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Nearly every Senate Republican voted yesterday to double interest rates on federal college loans for more than 7 million students. Share this with your friends if you stand with President Obama to make college more affordable.
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以后中国民主了, 议员就从这500回复者中挑选.
Muito bom, confio muito nesse cara como presidente do pais mais poderoso do mundo... !!!! ESPERO QUE OBAMA SEJA O PRESIDENTE DOS EUA MAIS UMA VEZ...
Mona Ma
Water J今天肿么了……
they didn't vote FOR raising the rate, they voted against the specific bill... R's and D's are disagreeing on how to fund this... that's what they are going to fight over, politically, otherwise I think all sides see it as important to keep the rates where they are.
Bwahahaha....Romney ACTUALLY thinks he'll win come November.
If everyone could afford it, wouldn't you end up like Pakistan where everyone has a degree and no job?
Republicans ,why do you try so hard to prove you have complete lack of a functional brain?We accept your plight per se
+Justin Wells somehow he's doing well, even winning in a lot of polls... I don't get it honestly... I'm not a fan of either of them but how people like Romney enough at all must mean they just really hate obama, Romney has nothing to offer.
Seni seviyoruz obama ama abd nin türkiye üzerine oynadığı politikaları onaylamıyor...bunu bil istedim...
Who do I stand with to make it less affordable? You devalue the worth of a college education when you make it affordable for the lowest common denominator of people. You also make it the "bare minimum required" for even the most menial of jobs. It does not take a college degree to do most of the jobs in this country. I could understand if it was a skilled job, or a job that required having a background in theory/history, etc. But being a manager at a McDonald's shouldn't require a BS in Business Management! Being a tech-support weenie for Comcast shouldn't require a associates in Computer Science! I've heard it repeatedly said that a BS in any discipline only shows potential employers that you "know how to learn" or "are trainable". A Bachelors' has become the equivalent of what a High-School diploma used to be in the early 80's.
Getting "nothing" from a government would be better than the somethings we've been getting from THIS government in the lines of removing and decimating our constitutional freedoms!

THIS government is letting big business decide the law, not the people.
+Victor Cypert pretty uncalled for, that was.
also, in case you haven't heard, the Guy Fawkes mask is a reference to the movie V for Vendetta which was based on an excellent graphic novel that was only loosely based on the Guy Fawkes of history.
We need universal, single payer education. We already do it for K-12, let's complete the loop. France did it.
OK, I'll bite...

+Melissa Finley ... would you be so kind as to specifically give us an example in your own words, not a link of one specific constitutional freedom you have lost.
duu du
Fenton Moore
Using Political Double Speak just like the President: The President doesn't mention that Democrats voted to double interest rates for student loans in April.
菲律宾是中国的固有领土! by CCTV
+Fenton Moore: Not unanimously like the Republicans did. But you do bring up a good point: Both the Democrats and the Republicans are too conservative for the third millennium.
Maybe you should look at the reason first, instead of doing the headline thing.
Sure would be nice if college tuition was cheaper like was back in the day.
+Aaron Gurish what you are failing to see is that education is what makes a better more tolerant society. Working to keep education for those that are elite does nothing more than create a 'class' of elites and a 'class' of poor. It is a return to a formalized class system. I still think that there should be entrance exams - so those that are capable can get a good post-secondary education - and those that just don't have it upstairs, don't waste time or money in the system. But, formalizing the class structure is a move away from the principals that we in the USA claim as our rallying cry.
Some of your own BLS data suggest otherwise.
That's not, completely, true. CNN reports that the didn't vote to extend the current process. FOX, also, added that the deadline for the extension has not been exceeded.
Or we could just make it so that a high school education actually taught you something...
The ish ppl actually say. If I had a flamethrower....maaaannnn...but somehow its unlawful to torch dictatorship-loving Far right bigots!
gq Liao
求:总统奥巴马,请你,杀了中国共产党,让13亿人民获得自由。Begged: President Obama, would you please, and killed the communist party of China, let 1.3 billion people free.
gq Liao
支持者请顶起!Supporters, please you, jacked up
Misrepresentation and petty politics again? Did the republicans suggest an alternative bill to keep the rates down? Aren't you above this petty partisan potomac two step behavior Mr. President? I'll do you a favor Mr. President and solve the national student loan crisis for years to come in one line on google+: Only subsidize loans for people likely to succeed and programs likely to lead to jobs that would support repayment. There. Done.
Education has to be free, until University and than paid, paid with a (bourse) to help in the expenses. The problem is there is no guidance in education and what these kids want to be later? There is no need of just high experts in computer or whatever they choose in university, we need also people who knows how to bake bread, butchers, and so on. Today all this seems to disappear.
China says: Let their people gooooo!(in my story of Moses epic biblical voice)
I'm just saying here... My monthly payment for my college loans is MORE than my home mortgage. Seems like buying a new house should be kinda more expensive than attending college. #justsaying
+Kathlyn Hawley A $10,000 subsidized loan should run somewhere in the ballpark of $100-150 a month. Either you got a very substantial education from a substantial school and or you have a very affordable mortgage.
If the President was indeed the dictator the Melissa Finleys of this country claim he is, he would be able to stop Congress for letting the rates double in July.
education needs no fucking money
+Michael Danque: To answer your questions: No, No, No, and the Department of Education is not psychic and cannot predict the future. Welcome to reality.
+Norbert Hansen I appreciate your post. In my time in Europe I noted that the butcher and the baker got a lot more respect than in the US. I'm sure that has a lot to do with it.

