keep my home, I've been furloughed for the last three years. It's time President O, takes a hike, and enjoy his early political retirement. I will enjoy watching the movie, "Bengazi and the fall of President O"
+Vicki Lynn Yea, I can believe that none of the troops you are acquainted with regard Obama highly. Glad to see you admit it! Freudian slip I guess. Subconsciousness got the best of you.
+Trent Demarest My sister in law was for Bush (Navy) for no reason she could list, so I can't argue with you. My dad was a hippie in the 60s, yet voted Reagan and Bush. He voted Clinton against Dole, but who didn't? I'm sure he voted Bush 2,0.

However, i've read reports (possibly biased) saying our troops in the middle east by and large prefer Obama. Gotta give him credit, he's got balls. Romney, not so much. Only when he thinks he has the advantage does he go on the offensive. otherwise, he runs away.
+Trent Demarest Obama's not the one who thinks he has the right to tell people what to do with their bodies.
A Poem for our Brave troops Why Romney avoids mentioning our troops too much

Protested for the war, 
and in favor of the draft,
then he dodged them both 
and fled away  to France

OBAMA 2012! a real Commander in Chief
No horses and bayonets for him
Romney and Ryan aren't republican. They are assholes. They run on the asshole ballot. they care about themselves and their friends, and everyone else is a piece of shit that doesn't matter. Self-serving jackasses.They're both religious and claim to follow the teachings of Jesus. I'm sure Jesus was all for fucking the poor and women. I'm sure that was part of the gospel.

"The meek shall inherit the ear... haha! I can't do it. Screw ALL OF THEM. What I meant was 'make sure those with money hold on to it."

Romney/Ryan supporters are either hateful, ignorant or complicit.
* Que
A government for ALL OF US.

OBAMA 2012
Ned Ousley, where and when did you serve to make such and assumption about how the Military feels?
+Ned Ousley Yes, we will. You blame the man, I blame his opposition. Do you support people like Todd Akin and Paul Broun? Because Romney opens the door for insane idiots like that. And being a Mormon bishop, he's not that much better himself.
+Ned Ousley So Christians are trying to destroy America? Conspiracy theory much? I'm about to make a blanket statement, and it's completely, empirically inarguable:

Conspiracy theorists are useless morons. Period.
Since you have been president i have yet seen you say what those men are when you realise that, then i might vote for you but seeming you've been part of this nations problems don't you dare say that you support the troop ( My parents are vetrans and they completely agree) 
Anyone who uses the term "sheeple" and isn't joking should be neutered. 
In more relevant news Obamas re-election prospects on dropped from 61% pre-final debate to currently 51%. His prospects to win Ohio dropped from 57% pre-final debate to 49% currently... But I thought he won the debate..? LMAO! 
Anyone who hasn't the brain power to know when to shut up ought to have their lips stitched shut
Well this ad is yet another bald-faced lie from the demoncrapic scum.. This is the fag bastard forcing in rules of engagement that have gotten more troops killed in the last 2 years than in the prior 7 combined.  He's also the rotten muzzie bastard that wanted troops to pay for their own medical treatment if injured and who's lap dogs called the Ft. Hood massacre"workplace violence" rather than an act of terrorism. He's the epitome of evil, right up there with the likes of Josef Göbbels.  This is so typical of everything else the demoncraps do, lies, distortions, theft, fraudulent voting, vote buying,  and other such unsavory behaviors is all that keeps them on the map.
When Obama goes over seas not to apologize for our country not conforming to terrorists then ill be happy 
He can reappointment?
Patricia Errazuriz  You can't argue with stupid, they just bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.....Let it go and let God...
Patricia you are as much of a hitler as he is when the nation realises that Obama is going to cause an economic collapse then we can work on recovery till then try to learn Chinese 
Republicans make fun of Obama's Hope campaign last time. It beats the shit out of Romney and Ryan's fear-mongering. Go crawl in a hole and throw rocks at the moon. 

The Progressives are here to move our species forward, you ignorant cowards.
Right on twins thats what im talking about !!!
+Val Miller "Obama's" war in Afghanistan? You clearly forgot who started that war 11 years ago. It was Bush. I won't assume you could figure that out yourself.
God bless yah for being there for everybody !!!
Progression doesn't mean to destroy our economy you idiot it means to develope more ideas and to put the ones that help our economy into effect 
Bush started the war in iraq not in Afghanistan look it up you ignorant
I saw you guys video , man it was very touching .
小伙子  想连任   送我一个Ipad4
Im giving you all a homework assignment to go read the constitution then the bill of rights then read about all the presidents starting at the beginning of the 1900's then get back to me
为什么三一重工可以在美国法院起诉楼主,Google却不能在中国法院起诉 #GFW ?
I'm not even going to tell you how stupid you are anymore cause it's apparently pointless to drive people into their right mind
All the best for your choice! I believe in them!! And many greetings from Germany
Interesting that when I go to Mitt's posts to comment with fact checks he blocked me. I can no longer comment on Mitt's posts. So much for freedom of speach from the red camp.
I would like to thank veterans for all they do,I myself am a veteran of the end of vetiam era service,I hope sir you will keep fighting for the rights of vets, never let them down as they did so many before who served and gave there all to have it taken away when they needed to cut cost and redirect money as what was done in the past. Lets not forget these vets and there families give there all everyday of there lives for a cost that not every american would, never ask for more then  a chance to be a good america. I hope you win you have done a lot for vets. And when it comes time to have to cut cost Please Remember The Service member and Vets. they have taken so much we need to start giving more.Thank you
Sad how biased n hateful most republican comments are....did I forget unwanted.
We need better way to reintegrate our veterans into our society after the war. I believe +Barack Obama will do the job, particular when we will pullout from Afganistan, we will have more young veterans looking for new job, Obama would be able to put proper policies in place, but I don't think +Mitt Romney would be able to figurout the way how to employ comback veterans, so far he was investing into companies doing large portion of the business outside of United States.
Powell regardless of your ill wishes, President Obama will remain in the White House at least until January. But I hope it's for four more years, despite ignorant voters like you.
Obama is a liar. He didn't change anything. 
oo han
Obama has had four years to show his support for veterans and active duty military and has failed miserably,I know as a veteran. The majority of the military, according to the polls and those I talk to, support a change to Mitt Romney. I suppose those advocating for homosexual rights and the end to Don't ask and Don't tell will vote for Obama in a quid pro quo deal.
What about when Military personnel didn't receive a paycheck...not once, but TWICE! As a veteran, I will never forget that. I don't care how many troops he shakes hands with, he is not a military supporter. 
Thank you for your opinion +Patricia Errazuriz, and not all rednecks are racist ;) I think the fact that +Ned Ousley actually still labors under the delusion that Obama is Muslim speaks volumes for his state of mind. Fox News simply speaks through him, he's lost the capacity for his own rational thought.
Milty C
Please spread the word about third party candidates and end corruption.
My son in law was in a terrible IED accident in Afghanistan. Treated like a king. I think what was happening under Bush was exposed as a travesty right? I guess we have different experience. And, I definitely support our Gay troops. You obviously don't.
This "real life video" ads for politics are ridiculous and made for stupids. Candidates (especially the ones who already are presidents) do not need ads. Their only ad should be their work and the results of it. Not some twin brothers that went on their own to fight a war.
Ed Mo
Moon bats come out at night!...Vote Romney!!
+Gary Johnson: "We should bring our young men and women home -- and vow to never again fight an 11-year war when our mission was complete in six months."
Nice try. Veterans don't support Obama. 
Such intelligent and reasonable discourse by all, I see.  LOL I'm just glad I'm voting for a third party -- someone dedicated to preserving my civil liberties, keeping our people out of harm's way, and pulling us out of certain economic collapse.
+Mark Prentice    You know he also got us out of a USELESS war in Iraq. All those American's dead for nothing as well as 120,000 Iraqi's. Those ungrateful pigs are in bed with the Iranians now.  You think they ever had a shred of respect or appreciation? He is also ending the war in Afghanistan. What exactly are you looking for in terms of support? And you obviously sound like a homophobe. What is wrong with letting Gay Americans serve openly? They are there anyway treated as second class citizens doing the same work. Really, be specific what support are you talking about?
Supporting Obama the first time=naive.
Second time=Approval of Bush's foreign policy, Bush's domestic spending, massive erosion of civil liberties just like Bush and lying to the public about nearly everything that's really happening...just like Bush.