There is still a lot to be learned in the nano sciences and there is always conquering space. Problem there is land ownership: people want to fight over a shrinking resource.
+Michael Danque You obviously haven't checked tuition rates lately. An 'in-state' tuition for a liberal arts degree is about $10K/year. You would owe $40K for a 4 year degree. About the cost of a one-berooom condo in Phoenix. If you want Computer Sciences or Business - the same in-state usually runs 2 to 2.5 times that amount. Good 4 year educations at 'good' schools - (excluding law and medicine) - cost $200-$250K.
id hate to say it but if obama was so great hed be fixn our problems instead of making them worse
Obama you are doing great... Supported
Is it possible that the fact that government's keeping the rate of interest artificially low is itself adverse, because it is encouraging people to go to college that might be better served by other schools (technical, etc.) or going directly to work? I don't necessarily trust Senate Republicans, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.
He really likes to golf...he golfed on base here at least 30+ times in the last year...he seems to have a lot of free time.
I disagree... it is a huge cost to society and should be only used in circumstances where the individual desires/requires such levels of education. If we determine to provide all people with such investment then we are just decreasing productivity, and therefor making our workforce less competitive on the world stage.
FYI Voted to double vs voted against a poor plan to halve while presenting an alternative (that also has problems) are two different things. I can't believe he's making me vote for Mitt on the basis of flagrant repetitive dishonesty and insults to the intelligence of the American people. Whomever the Snarky McSnark Snark is that keeps pushing these half truths should be fired if Mr. President wishes to retain said title.
debt, debt, debt, we're in debt, debt, debt...
Obama is doing a great job, as President there is only so much he can actually do. Tons of blame should go to Congress for being an ineffective bunch, and also for blocking the good things our President is trying to do.
i am iranain.but i trust to mr obama that creat new demokratic in the world.every iranaian people hear obama name .they think to save world by usa country. i like usa& i hope he win in election.cross my finger for regard.
Federal student aid is shooting students in the foot. More available money means higher tuition. It's basic business, charge as much as your consumers are able to pay.
+Michael Danque I got a substantial education which was supposed to get me a high paying job in physics. Between the parent loans and student loans I owed over 100k, and I had scholarships. My house is a small affordable house because even if I wanted to buy something larger, I can't. Banks look at my student loan debt and go bug eyed. I graduated in 2004 and am still paying a substantial amount on college.
Mr. President, I agree that higher education is an economic imperative, but I would go one step further and declare it to be a basic human right. Anything standing in the way of education should be considered repression.
+Paul Johnson My point on 10K was a scalar. A 100K education would thus be $1000-1300/mo which is less than the average mortgage and greater than the average education. As for programs yes it is obvious that as a rule of thumb undergrad psychology degrees do not pay, nor journalism, nor arts and humanities, nor drama, nor band except in rare cases of exceptionalism. That doesn't take psychic ability...STEM shortage and student loan crisis go figure.
+Paige Hart: Because, as we all know, Barack Obama is the obstructionist, do-nothing congress that refuses to hand him anything to sign.
Excellent - now they can be on par with everybody else's subsidized Stafford loans of which hovered around 6-7% anyways.
Thank you +Barack Obama

This is why I luv +Edmonds Community College EdCAP
and #guitarbuilding w/ the good folks @MatEdCenter

Thank you for your leadership Sir.
I hope you enjoy your time in #Seattle

(: 5/10 our #1in88 son turns 12yo :)
every month should be #autismACTIONmonth
i think collage should be more affordable, because it would give education to many more adults and teens in the world
The opposite of Congress must be Progress... Right?
Also, having taken basic party line Keynesian economics macro/micro, aren't subsidies inflationary? Do people not understand the cost component of artifical demand?
Folks, Internet Universities are just around the corner. I feel sorry for the schmucks, like myself, for buying into over-price educational institutions.
If the US wanna keep the leading role of higher education around the world, double student loan rate would not be
a good idea.
Interest rates on federal loans aren't the problem. It's the cost of tuition that is the problem. If you don't have an incentive to pay them off, people just won't. Trust me. This is coming from someone who's husband has $$$,$$$ amount in student loans from Ivy league universities. If people have a lower interest rate than a savings account, they aren't going to pay them off until they absolutely have to whether they have the money or not. I think a medium interest rate, like 6-7% would be fair.
Keeping the interest rate on student loans low is great, but shouldn't we be wondering why the cost of going to college has increased by 240%, adjusted for inflation, in my lifetime (29 years)?
Anything that this administration says are lies and games to change the way people think about any matter just to be able to win!!!!!
getting government out of education is the only solution to lowering tuition. If a school knows the government is going to help out - all the more reason to raise tuition. Which they've been doing for years, which is the reason for your "240% increase".
It's so easy to be on this side of our education, some have retired, and some don't know the meaning of struggling to exist. Our children may never be able to retire, afford health care, draw social security or be covered by Medicare. They may not have free clean water, live in a single family dwelling, enjoy three meals a day, or be able to live on what they make with one or two jobs. When will we stop punishing our children? When will we wake up and stop the waste, the corruption in government? and the lying? It's not going to be pretty for our kids, but if we aren't careful, they won't even have a future. This just seems so wrong. Okay, I've had my say, and I am just one concerned father, grandfather, husband, and three-time retiree.
Slagging off the Repugnants is all well and good, sir — I do it too, but instead of taking a pop at them you need to get some good policies out there. Please stop chickening out on IPR reform and sort it out now.

Basing your economy on the enforcement thereof suggests that you've forgotten how to innovate and that your only option is to limit other people's ability to do so.

Required reading:

Now please, please, please reform IPR now!
+Kevin Burger Yep. Just as forced insurance purchases with no rate limits are not the answer to affordable health care, subsidized loans are not the solution to affordable education.
USA stilled fail to stablish a storng relation to muslim world.... this will be the most strong problem for USA.
Hey Barry -Eat a dick and get out of office already!
Come to Alpena, Mi so I can kick your teeth in.
I am Iranian and I hate Barack Obama , All Iranians are well understood
I wish you destruction :)
+Scott Silver Some people get in the way of their own education! For them, it should never be an entitlement or right - the last things Americans need to look more pompous than they already do. Education is a privilege to those who earn it with a fair amount of work. Those who earn it have a responsibility to utilize it to minimize the inevitable decades of debt and fear.
The progress of Obama Administration the blind Republicans refused to accept.
Curiosity is killing this cat. I worked my arse off during my college days - so I never enjoyed a Federal Student Loan. Out of curiosity - what is the current rate on a Federal Student Loan - and, would it really be a sacrifice if they were doubled?
Mine is only like 2%... I dont mind if they charge me more... not that I want to pay more, but...
Very true statement. The problem is you need money to do that and your using money we don't have!!!!!!!!! #trolling
+Daniel Bohner: 3.4 to 6.8%. Which means on the average student loan, the interest adds about $3000 to the cost of college. That's the cost of a decent car after some sucker's taken the depreciation hit.
+Kevin Burger Well, somebody has to pay for that expensive sports stadium...
+Daniel Bohner It would be nice if there was more information given to the borrower. I mean up front information-- not the pages and pages of fine print, etc. Most people have NO idea what they are getting into when they sign for those loans.
+David Kerr-Wilson My contention isn't that I want college just for elites - I want high-school to mean something again! It used to be that when you graduated high-school, you had enough education to go out and get a job. You were trained enough to function in society. I feel that when I graduated in 1996, this was still true. Perhaps things have changed in the past 16 years, but that's just an indicator of a problem we need to fix, not shift to the next higher level of education.
+Kathlyn Hawley Sorry to hear that. Schools and even high school counselors often oversell programs. A search of any of the major job boards and a look at the count in relation to other jobs tells the tale here. Physics is a very competitive field with few openings. Many of those openings are in junior research positions or teaching that don't pay a whole lot. I'm trying to channel some positive vibes your way hope things get better and you get your foot in the door!
Too bad thats not what they were actually voting on, and Obama is a Lying POS
Hey Mr. President, how's that Senate budget vote coming along?
+Daniel Bohner The problem is, doing what you did these days is far less likely. I see by your profile you graduated in 1988. Adjusted for inflation, that same education would cost you twice as much now. Do you think you could have swung that? Interest rates on loans isn't the answer, but it's next to impossible to go to college without a student loan these days. We need to address the skyrocketing costs of tuition.
They didn't vote to double the rates. They voted to not extend the lower rate. Interesting how things are worded.
Moral of the story here is, if you can't afford extended education then don't go. Why build up a huge loan you can't pay off?
All my friends are still paying of their loans and will be until they die. I dropped out because I couldn't afford college nor could I get a loan. I lucked out.
hey Toby you say Obama is doing a great job but can only do so much? How about closing Gitmo or repealing the patriot act? Little things that you hated Bush for. The way this article is titled I can say Obama has "Doubled" Bush's war mongering and raped of our civil rights.
Great job...pff
It's a bit of political exaggeration. Dems and GOP disagree how to pay for the extension of the lower rate. GOP also put forward a plan to extent the discount, but Dems wouldn't vote for it.
+B Gallagher While I can't speak for all universities, the funding for the stadiums of the schools I follow comes entirely from alumni donations. :) Also, the university I attended had no stadiums at all, received hundreds of millions of dollars in donations from Texas Instruments to build up the school of computer science, and it still cost an arm and a leg.
Tell that to the University of Kentucky.
+'I'o pua'a uahi Papale what planet do you live on? Education is an imperative for all people in highly technological societies.
On the other hand, the Democrats put forward a plan to extend the better interest rate, but the GOP wouldn't vote for it.
How about we decrease the initial cost of education in the first place? Instead of worrying about interest rates, we should be worried about the government constantly giving money to college kids when we're already (drowning) in debt as a nation. I know that's a little hypocritical since I am using loans, but increasing the interest rate might actually encourage people to avoid loans or even gasp pay off their loans instead of buying another iphone, etc.
You are such a joke Obama. That is why the interest rate will DOUBLE soon.

Go back to Kenya.
+Kevin Burger Yes college tuition is rising ever faster lately but throwing more money at the problem is not the solution. The government has been increasing student loans and lowering rates for quite some time now but the cost continues to rise.
When a student is able to afford to pay more for college a college is going to charge more. If you start reducing student loans and colleges start seeing their enrollment dropping, to the point where they can't pay their bills, that is when you will see tuition dropping. Throwing more money at it will not solve anything.
+David Kerr-Wilson An average decent degree is $50-60K/yr? Ummm. My wife is going to a mediocre state university now and the tuition is roughly $100/hr. Are we counting living expenses towards education? I managed on $500-1000 a month in the 90's. Live close enough to walk. With 3 roomates in a two bedroom. No life outside of school.
Like most of your news articles. You seem to leave out the facts. Why must you think most people are stupid.
Mr. Obama, how about you quit playing politics? America is tired of your leadership in these polarizing and divisive games. How about you be three voice of unity and try solving differences among groups?
Then why am I still not able to AFFORD my education. How about let's stop talking about it and do something rather than drive everyone in debt with student loans...
Just make sure you tell the whole story. My guess: It's not that simple.
Also senate GOP didn't vote to double interest rates they voted against the senate bill because they are in favor of the house bill instead which is offset by reductions to the fund the Obama administration paid for by taking money out of the Federal Student Loan system.
I love how he always tries to point out that Republicans want to raise this or this. But he never points out his whole party is for getting themselves more money and supporting people who do not work.
What about his spending sprees every couple of weeks and having celebrity parties in the white house?
Then he wants to take our guns away! He's real WINNER!!!
An update on the rulings of our AWESOME government.
They want to wipe out past due child support for people who haven't paid so it will greatly reduce our nation's debt BUT they don't want to get rid of Credit card debit for honest working Americans who were hurt in the economy and lost their jobs who couldn't afford to pay the credit cards and they are willing to take everything away from them though to make an example out of them. Just let the people go who haven't paid child support in 15 years clean and free.
+Mike Niccum I agree the student loans bit isn't the solution in any shape or form, but I don't think we can wait for the enrollment levels to drop, that would have devastating long term effects on the work force. We may not be able to do anything about private universities, but public universities can definitely be run better.
+Paige Hart I hate to say it don't know what your talking about.
To double? My understanding was that neither party could agree on where to cut expenses to give students relief.
And what, exactly, is "affordable". The word "affordable" is unique and relative to everyone. And, by the way, higher education is not an economic imperative. Education does not equate wealth or success. The individual makes that happen regardless of "higher education". This bullshit artist needs to leave asap.
d0h because he IS a politician!! Jeez some of these dumb comments are hysterical!
Your communist, tell me about "Barry Soetoro"...
This is not a Republican thing...the student loans is a government backed thing and is underwater and is most likely the NEXT thing to get a Bail out with YOUR TAX Dollars if Obama is re-elected. His administration has created more opportunity for investors, but at what cost to the American people? And they continue to make the wrong choices for the spirit and economic growth which founded this country...that of Capitalism.
your right its not. there was a proposal to keep interest rates where they were but as a corollary, they were going to decrease funding for women's health like family planning and mammograms
O my gosh
+Brian Youngquist yeah, because all those teachers, doctors and accountants just "make it happen" without any education. Who needs proper training right?
if your going to be a socialist, just say it. And if your going to be a socialist, why arn't you and your socialist hollywood friends coughing up your millions for the "general good"?
+Brian Youngquist While a higher education does not guarantee success, and the lack of a higher education does not guarantee the lack there of, studies have shown that on average, the higher the level of education, the higher the level of income. I think it would be wise to base national policy on statistical norms instead of statistical anomalies.
So many universities are packed with needless amenities and perks. Sure, it's all great until the price of education cost more than a luxury hotel.