Karl Marx proposed capitalism as a vehicle to attain communism. He knew economic freedom would create wealth enough to carry several entitled generations to the doorstep of communism. After which millions will die of starvation just like every other communist regime throughout history. Bush and Obama did their part to deliver this country to Communism. In 2 years we'll enter hyperinflation and we'll get to see what the 30's were like for our great grandparents. It will surely be worse this time because we have indoctrinated our youth for generations with entitlement propaganda. 
President Obama has always had my vote! And I am an ex-con who wants to work for society and make them proud they corrected me in my stupidity! 
I am not embarrassed to admit my wrongs. But I would be if it weren't for good hearted Americans helping to set me straight! 
Barack Obama doesn't support our troops, nor is he an advocate for our veterans. Mitt Romney has proven himself in the pass 3 debates, being very presidential. Romney will create jobs and support our troops 100%, nor does he make out right lies like Obama does.
Vas Nav
iam an Indian. I support president Obama.He Will be good for whole world..
+jeff swanson Karl Marx said communism will evolve through stages. Democracy, Socialism, and then Communism. Not a single country has been a true communist state. 
I have a heart for the country I was born into ,and I will be damned if I don't say something too. I love America and all of it's peoples. I will never hurt again because I know there are people I can count on for council and help. Gang members , and all others need to realize that help is out there. Stop the killing! 
It is truly sad. America gave President Obama, the first black President in American History, a chance to rise above the racism and prejudices, to show the world just how truly special a place the United States really is. In return he showed the world he has no clue what it means to be a President or an American.
Obama doesn't give a shit about veterans.
Look what happened to me!!
Just vote Romney that has the balls to lead America.
Quit wasting my tax dollars on senseless wars! The war of spreading terror, and the war on drugs do nothing for humanity, or this nation. That's my only issue with you. You said you would end the wars.. They have not ended.

Fuck Israel. Fuck the DEA. Both are a compete waste of money. Israel only causes turmoil in Middle East. We donate billions to a nation that users our tax dollars too oppress a people? Why? What does Israel offer us? Intelligence? A strategic allie? If we didn't support them, we wouldn't need to worry about hostility from radical muslims.

The DEA is useless, I can find any drug I want like it's a household commodity. The cost of the war on drugs is beyond 1.5 trillion, and the addiction rate in this country has stayed static. You can claim to have removed tons of drugs from the black market, but there are tons more to replace what you've seized. Make them legal, prescribe and tax addicts, as well as treat their problems. It's cheaper, and works better than prosecuting them, and imprisoning them with our tax dollars!!

Want to cut some spending? There you go.
And stop hurting the children ...that should have been the first thing I said...I apologize. 
Yawn.  What does it mean to be president, in your esteemed estimation?
Obama only cares about getting elected. He didnt care about the men that died in Libya. Obama loves Obama . Its all about him
i wanna be in the war field with a snipe....
+George Hayes then why does the president have more military donations then mitt?
I just pray that Romney is who I think he is and brings the US back to the financial power and military power it was. Romney is our only hope and he better come thru if he wins.
大哥 你能不能在直接点!
I call bull!! I have many people in my family that serve in the armed forces. Every one of them complain about the stupid polices that Obama has placed on the military. Obama pulles tools and forces away trim troops and leaves them high and dry. 2/3 of all the people killed in this war are during Obama's time as leader. DOWN WITH OBAMA 
whatch 2016 obama's america
Probably out-of-work actors playing the part.
President Obama is a man that uses his brain. The last debate made that clear. The way of combat has taken a different look. The day of the massive invasions have taken a more stream line view. A lighter, faster, and more efficient military. He is trying to get more bang for the buck out of the Pentagon, and you can bet that is meeting with a lot of opposition form those who have been sucking government dollars for years. 
@ +Tello Baird, get your statistic right and stop your bigotry hypothesis... 
Can't wait for Romney to kick your ass out of the white house you haven't done shit besides losing educational growth and our economy you blame the prior offices you Been there for 4 years and what did we gain? More debt with your vacations you look foolish repeating yourself in the debates 
I think not "forward" with Obama but "change" with Romney!
If other country's rulers love our president, and not fear our president, then there is a problem.
Owh owh!! I know something Obama did while still in office!! He umm.... Well he got Osama...well actually he didn't the troops did... But hey we still can give him credit right?..... coughs
Bryan May
Isn't it against the UCMJ for active duty military members to get involved in a political campaign?  You'd think the Commander in Chief would know that.  Than again, I can't expect a President that displays Russian ships when honoring the US Navy to know much about how the military works.