If my local university wants my business, it needs to lower its tuition instead of building a new rock-climbing wall.
wish i could get a grant for education,right now im unemplyed,disabled and my government doesnt want to help me,may mean the difference in me ever voting again
I'm done with Obama guy.This guy is the best friend of Banks.I have not seen one banker gone to jail yet after what they did to working people.Thank You Obama and may God Bless America.
Sounds good, but lets not make too much transfer payment, shall we.
Quit the partisan crap and actually propose a reasonable solution for once in your term. Not like your socialist Obamacare.
Political bullshavick. The senate has become a breeding ground for quick political jabs rather than a place for finding solutions. And this post by the President only threw more manure on the ground to breed more one-line punches.
+Michael Danque Which state university? Where I live - with a daughter as a Junior - $100/hour doesn't even get you Community college.
Ah yes, the dumbing down of American society Won't be long before the average IQ rivals that of a turnip. I love first world nations going tits much fun to watch.
If every America should be able to afford it, then perhaps the cost should come down in stead of just providing more loans/debt to the users hence more incentive to raise costs to the providers.
Typical fear mongering... The bill does not raise the rates on existing loans and congress is trying to figure out how to fund, not whether they support/oppose raising the rates on FUTURE loans.
Shit like this is what those on the left keep trying to say is the problem with the right.
You should have $40,000 a plate fundraisers for college kids or contribute that Bill Maher million.
What does that have to do with keeping college loan interest rates low? If he was in the pocket of the banks, don't you think he would want to have the interests rates increase?
That's nice and all, but how are you going to do that? Can we know your plan? Because all that is, is a bunch of nice words. Everyone will go nuts for it and follow blindly without question. And while we're at it, I don't think student loans are the only thing to blame here. Let's take a look at the colleges and tuition rates. Student loans are just a way to pay the exorbitant prices.
Is it better to have a low interest student loan, or a job to start when you graduate? You cant have it both ways. And we all know where you stand, dont we sir?
I'm so irritated with this information and what I figured was going to happen in the Senate. The Senate can kiss my motherfucking white ass.
seriously, if everybody goes to college, how are there going to be enough high paying jobs for everybody? too many people are going to end up with student debt and unable to find a job because all our middle class jobs are in china. Speaking of China, arnt they the people were selling our souls to so obama can gain some more votes by baiting people with free money?
What about other poor countries. Dont the people of those countries have a right to get higher education, Are they not human. Of course this the responsiilty of their own governments but let them perform their responsibilitis. Thanks Mr. President.
Nick p

Are you simply unable to grasp the idea that students take out multiple loans during their college career? And yes they can all have different interest rates. Your derp is harmful.
Of course, with higher costs per credits and fewer bucks from students loans, you can be able to afford any higher education. Yeah, right!
I'm wondering how many who go to college see a value in what they learn as opposed to what it gets them.
i have a degree in computer sciences since 1973-74,a degree in paramedicine since 1978 ceus in nursing, im 58,partially disabled and cant find a frigging job,it adds up quickly
why vote for someone thats against using our own local resources for fuel but wants to pay the arabs all thery want go figure that one out
+Burinski Churavski Only about one in three Americans over 25 have a college degree, so we're a long ways off from that problem.
I think being the best world leader, he sees the biggest picture and America is pretty much closer to his eyeballs. If it is his dream and let it be every American's dream and dream do come true if you pursue them with all your heart. I am a Sri Lankan but I like President Obama for his personality.
Yes mister Obama divisive politics works. Victor did you get your check yet. how much does a nudge cost
Your name is Steve Nash...that's awesome.
but same barak hussain obama takes human lives as if they are free
"This message paid for by the American Bankers Association indebting students since 1958."
Making college affordable=good
Encouraging all teens to go to college=bad
Not everyone should go to college unless they have a specific field the intend to go to. Even if its plumbing, then a two year tech school. But nearly all four year basic degrees are a worthless waste of time and resources. 90% of teens should be going straight into work or apprenticeship, but somehow we've gone very far astray.
+Ishtiaq Hussain Indeed they do. I've read about some interesting work being done on improving the quality of online education. Stanford has been offering some of these, and people all over the world have been taking them, and their studies have shown that the pass rates to be increasingly similar to in class rates. Hopefully this will take off before long. :)
+Faith Carter you don't know or understand what communism even is, so stop just repeating the dribble Fox news feeds you and actually stop and look at the real situation. This country will never improve as long as people cant think for themselves and continue to just eat what the media (backed by billionaires) feeds them
+Jonathan Fisher: The Democrats tried that for the first two years of his term. How quickly you forgot that the Republicans won't do the right thing even when they get everything they want.
bro obama thank for the intrest concenig student. Do more.
+Burinski Churavski *You're. Someone needs to go to college, lest their grammar undermine the force of their argument. Then again, if you need to go to college to understand the difference between your and you're, your education system needs work.
It would be nice to see something done about the cost of college in the first place, seems like a bit of a racket to me.
Yes, please talk to the higher education institutions that are charging ridiculous prices.
blow it out of you pie whole !!!
But does everyone need to go to college? Seriously. It seems that in order to just to mop a floor requires you to have a Bachelors of Janitorial Science. I can't help but think most of this stems from the problem that nowadays people regard college as mere vocational training instead of what it was, a place of exploration for its own sake, a bastion of human intellect. Pile on top of it the market driven forces that corrupt any endeavor that was once a public good and is now run as a private enterprise (Education is a business!) and should either party's actions and advisements surprise you?