I'm a veteran, by the way.
by killing osama r Americans safety guaranteed 
With Obama never know^^ bwhahaha who am I kidding...X-)
+Vicki Lynn thanks for understanding may not know how hard it has been for me to out myself online like this. Peace my sister. 
+Mickey Dave Dave ,thanks for your support. This has been a well thought out divulging. 
Good luck
Im voting for Ventura. Because I dont care for either of these two. Love who ya want. I dont give two shits. 
+Linda Edmondson
The Pentagon has been trying to get more bang for the buck since the Civil War.  They are utilizing what is called "force multipliers" to make fewer men do the job of more.  For example, in WWII, we would have to drop thousands of bombs from hundreds of planes to have any hope of one hitting the target.  Now, we send one plane with one bomb to do that job.  Smart bombs are a force multiplier.

So this isn't Obama's doing.  This has been going on since the musket was made obsolete.  However, as Desert Storm showed us, there is still a place for massive invasion forces.  We would have been royally screwed if we didn't have the firepower that we had available when that war started.  More men and women would have died on both sides if we relied on Obama's style of thinking. 

Sorry, but there is still a place for mass tanks and troops on the ground, regardless of the technology they carry.
First of all it is punishable by the UCMJ to speak badly about PoUSA because he is The Commander and Chief of the military. Seccond point is Obama did not get Osama any president who was in office at that exact moment would have done the same thing. Lastly +$4,000,000,000,000.00 in debt in the first 36 months and dont forget extending our unemployment taking tax revenue away from other entities, and our democrat heavy congress, at the time, approving a raise for themselves larger than the % of increase given to the troops risking their lives because they are told to. Just my $0.02

I think it's funny to hear an Obama ad talk of "veteran's rights" considering the active duty personnel in Ft. Hood Texas that are being denied benefits because the shooting there is classified as "workplace violence" rather than a "terrorist attack". 

If Obama gave half a fart about our soldiers, he would have fixed this years ago and fired whoever came up with that "workplace violence" crap.  This man is a disgrace to all in uniform and those in uniform that support him should be greeted with a sock party.
Just how many of you, posting here are real accounts of real us citizens? It's very sad even it's the half of you. How come you not seeing that us is a police country now - after NDAA was signed by this guy? How come you not seeing that us is just war machine that gone rogue? Wake up until it's too late
I may hate war and taxes....but the reason I hate Mitt, and love Obama, he kept his promises, you know he commits and reactivates the economy greatly, I got a new car during this "crisis", and Republicans...dont, they just think they can go to war...and make a profit!
Is there day or night?
Ok the first thing is, is what all as Obama promise? And what promises have he kept hmmm? The things that he said he would do, most of witch are not many but the things he said he would do did not happen and the polices and health care from Obama were a failure!
+Tello Baird

Okay people, it's time for a little fact checking, particularly for all those who are blaming the US President for the deaths of US troops. I'd say the issue deserves some accuracy. I know I'd want that if I was going to blame our Prime Minister.

"2/3 of all the people killed in this war are during Obama's time as leader. DOWN WITH OBAMA."

Let's have a look at these claims of yours:


You can do the mathematics for yourself if you please, but they're roughly these:

The period of George Bush's term in office:

Iraq 2003 -2008 = 4222
Afghanistan 2001- 2008 = 630

Total: 4852


Iraq 2009 -2012 = 264
Afghanistan 2009- 2012 =1481

Total = 1745

What percentage of 4852 is 1745?

About 35%

I seriously think that people should check facts before making claims about the deaths of people.
The simple fact is that US soldiers support Romney over Obama at a 2 to 1 ratio. Anecdotal evidence is fine and all, but it doesn't stand up to closer inspection when it comes to our soldier's true opinions.
Mr. Brumfield & Mr Coyle I know you don't know it, but you were bought and paid for by the Koch brothers. If don't know who they are google them up, and learn how americans like you can be bought.
I am not going to compare Bush's mistakes with Obama...
retired Adm. John Nathman, a former commander of Fleet Forces Command was giving the speech ,not the President 
now that is bad , but iam sure he did not know what pictures were being used
 What you should be mad about is the GOP voting down a JOBS BILL  for VETS
I'm a Veteran ,by the way
what the freaking fuck is this message from the ministry of propaganda doing in my stream???

and who gives a fuck if some random murderers for hire support a sociopath claiming the moral right to kill anyone as he sees fit?
+Caleb Fueshko  Obamacare as you guys call it, it passed....bad thing is, you guys bitched at the state level, does not mean it failed, AND IF MEXICO CAN HANDLE TWO TYPES OF PUBLIC HEALTH CARE FOR WORKING AND NONE WORKING people, your going ot tell me we cant?!?!?!? Hell no! And he kept the promise to capture Osama, and to end the war in Iraq! He reactivated the economy, after 200 layoffs at my work with Bush, with obama, they rehired, if not all, at least 75% of them! So yeah, he kept his promises, more than i can say for his predecessor....oh except for the one to continue the war...that one he kept and wasted 900billion in surplus, that we had!....that was a nice economy back then
+Attila Lendvai your point is well considered, at least by me...I guess ...from my standpoint ...anyone who had the firepower Americans do could see anyone as the sociopath. Apparently everyone thinks their right. Where would you like the line drawn? 
He didn't get Osama the American troops did. And the Iraq war had to evidently, eventually end sometime. 
Obama lied, and 4 died!....Hang on for more little secrets to be shown in the light!
+Patrick Elliott-Brennan
It's not fair to compare the Iraq numbers as we are no longer fighting in Iraq.  We haven't been in years.  Most of the Iraqi casualties we done in the early to mid days of fighting and was over long before Obama took office.