You don't need a bachelors in computer science to run a help desk, you don't need to be a CPA to work in receivables, you don't need an MBA to sell or even manage (or at least manage well) and you don't need degrees in philosophy, theater, English, communications, Education or African Dance for any good reason whatsoever. Unfortunately this is the world we live in and we created it. We have only ourselves to blame.

What's worse is why do we do it to kids who have no clue what they want to do with their lives yet (most of them anyway) during their most impressionable years (I may have accidentally answered my own question) let alone at a time when the white and gray matter in their brain hasn't fully developed & matured? I always thought we should let the kids be kids and when that magic switch flips in their early to mid twenties and they can properly think, then maybe they should have a go at university or even better, community college.

Maybe then they would realize it's a lot less time & money to learn how to be a plumber, or a welder or an HVAC technician and you make a whole lot more money in both the short and long term than most post grads ever will. Oh! But I forget, silly me, that's dirty manual labor that requires effort, never mind that we will always need HVAC techs and plumbers and they all easily make $100k and much more a year. Yes, those kinds of jobs should only ever be done by peasants (peasants smart enough to figured this out and aren't in credit debt up to their eyeballs.)

Sorry to be a boor.
Really!? You get rid of subsidized loans for grad students and you have the nerve to to post this? I'm pretty sure that however low you get loan interest rates it won't compare to the subsidized loans we could have received. You basically led students into a financial trap. I hope I'm just misunderstanding something since I'd really like to believe in this president again.
مالا يعلمه اوباما انه كان واجهه لااخفاء حقبه من التاريخ العنصرى الامريكى وقد ان اوان الرحيل باى باى باى حبيبى
hell yeah i'm with obama. i'm graduating in 4 days, and i sure as hell dont think we should have to pay double interest. the job market isnt great as it is, so many post grads will have trouble finding decent paying jobs to pay back even more expensive loans.
ummm...... i have nothing to say
+Christopher Brown While I can't speak for a lot of what you said, I can speak about the comp sci/help desk bit. Most companies aren't going to higher someone straight out of college into a programming job. Even though you have a college level education on the subject, you still have to work your way up, in most cases. All the college level education does is provide you with the tools to move up. So the job at the help desk is usually a stepping stone to something bigger.
+Bruce Greider: Why are you in favor of a pipeline from Canada to a shipping terminal so the Chinese get cheaper access to oil? Keystone is anti-American.
Double interest!?! I guess only the rich can go to college now.
I'll go against instincts here with a comment: So a statement that education ought to be affordable is "political manure". It was because of Jefferson and Franklin the idea of a common education became part of most American's thinking and desires. An example: Land grant colleges which every state has, were created to make education convenient and affordable for the majority of American's, since private schools were too elite for the primarily rural society at the time.
OMG... Obama actually did something SMART and GOOD at the same time! I think he deserves a smiley-face sticker. :P
Quem sabe se ele já não é o anticristo!
Federal subsidies are the reason why college tuition costs so much.
I don't think GOP members voted to raise student loan interest rates. They voted against how to fund it. So this ad is actually very dishonest. Makes me question my ability to trust President Obama.
This is one area I agree with Obama but it's empty words. There's been to many cuts on education at Public level and in California it's very difficult to get Financial aid now being a citizen.. but for Illegals , theres money for school.. it's a ef'd up system.. even with higher education only 30% or are getting hired. I am all for higher Ed, but lets live up to it with legislation..
God forbid we cut spending on the $1 TRILLION a year that gets spent on overseas military bases and wars, and use that money here at home for say education. This is something both Democrats and GOP avoid. The only 2 politicians that have common sense is Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.
sounds like something Republicans would no
I hope you have started packing your belongings. Gonna have to move soon.
If you're so concerned about the cost of education, please explain to me why under your watch my medical school Stafford loan interest is no longer being deferred while I'm in school. I guess your position on education only applies to people who stop at a Bachelors degree. Since an undergrad level education gets you nowhere nowadays, I call B.S. on your concern for the cost of education.
+David Palmacci If we're going to save a trillion dollars in expenses, I'd rather it not be spent anywhere else. Get that deficit down to a few hundred billion dollars. :)
Professional students that stay in school could care less, they never plan on paying their loans. Start having some of those billions of dollars re-paid and they wouldn't have to raise interest rates.
How about you stop killing innocent people Obomba.
I really have to wonder why anyone even listens to Obama anymore. What did he do since taking office other than putting the country deeper in debt??? Seriously!
+Stewart Pierson: Because the Republicans control Congress, and they're not interest in your problems. They have theirs.
+david juberian I genuinely hope that you really aren't this clueless and that this is a sub part attempt to troll.
It's a step in the right direction to get HYPERINFLATIONARY college costs under control! I have a comment for all the BHL's that think this is a bad thing... "Get a clue."

It is an unfortunate reality that not everyone is cut out for a college education. The problem with the notion that everyone should be able to afford one is that economically speaking, all that extra government money is like throwing gasoline on a fire.

We have a huge government-educational complex that demands huge $$$, yet is producing a lower quality graduate than the money should be buying.

Doubling the interest rate will force a lot of potential scholars(1) to reevaluate their decision to indebt themselves to a future where they may be incapable of repayment of the debt.

(1) "Scholar" - one who attends school -- (1b) contrast "Student" as one who is dedicated to learning.