We SHOULD be able to say the same thing about Afghanistan, but unfortunately we can't.  Let's look at your numbers:
Bush:  630
Obama:  1481

We entered Afghanistan in late 2001.  That's a full 7+ years of war with Bush in office.  Obama has been in office for less than 4 and he's still not done, yet about 2.5x MORE US soldiers have died in Afghanistan on Obama's less than 4 year watch than under Bush's 7+.

I seriously think that people should check facts before making claims about the deaths of people.

That's good advice.
He did not get 75% or more jobs going I don't even know where you got that... And he was in office for 4 years I hope he can do a lil better then get a little bit more jobs going that he killed in the first place...
we need to build 10,000,000 electric cars and get to work and get off the drug of big oil.
+Bryan May I'd say it's fair to include.

If you read the initial statement it covers both wars.

As for the change in deaths in Afghanistan, you merely have to check the figure for troop deployment. This is clearly shown in the link given.

What about this: Troop deployment levels increase and deaths increase.

There is nothing there to show any incompetence on behalf of anyone.

So relative to the claim I was responding to, there is nothing wrong with anything I've written.

The claim was the current US President was responsible for two thirds of combat deaths. That was grossly wrong and the facts as shown clearly speak to that.

If you want to discuss troop withdrawals from Afghanistan, I'm happy to discuss that as a separate issue.

Australia has troops deployed in the country. The number of deaths has increased over the life the current government. There's nothing to say that's the result of anything they've done - just what happens when you're in such situations.
+ lily eve, I'm interested in the vets you serve.  They homeless? No Jobs? President Obama has programs in place for vets to get jobs.
Need more information about Obama?, see the movie: Obama's America 2016.
+Glenn parent That may be the single most ignorant comment I've ever seen on G+. I applaud your ability to stay completely uninformed!
For example, troop deployments in Afghanistan were increased by Obama following him taking office. They reached close to 120, 000.

That number was in Iraq almost every year up unti the end of 2009.

More troops, more deaths.

There's nothing to show that there is any incompetence by anyone (Bush or Obama) causing these extra deaths.

If there is, please link.

While I thought the invasion of Iraq was an unfortunate but necessary evil, I came to regard the information given as misleading and disingenuous.

The invasion of Afghanistan was pretty much something which seemd necessary, but the conclusion...???

Sometimes there's no easy answer. The Taliban are murderous, religious fanatics. Fancy being left to your own devices with them around?
Armed forces members are not permitted to make political statements for or against any particular candidate. I can't find it in the UCMJ but I remember it was something drilled into us. And we weren't permitted to speak badly about the President either. At the time it was President Clinton. Almost the entire crew (one Clinton supporter psyched out, the other was normal) was bad mouthing Clinton. We received orders to stop and we stopped. As a veteran that knows other veterans and active duty personnel, about 90% of us are pro Romney.
But what can you expect from army marines love the constitution they swore to protect and obama is destroying it
+lily eve obama has taken away the retired vets health benifits and changed the active duty from tricare cause "they chose to serve, we shouldnt have to provide for them then" according to obama...not to mention the clintons would rather disband the marines then protect our country
"We've come along way baby.... Obama/Biden 2012!"
Nobel Peace Prize President authorizes drone strikes that kill 50 unarmed civilians to every 1 terrorist, fights undeclared wars in Yemen, Somalia, Libya & Congo, has a kill list which includes American citizens... are you all serious?  Let's get real and stop cheering for criminals like Obama and Romney
Leadershisp is the capacity to translete a vision into reality.
+Benjamin Conner If you think you've come a long way and you're pushing Obama/Biden, you're delusional. You haven't gained any ground at all, not personally, not politically.
Idiots,,,don't you realize that if he is re-elected he's gonna strip our armed forces down to WWI levels?
It's funny how thesr two can give Obama two thumbs up. When I know of some vets who are homeless on the streets and can't get help from va. I've got family in the grave yards, plus I'am a dem also. But please don't claim he took us out of economic crisis he made it worse. Tell the dead mens familys how much you idolize him for not sending the help when they asked for it. Hey Lynn ask those familys what they think?
I did my part building weapons of mass destruction too. Decades ago for uncle sam.
Dear US, I wonder why you claimed that you are a Democratic country while you only have two party. Could anyone explain?
The best product America has brought in ma generation.down t earth man never selfish.go Barack
Jon doughty,try n behave like a civilized person,alternatively check into rehab t sort yo frustration
u should be ashamed of your selves, you guys who say America is the democratic country
would comment for obama cause he helped us out in many ways but sadly shall not due to some stupid idiots who have been brainwashed by republicans into thinking that a corporation is better then the people of this country....... ooops looks like i commented sorry bush's little cuts on school funding must have hurt my grammer punctuation spelling and even thinking skills.
Wei Dai
Mr Obama ,your passport is so inform you in foreign citizens, no matter where you are, and have any
was independent now i can see democrat is better for the people of this country...... if mitt is a little glimpse into the future...... then we are fucked
Hahaaa! After your dismissive comments about the Navy in the last debate, these must be the only two veterans who support Obama. How long did you take to unearth them? Mittmentum for the win!
Hi is veery defarent president of usa
Obama did what he said he stop the war and he got osama. Now he'll get four more years to get our economic recovery going!. 
I think serving in the military should be a requirement for the Commander in Chief job.
Obama has lost this election, and he knows it. The debates showed us just how snarky and glib and unpresidential our current POTUS is. A lot of people still liked him on a personal level, even though they knew in their heart of hearts what a bad job he was doing.
We need a strong leader right now, and Obama is not one.  I really don't see how anyone could vote for him again.
Veterans for Romney/Ryan 2012!
Hi i am yagnesh i hev from indea you call me
If the media would do their job and ask Obama tough questions instead of flowery soft balls at him, we would know who our president really is....How did he visit Pakastan when it was illegal for US citizens to go there...Why is he playing the executive privilege card on fast and furious...He is going down as the most divisive and lousy president since Carter....
+Massa Sapio watch the debates again...

they weren't dismissive comments...

he brought up a very prudent point about the nature of our military. its changing and can no longer be measured by numbers of battleships 

please be more open minded
roflmao,  he stopped what? uh hello not stopped for the guys still there.  Got who?  funnyi havent seen one pic anywhere of obama in any kind of uniform that matters. Blame whoever you want, but get a clue about who controls the purse strings, hint: its not that empty suit in the big white house. and four more yrs of his leadership (<= ironic sarcasm of course, lead my ass) will see us broken like a promise from a politician.  how can anybody vote for anyone with the gall to nominate or even consider the unamerican taliban john walker lindh , shoot him sure nominate idiotic
Remember these lies - Obama had two years majority in both house, he used the majority to run his agenda through. He promised to work with all parties but as soon as he came to office he excluded the republicans. Obama promised to give the public five days to review any legislation before signing it, to televise all discussion of the legislation. But when in office they met behind closed doors, made secrete deals and did not even know themselves what what they were voting on. Remember Nancy Pelosi saying we have to "pass it to find out whats in it"? 
I'm tried of Obama running the government like the keystone cops. 
Time for a change
Why hasn't Obama been able to work with the republicans, it's that condescending attitude. 
It is time for a change. Romney has the experience of reaching an agreement between the two parties. 
RR 2012
Obama has a disdain for anybody in uniform
i know he is in jail. nvm it isnt worth explaining,
Sly Joe
Bil Clinton never served as a military man but he made one of the best  American Presidents the world has ever seen. So my friends, think, think, ok.
Lol bill clinton got the credit, but it was a republican controlled house and senate that deserves it. So yes think think very hard
Here in england we support you. Well done I am very very proud of all of you. Very brave soldiers. Keep up the good work. I also back Obama 
I can only comment on this subject by saying in the spirit of the new generation  " L O L "
obama stuppit thats why they support to kill innocents muslims arround the world
More military donations to Obama than Romney. What does that tell you?
اكيد تستغرب من كلامي بس. احسنت
Yes agreed right man to the right job. God will be ur strength
A good and caring human being who might just lose the election to a smooth,slick but personable used car salesman,with no apparently stated solutions to a country recovering,after eight years of war,bad economics,and personal agrandisements.
God bless Obama from an Indian Indian .
Barak obama is a good person & prasident 
I support the president to Daveyon Dearmon S A L US Navy
U doing the rite thing its going to take time I no u trying to make our country rite so don't worry I am going to vote for u
Ahmed Amin
I support Obama because I think he is fore peace and he can prevent braking ware. He is a man who fulfills what he promises. I thing with his efforts he can bring peace to the Middle-East.  
What is the reason for comment ? It is like a cycle. Pre-cst Wherever it go it rolls and come back there !
I am a disabled vet. From the time i was disabled VA only help around in spite of govt crap. At least obama knows were here.
Lucky cinani just because he is a government official does not take away to block you and if he were taking away your freedom of speach you would see someone outside your door with a lot of duct tape
obama and us have killed a lot of people in their fights. who and how these poor people's blood will be answered? 
Thats good to know our leaders have us on their hearts
They support obama only because if they dont they face dishonorable discharge.. 
Does anyone know what Mittler's plan is? Republicans want to do away with the minimum wage and collective bargaining. They try to keep poor people including military and their families from voting. They lie about everything. Why would you vote for them?
Your country should protect you and build roads to connect us all for goods not to write us checks or give us jobs
How particular. Most of the people I know who are enlisted or former enlisted absolutely hate Obama with a passion.
This is essentially a fan page and should be labeled as such. The poster is not Barack Obama.
Obama's campaign plat form was to end the war in iraq not once did he speak of putting our over worked troops in Afghanistan. Coming from a military family most military people arnt big obama fans. O and unemployment is still awful for the record. Im a hard working middle class individual obama care nearly doubled my private insurance rates for my family. Justify that mr president who is so for the middle class i haven't seen any truth to that campaign slogan. Call me a troll some ppl can't handle the truth Romney Ryan FOR CHANGE
All Romney meant was people are abusing are entitlements. Not all of the 47% is doing that. I have a lot of friends abusing it ! I should rat them out. Their playing video games. While in killing myself. 
Ryan Ng
I will vote for +Barack Obama because Romney is going to reverse the employment rate.
I like Obama
Howard, you really shouldn't talk about numbers when Mr. Romney's tax proposal simply cannot work. Mr. President, you're an excellent leader and deserve four more years!
If only current members of the military were allowed to speak out, I bet this video would carry a different tone.  I appreciate the work of our government to improve Veteran's benefits but lets not forget about the folks still in the military who are still in the thick of it.
Pit Tan
16 trillion in debt and growing. bla bla bla. right or left. so much bull crap. 
Vietnam veteran also support the President, remember Mitt Romney skip the Vietnam war, and spend the year in France.  President Bill Clinton and President Bush have done for the veterans then another other Republic President.
Obama is the man. May the good Lord be with you. You are are winner!
"Robert Gill12:03 AM
Mr. Brumfield & Mr Coyle I know you don't know it, but you were bought and paid for by the Koch brothers. If don't know who they are google them up, and learn how americans like you can be bought."

i am nither a tea party or a libratarinan i am completely indapendant. the funny thing about all of this is PPL like the Kochs and the Buffets are the ones who decide who will be prez any ways our vote does count but we are marketed to by these mega funders of the campain. we are all bought and sold at some point.  if you chouse do say im wrong do some research first. pause your t.v. at the end of an add for either side and see who funds it then find out what compneys donate to that "fund" then find out who owns the companys. a small group of men controle this country and that can be proven with where the money comes from for some of this shit that gets passed by the gov
Is the time for the middle class.....
oo han
Do both the supporters and trolls realize president Obama doesn't read this feed? Assuming he even actually makes the post, I've never seen him post in-feed.
oo han
Every president supports our service men not just obama it is up to the rest of as Americans to support them
Just a few thoughts for the week:

Willard wins in popularity contest with the Pakistan!! 👳 Uh, who looks like the Muslim now?!?


Some say Al Franken was the inspiration..however Flip Wilson has an album called Cowboys&ColoredPeople..