--In Liberty
+david juberian: You have to make money to be a professional. So your entire statement is farcical because the people you're criticising don't exist.
+Samuel Lapp how can the president obama clean up all the mess done by the previous presidents since taking office. Miracles dont happen over night, so quit blaming obama for everything.
Sentence: "We all should give money to the poor"
Reply: "Of course, but when i have it" -> Optional

Sentence: "we all should give tax money to the poor"
Reply: Beautiful, this politician should have a statue! -> Forced and still praised

I dont understand this logic!
Hey! I've got an idea! Why don't we fight about it and try to change each other's opinions, even though it's established fact that we cannot! Oh... wait.
i do NOT have your back i hope that someone else gets elected
Not a fan of either party, but the poster doesn't address the actual issue. The bill would have raised taxes on S Corps (small business owners and entrepreneurs). These people tend to vote Republican. What we have is a situation where congress was trying to take money from one group that typically votes a certain way and give it to a group that typically votes the other way. We're in an election year. Boiled down, this bill is a vote buying scheme.
P.S. By vocally opposing this increase in interest rates, Obama has demonstrated yet again that he is incompetent to serve in the role into which he has been thrust. Elections have consequences!
Obama is like a used car owner. They get it just to find out someone messed it up all ready.
Making the massive federal government more affordable would help more.
I voted for Obama last term and I plan to do the same this term. This poster, however, will likely amount just that. Not for a lack of will or effort on the part of Obama but for the gridlock which has ground all possibility of meaningful growth/change to a halt.
Dems want to fund it by raising taxes to what they were pre Bush. Repubs want to fund it be removing critical healthcare programs for impoverished women. . .
Or, you can lower the cost of higher education ;-)
oops ! a commie comment :))
As government subsidies for higher education increase, the cost of higher education increases. Coincidence? I think not. The schools just jack up the cost because they know there is government money available to help pay for it. And then the cycle continues. BTW, from where does the government get that money to (re)distribute, anyway?
More sorry excuses from this administration. Hope they leave us real soon.
Remember to report and block the folks who drop the N-bomb. Hate speech isn't cool.
Student loan debt is the next economic bubble created by the government. Want to know why higher education is so expensive? There is too much cheap money chasing it?
+Placido Valdes: The Administration can only act on what Congress passes up for it to sign. This isn't a hard concept. More like early elementary school civics.
Look at all the minds you guys have changed already! Wow! Good job! Oh... wait... again.
Who let the village idiot into Google+ ???
+Jeff Richards: Or because we're treating infrastructure like higher education more like a business. Take the profit incentive.
Disliking his political agenda is one thing but that was vulgar and simply not acceptable today. Please conduct yourself with a little more respect, if not for other at least for yourself. Talking like that only insures that others see you as a fool.
Obama is a failure and so is our educational system. Both have become the Edsel of our economies, they both need to be cancelled and left to dust bin of failures.
Move ( to where) ,remember this is American,you want world gov. ,get ready to fight...I want My country Back,And we WILL Take it back.....
I guess it is "American" if you can't spell or use proper grammer...
Every person has their faults but it is not just the President. Point your fingers at Congress and the Senate too.
Ah propaganda, one side of the story, half the facts, 100% bullcrap.
I think that your fighting has successfully resulted in the creation of a perfect Utopia in which everyone agrees and everyone is correct! Hooray! +Abigail Reptilehound
I like Ron Paul, he's got some good ideas, but man, a lot of his followers are LOUD and MISINFORMED and quite often TROLLS and HATERS. So unfortunate.
This "thread" is unintentionally hilarious
It's not like they have jobs to go to after college Anyway!! Why don't you do something about that???
Whatever you think about this, show your opinion in the voting booth on election day.

+Trinity Holzkopf You can re-map a computer keyboard to type in many different languages. You can buy keyboards with different characters on them; I have a Cyrillic (Russian alphabet) one as well as the standard Qwerty keyboard commonly used. It's been so long since I typed in Russian, though, it would take practice to do it again.
But WHAT are your children being taught?? And WHO is teaching them?
Finally someone sees reason. You ballsack ticklers think you can just smother my voice by deleting my comments, but now you can see I'm not the only one with some good American common sense here.
+Eli Fulton Job growth is increasing. So much of the cost of school is because of the crappy courses that are required to get a degree just to be eligible to get job. Lets refocus the conversation to point out the issues with the greedy higher ed.
+Jason Geiger I appreciate that you are gently speaking of your own parties' flaws. Admirable trait. As for Paul, I'm in the same boat as you. They kinda treat him as some sort of God.
I hope it will happen in England.
Rep says XOXO Dep says OXOX , We post sides and make bids on who will win. AND THEY BOTH WIN. It is a check and balance to feel we need them to watch each others extremism, And they still have a JOB. They DRINK AND PARTY TOGETHER while we do the fighting.
Interesting how the majority of the people in this thread who lash out at people can't be commented @
+David Palmacci foreign wars are not 1T/year. What can be cut at this juncture is more like 200B/yr if you have a very happy knife hand. Total defense budget is roughly 700B. Both wars for ALL TIME are under 1T. Medicare is gonna need roughly another 70T that is unfunded (or roughly every bit of everything that anyone owns in this country) bout them apples.
Joe Tee
thats a crock of shit!! we need laborers too, just want to earn all that money back off the loans, putting everyone in debt!!
Huxley couldn't have done it better. +David Cook
Everyone here is irrefutably brilliant. I applaud you.
+Jeff McCloud To be punctilious, I would have marked your comment off as snide and whatnot, but...grammer? Really? You are hilarious.
+abigail reptilehound "grammer"? really are you an idiot or something
+B Gallagher Dear friend
thanks & you have a nice day too ,
Because I'm praying & believe to the resurrection day I told it ,
think to the oppressed Palestine , Iraq , Afghanistan & etc. see what happen to them ? and who did it?
Islam is friendships religion and tells the hate all of the ruthless and Islam who knows that the struggle against the injustice is the duty of every man's that are peaceful and good-nature
I wish you success, my friend :)
Does this mean that the administration is going to take on the sixty thousand dollars I am already in debt pursuing a higher education?
Education should always be "free" for everyone, that is the best way to eradicate "class" boundaries and the best way to use the most important raw material that any nation it's population.
It is not like they are going to pay the loans back.
If every American will go to a university, who will do the work in other fields of life. Do not make the mistake of other countries (mostly socialists and 3rd world). Only those who have the ability to proceed in higher education are accepted (not necessarily rich people).
Agreed, the color of ones skin has no bearing on anything. The fact that someone uses race or skin color to place judgement or blame on someone shows a serious lack of intelligence. People that do that should be handled as children because they themselves have proven to everyone that they truly are simplistic in thought process.
The republicans appear to be very similar to the UK Conservative party who voted to triple tuition fees, and got the weak-assed Liberal Democrats to ignore a pre-election pledge and vote for this tuition fee increase.
And this will be paid for how? I bet his union teacher buddies won't contribute one cent in pay or benefit cuts. Why do you think higher education is so expensive? That and all the administrators they tell us they need that cost double and triple the pay of the teachers. When my brother went to college in NY(1950's, early 1960's) SUNY tuition was free. When I went In the early seventies it was still affordable. Now it's out of sight.
Its seems that a lot of focus goes into pointing blame at Governments but without private organizations Governments would not exist. Most of the harm done around the world is due to private organizations. In the context of the source of this conversation we should really be looking at the reason why people are going to school and their motivations. Debt is only created because it is allowed.
+Johnny Westwood must have some sort of insecurity to be placing terms in a conversation that place no importance or relevance.
+Anthony Peone: What pay or benefits? We're talking about people who make about as much as the the dude bending tacos at the fast food place. You're accusing some of the most selfless civilians America has of greed when you should be looking at the overhead like administration or the bankers benefiting from a privatized, user-pays college system.
Obama is just the black face of the banks & moneymasters, a PR stunt.The fact that soo many people voted for a black president shows that we have all come a long way but it was that good sentiment that was used to further the rising police state in America.

The N word doesn't need to come into it, Hilary would have done the same had the stong woman card been used instead. You make all people who don't like his agenda look racist even though most people are not.
There is no obligation on anyone, moral or otherwise, to pay for someone else's higher education. It would be "nice", but "nice" is for charity, not government
If every american works hard enough then they can afford to go to college. you don't have to go to ivy league school
They did not vote to double the interest rate. They voted against cutting it in half.
Dear Mr Obama,
Have you dusted off your luggage yet? After we vote this November, you are going to be unemployed.
an American citizen
+Nathan Deneault Dude it's ignorant sh*t like this that fuel this stupid ass Congress. If I hear another comment about "going back to (wherever), I may just go postal! I mean really, none of us are REALLY from America. Hell the Indians should be telling all of us to go back to whence we came. This country was conquered by ALL of us. We all had ancestors who died in building this nation. So please shut the f**k up and crawl back up your Grand Dragon's ass.
+Chris Fauble: The Republican message to the public is the same thing either way: "We have ours, fuck you if you don't."
Pak Obama saya harap bapak bisa menang lagi dalam pemilihan mendatang.
Bottom line: ONLY rich preferably white, preferably christian people should be able to go afford college.
what is this madness about peole calling obama a "n" word? are you people mature?
If these kids can't afford the couple thousand extra on their loans over a 10-20 year repayment, then they picked the wrong major.
Or they took the wrong classes and the wrong school.
Wow, people are so closed minded. Wasnt this supposed to be a land of religious freedom? And obamas not Muslim.
there is aways a con to what they announce. You are supposed to think that they are working for the little guy but somewhere years later you will see that you got stiffed again.
This is BULLSHIT. Look at any part of the world where college degree's out way laborers and regular workers. The economies crumble apart because the basic necessities that run an economy crumble.
The very fact that politicians make education a political issue, disgusts me.
i dont know why people have to be racist towards our president. he has created a lot of jobs, including mine. i am thankful for him
obama is a fool he has tore this country down are ecomony is in bad shape and will get worse if he stays in office do belive he rederdic.
Something needs to be done about the deficit. Even if that means I have to pay more as a college student. Furthermore, something needs to be done about this administration that should have been impeached years ago!
If only our government would LISTEN to this..
Who created the bill in the first place? Don't blame someone else for not fixing a problem you created. Sometimes it is hard to see the strings above your head, puppet. Go Ron Paul!
No. He's a pseudo-human Etch-a-Sketch android that fails the Turing Test.
its on new loans not ones you have right now. your social security is paying for anyway, still wonder why you will not get social security at 65 75 or ever, they keep promising you everything and you keep believing gov can but they will not deliver if your 20 today your hosed.
+Tim Lambert At this point social security is a charity tax but that is not what this conversation is all about.
Really Obama... Can't you just choke on your dinner and die or something... You serve no purpose on this planet
Another way of putting it: Republicans voted to stop using the taxpayers' money to artificially lower loan rates so Brad and Suzy can waste more money studying Basketweaving.
Speaking from my own experience, I went back to school for higher education because it's achievable in this country and I felt like a foolish woman not to take advantage of such a gift. There are people in the world that STRIVE to get here for this fact, and here we sit on it as if it's the air we breath...taking it for granted.
+Kevin Burger Fair enough...I'm just pointing to some of the gold plating. It's more about the "grass is greener." That is: "look how much Their getting paid...I deserve that too."
Really? So that is what happened? Liar!
+Charlie Howe hahah what a good idea by trying to keep the debate on something that has nothing to do with what's going on in the country AND is 100% BULL SHIT...
neither can letting the Federal Reserve go unaudited but that happens...oh and 1.7 trillion to other countries...great idea.
A degree should not be the reason you are able to achieve what you can or want. Most of my knowledge was gained by my own learning and ambition. My degree only gave me the piece of paper to store in my house and the line to add to my resume.
Too right! Shame on you Republicans!
+Dave Hinton, I used the G.I. bill under both Bush and Obama and was very thankful for having it. I am a little confused in a way if you are saying that the G.I. Bill recipients are taking a free ride?
twist the truth into a lie +1 obama
Obama- the epitome of what the "Greatest President of the United States" should strive NOT to be.
you will just take the cash from one school district and give it to another... it's not my town's fault we're smarter than the next one...
Mr. vet please read this article again, they are not giving collage students anything the good old republicans are doubling the interest rates!
It's funny how stupidity and racism are always together.
Please mr president obama no marriage same sex please
Why is the government even loaning money for college? Aren't we already broke? Oh, that is right we can just print more money. +Logan Stinnet I agree with you! I just wish we were too big to fail. Somehow we fail to see the lies that almost every person on capitol hill spreads. This is an obvious attempt to divide us! GRP (Go Ron Paul)
keep voting RObamney and the results will stay the same.
We got into a housing crisis because loans were too attainable and easy for too long. We have a student loan crisis because it allows someone to stay in school indefinitely or makes too easy to attend. You want to see an economic recovery? Put more workers in the streets without the college grad entitlement mentality and manufacturing will boom. Construction will be done by Americans again and public sector jobs will be filled. Easy credit means lazy effort. +1 to the Senate.
An uneducated population only leads to a culture in decline. This is a fact!
im too young to vote but if i could i would go with Obama =D
Subsiding an already overpriced product will only cause the price to go higher. Let the market fix the schools, once no one can afford to go, they will drop tuition rates to reasonable levels.