On Nov 6 Vote Then On Nov 7 SCHADENFREUDE  till it hurts!! ;-/

You can store a quantity of anti matter using a series of electric and magnetic long as you pay the electric bill..down side there would be no where to turn the the elec back on..or maybe the elec co or city!?! As you would have created space itself as it were.. Roughly similar to the taking of 2lbs of matter and squeezing it down to the size of a micron BIG BANG!?! Then to the..Oh wait I remember Willard wants to  bring back torture but we didn't think he meant US but I did have suspicions. Hey I know where Willard M. Romney gets his parallel universe he operates from!! Take 2lbs. of BS...

If Willard has all the answers shouldn't he give them up why torture the American ppl till he gets to be president isn't that extortion, "elect me or I let you go to hell"..if right he would be elected by acclamation but thousands would be killed by flying pigs escaping from the cold and steam of hell freezing over..

"..and Behold the Pale Horseman.."

Even if we have to crawl out of the rubble of a nuclear holocaust we need to vote.. The death head skull has a face, it's Willard Mitt Romney's!?! 

Repug Regulation 2.0

This Repug Fox watching the Repug Foxes (hey that works)  [Repug version of regulation] surprises  only the deepest delusional denier, the kind that says the sun rises in the east and is so untrustworthy that one has to carry a mirror to look over their shoulder..just in case?! GOP = Groddy Old Punks

Funny how the Reugs complained about polls being rigged. Equally humorous is the fact that Repugs also blame Dems for the same crap they are up to. It never occurs to them this is a TELL that telegraphs just what they are up too. Why Dems don't use this to beat their brains out is beyond me?!?😁

Libertarian Troll: a natural mutation of the species usually occurs when the brain cells reach a critical mass where life signs are intermittent due to brain cells having to take up the slack from the ones no longer functioning..ergo low functioning zombie that will try however unsuccessfully to regain brain tissue by oral's a little hard on the none zombie citizens though as they fall further below the threshold they have increasing difficultly recognizing their own kind and start to feed on each other, exasperating the problem to the power of ten then raising it literally to infinity...and a long time after that till the zombie problem finishes itself off quite literally as desert..all none zombies have to do is keep their heads down till the sound of chewing stops!! ;-/

Good-Bye Sir!

The story about George McGovern is, that we need to redouble our efforts to shake the comfortably hypnotized. And what they think is real is a carefully constructed Skinner's Box or merely the shadows on Plato's Cave (TV the modern equivalent of both). {Google it}

I opposed senator McGovern politically and thought him a coward for war opposition, as I bought wholesale the carefully constructed image of the Peace Movement. Portrayed in popular myth and lore, according to Time Magazine, as a bunch of chickenhearted, drug addled flower children, who hadn't the sense to come out of the rain i.e. Woodstock. And I thought the good Senator was in lala land with them. I could not have been more wrong and I here publicly apologize, as I have quite often in my heart, for opposing and mischaracterized him. It is to my ultimate shame that I voted for Nixon and in buyer's remorse dropped out of the political debate. What I would-a-should-a-done is moot. That I did nothing makes me in part responsible for the Repug Political Hegemony. 

However the Repugs taught me one lesson that I never forgot that is to never let up. The country we love has been being eaten like a star by a black hole. Little by little are sucked into the fascist vortex. We are frozen in time as in the event horizon of the BH. And are unaware of it as we are more concerned who J-Lo is seeing or whose gonna be the next WHATEVER pop icon of the "Reality" moment. Than who we elect to be the next most powerful person in the known universe!?! This just floors me as I observe this and my only viable outlet is writing about what I observe. 

Senator McGovern was not a carnet saint nor was he the coward I helped make him out to be. But a courageous man who fought in WWII in a bomber the vets say was a flying coffin. Scaring Nixon so badly that despite his obvious lead the Senator couldn't beat him if Nixon died. Sent out a bunch of C.R.E.E.P's to cause trouble by any means necessary and breaking into the Watergate headquarters of the DNC was one amongst a host atrocities against our democracy.  (COMMITTEE to REELECT the PRESIDENT,  of which Lucien Goldberg, who also was Monica and Linda Tripp's control in the get Clinton at all costs operation.)

Folks, their at it again or rather they never have stopped as I said they don't stop.. Like an Anaconda they wrap around you slowly squeezing every time you take a breath till you can't breath any more. Like Ted Bundy they con you with good sounding words and like the zombies in the movies you follow till it's too late. Resistance is possible but requires the engagement of the gray matter and take nothing the RWNJs and the "liberal" media have to say at face value, question everything. 

God bless you Senator.

In the movie Pillow Talk..Tony Randell made a point to Rock Hudson, how the rich are a disadvantaged minority and that the common ppl are out to get them but they can't because they'll "fight" and they have "the money to do it!!" The film clip itself just jumps out at you like the Slasher in Halloween given the current economic environment.

Chrystia Freeland is parsing words and trying to redefine "is" again.. Look at the way she describes the situation, going just so far then comes back with the "yes but" obfuscation.. Much the way a moral equivalence is propagated by popular media between the Left and the Right. 

It is the "go to fallback position" in any explanation of the "dimes worth of difference" cliche ergo Clinton's Monica problem is equal or worse than Bush's illegal war slaughtering untold numbers of innocents in Iraq (my comparison to starkly show the divide).. But the Right uses the equivalence 'stick' to attack every problem.. As when they blame the Left for doing "A " when they are, clearly in fact, only doing "A" themselves. And the irony is they are automatically convinced that the Left MUST be doing it because that is the only logical way to handle "A".  Voter fraud comes to mind and if you look, it pops up more often than not so the Right can maintain a veneer of legitimacy.. I'm afraid we all have been programmed to use it in a "to-be-fair", "Pavlovian"  knee jerk response to appear objective. Difference is they don't see a difference.  Even you, sir, have been guilty of "I must say this or they will claim bias". In the mid 70's you'll recall, news ppl would go way out of their way to avoid being tarred with the LIBERAL brush. (Preparing the way for Reagan's ascendency) It's ok when there are real reasons to be objective and it is clear the game isn't rigged. If we call them on it ergo Radical Right is no worse than"Radical Left". What "RL" who are they etc.? They hum and hah or drag out some old Hippy's name. There are no more hippies I was in college when they all started to cut their hair and buy BMW's. Not long after Kent State as the iron boot came down it is now disguised as a Gucci loafer but as with the Occupy response it quickly turned back into an iron boot. Mention Jerry Rubin who became a Wall Street guy or Horowitz who is a RIght Wing Nut Job, so bad that Fox rarely has him on. Maybe if Marlin Perkins or Margret Mead were alive they could go in search of the "RL" or find some ferrel hippies in the mountains of California. Careful when they come to the Bohemian Gardens, hard to tell that these are the elitists that laughed at the hippies as they now emulate their behavior and not the object of their search.

In the movie Pillow Talk..Tony Randell made a point to Rock Hudson, how the rich are a disadvantaged minority and that the common ppl are out to get them but they can't because they'll "fight" and they have "the money to do it!!" The film clip itself just jumps out at you like the Slasher in Halloween given the current economic environment.

Chrystia Freeland is parsing words and trying to redefine "is" again.. Look at the way she describes the situation, going just so far then comes back with the "yes but" obfuscation.. Much the way a moral equivalence is propagated by popular media between the Left and the Right. 

It is the "go to fallback position" in any explanation of the "dimes worth of difference" cliche ergo Clinton's Monica problem is equal or worse than Bush's illegal war slaughtering untold numbers of innocents in Iraq (my comparison to starkly show the divide).. But the Right uses the equivalence 'stick' to attack every problem.. As when they blame the Left for doing "A " when they are, clearly in fact, only doing "A" themselves. And the irony is they are automatically convinced that the Left MUST be doing it because that is the only logical way to handle "A".  Voter fraud comes to mind and if you look, it pops up more often than not so the Right can maintain a veneer of legitimacy.. I'm afraid we all have been programmed to use it in a "to-be-fair", "Pavlovian"  knee jerk response to appear objective. Difference is they don't see a difference.  Even you, sir, have been guilty of "I must say this or they will claim bias". In the mid 70's you'll recall, news ppl would go way out of their way to avoid being tarred with the LIBERAL brush. (Preparing the way for Reagan's ascendency) It's ok when there are real reasons to be objective and it is clear the game isn't rigged. If we call them on it ergo Radical Right is no worse than"Radical Left". What "RL" who are they etc.? They hum and hah or drag out some old Hippy's name. There are no more hippies I was in college when they all started to cut their hair and buy BMW's. Not long after Kent State as the iron boot came down it is now disguised as a Gucci loafer but as with the Occupy response it quickly turned back into an iron boot. Mention Jerry Rubin who became a Wall Street guy or Horowitz who is a RIght Wing Nut Job, so bad that Fox rarely has him on. Maybe if Marlin Perkins or Margret Mead were alive they could go in search of the "RL" or find some ferrel hippies in the mountains of California. Careful when they come to the Bohemian Gardens, hard to tell that these are the elitists that laughed at the hippies as they now emulate their behavior and not the object of their search.

Obama, if he is all the things the Repugs claim he is, Why are so many ppl choosing him over R what does that mean?!? Think they're saying a Kenyan born soc/marx/fascist is better than Willard!?!

Willard's Nightmare
The exclusive rule that only Mormons could dodge the draft by becoming a missionary. I think the population of Canada would have been lower and the Mormon church today would largely be Hippies..a good joke on Willard..funny how Karma works!?

Like your life and future depends on it because it does down to the 9999th generation and a thousand years after that till the exploding sun wipes all vestiges of human existence. And a small negative vibration screams faster than light across the universe, as smarty pants mankind is no longer around to tell Physics what laws it is bound to follow. Then lands lazily on a small emerging galaxy and a much smaller life form existing there upon a little planet on the verge of becoming sentient. Angering them to the point of banging rocks together in frustration at how to wrest total access to the nutritional supply from the creatures over the hill that look sort of like them but not quite more foreign. Therefore unworthy of possession and worthy of extermination if their own are to survive..VOTE!!!!

Election Alert: Expect wild swings in Economic numbers as the Billionaire Boys Club try to make the numbers as bad as possible leading up to the election. These are the same Boy Scouts, who are willing to directly threaten their employees into voting Repug, so they have no morals and feel the touch absolute power, on the level of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, at their fingertips. Right now I am watching a Book Tv show on CSPAN where author Seth Rosenfeld is revealing how Ronald Reagan had been an FBI informer, boasting his professional and political career from this interaction and help from J.Edgar Hoover. These ideas are relevant for two reasons: 

1). This shows the mind set of the architect of our current political/economic problems. Pick a problem, dig beneath and Reagan's slimy fingerprints are all over it. From the manipulation of the Iran hostage crisis just before the election where by H.W. Bush went to France on a mission to confer w/the Ayatollah's Revolutionary Guard and promise favorable treatment for their government if they hold the embassy hostages till after the election to put Jimmy Carter into the worst light possible. Carter had been ahead in the polls, not a lot bit ahead. Which dovetailed with selling weapons to Iran for that cooperation to the full on Ollie North Iran/Contra Operation. Now dealing w/foreign governments is a duty of elected government officials but before an election an arms deal conspiracy is called dealing with the enemy and TREASON. The WMD that Saddam had and the limp excuse for the wholesale murder called Shock and Awe, was given to him by RR and crew. Then to his favorable preference for a Monarch's POV regarding rich/poor. There are no truly poor ppl just ppl who won't work, sound familiar. And the idea of Trickle/Down economics was born.

2). The BBBC's manipulation of the financial markets to line their pocket was a major contributory factor in our current financial MESS. We all see how that is working out. And their boy Willard is set to turn them loose in the treasury again. 

If they go through these monkey shines with no regard for consequences except their bottom line. Then it fallows that they would sacrifice a few million now for a return of a few TRILLION later. Their greed knows no bounds and no borders.  I refer you to Ned Beattie's speech in the film 'Network' where he points this out in no uncertain terms and Paddy Chayefsky's words put it far more succinctly than I have. Put these pieces together and they form a mosaic of the general conspiracy we see backing Citizen's United and a silent coup of our government. And the thirst for World Domination on the level they have ascribed to the Communist Party in the past. That follows the pattern to 'blame you opposition' with the things you are doing. Chiefly because 'you' think 'your' point of view is so superior. That it never occurs to 'you' that the opposition may have genuine morals that doesn't necessarily lead to Repug/con solutions.