+Paul Johnson And single payer K-12 seems to be working so well too. Now if we could only find a way to teach our kids to read and write .... How did we to do that in the past? Oh yeah kids used to learn that in K-12 when teachers taught.
+Sabeena LoBello Not a dictator, but a part of a deeply entrenched oligarchy that will not allow the power of this country to fall back into the hands of the people.
+Dustin Dowdy: Manufacturing's not coming back unless we roll back the import tariff cuts Nixon passed.
+Mark Gores: Right identification of the problem, wrong solution. Leaving education to the free market is what would bring on a new dark ages. We already have single-payer K-12, let's finish the job.
I would suggest.... More kids should be taking advantage of the "paid for", "Mandated" education offered in K-12 first.
Thay may be true, but will they be satisfied with minimum wage when executives are getting a million plus/year and pay very little taxes? Why do the rich keep get an additional tax breaks while the middle class has to fund 95% of the government? It is NOT because they are creating jobs! They are NOT doing that, and will not! In fact, they would love to move more jobs to other countries.
ya we need someone NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Democrats put this change in in 2006.
They ARE moving jobs to other countries, like the CEO of GE who is also on Obama's "Jobs Commission". GE paid NO TAXES and got a tax refund while shipping jobs to China. Obama is Republican lite.
This is an outright lie. They want to keep the rates where they are they just don't want to pay for it by increasing social security and medicare payroll taxes on employers. Obama himself also regularly lies... I mean misleads about it affecting current students... it would only affect new loans after July 1st.

"Before they do anything else, Congress needs to keep student loan rates from doubling for students who are here and all across the country,"
- Obama
That is not a factual statement. Republicans want to keep rates low the same as Democrats. They just cannot agree on how to pay for it. Nice spin there..
The disagreement is over how to pay for this 6 billion dollar expense to taxpayers. The real problem is that we have so much cheap money chasing so few college spaces that we have masive inflation in college prices.
I have no job, or money, so there 4 I have no president....
Much of the enormous costliness and irresponsible self-indulgence of the academic world comes from the fact that it has neither accountability nor competition
Republican Congress can suck it.
Oh you, always bending the truth to make yourself look better. So sad.
I believe that if he worked as hard on getting us jobs - we could afford higher education, medical, etc. his is doing it all "bass ackward". yes I can spell.
+Bill Bowers: He was being kind to the Republicans. Because the false dichotomy that the Republicans framed this in was reasonably affordable loans versus women's health and reproductive choice.
Another (you owe me) comment from a member of the young "entitlement society". I bet you did not like letter grades in school either. How about getting a job and paying back your loans like we all did. Did your liberal college professors fail to teach you personal responsibility? Better asklfor a refund chummy!
+Matthew Hartstein: Amazing how there's debate over something that does actual good, as opposed to a new I 5 bridge over the Columbia River that's already spent $1.2 billion of US taxpayer money to come up with the answer everyone already knew: It can't be built. Or six trillion dollars on two wars. Or the F22 program, which accounts for one ninth of the national debt by itself and is unsafe for our own pilots at any altitude.
failed to do promisses of last election,all the money spent elswhere, or not gotten paid back, the dollar is so devalued, that all countries are dumping it.
好久没来看马哥了 加油啊小马哥↖(^ω^)↗
I've said it before, but NO Senate Republican voted to double interest rates that day. They simply voted against the Democrats plan for financing keeping the interest rate lowered.

Following the logic of this post, "nearly every Democratic Congressman voted to double interest rates on federal college loans for more than 7 million students" when they voted against the House Republican proposed bill to finance keeping the interest rate lowered.
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College will be more affordable if government money is removed from the equation!    Whatever the question is: "Let's create price inflation." is NEVER the desirable answer.
lol this is coming from a guy who can't even help his daughter with 7th grade math. I'm smarter than the president of the United States. Oh joy. Encouraging. #romneyryan2012  !!!!!!
Diaoyu islands belong to China ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
BARACK OBAMA is a man of peace and tolerance,
Man of Democracy with transparency,
man of loyalty and trust,
man who respects the differences,
man who provides the consequences,
man who hates the negligence,
man of quality and competence,
man of literature and science,
man who worked with great conscience,
man who promotes freedom of religions and beliefs,
More affordable doesn't mean lowering the cost of loans. More affordable would be decreasing the need for loans.  Make the initial tuition and fees cheaper and stop encouraging large debt at an early age. It is not "good debt", it's a hindrance to moving out of your parents house.
If higher education means graduating high school and getting some sort of post-secondary school that gives you a workable skill then it is for everyone. If it means a four year bachelor's then it is not for everyone.  We devalue skilled labor, technical colleges and vocational programs when we tell kids that they have to get a bachelor's to be worth something.  How many college grads are living with their parents because there were no jobs in their degree when they graduated?  I am about to graduate with an associate's degree that will earn me twice the hourly wage that I make with my bachelor's right now, because I will actually have a valuable skill.
In the seventies you could pay for college by mowing grass.  That would be one hell of a lot of grass today.
Happy New Year!
In case anyone besides me is confused by Google+'s notifications, let me make it clear that 44 is a fool.  The premise of the photo's caption is WRONG.

Furthermore, throwing TAXPAYER dollars at the schools has done NOTHING to improve the quality of education, and has burdened the economy with STAGGERING quantities of **DEBT** that will ruin the lives of many tricked into attending college on the "government plan".

Help is here!  If you have a student loan or know someone who does make sure they check out the aforementioned website.

Income-Based Repayment (IBR) is a way to make your federal student loan payments more manageable.  And if you're a teacher or work in government or at a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organization, you might qualify for a new type of public service loan forgiveness (PSLF) after 10 years of eligible payments and employment.
@Gary Price, So who gets stuck holding the worthless paper in the end?
+Paul Passarelli The American public.  However, it won't be worthless.  Have we not been in this situation and worse previously?  Yes we have.
Yes i agree with this,the big knowlage we must know or study first is about "management money,investment, how to be owned property , how to get rid if expenses,how to increasing income
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