Romney Dinner $50,000 a plate?! There better be a blow job in there and not what R does to get donors that makes Monica's WH performance exiled  permanently to armature status..mental picture got you ready to gnaw your arm off to escape?!?

Mitt says the poor, the lame, the aged and anyone he disagrees with are shirking 

Anything short of Crucifixion and third day Resurrection is R's only help

Heaven or Hell? Hummm!? What else you got?!


Get this socialist out of office. Just as bad as Fidel Castro 
I'm a combat vet and I can assure you , the only people in the military that I know supporting Obama are doing it because he's HALF black or because they're liberals that only vote Dem anyway. They don't care about what's best for the country. They couldn't tell you one policy he supports . 
Obama is a great professionnal president of USA
Feed the kool aid drinkers and distract them from your failures as a president. You went from "yes we can" to "we did the best we could because is bush the second fault"
If you think Barack Obama actually sits down and does G+ like you do, you are misinformed.  People like him, Romney, or Richard Branson, hire social media marketing people to handle this in the same way other forms of media are utilized.
+Vicki Lynn and how many years did you serve? That's what I thought, none. 22 yrs in the Air Force here. The military overwhelmingly votes Republican. A simple Google search will show you that. I am retired but still visit with troops and belong to several military groups. Their aren't many Obama supporters in any of the groups that I have the pleasure to belong to. 
Obama is a lier and knows how to be persuasive which are both traits of a dictator if you want to live in a Communist society be my guest but as soon as i find that im right im out of here
Keep in mind, if these troops in the video are currently serving they just violated military law by appearing in a political video endorsing president Obama. They will likely be charged with a crime under the UCMJ 
I support you Obama! I wish you can make USA and the world better and better!
So suprise.Hello.Obama.
You've got my plus 1 and my support.
well spoken....FORWARD to Term Two!!!!
J Krah
Hows that cover up going?
It might benefit you to learn more about yourself.
Does anyone know about Obama suppressing the Us Army,Navy, Air-force and Marines. This makes me think he is scared of their vote.
Suppressing their right to Vote. Google it. 
China people life itsvery hard. please help them. 
Ryan Ng
They should support the Chinese people.
i have totle respect to the veterans of the armed forces. my step-dad is a veteran of desert storm, and my grandpa is a veteran of vietnam.
Ryan Ng
My grandpa is a veteran of World War 2, I think.
We got 4 Americans dead. Obama still blames on a video. He is a hero. Obama is a loser
I'm from China and I support Obama.   
+Frank Nappi - too bad Republicans cut embassy security to help pay for tax cuts for the rich.
of course you would support Obama !
DC Thom
Mr. J. S. - I doubt you could even define socialism or give me concrete examples of a socialist society and the key component switch make it socialist. The healthcare law puts everyone into the FREE MARKET to obtain health insurance from insurance companies. Oh, sounds like capitalism ....because it is capitalism. And....he is not cutting into defense to fund it. Mitt is an empty suit ....a very expensive suit ...but empty. If Mitt wore a would not be red, pink, green, or white. His would be clear.....because he doesn't stand for anything .
This country will go bankrupt if you sir are reelected
You are right. We deserve 1000 times better than we currently have
Wow! These are some wild statements.. As a veterans spouse, and a military brat. I support the man who cares about my father who is a vet with cancer. My husband who's 100% disable vet. My grandfather who's a veteran. A son currently enlisted. Army and marines in our family! Hooah! President Obama all the way! 
Ryan what you think is happening now? Don't pamper yourself with blindness of stupidity. Hey John T. You saw osamas body? So much for the stop the war , still hear gun fire going on. Under obama economic recovery you'll be homeless too and digging in garbage cans for a meal. Praise a jackass in office, think with your brain god gave you.
Vets can qualify for extra food stamps, thank Mr onama
Willard is a turd...
He inly out there cuz it election tym other wise he wudnt give a fukk...fukk obama
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I like Obama
I WISH I COULD VOTE SO BAD!!!!! i would so vote 4 you
VOTE FOR OBAMA NOT 4 ROMNEY he stinks no offence and the gas gezz romney y do u hav to raise it gosh
It would be a shame if Barack doesnt get second term. I think hes just warming up. He has a lot to give and i think the guy is genuine in his efforts. 
Thank You President Obama for always doing what is right. We have early voting in Nevada and we gave all of our employees half day off  so they could go vote Keep up the Great Work.
i like Obama
Barak is not just a politician, he is truly human and in touch with the real world. I hope Americans realise this. 
Run for cover, the surge for Romney will prove to be too much for you.  Already your language and posture on the trail have sunk to new lows.  A glossy, tell us nothing, booklet is your last gasp at making anyone take notice.
Great Obama
i like Obama
Ben P
Obama for another 4!
Hey Obama did you hear about the 33 states that are starting to petition to secede from the country?
I like Obama
yess,OBAMA is my president
Any president should help the veterans or else he couldnt be elected
I notice you made a load of posts when trying to get re-elected but nothing since, I wonder why ???
too many in the USA army and UK too are all being killed , whilst the Afghanistans are all flooding to the UK to live. Have stood up to many of them and said how disgusting it is they flood our country whilst many are killing our men . Border control is out of hand
Happy New Year!
Im a 屌丝 from China! Plz give me 绿卡! I'll vote for u! xD
Obama, és én is ikertestvérek vagyunk, csak egyszer elletünk választva, leletünk választva egymásról. Ha ez nem így van, akkor bocsánat.
找个座位都难啊。 对不起,我又多此一举了。
Hello, I come from Vietnam
Hãy đến Việt Nam và trải nghiệm nhé !!!!!
You 're a good president Mr.Obama, continue like that!!
Én is imádom, Őket, Obama, az én ikertestvérem, csak Az Édesanyám felajánlotta, az Egyesült Államoknak, hogy egyszer Elnök lehessen belőle.
I also I love it them, Obama, my twin brother, my mother's only offered in the United States, it may be that once a President shall.
Nm Pl
Mr.Obama is doing good.
Patrick Henry said, "When you take GOD out of your country, your country will be run by tyrants."
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